New Jewelry

New Jewelry


I arrived at the parking lot right on time. A white van pulled up and my master opened the door to reveal a mobile dungeon. “Strip!” was the command I heard and without thinking I began to remove my clothes. When I reached for the waistband of my panties I felt the chill of the wind and looked around the empty parking lot. No one around to witness me standing naked next to the van, no one to see what would happen next.

My master told me to put my hands behind my back and I heard the click of the hand cuffs as they squeezed tight around my wrists. His strong hands bend me at the waist and a sharp slap on my inner thigh reminds me to spread my legs. The cool liquid lube makes me jump as he inserts the anal plug in to my anus. Pushing gently at first then shoving hard as the plug seats itself deep within me.

Still bent at the waist my hair is pulled back and tied in a strict pony tail. I am forced into the van on my knees. I have to straddle the round hump attached to the floor, my knees are attached to ropes that keep them spread wide. In the center of the hump a large rubber cock impales me, his hands on my shoulders force me to take the monster all the way in.

My arms are attached by the handcuffs to a rope that pulls them up behind me forcing me to lean forward slightly. My pony tail is pulled down and tied pulling my head back revealing the fixture attached to the roof of the van. It’s a long thick dildo that is adjusted to go down my throat enough to make gag slightly.

I am now completely immobile in the van but he wasn’t done yet. I feel the cold hard clamps bite into my nipples, pinching and pulling on my tender buds. The chain attaching the two clamps is attached to a heavy weight and draped over a bar in front of me pulling my nipples straight out and stretching Bycasino my tits cruelly. A third clamp in attached to my clit causing me to moan around the fake cock in my throat as it is attached to a heavy weight of its own.

The door slams shut and I am in darkness, the back of the van has a wall separating the driver’s compartment from where I am imprisoned. I did not see my master pick up my clothes from the ground outside the van and I realize I will be naked for as long as he wants.

As the van rolls down the road the bumps drive the dildo and the plug deeper into me. The acceleration causes the weights to swing and tug harshly on my clamped nipples and clit.

It was hot out side but it feels like the heat is on in the van. I can feel the sweat rolling down my body and it only feels like its getting hotter, then without warning the air conditioning comes on full blast! Now I am shivering as my sweat covered body cools rapidly. The goose bumps cause my nipples to harden and the clamps bite even harder than before.

The van comes to a stop and the heat is back on again. The weights swing wildly and pull my tortured nipples and my stretched clit harshly. The door to the van slides open and the light blinds me momentarily. The light is bright only for a minute as my master ties a blind fold around my eyes and starts to release me from my bonds.

First the cock in my throat is removed but before I can gasp a large ball gag is put in its place. Next the knee ropes and the ropes pulling my arms are removed. My master pulls me roughly from the cock impaling me and I moan loudly as the weights drop and jerk cruelly on my nipples.

The weight attached to the clamp squeezing my clit drops from the van next and bites hard as it reaches the end of its tether. Bycasino giriş Tears well up behind the blindfold as I am lead away from the van, each step sends searing pain through my nipples and clit.

I hear the door shut behind me and I sense I am inside again. The hand cuffs are removed and replaced with thick leather cuffs that are also placed around my ankles. The cuffs are then attached to chains that are pulled up and I am lifted off the floor by my wrists.

My ankles are attached to ropes that are pulled tight and my legs are spread so wide it hurts. I feel something touch my pussy and I am lifted up a little more to clear the object. I feel fingers probing my wet sex and feel momentary pleasure as they piston in and out. The feeling is short lived as I am lowered onto a very wide spike.

My pussy is stretched wide as my weight pushes me down on the invader. When the instrument has filled me and it seems I can feel it in my stomach the lowering stops. My ankle ropes are tightened and I slip down a little more on the pole, it must be at least four inches in diameter and it feels like it’s made of steel.

The clamp holding my clit is removed and I feel my master massaging my swollen bud, the pleasure returns as he brings me close to release then abruptly stops. Any pleasure I felt is replaced with searing pain as a new clamp is placed on my clit and this one is so tight I lose feeling in my precious love button.

The same is repeated with my nipples only without the gentle massage and the pain is intense. The clamp has a grip on a large portion of my extended nipples and I find out why next. The clamps are pulled and it feels as if my nipples will be torn off when I feel the lighting bolt of red hot pain as the needle passes through first my left Bycasino deneme bonusu then my right nipple.

I feel the searing hot electricity bolt through my clit and I almost pass out from the pain. I am panting and sweating as the clamps are removed and the rush of blood back into my genitals causes a wave of orgasm I can not control.

As my body stops quivering the blind fold is removed and my master looks me in the eye and tells my I will have to be punished for Cumming without permission.

I look down and see the giant rings in my nipples, they have to be as big as a pencil and they are heavy steel with large balls on each end. I can only imagine my clit looks the same but I don’t get the chance to think about it long when I feel the clamps squeeze my pussy lips and pull cruelly.

The needle passes through with little effort and only mild pain but when my master drops the heavy rings they pull harshly on my stretched lips sending a new sensation of pain through my body.

My master has removed his clothes when I see him in front of me. He attaches heavy weights to my fresh piercings and displays the flogger he will use to punish me for my earlier indiscretion.

He lets the chain I am hanging from down a little and the huge penitrator sinks a little deeper into me as he pats the plug in my ass. The sting of the flogger is next and I feel it work its magic up and down my back and thighs. When my master starts on my front I am very near an earth shattering orgasm.

The flogger works across my stomach and the front of my thighs but when it makes contact with my sore nipples I start to lose it. When the leather tips reach my swollen and stretched clit I see a bright blue light behind my eyes and my body betrays me with the biggest orgasm I have ever had.

My body convulses and I writhe in my bondage as the waves of pleasure wash over me and carry me away to another place. I awaken and I am lying on the floor of a large room, warm and comfortable I look at my new jewelry and wonder what he will do with me next.

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