Nicki’s Stories Ch. 03

Nicki’s Stories Ch. 03


A few quiet days later I got a phone call from a withheld number. At the time I was taking a lunchtime walk along the sea-front.


“Hello, it’s Graham.”

“Graham? I don’t know anyone called Graham.”

“We met last week.” The penny wasn’t dropping. I don’t know what planet I was on.


“Um. We met at the shop. The shop on Surrey Street?”

“Ooooh.” I said at last. “That shop.”


“That Graham.”


I had only given my phone number to middle aged man, so this was clearly not shop assistant.

“How are you?” I asked.

“Fine, thank you. And you?”

“Very well,” I replied. “Thanks.”

There was a pregnant pause.

“I was wondering,” He went on, “I was wondering if we could maybe… get together later?”

I let the question hang in the air. The pause got longer and longer. At first it was just because I wasn’t sure how to respond. Then I realised what power there was in making him wait for my response. Eventually he said, “Hello?”

“Hi.” I responded.

“Oh. I thought the line had gone dead.”

“No, no.”

“So… um. What do you think? Could we meet?”

“What kind of meeting do you want?”

I could imagine his face reddening as he realised I was going to make him spell it out.

“Well… perhaps a bit like last time we met?”

“In what way?”

“Well… I would pay you.”

“Uh huh.”

“And you might wear the same kind of thing as you did last time.”


“And do the same kinds of things as you did last time.”

“Uh huh?”

“But maybe we could meet somewhere else?”

I let the phone go silent again. Eventually, I said, “Do you have any ideas?”

Silence again. Finally, he said, “Can we meet at your place?”

I had to think about this. There felt like all kinds of implications to him meeting me at my flat, but at least I would be on home ground, so to speak; and it would be a lot cleaner than the sex shop.

“All right,” I said. I gave him the address, and told him to be there in two hours.

I had a lot I wanted to get done in two hours, starting with some shopping. I walked over to a hardware shop, and got some rope – it seemed a bit like climbing rope, but the point is, I was certain it would be strong enough. While I was there, I got some other bits and pieces too, and headed home. I have a two bedroom flat, and I keep the second bedroom for the occasional guest. It had turned into a bit of a junk room, but I managed to clear it up quite nicely – I wanted plenty of room for Graham and me. As I thought about Betturkey him, I fantasised; he seemed to like it when I took a dominant role. The question was, how far would that go? I loved taking a dominant role – I could explore parts of myself that I had never really explored before.

I closed the blinds in the second bedroom, and the curtains in the living room too. I really didn’t want an audience. With the room ready, I got myself ready. Dressed in the same catsuit (though this time, with the latex G-string underneath and the corset that covered my breasts. With the patent boots as well, some dark eyeshadow and ruby-red lips, I was ready. Excited and ready. I looked at the clock and saw that Graham was supposed to be with me any minute. I decided that a fortifying glass of wine would not go amiss, and, just after I had taken a first sip, there was a knock on the door.

I looked through the spyhole, and saw that it was Graham; dressed in the same raincoat he had worn the last time I saw him. I opened the door wide, “Hello again.” I smiled.

“Hello.” He said as I ushered him inside. I closed the door behind him and led him into the living room. The tension was palpable. We both knew why he was here; and that was made even more clear by my outfit. He could hardly stop himself from staring.

“Do you like what you see, boy?” I asked him.

“Yes. Very much.” He barely whispered.

“Miss. Or Mistress. That’s how I think you’ll need to address me.”

“Yes, Miss.” He replied without hesitation.

I smiled, holding his gaze as I took a sip of my wine. “Now then,” I went on, “Why don’t you give me your coat?” He took it off and I hung it in the hall. “I suppose you must have enjoyed the time we spent together before.”

“Y… yes, Miss. Very much.”

“I thought as much.” I nodded. “And now, you’re back for more.”

He nodded back.

“This time, will you be a good boy? Will you do just as you’re told?”

He groaned, I think I hit the nail on the head. That was just what he wanted to hear. “Oh God yes, Miss.”

“Well, let’s see about that shall we?” I let silence hang in the air once more, and took a sip of wine. I looked him up and down, walked slowly around him where he stood, then, while I was behind him, I leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Strip.”

He didn’t take telling a second time, and proceeded to undress; laying his clothes neatly across the back of a chair. It wasn’t too long before he was standing in front of me naked, with a semi. I looked down at it and lifted its tip with the end of my riding crop; it twitched in response, Betturkey Giriş which made me smile. “Come.” I said and sauntered through to the second bedroom; the one I had prepared.

The blinds were closed and the lighting subdued. The single bed was in the middle of the room. “Lie down on the bed, face up, boy.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Again, without hesitation. I knelt beside him and took his wrist. I tied a length of rope around his wrist, then tied it to a hook I had installed on the bare floorboards. Graham watched my every move as I walked around to the other side and tied down his other wrist in the same way. At that stage he was pretty helpless, but I wasn’t done. I tied down each of his ankles too, so that he was spread-eagled on the bed. Then I took the ball gag that I had brought from the sex shop and fastened it to his mouth. His cock was no longer semi-erect, but tall and throbbing. I was turning him on.

He tried to speak through the ball gag when I left the room, but I wasn’t gone for long. I reappeared with a camera, and his wallet. I took a couple of pictures of him, showing his nakedness, and making sure I got his face. He tried to turn away, but really he couldn’t do anything. Then I laid the contents of his wallet out on the bed, and took a couple of pictures showing his credit card, driver’s license and business card.

After I put the cards back in his wallet and put away the camera, I looked down at him, slowly tapping the end of the crop in the palm of my hand. “Listen, boy.” He was rapt. “I trusted you. I trusted you when I let you into my house, didn’t I?” He nodded and mumbled. “Now, you must trust me too. You never come here uninvited, and you tell no one about this – understood?” Again he nodded. “If you do, I’ll make sure you’re wife and company both get these pictures.” His eyes were wide. “I am sure you understand.” He nodded emphatically.

“Good boy.”

I stood looking down at him, his cock throbbing. I slid the tip of the riding crop slowly along his inner leg, teasing his calf, his knee, his thigh. I was really enjoying myself. I gave his inner thigh a couple of playful slaps with the crop, watching his body convulse each time, as if the crop were electrically charged. Slowly, slowly the crop slid up towards his crotch – I pressed it against his balls, dangling there, unprotected. I could see him trying – perhaps instinctively – to close his legs, but my knots were firm – he wasn’t going anywhere. I gave his dangling balls a gently tap; Graham’s eyes went wide and I heard him groan, his cock was hard as a rock.

I leaned down so Betturkey Güncel Giriş that I could, once more, whisper in his ear, “I know you’re excited, boy. I can tell. However, you had better make absolutely sure you don’t make a mess; don’t you dare cum without my permission – understood?” I held his chin between my finger and thumb, our eyes locked – then I felt him nod. I opened a drawer in the bedside table and removed the same black rubber butt plug that I had used in the sex shop; Graham’s eyes widened once more. I held it up where he could see it and squeezed a little lube onto the tip, before slowly working the cold gel across the length of the plug.

There was a glint in my eye as I looked down at him and slid the tip of the plug along his arse crack, until I found the puckered bud of his anus. I teased and twisted the tip, driving him wild as it slowly worked its way inside him. With a shove, I thrust the remaining three inches of plug into his rectum, and listened as he tried to squeal from behind the ball gag. His cock was twitching and throbbing, and – in an effort to hold off from cumming, he closed his eyes, groaning.

I knew it wasn’t fair, (but whoever said it would be). I cupped his balls in my hand and gave a little squeeze; I have never heard someone shriek while wearing a ball gag, but I am sure that’s what Graham did. With one hand still cradling his balls, I encircled his girth with the other and started to wank his cock. I could feel his body go tense. He was desperate to relax, but I was making that hard. I kept rubbing his cock, up and down, cupping then squeezing his balls. The way he was writhing, I didn’t think he could last very long. But I had’t given him permission yet.

I let go his balls and slapped his thigh; his whole body jerked in response. Then the tempo of my wanking increased, he started shaking his head, then looking at me pleadingly. After he looked to me, he’d close his eyes. I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand. I growled at him, “Are you going to cum?”

He looked at me, glassy eyed, and shook his head. He wasn’t if he could help it; but I didn’t know if he could help it. With one hand I kept jerking his cock, the other hand released his balls and went to his knee; my fingernails gently, slowly raked up his inner thigh. “Are you ready to cum, boy?” I asked. He nodded emphatically. I slapped his thigh, then raked again, harder this time; my hand tightened around his cock. He was pulling against the ropes, but to no avail. My hand tightened and my jerking accelerated. I slapped him again, then put my lips to his ear; my tongue flicked out to touch his ear, before I blew in his ear and whispered, “Cum for me boy, cum for me.”

Almost immediately, a fountain of hot cum spurted from his twitching, throbbing member, splashing down on my hand and his belly. I milked his cock, squeezing every last drop from him, feeling it shrink in my hand.

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