Nerd Teaches a Lesson 01

Nerd Teaches a Lesson 01


Tyler stood in a corner talking to his friend Larry about their new science project on the chemical properties of different solutions; they were at a party discussion science! Tyler and Larry were the nerds if the undergrad school, the nerds who were good looking but shy. The only girl Tyler spoke to, was the prom queen back in their school, his neighbor, Zoe. Zoe and Tyler never spoke to each other in school but in their backyards, they hung out every day.

She made him do her home work, assignments and never even looked at him when in school. She was too cool to be seen with him and always laughed when Tyler and Larry were picked on by the jocks. Tyler always let it pass and to nobody’s surprise, he was in love with Zoe for as long as he could remember.

Back at the party, Tyler was dumbfounded when he looked at Zoe in a red hot halter dress. She could easily be the most beautiful and sexiest person in the party, he couldn’t take his eyes off her and she seemed to be walking straight towards him.

“Hey Ty, you look so handsome today,” Zoe flirted and kept him on his toes when all these years he waited just for a simple ‘hi’ from her, she was Bycasino there saying things that made him blush and at last she said, “kiss me already.”

Tyler leaned into her and as his lips were about to touch hers, he couldn’t think, his mind went blank and his stomach did a hundred somersaults. Before their lips met, laughter erupted in the background. He looked back to see all the popular kids, Zoe’s friends laughing at him. “I’m sorry Ty, it was a dare I was given” she said. Tyler looked at Zoe, walked out of the party without a word or a reaction followed by Larry. This had crossed all limits and it was time Tyler let his other side get out.

The next few days, Tyler didn’t speak to Zoe or even looked at her, both at home and at school. He made it a point to be oblivious to her presence. Zoe had tried talking to him, she felt guilty about playing with his feelings and wanted to apologize to him but didn’t know how to, he wouldn’t talk to her or reply to her texts. She decided she’d try to talk to him at his place after school and he’d be unable to ignore her then.

Tyler was home alone for the weekend, decided on reading Bycasino giriş his potter series all over again when he heard the doorbell ring. He saw Zoe standing meekly at the door through the key hole and walked back to his room. Waiting for Tyler to get the door, and still thinking of ways to apologize, Zoe stood for a really long time when she realized he wasn’t going to open up.

She went through the back door and let herself in calling for Tyler. He came down to find her sitting on the couch in the living room looking like a goddess and starting to beg for forgiveness. He had decided not to give in and turned his back to her, walking away.

She was begging and saying she was sorry, in all her desperation she found herself saying she’d do anything to get him to talk to him. Following him into the kitchen, she found him sitting on the breakfast counter. She pulled the other chair and sat beside him and said “I’ll do anything, please talk to me again! Please please, pretty please?”

He turned towards her and asked “anything?” she nodded. What Zoe didn’t know was the regret that was going to follow after that nod.

He Bycasino deneme bonusu handed her a blank sheet and asked her to write down whatever he says and she thought to herself “an apology letter, that’s easy.”

Tyler started “I, Zoe Olive swear that I will be Tyler Mason’s faithful sex slave starting now, for the entire weekend.”

Zoe looked at Tyler with her mouth forming a perfect ‘O’ and said “what kind of a stupid joke is this Ty?” and he replied, “You said anything, this is what I’m asking of you in return for my forgiveness.” She thought to herself, it can’t be bad and signed on that paper.

Tyler wanted her to be helpless and beg for him, mind you he didn’t want to hurt her nor had any intentions to make her suffer. This wasn’t revenge, it was a lesson. He ordered her to go home, eat lightly and get back at 6p.m., wearing a short skirt, tight tube top and no panties or bra. She left the kitchen thinking to herself how intriguing and erotic it felt to take orders from someone.

As 6p.m. came closer, Zoe sat on her bed dressed as directed feeling anxious and curious. She said she was spending the night at a friend’s and kissed her mom goodnight. As she walked past her backyard in the chilly evening, her nipples stood erect and she felt Goosebumps forming all over her body. She knocked the door and as the door opened, she found Tyler standing with a collar and lead in his hands…

to be continued…

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