New Life, Here We Come Ch. 07

Aj Applegate

[This story involves adults from family of age 18 years or more. To enhance your reading pleasure, it is suggested but not required that you read Part 1 through 6 of this series.]

Carter awoke, drilling his hips down into his mattress. His painfully hard cock was making a tent in his shorts. His mind was fuzzy. He looked at the clock; it was 11:00 AM. He never slept so late since ages. But considering he was on his vacation, he had all right to take things easy and enjoy life.

It has been tough being posted at Baghdad for the last 14 months. When he got approval on his vacation last week, he was absolutely delighted. He had been looking forward to coming home for a long time.

Right now, he really needed some pussy to fuck and he needed that right then. His cock hurt. He started stroking his cock softly, looking to release. He remembered some of the hot girls he fucked while stroking his cock. He sat up suddenly, went to the bathroom.

On his way to the bathroom, he heard some muffled sounds from downstairs. He stopped jacking-off and followed the source of the sound. He passed through the hall, then his sister Carolyn’s room. As he got closer to his mom’s room, he was able to recognize the sound. It was his mom Cathy! She was grunting, loudly. He leaned to the door to get a good peek at the happening.

His eyes quickly scanned the room, he saw his neighbor Matt was standing beside the bed. His mom was in front of him, her ass high in the air, her body dropped down on top of the bed. “Come on Matt, fuck me harder,” whispered mom. He could see Matt slamming back and forward into his mom. Matt’s hips made smacking sounds against his mom’s ass.

“Oh my god, what’s going on in this house? Mom is fucking our neighbor when dad’s gone on his business trip…. Wow!”, he thought.

Mom’s kept whispering words of encouragement “Yeah Mattie! Harder! Give it to me… harder”

Although Carter’s eyes didn’t want to believe what they were seeing, this made him hot like hell. He pulled his already hard cock and started jacking-off. He closed his eyes, and imagined his mom’s ass high in front of him, open for his cock to fuck her harder.

He felt a hand on his cock and boobs pressed against his back. This was the day for him to freak out. He tried to put his cock in and see who it was. It was his younger sister Carolyn.

“What the heck ….You freaked me out …. Carolyn!”

Carolyn just laughed in the response.

Carter put his finger on her mouth, signaling her to keep it down. He didn’t want his mom to hear them.

Carolyn and Carter had previous sexual exploration with each other. But they never had penetrative sex with each other. It had been limited to touching privates and some oral on each other – all this when Carter was in college.

Carolyn still holding Carter’s cock smiled and signaled him to go to her room.

Both of them ensured that mom and Matt were still “busy”.

Carter got a mind-blowing oral work from his sister. He fucked her good as her reward.

When they lay in the bed nude afterwards, Carolyn updated Carter about the recent family trends. Hearing about Dad and mom involving own daughter made him hot. The sight of moms heaving ass a few minutes earlier flashed in his mind. He sensed that he will soon be inside his mom’s gaping holes. This was too much for him to handle. bursa yabancı escort He was hard again. He got his sister on all fours and fucked her as if he was doing his mom. Carolyn enjoyed this extra-powered slamming. Soon both of them were rewarded with terrific orgasm.

Whole day passed by, he didn’t speak much to Cathy. Cathy, being a mom, could smell there was something fishy, but didn’t clarify.

Next morning, he awoke, smelling breakfast cooking downstairs. He loved a good breakfast, bacon, eggs, and hot cakes. He jumped up, threw on some old shorts and a t-shirt and headed off downstairs. For some reason, he went to Mom’s room first. Looking at the state of sheet he knew that what he saw yesterday morning is daily routine. The 2 dents on the mattress sheet were indicative of the “crime” being committed in the doggy style.

He sighed and headed to Kitchen. He found mom alone there.

“Good morning baby,” mom cheerfully greeted him.

“Get a good night sleep?” she asked.

“Had trouble getting to sleep, but once I settled down, I slept well,” Carter responded.

“Did you now,” mom stated, glancing at him.

“Did you hear Carolyn come in last night?”

“Nope, must have been after midnight,” He responded.

He took his place at the kitchen table. He had not really looked at his mom as a sexual partner before, but yesterday’s incident has changed the whole perspective around that relationship. His friends always said his mom was the greatest. A real cutie they said.

He looked at her now and wondered how she would look when she would be laying naked right in front of him. She was not perfectly toned, but was in good shape for her age. Her hair reached down below her shoulders. She had her bathrobe on, tied around the waist. After a fresh shower, nothing would give the impression that she had been fucked and eaten an hour ago.

He stood and moved to the sink beside the stove. He leaned back on the sink, watching her cook the breakfast. He noticed her face. For her age, her face looked years younger.

Cathy enjoyed his young son’s extra attention on her body. After all, getting his son to her bed would complete the full family circle. Once Carter is added to their family fucking “club”, she would invite her in-laws over again. The thought of full family orgy made her experienced cunt drip a little.

However, she didn’t want Carter to know any of her thoughts at that point, as she wanted to enjoy these hot and tense moments.

“What,” Cathy said as she glanced at him.

“Sorry mom,” Carter said embarrassed about being caught staring at her.

“Um… I was just looking at you. You look awesome,” He admitted.

He leaned to her, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and returned to the table.

“Can you go wake Carolyn, we will eat soon” Cathy said.

He headed upstairs to Carolyn’s room. He knocked lightly. There was no response, so he opened the door and peeked in. Carolyn was just awake and stretching.

“Morning sister, time for the breakfast” He announced.

As Carolyn stretched with a growling sound, the blanket fell away.

“Oops,” she said.

Carolyn was not wearing even an inch of clothing. She smiled at him showing her hard nipples. She looked like a sex goddess with a flat tummy and pussy with thick triangle bursa sınırsız escort of pubic hairs. Next think Carter observed was his erect dick pointing towards her slutty sister.

“Carter, get out of here,” she said in a very seductive tone.

Carter reached to the door knob and locked the door.

He reached out to his shorts, pulled his painfully hard cock and presented it to Carolyn. She followed the natural order of sucking it.

“What’s taking long guys,” mom called.

Carolyn freed his mouth from sucking his cock, and said, “Carter is helping me with moving my table by the window. We will be right down Momma”

She went right into sucking it. She applied her tongue freely on his cock head. She created pressure and then released it with the plop sound. Carter watched her talent in the amazement – how an expert cock-sucker his little sister has grown into – he wondered.

Then there was another plop sound, as he kept his eyes closed in ecstasy. Only difference was this time the sound was paired with the sound of door opening.

He opened his eyes and to his shock he saw mom was there.

“Carter,” Cathy demanded an answer.

“I did not do it on purpose,” He said nervously. He realized that he didn’t lock the door properly.

“She was naked…. She showed me her body…” carter tried offering an explanation.

“So you will feed your manhood to any woman you would see naked”, Mom teased.

Cathy decided to turn the tables now. She wiggled her body and let her robe drop to the ground.

“Now what?” Cathy enquired mischievously.

“Come on Mom, let’s not give him so much trouble for the things both of us actually wanted him to do”, Carolyn came forward for support.

“You are right hon. But not until I see his tool closely,” Cathy stated.

Carter stood stunned, staring at her naked body. He fantasized about it million times. This was the time. Carolyn turned to mom.

“Mom, what are you going to do?” she asked.

“I am going to share some of this meat that you have already tasted Carolyn!” Cathy said, as she came closer and took his cock in her hand and started caressing.

Carter’s cock which went semi-hard during the conversation was not fully hard. Cathy took his son’s cock in her mouth and started sucking on with slurping sounds. Carolyn played with Carter’s balls and ran her lips in his pubic area. Carter couldn’t hold it any longer and came. Cathy received his son’s first load in her mouth.

“Let’s eat our breakfast, it’s getting cold”, Cathy said.

Carter ran down stairs with the two females from his house. None of them cared to put on any clothes.

On the breakfast table, Carter scooped a mouthful of scrambled eggs and stuffed it in his mouth. Coffee tasted great.

“Have some more eggs, Carter”, Cathy asked.

“If I obey, will you let me choose the position we are going to use after breakfast”, Carter asked his counter-question.

“You sure can choose any position you want honey”, Cathy responded with a wink.

Carolyn sipped her coffee with the grin and said, “After breakfast, we have even warmer stuff to consume”

All of them finished breakfast in no time and headed to Cathy’s room.

“So Carter, what did you see yesterday morning,” Mom asked.

“Mom, görükle escort you really want me to say?”

“Yes, I want you to tell momma what you saw and heard. And what you were doing,”

Carter was totally frank with his mom Cathy by now.

He responded, “Well Mom, I Matt, our neighbor, standing behind you. You were on the bed on all four. Your round ass was high in the air. Matt was thrusting his cock into your hungry pussy like there was no tomorrow. His hips slapped against your cheeks. You begged him to fuck you harder”

“I begged” Mom asked?

“Yeah! You begged him to fuck you like a bitch in heat,”

“So, I begged like a bitch in heat? What did you do you rascal?”

“I stroked my cock thinking it was inside you”

“So you ejaculated thinking about fucking me?”

“No, there was a Carolyn-interruption. We went to her room and fucked her.”

“Did you fantasize about fucking me, baby?” Cathy asked. Her fingers were tracing circles on her nipples.

“Yeah Mom, I imagined your ass high in the air, my cock drilling your pussy, our hips smacking each other. Yeah mom, I came so hard inside Carolyn fantasizing about you.”

He glanced at Carolyn. She was staring at mom. Mom signaled Carolyn. Carolyn laid on high on the bed with her legs spread. Cathy went on all her four, offering view that Carter wanted.

Cathy started licking Carolyn’s pussy.

“Mom,” breathed Carolyn. She looked at me.

“Show us what your cock is capable of, baby” Mom growled.

“Baby, now” whispered Mom.

Carter reached to mom’s hanging tits, pulling on her nipple. Mom shuttered, her body begging for more. She arched and her hips felt his crotch. Carter’s cock was at the opening of his mom’s cunt.

“Fuck mom, big brother! Give it to her”, Carolyn cried in excitement of getting her pussy sucked by mom.

Carter pushed it in. Cathy’s cunt was so wet that it went all in. He started thrusting his cock with deep and slow strokes.

Cathy loved his young son using her cunt like an experienced lover. She lapped Carolyn’s pussy by making small circles on her clit with her tongue.

“My mom is a world class cunt lapper”, Carolyn announced.

“And your brother is a champion mother fucker”, Cathy mumbled.

Carter picked up the pace and fucked his mom fast and deep. Very soon Cathy came and collapsed side-ways.

Carolyn now joined his brother to suck him. She tasted mom’s juices along with Carter’s cum off his dick. Carter was hard and he started fucking his sister in the missionary way.

The scene of both her young kids fucking made Cathy hot. She got up and sat on Cathy’s mouth, as she faced Carter.

Carolyn tongue-fucked her mom, as Cathy rode her daughter’s face. Cathy and Carter kissed each other. Carter played with boobs of both the females and mom’s ass.

Very soon, he picked up the pace. The tension was building in his balls and he was about to come.

“Fuck me, Bro. Give it to me. Harder… harder”

“Suck me Carolyn, make me cum. Yeah baby, you are so good.”

All three of them came at around the same time. They fell on the bed and relaxed. Cathy was delighted to tick one more item of the bucket list. But this item was sure to repeat and with some extravaganza, as she roughly planned the family get together she always wanted to have.

Carter felt so lucky to have so easy access to the pussies. Great thing was both of them were within 50 feet range and were always available. All of them discussed the plans for the night after Daddy John returned home.

The whole house looked very cheerful with the inclusion of another member to the club.

[This story involves adults from family of age 18 years or more. To enhance your reading pleasure, it is suggested but not required that you read Part 1 through 6 of this series.] Carter awoke, drilling his hips down into his mattress. His painfully hard cock was making a tent in his shorts. His mind…

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