Naughty Pines Cabin Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older. Thanks for reading.


When Violet was younger, one of her favorite pastimes was sneaking into the room her brothers shared. Not just to find their many treasures- baseball cards, comic books, folding knives, gaming manuals and stashes of pornography- but for the smell that lingered in the air; on their clothes; between their sheets. Sometimes she didn’t even want to snoop, just lie down in one of their beds, which is how they found her out. She’d always insisted that she just wanted to take a nap in their room, but somehow she thought they knew what she’d really been up to.

Their parents were far more restrictive of Violet’s freedom, even after she turned eighteen, and when her brothers moved out it seemed like her window to the world got smaller and smaller without them to hold it open. It was only when she went to college that Violet finally had the privacy to find out what kind of porn she actually liked, use a vibrator or cum out loud in the shower. And if the idea of having sex with one man intrigued her, the prospect of two at a time slowly consumed her. She saw the paradox of her fantasy role as temptress, lover and whore when she was, in reality, a virgin: But indulging in fantasies is much less intimidating than making them come true.

To compound the complexity of her developing fetish, Violet had the epiphany that the men she tended to find attractive were remarkably similar to her brothers. Aside from a few deviations, her type was either gentle jock or lanky bad boy. After that night, when she found herself giving head to one brother, then getting it from the other, Violet chalked it up Naughty Cabin Fever so she wouldn’t get her hopes up for something that could never be. Even when they seemed to cherish their forbidden intimacy as much as she had, her taboo fantasies still seemed to be in the realm of the hypothetical.

At least until that pivotal moment at the restaurant. Furtive movements under the table, bare skin to bare skin, and pause. Everything froze. Chris and James turned sharply to one another while their sister looked down, shifting the tablecloth to reveal their hands on her thighs: Like a vanishing act, they were gone.

“Well,” said her eldest brother in a low, unfathomable tone.

“Well,” repeated her other, the darkness in his eyes reflected in his voice.

Well? thought Violet, biting her lip.

“How long has this been going on with you two?” James demanded with stern fury.

“Just since last night.” Chris answered defensively. “You?”

“The same. So have you…” Fucked lingered on the tip of the tongue and teetered there a moment, unspoken, before Chris shook his head in the negative.

Trying to be as diplomatic as possible, he clarified with, “I just…gave Violet a present. Why? Have you…”

James cleared his throat self-consciously, his face getting blotchy with shame. “No, but I guess you could say that, um, I got a present from Violet.”

“That must have been before she got mine because you were fast asleep. Jesus, and I was worried that if you walked in on her sucking me off, you’d straight up murder me,” he hissed.

For a moment, the corners of James’ mouth twitched with amusement, but soon he was scowling again. “Wait, so today, whenever I left you alone together, you were, um…”

“Making out? You too, I assume.”

“When were you going to tell us, Violet? Or were you going to try to keep it a secret?”

With crossed arms and furrowed brows, they both turned to see their sister’s beet red face. “Will you excuse me, I need to use the ladies’ room,” Violet managed through a mouth full of cotton.

Without a word, they both did.

In the respite of the single-stall restroom, Violet splashed cool water on her hot face and gently patted it dry. That morning she was worried that she might not have the guts to take it far enough, and now she feared that she’d taken it too far. They were interested in her when they thought of her as a curious virgin, but what if they thought their sister was just another slut now?

After a few more minutes, during which she briefly considered sneaking out the window to escape her embarrassing fate, she managed to pull herself together, adopting the impassive face of a criminal awaiting a verdict. Back at the table, James and Chris stopped talking as soon as their sister returned, her normally smiling lips set in a grim line. Breaking apart as if discussing a state secret, they both regarded her with unreadable expressions.

“Hey, what’s up?” Violet asked in a would-be casual voice.

“Just settled the bill. I think it’s time to leave.”

“Definitely,” seconded Chris.

“Violet?” James’s steady blue gaze seemed to go right through her.

“I’m ready.”

The silence was deafening for the first few minutes of the ride home. Violet sat in the middle with her thighs glued together, hands clasped over her knees, bottom lip trapped between bursa escort bayan her teeth. No one even looked at each other until they got back on the steep main road up the mountain. Then James glanced at Chris, and as if this were some signal, they both dropped their poker faces and turned to their sister.

Their devilish grins bewildered her at first- but once they each put a hand on hers and coaxed them apart, along with her legs, Violet realized they’d been playing a little game their own. And it had just begun.

“You’re not mad at me?” she asked softly, though obviously they weren’t.

“Far from it, sweetheart,” rumbled James, leaning over to kiss his sister’s cheek.

“I, for one, am impressed. Though I was a little jealous,” Chris admitted. Being that he didn’t have to drive, he was able to give Violet more than a kiss on the cheek, which made their brother more than a little jealous as he watched out the corner of his eye.

“And you’re both still interested in…you know…” she trailed off.

“In you? Of course we are. Don’t think we haven’t noticed how beautiful and sexy you are just because you’re our sister.”

“Or that you’ve crushed on us for years,” Chris added.

“Was it that obvious?”

James chuckled, though not unkindly. “We knew you weren’t just ‘taking a nap’ in our beds when we were younger.”

“Oh… I always thought it was something I’d grow out of,” she admitted.

“So did we, to be honest,” said Chris.

“Though we’re glad you didn’t.”

“How could I? You two are the most gorgeous men I’ve ever met- and you’ve always been so good to me. Even when I was a brat.”

“We’ll always be good to you, baby,” James solemnly vowed.

“That’s what big brothers are for, right?”

As their hands resumed their exploration, Violet both relaxed and tensed all over, the sensation on the surface of her skin reverberated throughout her womanhood. Not just her pussy, but deeper, in her womb and deeper still to a place that trembled with need.

“Oh, you have been naughty,” Chris growled, stroking the damp curls over her cunt. “What happened to your panties? I know you were wearing them earlier…”

“Pink ones.”

“Oh fuck,” Violet moaned when both brothers dipped inside her bare sex. Their fingers were so much thicker and longer than her own, the pads broad and coarse, every move a surprise. “They were so wet that I took them off…”

“I wonder how they got that way?” teased James, though he knew perfectly well.

Lost in the overwhelming sensation, Violet’s hands searched for proof of her brothers’ desire. And there is was- Chris’ hard-on captured under denim, James’ under cotton twill. Pulsing, hot, impatient. James pressed his sister’s hand down firmly, guiding it up and down his length. Feeling his thick erection reminded Violet of how much she enjoyed having him cum in her mouth. And then there was Chris’, which she’d only touched. All she wanted to do was take out both of their cocks, but they were nearly at the cabin.

Chris was equally urgent, especially when his sister’s hand found its way inside his pants. “Speed up, J, we aren’t going to get a ticket.”

And James, who was rarely in a hurry for anything, did just that.


Back at the cabin, Violet freshened up while her brothers set everything up in the kitchen. They’d worked her up to the verge of cumming several times, but backed her away before she could fall over. She’d promised not to give herself an orgasm, so Violet restrained herself as she used the water sprayer on her pussy in the shower. It didn’t compare to their touch, but God did she want to cum. Need to cum…

The soft rap on the door was followed by Chris’ husky voice. “I hope you’re being a good girl in there.”

“You know I’m not,” she called back coyly.

“Come out soon or we’re going to come get you.”

“I hope that’s a threat and a promise.”

“Just get out here, birthday girl. It’s time to open your presents.”

“And for you to give them to me,” Violet said in an undertone after he’d walked away.

When Chris returned to the kitchen, he found James pacing like a caged animal, his face wild and pensive. He’d been expecting this change of mood.

“We should call it off, forget any of this ever happened.”

“Relax, James, you’re thinking too much.”

“And you’re not thinking at all!”

Chris blocked his brother’s next step and grabbed him by the shoulder. “Hey- Violet isn’t just some girl I want to screw! I love her- we love her. And we’d never even think about doing this if it wasn’t what we thought she wanted with all her heart.”

James cocked his head, giving his brother an unusually wry look. “I’d like to say that I’m doing this purely because I love her and want to make her happy, but really I’m doing this for my own selfish reasons.”

“I’ve never seen you do anything selfish in my life,” Chris said truthfully. “Besides, maybe that’s görükle escort what Violet wants.”

“What do you mean?”

“To see you take something you’ve always wanted, just because you want it.”

James couldn’t help but grin. Whatever response he was about to give was cut short by their sister calling “Can I come in or do I have to be blindfolded first?” Chris gave him an expectant look.

“Not yet- give us a second!” James called before muttering, “A blindfold isn’t such a bad idea…”

Chris hastily lit the candles while his brother dimmed the lights.

“Okay, we’re ready!”

Violet was greeted by them singing in their gruff, off-key voices, and when they were finished, she leaned over and did what she did best- blow. When the lights were back on, her brothers noticed that she looked even more stunning than she had before. Her long hair cascading down in sleek waves; her eyes had been kohled-out, giving them a mysterious glamour; her lips were glossy and inviting; her cheeks glowed with desire.

But it wasn’t so much what was on her face as it was what wasn’t on her body: Underwear of any kind. They could see the dark patch of curls at the apex of her thighs through the thin pink skirt she’d put on, and every contour of her breasts beneath her fitted black top. Her satin-smooth legs looked a mile long and ready to spread. And there was a sizable gap between the bottom of her blouse and the waist of her skirt that revealed the lovely contours of her hips and lower back.

Aware that her brothers were tracking her every move, Violet slowly circled the table admiring the array of tissue-stuffed bags and neatly wrapped packages. Then she came back to her cake, which was adorned with remarkably real looking violets crafted out of fondant. Purposefully bending over to give them a glimpse of her pert ass, she reached out to steal a taste of frosting.

But James swatted it away. “Not yet. Have you forgotten our old tradition?”

Violet shook her head, wondering where he was going with this.

“Well then, this will be a good reminder,” her eldest brother said playfully, grabbing her around the waist and dragging her over to a chair. James sat down, then laid his sister over his thighs, revealing her bare bottom even as she shrieked for him to let her go.

“Sweet Jesus,” Chris uttered, transfixed by the sight of Violet’s cunt, gaping slightly and glistening with dew, completely vulnerable and in his brother’s lap.

Feeling herself on display was suddenly as terrifying as it was arousing. “James- What are you going to-“

But Violet’s question was quickly answered with her brother’s hand striking her bottom, the resulting smack echoed in the kitchen. She cried out, back arching, toes curling, at the mix of pleasure and pain. It had been years since her brothers had given her birthday spankings, and they had certainly never been this intimate.

“One,” counted James softly, watching his red handprint fade to pink.

Chris, now on Violet’s other side, took his turn next, spanking the birthday girl over her open sex. “Two,” he counted over the sound of her howl.

“Three,” followed James.

And a beat later, “Four.”

“Five,” swiftly followed.

Their strikes became faster, more rhythmic as they alternated as if one person, though each time their hand would land on a different place; sometimes harder, sometimes softer than the previous blow. Violet could feel the warmth spreading over her ass cheeks and cunt, making every nerve ending tingle. The sting became a burn, melting her pussy, heating her core like a furnace. As she writhed in James’ lap, his cock got harder and harder, a wet spot formed on his jeans from her free-flowing honey drip.

And then, something other than a palm made firm contact with her flesh. Chris had gotten out a paddle, which he’d bought during their trip to town. The sensation was so different that her whole body keened and she released a ragged cry.

“Are you okay, Vi?” he asked timidly, running his hand over her pretty red skin, brushing against her even prettier pink flesh.

“Yes! Don’t stop!”

After James’ hand, Chris paddled her. Hand, paddle, hand, paddle. Nineteen was swiftly rolling around and Violet quivered inside, knowing that soon, she would be unwrapping her two favorite presents.

“And one to grow on.”

The twentieth spanking caught her off-guard in the best way. Violet’s head was spinning when James finally righted her again. She was unsteady on her feet, but it didn’t matter because Chris had wrapped an arm around her for support while he pulled her skirt down over her sore buttocks. And standing behind her now, erection pressed against her, James peeled her shirt off, so Violet was completely naked between their clothed bodies.

“So, Violet, what do you want most for your birthday?” Chris asked before nibbling on her earlobe.

James had reached up between her legs to caress her soaked pussy. His bursa escort bayan deep, lust-filled voice tickled her other ear as he said, “Name it, and it’s yours.”

“Let me show you what I want…” Violet turned around and yanked the bottom of James’ shirt out of his pants and started unbuttoning it. “For you to have less clothes on. Both of you.” And while James took his shirt off the rest of the way and started on his belt, Violet faced her other brother again and pulled his T-shirt up, revealing his muscular chest as well. As Chris finished stripping his shirt off, his sister unbuckled her belt, undid his button and fly, and freed his erection.

With one hot cock in her palm, Violet turned to the side and reached for the other one, already pressed against her hip. “Mmm, just as beautiful as I remembered,” she murmured, leaning up to meet James’ urgent kiss.

“Yours too, Chris,” Violet assured him, admiring his steely flesh as she stroked it in syncopated time. Much like Chris himself, his cock was longer, slightly narrower, darker in color and rooted in shadows. But it felt equally as miraculous and responsive in her hand as James’ did.

Chris was the first to take a fingerful of frosting and spread it over one of her already tasty nipples and suck it off her puffy flesh. James copied, smearing a white circle around her other stiff pink nub, then licking until every trace of sweetness was gone. And as their mouths worked their magic their fingers worked theirs- Chris’ inside her cunt and James’ all around it- and soon Violet was shaking all over, groaning with the intensity of her climax.

“Mmm, she’s so pretty when she cums,” James remarked as he worked his fingers inside her tight, pulsating channel alongside his brother’s.

Having already witnessed Violet’s bliss, Chris just kept watching, feeling, until he knew she was spent. “Are you ready for a taste?” He teased his sister’s plush lips with icing-coated fingers until she was sucking them clean, her glazed-over eyes lifted up to his as she nodded.

Violet had been dying to taste his cock plain, and once its sugary coating dissolved, she soon was. Working Chris’ considerable length all the way in was a challenge she was only too willing to accept. He watched incredulously as inch by inch his shaft disappeared in her lovely mouth and soon he was feeling her breath hit his pubes and his tip brush against the back of her throat. And that tongue…

“God damn,” he hissed. “Baby has skills…”

And James, who was currently being serviced with their sister’s cunning hand, just made a noise of hearty agreement. He’d never expected to get so turned on watching another man getting sucked off right in front of him- especially Chris- but Jesus it was sexy. Not only the way she took it, but the way he gave it to her. He was clutching her hair and swearing desperately, knees buckling as Violet bobbed up and down like a porn star.

Both of her brothers were about to cum and Violet wanted to taste their blended seed. Chris groaned in protest when his rapidly inflating cock popped out into the open air, but soon a spit coated hand was wrapped around it like a vice, tugging firmly from base to tip. She dribbled a steady stream of saliva over James’ member as she coaxed him closer and closer.

“Awww, fuck!” Chris was the first to start shooting his load into their sister’s waiting mouth, his entire body tensing up as he did.

This sight was too much to take and James soon followed, his release so forceful that he only made a series of guttural sounds ending with a long sigh. Most of their jizz hit their target, but it had also hit her cheeks and dripped down her chin and clung to her hair in random globs. From the pleased look on her face, their slut of a sister had just eaten her favorite dessert- her brothers’ cum.

After washing off the excess of her first treat, Chris brought out another- flavored oil which he was quick to massage around her asshole before delving inside. He hadn’t forgotten how keenly she seemed to like anal play the night before and wasn’t disappointed by her reaction to its encore. Then to add to the mix of pain with her mounting pleasure, James had taken one of the candles from the cake, lit it, and let the wax drip over Violet’s left tit. It looked so pretty trailing down her nipples.

“Fuck, you’re kinky J,” she murmured.

Soon Chris was coating her right nipple with purple liquid heat, transfixed by how she submitted herself to them with such abandon. After the initial scalding shock, when the wax began to dry in a stiff translucent layer, the relief that followed was surprisingly pleasurable. Just like the feeling of Chris’ fingers retreating from her sphincter before he plunged them back in again.

When James started fingering her pussy at the same time, Violet let the sensation of being penetrated in both holes by her brothers wash over her. Their digits slipped against one another through the barrier of flesh between them, building a sensuous rhythm one man wouldn’t be able to provide. Feeling their erections growing against her hips, she heard herself say, “I want you to fuck me… Both of you.”

“Have you ever had two men at once?” James asked gently, though the images of Chris and himself taking their sister were far from gentle.

This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older. Thanks for reading. *** When Violet was younger, one of her favorite pastimes was sneaking into the room her brothers shared. Not just to find their many treasures- baseball cards, comic books, folding knives, gaming manuals and stashes of pornography- but for the…

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