New Morning Routine


I woke up to the sound of knocking at my door, rapid but not terribly loud. I didn’t need to even glance at the clock beside my bed to know that it was exactly 6:46am, and his alarm had gone off just 60 seconds earlier. He was certainly predictable. Squeezing my eyes closed, I stretched my arms out as far as they would go. “Come in,” I let out with a groan.

The door opened only about a foot. He held the handle with his left hand but his right hand was across his stomach holding onto his left elbow. The stance perfectly expressed the nervousness he felt. He was naked, aside from the tight beaded necklace he wore. His head was down, and his long shaggy hair seemed to poof out in every direction, but he looked at me uncertainly. Sure enough, he had an erection below his crossed arms. That boy’s hard cock pointing at me was as predictable as his timing.

I smiled as I looked him over and spoke to him softly and reassuring, “Good morning, Teddy. You can come in.”

He opened the door wide enough to take a hesitant step inside my room, “Morning Mom.”

I pulled the covers off to one side of me, letting him see my own naked body. I watched the twitching of his cock and noticed the clenching in his jaw. He stood as though frozen in place. I placed a hand on my breast and slid it across my tummy down between my legs, stroking the lips of my sex once with my fingertips. “Come on over,” I told him in that same soothing tone.

This way of starting the day was something that was very new for my son. Our intimate relationship had only recently developed and it wasn’t something he was used to yet. I had assured him that it was perfectly fine to for him to wake me up in the morning so we could take care of him, and he’d done so each morning since we’d had that talk, but he still seemed unsure. It was understandable. I think some of that uncertainty comes with being a man his age, never mind the uniqueness of our relationship. He’d get there. In fact, I was sure it wouldn’t take him long at all to grow more comfortable with our ritual, and I certainly couldn’t think of a better way to build his confidence.

I spread my legs as he made his way to the bed and reached for the bottle of lubricant on my nightstand. Teddy wasn’t very good yet at pacing himself, so this made it much easier for me to match his speed. I filled my hand with the cool gel while he knelt between my open legs. I enjoyed the way his cock throbbed at my touch. I lathered his erection and then I laid both my arms at my sides on the soft bed.

The first few times we’d been together, he’d really needed my help. I’d use my hands to guide his cock to the entrance of my sex while he struggled to keep his body upright, he was trembling so much with excitement. The few most recent times we’d had sex, he did almost everything on his own. I loved seeing (and feeling) the way my son was quickly growing more independent sexually and I already had so many ways I intended to teach him once his confidence grew some more.

I moaned softly as Teddy slid inside of me. There is such a unique joy to that first moment you feel a hard cock inside you, filling you up. I closed my eyes and laid back contentedly as he thrust his hips in and out. This would certainly not take him long, another characteristic of his youth. I savored the sensations of my son taking his pleasure with me. My slow, deep breaths were a stark contrast to his rapid, heavy panting. I enjoyed the motion of him rocking my body, practically enough to vibrate me. This was, by no means, a bad way for my day to begin.

I opened my eyes to smile at Teddy, but then I saw something behind him that made me smile even more. A mischievous grin told me that my son was about to have something even more special to enjoy this morning.

As his hips worked rapidly and he felt his pleasure rising uncontrollably, Teddy was shocked to feel two hands grip onto his hips. His torso went abruptly rigid and he gasped loudly. I felt his cock twitching inside of me. The hands, with bright blue fingernails, were quick to wrap around his torso. A pair güneyşehir escort of breasts pressed against his bare back as they squeezed his chest. He felt the heat of breath against his ear as soft lips whispered, “Hey, Little Brother.” Then, his sister’s tongue stuck out and licked his ear sensually.

He was trembling now. Her hands, practically clawing at his torso, slid backwards. One palm pressed firmly against the center of his back and pushed him forward. “Bend over,” Roxie commanded as she reached for the lube bottle with her other hand. He practically fell on top of me, but I was prepared. I wrapped both of my arms around him as tightly as I could, holding his head behind mine as I watched her excitedly. He managed to keep his cock inside me while I pinned him there.

Roxie moved quickly. He thumb, now glistening with lube, slid deftly into his asshole. The gel ensured he wasn’t hurt by the sudden sensation. Her fingers were able to brush against his balls and her other hand still pushed him down onto me. He moaned aloud and came instantly. I could feel the hot heavy spurts of it inside of me. I clutched him happily while watching Roxie’s satisfied expression. He lay there, pinned between us, cock dancing inside of me while his body shook slightly, entirely out of his control. Eventually I felt his breathing begin to slow and I loosened my grip on his body.

He leaned back enough that I could look my son in the face, “Feel better?”

Teddy let out a burst of air like a laugh and grinned from ear to ear, “Feeling great, Mom.” Then, his eyes and mouth went suddenly wide as his sister’s thumb pulled rapidly out of his ass. Again, she moved deftly, swift enough to thrill him without hurting.

She slapped him on his tight ass cheek, her spank eliciting a gasp as he pushed himself off of me. Roxie was wiping off her hands with the cloth I kept on my nightstand beside the bottle, “Now, go get in the shower. It’s my turn.” Her tone was playful, but equally commanding.

Compliantly, he nodded and stepped toward the door, “Kay… Thanks Mom.”

I smiled and blew my son a kiss, “You’re welcome, Sweetie.” From that moment, all of my attention was on Roxie.

She crawled onto my bed and made her way up to me. I leaned to one side so we could face one another. I couldn’t help the feeling of my heart fluttering, and I admit it was at least partially selfish excitement. Being with Teddy right now still means taking care of him and satisfying his incredible youthful lust. With my daughter, though… I would also get to be taken care of. She lay on her side with her face on my pillow and for the second time, I heard the soft whisper of, “Morning, Mom.”

“Good morning, My Gorgeous Daughter.” I could see the blush on her cheeks at my response. I reached out to caress her warm face and ran my fingertips through her hair. It was blue right now, but there was a good chance it would be something completely different in a week or two. I love the way she expresses herself. I leaned forward and our lips met. The kiss was slow, sweet and sensual. Her lips tasted like heaven. My hand moved through her hair and down to her neck. I felt her touch lightly on my bare waist. The sensation brought me to moan softly into her mouth. She pulled away from me, but only just enough to move those delicious soft lips to my neck. I gripped at the back of her head, my fingers knit in her hair as she sucked on my skin. She was making my entire body come alive with pleasure and she was only just getting started.

Her hand on me traced a path across my torso, caressing my side, my hip, my thigh down to my knee and then up again in a splendid trail of gentle loving touch. She feels absolutely incredible to me. I began to rub her back as her kiss and her soft hands explored my body. With my other hand, the one beneath us against the soft bed covers, I reached between her legs and took hold of the firm cock that had grown hard with the pleasure she felt as she showed me her affection.

My daughter, Roxie, was born güneyşehir escort bayan as my son Robbie. Her transition had started a few years ago. Several people have commented about how supportive I’ve been of her through this journey, but I can’t even imagine being any different. How could I not encourage my child to live in a way that felt like who they were meant to be? How could my love or affection for them ever change based on the pronouns they use or the way they dress? I love my children exactly the way they are.

Making Love with Roxie had been an important aspect of her becoming who she was. When she’d first talked to me about it, I’d wanted her to understand that she was perfect exactly the way she was, that every part of her body, and every part of her heart, were beautiful and desirable to me. I hadn’t planned on the sex, but it had felt like such a natural and comfortable way to show her who she was in my eyes. I had the privilege of watching my anxious, frustrated lonely son Robbie grow and bloom into a confident, self-assured and sexy young woman. I’m not saying I was responsible for all of this change, but I do know that having her mother love and worship her body, showing her affection and desire and acceptance had been an important part, something she really needed.

And now, I squeezed my daughter’s cock, and felt its strong pulse as her kisses traveled across my heaving chest. She made her way to my breasts, taking my nipples in her mouth one after the other, sucking intensely and flicking her tongue across. She alternated between them both, equally generous with her attention, “Oh, I love the way your mouth feels,” I let out in a breath.

“Good,” I heard her moan in reply. She scooted down on the bed and repositioned herself so she could kiss down my bare tummy. I shuddered as her tongue slid inside my naval and past. Then, she was lying between my open legs. I was loud when her mouth first touched my sex. I was already dripping wet from wanting her. The first touch was unbelievably good. She licked her tongue across my lips for a few moments before she found my clit. Her arms reached around to hold onto my hips as my body was beginning to squirm. She was there, eating me out for a long while, a gloriously long while. She had me making every noise there was as she tongued my clit. I was gasping for breath, moaning and whimpering with all of the sensations that she sent through my body.

After one of the first times she’d ever tasted me, when we lay in bed together in that post-orgasmic bliss, she told me, “Mom, I’d seen it in porn, but I didn’t know a woman actually would whimper like that.” I remember laughing and hugging her to me. Truthfully I don’t think I ever did whimper like that for someone else, but Roxie was so attentive and SO GOOD with her mouth and tongue. She made me experience all kinds of intense things I didn’t expect.

However, as amazing as I felt with her, she hadn’t yet made me orgasm with her mouth alone. She could get me 98% of the way there and hold me right on that edge for what felt like hours, but I never truly climaxed this way. Just something about the way my body is put together I suppose, but it’s never been a problem for us.

I lay beneath her loving mouth, wiggling all around the bed and making such loud noises as long as I could stand it. Finally, I started to claw at her shoulders, and between my gasps, I managed to say, “Need… you… NOW.” She was happy to comply. She scooted up and slid her cock into my throbbing wet sex. Her hips thrust against mine only a few times before I exploded with pleasure. I clung to my daughter’s perfect body as I was washed in the joy she gave me. Her cock inside me felt so good, so deeply wonderfully good.

I lay there, panting and looking up at her. She watched me, and I could see she enjoyed my pleasure, but I wanted for more. I leaned up, kissed my daughter’s lips and said, “Come for me, My Beautiful Girl. Come inside your Mama.”

That did the trick, just as I knew it would. Her escort güneyşehir hips began to thrust heavily. She pushed that amazing cock deeper and deeper inside of me. Finally, I felt her body go rigid, “oooooh yessssss,” I exclaimed as my daughter’s cock gushed into me. I reached up to caress her face as I felt those last strong pulses. I embraced her and we held one another close, her cock inside me, our breasts pressed together. I closed my eyes to savor the sweet moment of connectedness. When I opened my eyes, I looked over her shoulder and noticed something. I turned my head to lick her ear then whispered, “We have an audience.”

Roxie was smiling, amused as she turned to look over her shoulder. Her cock slid out of me gently, erection gradually growing soft. Teddy was standing in the doorway, watching us both intently. His hand was wrapped around his own cock and he’d been slowly stroking himself as he watched us. “Get over here,” Roxie told him, scooting to the side of the bed so she could make room for him between us. He walked over and lay down on my bed, with me on his left and her on his right. We each pressed against him, the three of us huddled together.

His big sister reached for his cock. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and began to stroke him with a steady and slow rhythm. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the pillow. I began to rub his chest and looked past him to wink at Roxie while she rubbed his cock. At some point, while she worked him, his right hand reached across her body and he began to play with her cock in turn, though he was far less focused.

There was something very special to me in this moment, the three of us together, a family sharing intimacy and sexual pleasure to start the day. This felt good and right in a deep sort of way. I am so grateful for the close rapport I get to share with my wonderful children.

I felt the familiar stiffening of my son’s body as his orgasm quickly approached. Roxie stroked him a bit faster, recognizing it too. He came in heavy spurts that shot from his swollen cock onto his bare stomach. I felt his chest beneath my palm, rising and falling with heavy breath.

Teddy let go of her cock, which was by now, erect and fully recovered from loving me. “Nuh-huh, Little Brother,” she reprimanded him immediately, “You’re not gonna get me started like that without finishing.”

“Only fair,” I agreed with a shrug, pulling my hand away from him.

“Come back,” she prompted him to return his hand to her erection. He squeezed her lightly, seeming not to know what to do. “You can do better than that.” After an awkward moment, he shifted his body to face her and took hold of her cock with his left hand instead of his right. “Theeeere you go,” she breathed now that he held her girth securely. “Just like that. Stroke me, Teddy. Stroke your big sister’s cock just like you do yours. Mmmmmm.”

I leaned in to rub his back supportive and affectionately while I watched with fascination. Getting to see my children pleasuring one another was something truly special, a genuine treat. For his part, Teddy grew comfortable quite quickly. He leaned down to kiss her breast, sucking on her nipple while he rhythmically worked her. She reached a hand to the back of his head and grabbed a handful of his shaggy hair. I couldn’t help but grin.

When she finally came from her brother’s handjob, her cock shot into the air like a miniature geyser. I felt a bit of the warm liquid land on my hand and I tenderly massaged it into his skin. “Thanks, Little Brother,” she whispered in satisfaction. The three of us pressed in a little closer, a sort of sexual group hug. It was blissful.

“All right,” I said, eventually pulling away and patting Teddy’s skin dismissively. “You two go shower up and I’ll get breakfast started.”

“OK, Mom,” he answered, getting up quickly and making his way to the shower. Roxie took a moment to lay there. She reached over to hold my hand as we both just smiled and looked into one another’s eyes. Then, she too, got up and left me alone in my room. I groaned aloud as I started to sit up, feeling the tension in my torso. Even though I’d been lying in bed on my back this whole time I’d been awake, my body’d still been through a lot this morning already. I was completely good with that. I stood and stretched, then set about the rest of my morning routine. Yes, this was a pretty perfect way to begin the day.

I woke up to the sound of knocking at my door, rapid but not terribly loud. I didn’t need to even glance at the clock beside my bed to know that it was exactly 6:46am, and his alarm had gone off just 60 seconds earlier. He was certainly predictable. Squeezing my eyes closed, I stretched…

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