Never Enough Ch. 01

Never Enough Ch. 01

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I entered the quietness of my apartment, returning from another job interview that was a complete waste of time. I was greatly disappointed but more than that, I was worried. My meager unemployment checks were about to run out and I had rent and a car payment due. Things didn’t look promising at all. I couldn’t make a living working at a fast food joint or clerking in some retail store. My degree in business and finance wasn’t doing me a bit of good. There were just too many people out there competing for the same old jobs.

I sipped my cup of coffee and lit up a cigarette. Maybe I’d scan this morning’s newspaper again to see if there was something I might have missed. I took off my glasses so I could read the small print easier. New eyeglasses were what I needed but they’d have to wait until I had money to pay for them. There were a few ads for dancers at those topless nightclubs along the strip. I couldn’t dance worth a damn although the thought of men seeing me almost naked, did turn me on a little. There were two bartender jobs posted, both had the same phone number. Might be a duplicate ad or maybe a misprint. Still, they were a possibility. I didn’t know squat about being a bartender but I could pick it up pretty quick. I jotted the phone number down on a pad. I scanned back over the ads one more time. The same phone number that I’d written down appeared in one of the dancers wanted ads. Well, maybe I wouldn’t bother calling about the bartender’s job after all.

I scribbled down the bills I had to pay so I could see how my finances were holding up. The outcome wasn’t what I wanted to see. I’d be running into the red by the middle of next month. I wouldn’t have enough money to pay the rent, let alone make my car payment. I was almost in a panic. I had to get a job and get it immediately. I wasn’t about to ask my parents for a loan. They didn’t like the fact that I’d moved to Indianapolis right after my divorce, saying I should have stayed put.

Picking up the note with the nightclub’s phone number on it, I decided to give it a shot. I dialed the number but just got a recording stating the club’s hours and an emergency phone number. It was just noon, so I figured it was probably just too early for anyone to be there. I needed to run to the grocery for coffee, cigarettes and a few items. Checking my watch, I decided to go now and try the phone number again when I returned.

I strolled through the supermarket, picking up some frozen TV dinners, coffee and of course, cigarettes. It was getting too damn expensive to smoke. Maybe I’d give up the habit for financial reasons instead of health reasons. Smoking was one of my life’s little pleasures. It was just a thought; I wasn’t about to jump ship just yet. I drove back to the apartment, hoping I’d be able to connect with someone at the nightclub. With my luck, the job was probably already filled.

I put the groceries away and dialed the phone number. All I got was a busy signal. Well, at least somebody must be at the club. I waited a few minutes and dialed again, my fingers crossed. The phone rang several times before someone answered. It was a female voice on the other end.

“Hello.” I said. “I’m calling about the bartender’s job you had listed in the morning paper.”

The women’s voice on the other end of the phone seemed quite pleasant. She asked if I had any experience and if I had a bartender’s license. I told her I didn’t have either. I expected her to hang up but instead she put me on hold. I waited for almost a full minute before a man spoke to me. He asked the very same questions as the woman had. I did add that I was willing to learn and I could probably pick up on bartending pretty quick. The man asked when I could come in for an interview. I told him I could be there anytime since I wasn’t presently working. He asked if I could be there in about an hour since they opened at 3:00. I looked at my watch, it would rush me but I could make it. I told him I’d be there at 2:00. The guy gave me the address and told me to come through the service entrance at the rear of the building. I asserted I’d be on time. I needed to freshen up a little and change clothes. I wasn’t sure what to wear so I put on a tan leather skirt and a black dress blouse. I decided black high-heels would look best so I slipped them on. I checked myself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. I needed a little more make-up so I put on a little more eye shadow and eyeliner. I didn’t want to look trampy but I did want to look sexy. Afterall, this was a bartender’s job I was applying for.

I made the quick drive to the nightclub in less than thirty minutes, entering the service entrance with a few minutes to spare. The club was fairly dark, only a few lights illuminated the bar and stage area. The service door was propped open, flooding the narrow hallway with sunlight. I slowly walked to the front of the club. I heard voices coming from a storage area as I passed it. There were a couple of deliverymen stacking gaziantep escort cases of beer along the wall. A young woman was standing by them, taking inventory. She noticed me standing in the doorway.

“Hi.” I greeted the woman. “I’m Jennifer. I talked to you earlier about the bartender’s job.”

The woman smiled as she approached me. She was quite attractive, probably in her early thirties, tall and slender with long blonde hair.

“Jack’s upstairs in his office.” She stated. “He’s expecting you.”

I looked around for a set of stairs but it was difficult in the dimly lit club. My eyes were slow to adjust to the darkness. The woman pointed to circular stairs in the front corner of the club. I looked up, seeing a man sitting at a desk on an overhead landing bordered by a wrought iron railing. I made my way through the maze of tables and chairs to the circular stairs. I climbed the narrow steps holding onto the handrail to steady myself. My hands were sweating in anticipation of the interview. The man rose from his high-back office chair when I reached the landing. He smiled as I approached his desk.

“Hi.” He greeted. “You must be Jennifer, the young lady I spoke to on the phone awhile ago.

“I’m Jack Reynolds.” He added. “I see you met my wife, Barbara.”

I shook his hand, he had a firm but gentle grip. Jack was quite handsome, mid-forties, average build with salt and pepper hair. His hair color made him look quite distinguished. Jack motioned me to sit down in a chair across from his desk. I set my purse on the floor and crossed my legs so my skirt would show a little more leg. I noticed Jack checking them out. I glanced at several large pictures of Indy cars hanging on the office wall behind Jack’s desk. I assumed he was an avid race fan.

Jack asked about my past work experience. I had only been working full time since I graduated college a few years earlier. I reviewed whom I’d worked for and what type of work I’d done. I could see he was impressed but I really didn’t have any experience working in a nightclub. I was trying my best to get him interested in me. I was desperate for a job.

Jack asked me several personal questions. He asked if I had any criminal history or background. I told him, I didn’t. I felt Jack was still a little skeptical about hiring me. I wanted to ask some questions about the pay and the working hours. It might me best to wait and see if he covered them during the interview.

“Well Jennifer.” Jack stated. “You’ll have to get a bartender’s license, no big deal, just a formality.”

Jack told me I could get one downtown at the courthouse. I just needed to fill out an application and pay the small fee. There wasn’t any test involved. I was relieved to hear that. There’s no way I could pass a bartender’s test. Jack asked if nudity bothered me any since the girls wore very little, usually just a thong or a g-string. I smiled at his question before answering “no”. I hoped I was winning him over.

Jack stated he didn’t like hiring male bartenders since they usually were more interested in hitting on the girls rather than waiting on the customers. I nodded my head, seeing how that could happen. Jack told me what the hourly pay would be. It wasn’t the good news I’d hoped for. The pay was relatively low. He did mention tips, but the only tips I would get were from the customers sitting at the bar. The waitresses got all the table tips. They made as much if not more than the dancers, but most of them also worked topless. I didn’t know what to say so I just sat there silent.

“You won’t make much in tips working behind the bar.” Jack stated. “Unless you’re willing to work topless. You could make an extra $80 to $100 a night in tips, maybe more.”

I hadn’t really put much thought into working topless. I felt I could if I had to, especially if it meant I could make some quick cash. Jack lit up a cigarette offering me one. I didn’t hesitate to accept his offer. My hand shook as Jack lit it for me. I was trying to hide my nervousness as best I could. Jack was looking at me waiting on me to respond to his statement.

“I don’t have any problems working topless.” I stated, biting my lip. “Especially if it means more money.”

Jack smiled at my answer. It was the answer he wanted to hear.

“Well then, I’ll need to see what you look like without your clothes on.” He stated casually. “Would you mind slipping your clothes off?”

“Sure, I don’t mind.” I replied, nervously.

I put my cigarette in an ashtray at the front of Jack’s desk. I stood up and unbuttoned my blouse, placing it on the chair next to the one I’d been sitting in. My fingers nervously fumbled with the zipper at the back of my skirt. I unzipped it slowly and let it slip down to my feet. I stepped out of it and laid it on the chair. I unhooked the clasp on the front of my bra and lowered it down behind me, tossing it on top of my skirt. My nipples responded immediately, growing hard, as the hatay escort cool breeze from the air conditioning wafted over them. I was wearing white bikini panties and they fit me snugly. Jack wasn’t staring at my firm breasts; he was checking me out from head to toe. He came out from behind his desk and sat on the front edge.

“Turn around slowly so I can get a good look.” Jack commanded.

I slipped my fingers under the back of my panties making sure my butt was covered. I slowly did a 360-degree turn for him. I was quite relaxed standing practically naked in front of him. Jack nodded his head. He liked what he saw.

“Let me get you an application to fill out real quick.” He stated, smiling. “Wouldn’t be a chance I could get you to start this evening, would there?”

I told him I could but I still needed to get my bartender’s license first. Jack handed me the job application, then walked behind his desk to make a phone call. I sat down in the chair, not bothering to get dressed first. Jack was talking to someone at the courthouse. He mentioned my name and said I’d be coming in a later this afternoon. He would fax a copy of the job application so they’d already have the information when I got there. I completed the application and handed it back to Jack. He asked for my driver’s license and social security card so he could make a copy of them for my employment file. I took the two cards from my purse and handed it to him.

“You can get dressed now!” Jack said, grinning. “If you want to, that is!”

I had forgotten I was standing there in just my panties and high-heels. I quickly dressed. Barbara, Jack’s wife came up to the landing. Jack told her I was her new bartender and I‘d be starting later this evening. She smiled and shook my hand.

“Great, see your going to work topless too.” She remarked. “You should make some great tips.”

“I hope so.” I replied. “I can really use the money.”

Jack told me where to go once I got to the courthouse. He gave me the name of a lady to ask for when I got to the licensing office. I was to report at 6:00pm to start my shift, but I should get there a little early so I could get ready.

I made my way through the downtown traffic to the courthouse. I had to climb several flights of stairs to get to the licensing office. The elevators were all down for repairs. I asked for the lady like I was supposed to. She had all the forms typed out. All I had to do was sign them and show her my driver’s license. I paid the licensing fee and was on my way back out in less than fifteen minutes, my bartender’s license in hand.

I drove back to my apartment to get ready for work. I showered and grabbed a quick bite to eat. I had couple of hours before I had to be at work so I grabbed a quick nap in the recliner. I woke up in plenty of time to make the drive to the nightclub. I got dressed and made the drive to the northeast side of town.

There were quite a few cars and pickups sitting in front of the club. I parked around back next to a fairly new Mercedes-Benz sedan. The service door was closed but not locked. I entered the darkened hallway and proceeded towards the bar. The music was blaring from the speakers, almost deafening. There were quite a few customers sitting at the tables and along the front of the stage. Only a few customers were sitting at the bar. Barbara was standing behind the bar, leaning across it, and talking to one of the waitresses. The waitress was quite petite with really nice breasts.

Barbara saw me and motioned me to step in behind the bar. It was hard for me to hear her so we stepped into another hallway away from the speakers. She pointed out the dressing room where I could get undressed. It had a keypad lock on it; Barbara gave me the three-digit code. The door would automatically lock when the door closed. It provided the girls with security for their personal belongings. She asked what I was going to wear. I hadn’t brought anything special, so I told her I’d just wear my panties. I forgot about getting some thongs or a g-string. I’d need to do some shopping tomorrow. Barbara showed me where I could secure my purse. I took out my cigarettes and lighter so I could easily access them.

I walked down the hallway and punched in the key code numbers. The latch clicked and I opened the door. There were several girls sitting along a long mirrored wall, bordered by bright lights. I smiled and said “hi”. They all spoke and returned my smile. One of the girls was talking on a cell phone. From the tone of her voice, she wasn’t too happy. I found an open locker space and started getting undressed. I glanced at the girls but nobody was staring at me. It was all pretty casual. I was just wearing my panties when I felt a light slap on my butt.

“Hey, you one of the new dancers?” A tall blonde girl asked, smiling down at me.

She must have been well over six foot tall. I’m just 5’7”, so I had to look up at her.

“No. I’m the new bartender.” I replied, hatay escort smiling.

“Thank God! We sure don’t need anymore competition out there!” She exclaimed, giving me a light hug. “Welcome to J.R.’s!”

I checked my hair and make-up in the mirror before leaving the dressing room. I checked to make sure my panties were covering the cheeks of my ass. I took a really deep breath.

“Hey honey!” The girl on the cell phone shouted. “You’ll do alright, just relax and don’t let the customers get to you.”

I opened the door to the dressing room. The music from the speakers wasn’t too bad walking down the narrow hallway. There was a black guy leaning against the wall at the end of the hallway, his body and stance made it a little difficult to get by him. I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. He jumped slightly at my touch. He smiled softly and apologized for blocking me. He put out his hand to shake mine.

“Hello. I’m Marcus.” He stated. “I’m the bouncer and chief bodyguard. You have any problems; you just give me a signal. OK?”

I smiled and put my hand on his huge arm. I introduced myself and told him I hoped I wouldn’t have to call on him but I was glad he was there just in case. The thought of anybody causing any problems hadn’t crossed my mind. I stepped behind the bar. Barbara was busy, mixing some drinks for one of the waitresses.

“Take care of those two guys at the end of the bar, will you?” She asked.

I approached the two men and asked them what they’d like to have. They ordered Bud Lights so I went to the cooler and got them their beer and two glasses. They paid me and I walked over to the cash register. I’d never operated a cash register so I motioned for Barbara to give me some quick instructions. She showed me, saying it would take a little practice to get proficient with it. I handed the guys their change. My bare breasts didn’t seem to interest them. Maybe it was because there were bare breasts all around them. Mine just blended in. I laughed at that thought.

There were alot of guys wearing suits in the club. I assumed they either worked in an office or were somewhere in management positions. This job could easily work to my advantage. Barbara approached me and gave me two small pieces of cotton. I took them, not knowing what they were for. She saw I was a little confused so she pointed to her ears. She had cotton stuffed deep in her ears to drown out the blaring of the music. I rolled the cotton tight and pressed them inside my ears. I was starting to get a headache from the blaring music. The cotton was a great relief.

Some of the guys wearing suits came over and sat at the bar, I assumed to get a closer look at me. I smiled at them and took their orders. I didn’t know squat about mixed drinks so Barbara said she take care of it. I took care of the beer orders. That I could handle without much problem. We worked together as a team. Barbara even got a chance to lean against the backbar and sip on a Coke. I was having a ball and I was collecting quite a few tips. The guys liked to flirt. I flirted right back at them. The more I flirted, the more tips I got. I kept an eye on Marcus at the end of the bar just in case anyone decided to get physical. Marcus motioned me over.

“Jennifer, you’ve got a great little ass.” Marcus whispered. “You put a thong on that sweet thing, you could double your tips!”

I told him I’d have to pick up some tomorrow when I went shopping. The panties were all I had with me. I lit up a cigarette, putting it in an ashtray on the backbar. The customers kept the club filled for most of the evening. Marcus helped me bring more beer from the storage room. We had to refill the coolers well before they started running low so the beer would be good and cold. Barbara kept the pretzel and salty snack dishes filled. The more salty foods they snacked on, the more they’d drink. Jack and Barbara had to be making money faster than they could count it.

Along about 10:00, the customers started thinning out. It gave Barbara and I a chance to talk. Jack came down from his office landing. He put his arm around my waist pulling me in close.

“I’ve been watching you!” Jack said. “You’re doing damn good!”

I smiled at his remark. He rubbed his hand across my ass and then gave it a light slap. Barbara didn’t seem to mind his actions so I didn’t take it seriously either. Jack and Marcus went down the long corridor, past the restrooms and out through the rear service door. I guess they were just getting some fresh air. I mentioned to Barbara about the slowdown in business.

“Wait till 11:00, 11:30.” She said, grinning. “Second shift lets out, this place will be going till closing time.”

She was right. By 11:30 the club was packed. I couldn’t get the beer opened and poured fast enough. Most of the late night clientele were beer drinkers, factory workers letting off a little steam. I opened one bottle and it exploded all over me, dowsing me from my shoulders down to my shoes. It caused quite an uproar with the guys sitting at the bar. I looked down at my soaked panties. The beer had made them quite see-through. My sandy blonde pubic hair was showing through the translucent material. Barbara came running over with a bar towel.

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