Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt. 26

Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt. 26


Chapter 28

Marcy had spent some time looking up the places on the list. They ranged from porn theatres, sexshops, strip clubs, seedy bars, motels, an escort club and even a couple of truck stop restrooms. All of them gave her the creeps. None looked like a place she wanted to get near, but she had to suck four cocks or she would be screwed.

Then all of a sudden an idea hit her. There seemed to be a lot of sexshops on her blackmailers list so maybe that sexshop Lisa had taken her to would have a glory hole as well. The girl who ran that store at least seemed nice and she took a lot of pride in her store and products so maybe she would have a somewhat decent gloryhole. In any case it was worth a try, not like there were better options.

Sighing deeply Marcy stepped on the bus in the direction of that sexshop. Another bus ride meant another creep eyeing her up all the time. It really seemed like she was dragging someone’s fancy everywhere she went. The people eyeing her up weren’t necessarily creeps, but to Marcy their looks creeped her out, even though she had often done the same thing back when she was Mark when she caught a bus with a pretty girl on it.

She was relieved when she noticed the guy who had been eyeing her up got off two stops before she had to get off. She didn’t even want to think about him getting off at the same stop and seeing her enter a sexshop. What if he would follow her inside and position himself on the other end of that glory hole? The thought alone made her shudder.

Not that it would actually matter in the bigger scheme of things. It wasn’t like the guys who would be coming to a gloryhole would be any less creepy, at least not as far as Marcy was concerned. Any male attention was creepy to her since she wasn’t into men at all.

With a heavy heart Marcy approached the sexshop, dreading what she had to do. That same eccentric woman from their first visit was standing behind the counter, a smile instantly spread across her face as she spotted Marcy entering the store.

“Aaah Marcy, is that you? God you’ve changed since I last saw you, and in a good way I mean. Your hair is so pretty and that outfit suits you so much better than those baggy things you wore last time. It’s so great that you’re finally embracing your true self.” Chelsea said loudly as she walked out from behind the counter. Her voice carried trough the whole store and much to Marcy’s embarrassment it drew the attention from the few clients browsing the store. It wasn’t something Chelsea seemed to be worried about at all.

Marcy wasn’t all to happy to hear about how much she had changed, she hated it, but she couldn’t really tell Chelsea now could she? She wasn’t the only one who looked changed though. Chelsea looked completely different as well. Her neon pink hair, piercings and tattoos remained, but her outfit had gone from though girl with her heavy boots to a style that could best be described as business kinky.

Chelsea was wearing a white blouse that seemed just a little too tight in the chest, showing a hint of her pierced nipples poking through it was paired with a knee length black latex skirt, a pair of nude stockings with a black back seam and a pair of very high patent leather stiletto heels. Chelsea had always loved a ton of different outfits, it was her way of expressing herself and changing up her look as she had taken on her neon pink hairdo with a side shave as her permanent hairdo after years of experimenting. Right now it had kind of become her trademark.

Walking up to Marcy she greeted the sissy with a tight hug before surprising her by planting an aggressive kiss on her lips, wiggling her tongue between Marcy’s lips and making passionately making out with her for a few seconds before pulling back with a big grin. “Oh my god Marcy, you’ve gotten yourself a tongue stud as well! I wonder what it feels like, I bet it makes you very popular with all the boys and girls.” Chelsea said with a wink thinking how cute it was that Marcy blushed that hard.

“Talking about what it feels like, we really have to plan that get together with your girlfriend sometime cause if we wait too long it might not happen at all.” Chelsea firmly stated, making it clear that she did in fact remember Marcy had a girlfriend despite the rather intense greeting kiss. Chelsea didn’t really think anything of it since Marcy’s last visit had proven their relationship was quite open and Marcy hadn’t protested either. To Chelsea this was quite normal behaviour after having rejected society’s judgement.

“Anyways, I guess you didn’t just come here to plan out get together so tell me, what did you come here for Marcy? Whatever it is I’ll be glad to help you.” Chelsea said with a friendly smile and she meant it. She loved kink and she loved dominating people, but for her it wasn’t just about the power it always was about creating a mutual fun experience.

Marcy was nervous admitting what she was actually here for, but she Kadıköy Yabancı Escort kept telling herself that a gloryhole here would be better than any other option. “I… I was wondering if you had a glory hole in your store.” She eventually stammered out.

Instead of Chelsea it was Marcy who was shocked. She was shocked that Chelsea wasn’t shocked about her question but just gave her a smile. As shocked as she was she was also relieved though. This was the first time she had spoken up after getting her piercing and she didn’t lisp at all. Suzan had kept her word after all.

“Of course my store has one sweetie, every self-respecting sexshop should have one but that’s just my opinion. Gloryholes are great in so many ways, they allow people to experience the fantasy of using a stranger, or serving a stranger and all of that with a wall separating the two keeping it anonymous and safe to enjoy without the fear of being judged.” Chelsea said with an enthusiasm Marcy didn’t share.

Taking Marcy’s arm she started guiding her deeper into the store as she carried on. “Like with everything there are some risks involved though, some people might have an STD, or become aggressive towards the serving one, demanding more or just wanting to get a good look at who’s on the other side of that hole.” She carried on.

“Don’t worry about that though sweetie. I’ve made sure to make my glory hole perfectly safe. All the owners of those cocks have had to register with me and provide a document that they are disease free. The registering had an added benefit that those who wished could leave their phone number with me so they’ll automatically be notified when someone is in the gloryhole booth ready to serve.” Chelsea continued.

Seeing how this worried Marcy a little she explained. “I won’t say who or what is in that gloryhole booth though, just that the booth is ready to receive cock. Trust me it’s way better for everyone involved. It eliminates either side of the hole having to wait for too long.”

After their short walk to the back of the store Chelsea lead Marcy to the back of the couple of changing rooms. The last two stalls in the row of six had a neon sign reading “gloryhole” hanging above them. The left stall had the word “cock” written on the door while the right stall had the word “sucker” on it.

Opening the door with the word sucker on it Marcy was surprised by the inside. It looked quiet cosy actually, it was rather spacious, and the walls were painted a soft pink. One corner had a comfortable chair in it facing a screen. The floor was vinyl covered with one large thick pillow resting on the floor at the common wall. At about crotch level there was a pair of red silicon lips surrounding a hole in that wall. A couple inches above and under that pair of lips there seemed to be a wide rubber strip.

“For comfort I have installed this silicon border at both ends so your lips or the other person’s cock doesn’t hurt from rubbing against the wooden wall. Between the lips a silicon membrane is fixed working kind of like valve. Something hard can squeeze through, but it closes around it so there is no peeking through the hole possible either providing both parties with maximum anonymity. The rubber strip above and underneath makes the hole in the wall which actually is a ring adjustable in height. The rubber is just there so there is no peeking possible.” Chelsea explained the most important feature of the room.

“As you can see the pillow is covered in white fabric. It’s disposable and we kindly ask all of our pleasers to change it after they’re done using the gloryhole. We also ask to use these disinfecting wipes to clean the silicon lips at your side, the leather of the chair and the touch screen in front of it. Cleanliness is a priority here at my store and if either I or the next sucker notices you have left this place behind dirty you get a warning. If it happens a second time then I’m sorry to say so, but you’ll be blacklisted from using the gloryhole booth again. Not that I’m expecting any problems.” Chelsea said.

“Now for added safety this door locks from the inside and will only open once you allow it to. If anyone on the other side is persistent camping out of the door making demands however you can push this panic button and I’ll come to your aid. I don’t expect any problems as I warn all the cocks that if it happens they get blacklisted as well. The button next to it is for if you really want to decline a cock, but please only use that one if it is necessary because of cleanliness. This last button is for when you’re done so the door at the cock side won’t open anymore so no new guy would pop in and get dissapointed. I would like to urge you not to decline cocks except for if they aren’t washed properly though otherwise the purpose of the gloryhole kind of is defeated. If a cock is too big you can just take as much as you can. There is no need to over do yourself.” Chelsea explained.

“Last Kadıköy Yeni Escort but not least we have the chair and this touch screen. It automatically directs you to Pornhub and it’s logged in on the sucker account of my store with a premium account to give you full access to everything you might need to get in the mood or fill time when a cock doesn’t immediately appear. While the watch history is deleted each time the suggestions still give a view on what kind of videos are most popular by your fellow suckers. Just for inspiration’s sake.” Chelsea finalised her explanation of the booth.

“So if you have no more questions then I guess all I have to say is have fun and enjoy your cocks. I can imagine you want to take that piercing for a test run.” Chelsea said, seeing how Marcy didn’t appear to want to say anything she just left with a wink

Marcy was completely stunned, apparently decent gloryholes did exist and this certainly was as good as she could imagine this task getting. Like last time Chelsea had been very nice to her and completely non judgemental. She probably was the only person right now who didn’t seem to push or want anything from her.

Even Lisa was far pushier, but then again Lisa only wanted what she genuinely thought was best for her right? It was all Linda’s fault for telling her she really wanted to be a sissy and corrupting her with how she should treat her. After the things Lisa had walked in on it was understandable that she didn’t believe that she didn’t want this at all. In that regard Linda was far more believable as sad as it was.

Quickly locking the door of the stall behind her it suddenly dawned on Marcy that Chelsea had automatically assumed she was here to suck cock when she asked about the gloryhole. When asking about the gloryhole Marcy hadn’t specified what her goal for the gloryhole was and although it was her goal to suck cock here it was still more than a little embarrassing Chelsea hadn’t even questioned that.

Nervously Marcy sat down on the chair, waiting for her very first cock, torn between wanting it to be over quickly, and not wanting a cock to appear at all. If she wanted to cum though cocks would better start appearing before it would be time to head home though. One thing was for certain though. She didn’t plan on watching porn, being horny enough as it stood already. She couldn’t possibly masturbate anyways.

Getting her phone Ready Marcy nervously looked over the list she had been sent again. This place certainly seemed like the best option, safe, anonymous so no one would pester her about it and not having to see the guy behind the cock actually would make it somewhat more bearable. If it was just a cock coming out a wall she could imagine it was her dildo.

That being said Marcy still let out a surprised shriek when after a few minutes an actual cock poked through that hole. Sure she had come here for this exact reason yet it was still shocking and surprising when she was confronted by the actual thing. The only real cock she had seen up until now was the one of Carlos. After all her blackmailer had made her wear those contacts when using her.

As far as cocks went the one poking through the hole was nothing special. It was average in every sense of the word looking no bigger than six inches, maybe even just five. It looked smaller than her own cock when she had last seen it hard which right now seemed like an eternity ago. The cock wasn’t exactly fat either. It was just an ordinary cut white cock although the owner did look very excited as it was rock hard and already glistening with precum.

Blushing heavily Marcy set her phone up on the chair to record, it made her feel like some kind of pornstar and even more self-conscious about what she was going to do. It wasn’t like she had a choice though. Sucking cock was something she didn’t want to do to begin with and not getting the proper proof that she had done it would just cause this one not to count, something she wanted to avoid at all costs.

With her phone set on recording Marcy reluctantly knelt down on the pillow in front of the gloryhole and took the cock poking through the wall between her lips. It had a slight salty musky taste due to the precum, but nothing more. Unlike her blackmailer’s cock this one was cleanly washed. It only offered a slight relief though as having a cock in her mouth alone was enough to gross her out.

Wanting this to be over with as fast as possible Marcy rapidly bobbed her head up and down the length of the shaft, having no trouble deepthroating this cock which was significantly smaller than the dildo she trained with.

“Mmm oh god! Fuck yes swallow my cock you eager little slut. If you keep going like that I have a nice and creamy surprise for you in a few moments.” The person on the other side of the wall moaned out much to Marcy’s shock making her stop for just a moment.

“Oh you’re one of those cockteasers are you? Well Kadıköy Masaj Salonu two can play this game. Judging from how eager you were to start sucking I can tell you’re just dying for a nice big load of cum. So get back to it or I’m giving this load to another slut.” The man at the other end of the hole continued his dirty talk, obviously lost in a fantasy of his. It made Marcy rather uncomfortable, but she didn’t want to risk having sucked this cock for nothing so far so she got on with her bobbing.

“That’s it baby, I knew you couldn’t turn down this juicy load I’ve been cooking up for you. Just keep going nice and steady and it’s yours you cum hungry slut.” The man moaned, his breath slightly stocking in his throat. From the twitching of his cock in her mouth she could tell he was getting of on talking dirty like this.

Only a minute later the man let out a loud grunt exclaiming. “Mmm here comes your tip baby, You’ve earned every last drop of it.” Before his cock tensed up and he shot his load into Marcy’s mouth. Flooding it with his warm salty cum. Marcy groaned softly, disgusted by the sticky strong tasting mess in her mouth, but at least it meant that the first cock of her ordeal was finally done. One down only three more to go. She thought as she turned her face to her phone camera, showing off the load in her mouth before forcing herself to swallow the slimy mess.

It made her shudder in disgust but she didn’t want to risk her blackmailer telling her he wasn’t sure that this guy had came so it didn’t count. She hadn’t been explicitly told to show of the load, or even swallow, but she didn’t want to screw up at all and risk having to suck yet another cock.

While she stopped the recording, the rapidly flaccid growing cock retreated through the hole. It was followed by the sound of a fly being zipped up, a quick rubbing of the hole at his side and then the door unlocking and closing again. Without another word the guy at the other end had just left after depositing his load. Not that she wanted to hear anymore from him, but it made her feel even more used.

Looking at the time stamp on the video she had just made this encounter had lasted just short of three minutes. The guy really hadn’t lasted long much to her relief and she hoped all following guys would be the same so she could get out of here quickly.

Sitting back into the comfortable chair Marcy send the video her blackmailers way before staring in the void, she couldn’t quite come to terms that she had really done this, yet with her location and the taste of cum still strong in her mouth it was hard to deny. Next time she really should take along some candy or a soda so she could wash away that filthy taste.

A few minutes later a text message arrived reading. “Good job Marcy, only three more cocks to go and you can get yourself an orgasm. Of course if you want to suck more you can always stay there even longer. I only have two remarks, one your sucking seemed a little rushed, and two you didn’t thank that nice man for his cum or for offering you his cock. So for your next cum donator I want you to thank him for offering his cock at the start and thank him for his cum afterwards. Also so you wouldn’t rush it and just because you can use the practice I want you to ask all the next cocks coming by to give you instructions on how to suck. Tell them you would love to learn how to become a better cock sucker or something. If you fail to follow these guidelines that cock won’t count.”

Marcy was shocked, these added instructions would make her that much worse, but like with everything lately it wasn’t like she had much of a choice. It was either follow these instructions now or only following them later and having to suck a lot more cocks as a result. She already knew that protesting wouldn’t do her any favours.

She didn’t have a lot of time to worry about the new instructions as soon after that text message a new cock pressed through the hole. This one looked nearly as big as her dildo and it was pitch black, cut with a dark purple head. It shocked Marcy way more than that first cock had. Although a cock was a cock this black cock looked so much more alien to her than the white one before did. This was mainly because it was the first time ever she saw a black cock. She had never even seen one in porn as she had always avoided porn with black pornstars, either male or female. They were just kind of a turn off for her yet now she was confronted by a very real black cock she had to service.

For a moment she considred pressing the rejection button, but she was afraid that might earn her a warning from Chelsea who seemed very openminded and accepting of everyone no matter their race, gender or age. She didn’t want Chelsea to think she was a racist and so she just set her phone back to recording.

With the camera turned on Marcy turned to the cock and nervously started her new required thank you speech. “Thank you sir for offering me your cock. Would you please be so kind as to tell me how you would like it sucked? I would love to learn how to become a better cocksucker and I would love your help to reach that goal.” Marcy asked deeply embarrassed over having grovel like this for a cock she didn’t even want to suck to begin with.

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