Naughty Pleasure Market Ch. 01

Naughty Pleasure Market Ch. 01


The longer Matthew was looking into a mirror, the more self-conscious he was about his looks. He kept noticing things on his suit — dust, some little hairs. Also, those pants made his butt look flat. This self-torture was a very important part of his dating game ritual and since he was going out with the man of his dreams, he has spent last two hours running around in flat, doing nothing specific besides acting nervous. His one and only roommate, Ethan, seemed very amused.

“Yo, Ethan. I can count on you disappearing this evening, right, buddy?” Matt asked, while molesting the upper button of his shirt, not being able to decide whether to leave it open or not.

“You thirsty slut! So your plan is to get laid already on a first date?”

“Of course not!” This idea alone was enough to offend Matthew. “But he will drive me home and it would be polite to invite him for a coffee, right?”

“Isn’t that code for sex even in gay world?” That was a good question. Matthew wasn’t entirely sure, but fortunately, his date was ten years older, so in case it actually worked like that, his experienced dream man would surely respectfully decline his offer. “Well, I was the one pushing you to get back into dating, so I can’t ditch you now, can I? Just promise to play naughty in your bedroom and only there. If I will find jizz stains on the couch again, I will make you clean them with your tongue.”

Ethan had an odd habit of joking and making stuff up in a way that portrayed Matt as the biggest slut in the town, while in reality, the poor gay boy was basically living in a celibate. He hadn’t had sex in almost eight months.

The date has started soon after. Nice outdoor restaurant, beautiful view of sun sinking into the sea and him — 32 year old, elegant man, with sexy scruff on his manly face and smile so beautiful, that any cheesy joke attempt would have been forgiven just to reveal it. Introverted side of Matthew left him feeling shy and vulnerable, but his partner in conversation didn’t seem to mind, always finding new unforced topics to talk about. Some would say that the way he gazed at Matt was attempting to hide passion in his eyes.

His name was Phillip, he was an attorney and Matthew met him thanks to his economy professor, who recommended Matt as a talented graphic designer. Few purely professional consultations between Phillip and Matthew led to invitation for a dinner.

By the end of the day, Matt finally relaxed and allowed himself to be more open. When the car stopped, antalya escort after Phillip drove him back home, Matt didn’t hesitate to ask:

“Would you like to come inside and have some coffee, or whatever?”

The handsome man looked at him with a serious face. “Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Of course. My roommate is out of the town today, so we can chill and watch some movie or something.”

Matt lead him to the apartment, walking a little bit faster, as he had to open the locks. Phillip climbed the stairs in a slower pace, allowing himself to lustfully admire the unsuspecting boy’s back.

“A very nice apartment” said Phillip, looking around a bit, after they entered.

“Thank you! It may not be the largest but the great location, low rent and quiet neighbours are everything college student really needs.” Matthew smiled nervously, having a hard time believing that he just spilled such long sentence as his own initiative. “So, can I get you something to drink?”

“I’m not a huge fan of tea or coffee, but I wouldn’t turn down a glass of cold water. Or orange juice.”

“I’ll get right on it!” Matthew hurried to the kitchen and almost dropped the glass attempting to pour juice into it. He stopped for a second to take few deep breaths and calm down. “Here you are!”

Matt caught Phillip on admiring Ethan’s movie collection, which filled an entire wall next to the TV. Boy handed him the glass and smiled.

“So, are we going to watch something together?” Matthew asked, watching with great interest how his tall friend’s Adam’s apple jumped under his skin, to make place for a portion of swallowed juice.

“No.” Phillip put the glass on a table and smiled slightly. “We’re going to be doing something very naughty instead.”

Matthew’s eyes widened in panic. “I knew it would eventually happen…” he thought. “The day Ethan would be right about something for the first time in his life…”

An extremely nervous laugh escaped Matt’s mouth as he felt the need to fill the awkward silence with literally anything, at this point. “Wait… like… what? I don’t think it’s a good idea… I mean, it’s our first date!”

Phillip blew air through his nose, as a humble equivalent of having a little laugh. “You’re so adorable, Matthew… you truly are. But unfortunately for you, your type tends to fall for my type. Cute and innocent boys need a knight in shining armour who will protect them, but they are pretty rare. It’s more likely that you antalyadaspor.com will fall into hands of a thug.” Phillip lightly touched Matt’s lips with his thumb. Boy’s heart rate doubled. “And that’s exactly what happened to you today, Matthew.” He reached to his own belt and started to unbuckle it. “Don’t worry, I will give you a simple task. It was a hot day today and I’ve got a little bit sweaty… You will clean my nuts for me.”

His pants dropped to his ankles. Then the light black boxers. Matthew’s eyes could not escape the sight of penis rising in excitement and two low-hanging balls covered in layer of chaotic hair. Phillip’s skin in his naughty area was darker than the rest of his body, almost as it was dirtier. “What are you waiting for?” Phillip asked in a soft whisper, smiling in the naughtiest, sexiest way possible. “They won’t clean themselves alone.”

Matt’s mind shut down long time ago and now his instincts were in power. Clumsily, he dropped to knees and moved his face closer to Phillip’s dick. His nose filled with musky scent that clouded remains of thoughts in his head. He felt the lustful desire to kiss his cockhead with the respect it deserved, but Philip’s hand intervened and pulled penis up, taking it away from Matt’s reach. “Did I say you can touch my dick?” Matt shook his head in silent answer. “Then do what you’ve been ordered to do and try not to forget again that you are the kneeling bitch here.”

The boy felt angry. The remains of his dignity rebelled; he didn’t want to be treated like this and that’s exactly why he felt pure ecstasy when he obeyed the command anyway, by putting his lips on a dangling hairy nutsack. It was wet and salty, yet Matt couldn’t get enough of it. First, he took a shy lick, then a larger one and next time he was already sucking on a ball, massaging it with his tongue. He put his hands on Phillip’s hips to catch better balance and fully gave into it, burrowing his nose and face in warm skin and hair. His own raging dick was painfully trying to pierce through the layer of his pants. He couldn’t help it but to free one of his hands and start rubbing it through the fabric. Phillip was enjoying himself as well, stroking his penis and looking down at Matt with great interest.

Suddenly, he pulled boy’s head away and sat on the edge of the chair. “Now underneath my balls”, he ordered.

Matt submissively lifted his nutsack and his tongue slid down, discovering a layer of unexplored sweat. “Lower”, Phillip demanded. Matt obeyed but hesitated, seeing that he was entering bushy row between his buttocks with a dark hole in the middle. “I’ve said lower…”

Hearing his firm, demanding whisper, boy felt a tingly sensation inside of his chest and immediately submitted to the order. He used his fingers to spread man’s rear and dive deeper. Ass hair was tickling the insides of his nose as his tongue was cleaning the entrance to Phillip’s asshole. He pressed it, hoping to get in, but he only managed to enter with the tip of his tongue. Matt could feel his own saliva dripping from his chin. He looked at Phillip pumping his cock and felt like such a slut when their eyes met. Man’s eyebrows were frowned in almost angry expression, lips were parted. He closed his eyes and aimed his dick straight into Matthew’s face. He looked into the dark hole on the tip of his cock and waited impatiently, while filling his hairy asshole with tongue.

Suddenly, his dick shot a load straight into Matt’s face. The hot and sticky glue-like substance filled his left eye and forced him to close it. He didn’t panic and kept on doing his job, while receiving one portion of semen after another, since they kept shooting out of the huge meat aimed at him. When it stopped, Phillip sighed and moved away from the kneeling boy. After that he stood up with still standing dick and looked with disgust at his own hand and hairy thigh that had few cum stains.

“Take of your shirt”, he ordered. Horny Matthew pulled it off without thinking. Phillip used it to wipe the remains of his semen and threw it straight at his servant’s face. Then he pulled his boxers up, along with pants. “Thanks, I really needed that”, he said and simply left the room, then the apartment, closing the doors behind him.

Matt left there kneeling in front of a chair, with empty head and raging hard on. His eye was full of cum which started getting dry and he could feel few curly hairs stuck between his teeth…

Slowly, he unzipped his pants and bowed down to lick cum stains from the floor, while furiously beating his own meat. Not so long after, there was even more jizz to clean. Matthew lied on the floor next to it, breathing intensely and thinking about what he just did. He couldn’t believe he allowed to treat himself as such a slut. Phillip caught him off guard, kind of in a moment of weakness, and used it perfectly for his own means.

Immediately after reaching orgasm, Matthew had to face moral hangover. He was comforting himself in the thought that it was just a one-time thing and he won’t repeat it anymore.

Little did he know that it was just a beginning of his journey with satisfying strangers in ways that would leave him feel ashamed.

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