Neighborly Gesture Ch. 02


It had been 3 months since Ben and Keisha’s encounter. They had begun seeing each other on a constant basis. Ben had gotten accustomed to jumping the fence that connected their back yards. And, Keisha would stop by Ben’s house very regularly. They had not verbally made any commitments to each other, but they were officially a couple.

During this period, though, they had not had sex since their first experience. They’d had sessions of heavy petting and necking, but nothing more. It was reminiscent of pre-teens in junior high school, unsure of going past 1st base. It was as if they were waiting on who would make the first move.

It was the end to another Friday and the beginning of a restful weekend. Keisha pulled into the neighborhood and couldn’t help but notice the number of police in the area. There was a County Sherriff’s helicopter slowly and methodically circling above. When she saw the K-9 units, she began to get concerned.

As she pulled into her driveway a patrol unit creepily made its way down her street. She got out of the car and flagged down the police officer.

“What’s going on?” she asked him as he came to a stop.

Five inmates had escaped from the county jail in the middle of the night. Three of them had been captured, but the two that were considered the most dangerous were still free. They had been spotted in the area by another patrol unit just a few minutes earlier. A sudden fear-filled urgency overtook Keisha as the officer advised her to go inside and lock her doors.

Keisha immediately went inside and made sure that all of her doors and windows had not been tampered with and were locked. The emptiness of being alone in the house sharpened her sense of hearing. The creaks of the house settling, the ice in the ice maker dropping into the bucket, the click of the starting motor on the A/C, the periodic increase of outside noise would startle her.

She tried to calm her worries and deafen the sounds by turning on some music. As she tried to start her dinner, she began to think to herself.

“If they break into the house, she probably wouldn’t hear it because of the music.”

She turned off the radio and tried to go back to what she was doing, but her nerves were beginning to unravel with fret. She picked up the phone and called Ben. Ben was on his way home from work and had not heard about the inmate escape. Keisha informed him about all of the activity going on in the neighborhood over the escapees being sighted earlier.

“Will you come stay at my house tonight?” she asked. “I don’t want to be alone while they’re still out there.”

“OK, I’ll be there after I stop at home.” he told her.

“Why don’t you just come directly here?” Keisha asked through her growing concern.

Ben told her that he needed to go home and pack an overnight bag. He also needed to change into some more leisurely clothing.

“I don’t want to have to flip the clothes that I’m wearing inside out to put them back on tomorrow.” he jokingly added.

A small sense of peace entered Keisha’s mind as she told him to hurry. Keisha went to the patio door and unlocked it. That is how Ben always came into her house. She unlocked it so that he could just come in after he jumped the fence into her backyard.

It felt like time was standing still as Keisha waited for Ben to come. She stayed in the kitchen cooking dinner and watched the patio door for Ben to come. Every sound that she heard, she analyzed in her mind to decipher what its source was. Her anxiety was growing again as she looked out of her back window to Ben’s house. She saw that he had closed the blinds to the windows and she could see lights on.

Long drawn out moments seemed to relentlessly pass and Ben had not come out of his backdoor yet. Keisha’s eyes were more focused on the back of the house than the dinner that was now just about done. As Keisha studied the windows of Ben’s house to try and determine which room he was in, the doorbell rang. In her mind, it sounded like the volume of the bell had increased a thousand time louder than it normally is. Keisha jumped in surprise from the sudden loud noise of the doorbell that contrasted to the smaller, subdued noises she had been hearing all evening.

“Should I answer it, or not?” Keisha wondered to herself.

She was cautious that it could be the escapees attempting to trick her into opening the door to gain entry. The doorbell rang again followed with a knock on the door. The thought of someone at her door brought distress to Keisha. She wondered, “Where is Ben?” as she gazed intensely at the backyard and at the back of his house.

The phone rang. Keisha flipped it over to see the number on the Caller ID. It was Ben.

“WHERE ARE YOU??!!” she chided him.

“I’m at the front door, trying to get you to let me in…” he sarcastically replied back.

Keisha went to the front door to let him in. Before she opened the door, she peeked through the window to assure herself that it really was Ben and that he had not been caught by the inmates who were forcing Bostancı Escort him to make her open the door. She let Ben inside and hurriedly closed and locked it as soon as he was through the threshold.

Keisha turned to Ben and asked, “Why did you come to the front door? I was waiting for you to come through the back.”

“There are cops searching all around the neighborhood. The last thing I need is to be shot by a cop because he saw me running through backyards and hopping fences with a bag on my shoulder.” Ben jested

Keisha laughed a little and began to feel a little relaxed now that she was not alone anymore. She turned the music back on and finished making dinner. They had casual conversation as they ate their meals and closed off the world outside of their realm. When dinner was done they commenced the process of cleaning the kitchen.

Keisha washed, Ben dried and put the dishes in their respective place as Keisha instructed. Ben was busy putting the last dishes in the cabinet while Keisha wiped countertops and the table. All the while, Ben was watching her as she went about her duties. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of the way she moved. He observed every part of her body, each intricate detail of how it moved when she moved. A hunger had now come to Ben. He wanted dessert and he was in the mood for some “Keisha-a-la-mode”.

He encroached behind her as she finished her chore. He wrapped his arms around her waist; his breath was thick on the back of her neck. Ben lifted the hair covering the nape of her neck and covered it with kisses that rained from the back of her neck, to the sides of her neck and her earlobes. He spun her around to face him and kissed her. Their lips collided in a kiss so deep and passionate, their souls seemed to be interlocked in the union of lips. They embraced and held onto each other in grips strong as reinforced concrete.

The interlude developed into a session of intense touching and rubbing while never slowing the action between their lips. Ben explored the taste of Keisha’s kiss deeply as she did the same. Their embrace transpired to arms rubbing backs in an almost therapeutic manner. One of Ben’s hands managed to disconnect itself from Keisha’s back and fondled at one of her breasts. In the same motion, Ben brought his kisses to the front of Keisha’s neck.

She tilted her head back, giving Ben better access to perform. Ben’s hand moved under Keisha’s shirt and into her bra. The flesh was warm and soft in his hands. The touching and kissing built up a desire in Keisha that made her burn. She opened the front of her blouse and pulled up her bra. Ben instinctively wrapped a hand beneath one of her tits to support it and his face dove right onto it. He circled the areola with the tip of his tongue and then met the nipple with his lips. His tongue danced on the bud of her breast and sucked, while his lip held it tightly. By this time he had the other breast in his other hand.

Ben pawed and squeezed the enormous tit that had not yet been sampled on his “Taste of Keisha Tour”. She brought her hand to his as a request for him to squeeze harder. Gasps and heavy breathing was coming profoundly from within Keisha. She loved when her breasts got serviced. But it all felt one-sided. Ben was only giving oral attention to one boob. Just as the thought crossed her mind, Ben switched sides and mounted the neglected nipple.

Keisha’s knees almost went weak. The change couldn’t have been more on cue if she would have spoken it. She reveled in sultry moans and gasps from the fervent suction on her tits. She loved having them sucked hard by him. Ben’s hands were rubbing and squeezing and dialing to the tunes of Keisha’s satisfaction. She was near the point of orgasm from the process when Ben abruptly stopped.

He took a step back and said, “I’m going to get my shower.”

Keisha was leaning against the kitchen counter, breathing heavily and still burning, weakened from her near orgasm.

Ben went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He had gotten the hot water to the perfect degree. He stepped in and stood under the flow of water that splashed at the top of his head and ran down his body. He faced the wall with his eyes closed while the hot soothing streams cocooned him from head to toe. He had a towel in his hands lathering it with soap when he heard the bathroom door close and a voice say, “Didn’t your mama teach you to lock the door when you’re in the bathroom?”

It was Keisha, who was now undressing to join him. Ben watched acutely and in wonder while Keisha slowly disrobed each article of clothing. He focused on each button that came undone. His eyes followed her blouse as it fell to the floor. He pondered if she noticed how sternly he gazed when she slid her pants to her feet.

As she unbuttoned her bra, she said to him, “You can’t start a fire and not put it out.”

She finally slid her panties to the floor and stepped in to the shower with Ben. Her mouth instantly found his. They worked on getting cleaned in between the kissing. Kadıköy Escort With both towels lathered they simultaneously scrubbed at each other and passionately made out. Hands were groping body parts with ferocity and fingers were sliding into crevices that light never sees. If they would have rubbed any harder they would have probably scrubbed off each other’s skin.

Thoroughly covered in soap foam and scrubbed nearly to the point of sterility, they stood under the hot fountain of water from the showerhead. They kissed even more, in a tight embrace while the steaming deluge from the shower peeled the soap away from their bodies. The feeling was refreshing, like they had fresh, new skin in their bodies.

They didn’t bother to dry off as their make-out session brought them to the bedroom. Ben lay Keisha in the bed on her back. He began kissing her, first on her lips, then to her neck and down to her breasts. Ben sucked and massaged each nipple with his mouth while he grasped and squeezed the other tit with his roaming hand. As he worked her tits over with his mouth and hand, Ben’s other hand made its way to her crotch. His fingers massaged the mound of her groin until her legs fell open.

Keisha felt the heat from Ben’s hand on her pelvis and wanted more. It seemed to beckon to her libido and enhance her desire to be touched. His free hand found its way to her pussy. He cupped the fruit of her sexuality and gave it a soft squeeze. He started an up and down motion with his hand on her pussy until the wetness of her desire exposed itself. He used her moisture to work her clit, which was begging to be abused.

The slickness of Keisha’s wet pussy felt remarkable against the rubbing of Ben’s hands. She wrapped her legs around his hand in a constriction that pushed it harder against her mound. Keisha was attaining sensory overload from the activities occurring on her tits and between her legs. She could feel herself tightening up and the tingling in her body strengthening. She screamed in orgasm as her body spasmed uncontrollably.

At this point, Ben worked a path down Keisha’s belly with light licks and kisses. The orgasm made Keisha’s body sensitive. Now, every feathery touch sent lightning bolts of pleasure through her body. Ben’s kisses arrived at the top of Keisha’s clit. He gave it a kiss, stuck out his tongue and licked her entire pussy from the back up to her clit. He hooked his tongue and caught the underside of her clit as it went up. Ben then initiated an oral meeting with her pussy, starting with the clit.

He licked and sucked and massaged Keisha’s love button with his mouth. He was a starving lion devouring its prey, sending shockwaves into Keisha’s abdomen. Keisha’s juices were flowing non-stop as Ben licked and slurped at her rivers. He came up for a second, then dove straight into her pussy with his tongue. Keisha let out a moan that hit every corner of the room. Ben’s mouth was a bee hive of business, intent on accomplishing a goal. Then it finally happened; Keisha came a second time.

Keisha felt the orgasm building up deep in her belly. Ben’s tongue was a pen of a master writer; and he was penning a masterpiece on Keisha’s pussy. She could hear the blood rushing through her head that caused her to see flashes of light. Her body tensed up and she felt the flow of honey from her pussy get more abundant. A feeling as if she had to urinate became increasingly powerful, and the orgasm exploded from within her. Keisha’s body constricted and locked while the rush and pulses coursed through her. Her abdomen tightened and froze to the point that she stopped breathing and no sound came from her mouth.

As soon as Keisha’s leg released their grip from Ben’s head, he came up and, while Keisha was still feeling the euphoria and contractions of her orgasm, he entered her. A gasp of orgasmic residue was the first breath Keisha took as she felt the walls of her pussy being separated. The heat surrounding Ben’s dick, inside of Keisha, was a long awaited reward. It was then that Ben knew that he wouldn’t last long this go around. Three months of “blue balls” will make any guy a minuteman.

Ben slowly pushed himself deeper into to Keisha’s hot and cushy tunnel. With every push, he gyrated his hips and magnified the feeling for both of them. He started pumping deeper and faster as the wetness from inside her slit coated his dick. Keisha was moaning in ecstasy. She’d had 2 orgasms and now she was being penetrated. They both were in bliss, but it wasn’t going to last long.

Ben built up momentum and relished every bit of it. Keisha wanted it harder, so Ben pounded away at her love box. The inside of Keisha’s pussy and the remnants of her orgasms were velvet massages on Ben’s dick. The feeling of the head of his dick pulling all the way out and re-entering the sugary glazed walls of Keisha’s sweet pussy was insane! Ben knew that he was close to popping his load. When he felt it come close, just at the last second, he pulled out and it burst onto her stomach.

Before any words could be spoken, Göztepe Escort Ben rolled Keisha onto her stomach. His mouth fell on the back and sides of her neck with soft kisses. Keisha lay there in a state of afterglow, savoring the loving attention being given to her. Ben intricately traced a course down her back, between her shoulder blades. Low breaths of contentment came from Keisha. He went lower to the middle of her back down to the small of her back with kisses. He stopped right at the top of the crevice of her butt cheeks.

Ben stuck out his tongue and began making gentle circling motions at the top of her ass crack. The sensation tickled Keisha and she slightly squirmed. It was teasing to her and Keisha yearned for him to go just a little lower. Ben stayed in the spot where he was with wanton relentlessness. Keisha’s hips began faintly moving from side to side and arching. She wanted to get the same feeling just half an inch lower.

Ben guided his feathery licks downward between the top of Keisha’s ass cheeks. The tickling sensation was erotic but welcome to her. He then began working his way lower in small, minute increments until he had to use his hands to spread her ass cheeks open. He continued his journey, using the tip of his tongue to work its magic on her ass. Just as he got to the top of her asshole, Ben stopped. He waited for a sign from Keisha. Her continued arching was a sign to resume.

Ben spread Keisha’s ass cheeks wide and put his face in. He gave the rim of her sphincter a tender tongue stroke. At the moment of contact, Keisha’s asshole gave a quick pucker. She had never had that done to her. Ben persisted with giving oral stimulation to Keisha’s asshole. The sustained tightening of Keisha’s rim with every touch subsided when she began to get accustom to the sense of the touch.

Keisha had become relaxed to having her asshole touched and was now enjoying it. Sensing her state of acceptance, Ben flattened his tongue and gave Keisha’s hole a full lick. His tongue covered every part of her anus and sluggishly lapped at her seat. Ben lay the entire top of his tongue on the entrance to Keisha’s backdoor and licked it in every direction that his tongue would move. The texture of Ben’s tongue combined with the warm moisture was inviting to Keisha and she wanted it to not stop. She could feel the roughness of the taste buds on the top of his tongue drag across the rim of her asshole. Every time he changed direction there was a new consciousness of the feeling. Ben could feel the stiffness in his tool coming back. He had found his second wind.

Ben pulled Keisha to her knees on the bed. He grabbed the base of his now engorged dick and rubbed the head against the slit of Keisha’s wet pussy. He steadied himself and guided his hot throbbing tool into her awaiting hole. Now assure of himself, Ben starting pumping Keisha full of his man meat. He knew that this time it would last longer than the first time. He held onto her hips and built up speed, splashing into the chunks of Keisha’s meaty ass.

Ben thrust into his mate to give all of himself to her. He backed himself far enough out to grab the bottoms of her ass cheeks. He spread them as wide as comfortable and impaled himself deep into Keisha. When their bodies met, Ben arched his back to push himself as deep into her as he could go and held it there. Keisha let out a raspy yet breathy grunt of satisfaction. But being deep would not be enough until Ben could put his entire body inside her. He just couldn’t get enough of her.

Ben resumed pumping in and out of Keisha in an attempt to reach sexual nirvana. Her ass cheeks were still in his hands, spread open. Every time he pulled back, he notice how her asshole glistened with the moisture that was on it. Keisha could feel Ben’s dick seem to get stiffer inside of her as he pounded her from behind. Then she understood why.

Ben started rubbing her asshole with his thumb. The moisture that was already there made it smooth and slick. Ben was getting excited from what he was doing, and it turned him on even more. Ben was still fucking Keisha from behind, slamming into her from underneath. Without stopping or slowing down, Ben opened the drawer on the bedside nightstand and found the lube. He squirted a dose of slippery goo into the palm of his hand and used it to lube his thumb.

Ben took his now greased up hand to spread Keisha’s ass and expose her asshole. He turned the bottle of lube upside-down and a blob of the cold goo plopped onto her sphincter. He dropped the tube and went back to massaging her asshole with his thumb. Ben strategically guided his thumb over the entrance to Keisha’s backdoor. And when he felt that it was receptive, he stuck it in like Little Jack Horner with his Christmas pie.

Keisha flinched when Ben’s thumb initially entered her ass, but she quickly accommodated it. By now Ben was massaging Keisha’s asshole from the inside. All the while, he was slamming his dick into her all the way to his balls. Ben felt the tightness of Keisha’s asshole relax. He pulled out his thumb and inserted his middle finger, and then the tip of his index finger. Ben kept massaging Keisha’s ass and slowly pushing his second finger deeper into the cavern of her rear until both fingers were completely encased in her backdoor.

It had been 3 months since Ben and Keisha’s encounter. They had begun seeing each other on a constant basis. Ben had gotten accustomed to jumping the fence that connected their back yards. And, Keisha would stop by Ben’s house very regularly. They had not verbally made any commitments to each other, but they were…

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