Naughty Little Princess

Naughty Little Princess


I had waited two years for this. It was two very long years and although I wish I could tell you that the time flew by, it didn’t. Every minute, every day, every damn second was painfully long. He made me wait and every part of me told me that I was crazy for doing it.

I had met him in the university library. It was a romance novel’s ideal way for two lovers to meet. We joked about it for a while. I remember reading trashy novels that talk about ‘love at first sight’ and ‘the electricity between us’. It was true. It happened. The wait to see him again was long but I knew the moment I saw him again our sexual desires would be sparked.

He had been wearing jeans and a white long sleeved shirt. His dark skin was a sharp contrast to his light clothing. His dark hair was short and his dark eyes were open and inviting. He had been sitting at a desk in a quiet corner of the library. Thick, heavy textbooks covered the desk and from what I gathered he was studying engineering. I really only glanced at him for a moment before finding the section in the library I needed.

It was ridiculous that I needed to go to the university library to get this book. I’m not sure why I had registered for the course and so when I was told to research an ‘appropriate book’ I searched online for something that no one else would pick.

Of course it was on the top shelf. I stretched up as far as I could and felt my top slide up my body. My calf muscles strained as even on my tiptoes I only reached the fourth shelf.

“Fuck,” I hiss under my breath. I could ask him to help me but I was embarrassed to ask. He was obviously studying for finals and was trying to find a quiet place. As I stood in the book aisle my creative mind raced with all sorts of different ideas as to why he was studying here. Maybe he had two roommates who were party animals. Maybe he lived at home with seven siblings and needed to get away from the hectic household. I giggled to myself as I wondered if he had a sexy girlfriend at home who was distracting him with slutty lingerie. My giggles turned into a full out blush and that was when I heard him speak.

“Do you need some help?”

I turned and my blush darkened until I’m sure I was the same shade as my crimson finger nails. I glanced down at my hands for a moment, then back up at him.

“Yeah. That book,” I said sheepishly.

My voice was quiet and shy. My inner voice was reminding me that I wasn’t shy or quiet. I was assertive and strong and intelligent. I had just turned into someone different, just because of him.

“Interesting. Much more intriguing them my current reading.”

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I was speechless. My mind was racing with all sorts of quirky and flirty things to say.

“Your welcome.”

I blinked. He stepped back and I felt so embarrassed and so awkward. I was never like this before and suddenly I could barely put together a sentence.

He walked back down to his desk and sat down, his back to me. My fingers dug into the spine of the book. Glancing down at the title I whispered it to myself – “Fear and Trembling” by Soren Kierkegaard. How ironic. That wasn’t the title; it was how I was feeling right now.

Getting up the courage I walked over. Some graphs and charts distracted him. My energy increased the moment I was close to him. Did he feel the same way? Was it just me?

“I’m Stephen. I need a break anyway.”

Once again I was speechless. I couldn’t even respond when he slammed his textbook closed and kissed me. His lips were the first to touch me and I instinctively reached out to slide my fingers through his hair. The book dropped to the ground with a thump. We didn’t stop.

No words were needed. Our lips were the ones speaking and I could hear the dialogue now. ‘I don’t ever do this. /I know baby. You’re a good girl. /We’re making out in public. We just met. How do I know you’re single? / Quiet.’

I pulled away as the practical side of my brain took over.

“Are you single?”

Stephen chuckled and leaned back in his chair. I stood up and realized that I was very close to simply sliding into his lap. One hand was on the edge of the table while the other was itching to touch him, anywhere.

“Yes I am princess.”

Princess? I blushed. No one had ever called me princess but in this moment I was princess. I was his princess.

“No blushing.” His fingers rubbed my left cheek and I turned to kiss his fingers. He pulled away and I stepped back, already feeling rejected. I couldn’t believe how my emotions were being a yo-yo today. I was going to get vertigo with the sharp changes.

“I’m Sarah.” My voice cracked and I needed to find a chair, fast. I stepped back and practically fell into the chair behind me.

“Of course that is your name. I already called you Princess.”

I blushed again. I had no idea what he was talking about but I knew he’d explain later.

“Would you like to go for a coffee?”

I nodded. My mind was racing and Bycasino I don’t remember leaving the library. All I know is that three hours later my cell phone was telling me it was midnight and we were sitting close in the tiny Starbucks chairs, working our way through our third coffees. Our knees were touching and our hands were playfully wrestling.

I found out that in fact my guess as to why he was studying in the library was correct. His two roommates were done exams and weren’t being quiet. I also found out that my name meant princess in Hebrew. I was a princess.

His thumb was firmly massaging my left wrist and it was affecting my whole body. Every muscle in my body was relaxed but tense at the same time. We hadn’t kissed since the library but I felt more intimate with him then any of my other boyfriends.

He yawned. It made me yawn and I giggled like a schoolgirl. He glanced at his cell phone. His face fell.

“I have to go baby. I have an exam at two. Can I call you?”

I nodded. I wanted to beg him to stay. I wanted to talk to him all night. I wanted so much more then he was offering. My mind was once again racing. I was never the one in the relationship that wanted more. I was always the one not giving enough.

“Of course Stephen.”

We got up and walked to the parking lot. We had both taken our cars and he walked me to mine. Pressing me gently against my car he kissed me softly. He had more will power then I did because he pulled away and walked towards his car. It took every ounce of strength in my body to not run to him. I wanted to race to him and jump into his arms. I wanted him to hold me tight as his hands touched more then just my face and hands. I wanted him so badly it hurt. I had never gotten what I wanted so I resigned myself to getting into my car and driving home.

Lying in bed was a bad idea because I wasn’t just tired. I was exhausted, both physically and mentally. The red lights of my alarm clock reminded me that I had to go to work in three hours. I could not fall asleep.

When my alarm clock turned on and Hedley’s song ‘Invincible’ was playing I figured I must have fallen asleep at some point. I didn’t find the irony in the song until later. I was only thinking about him. My whole mind was filled with Stephen. His voice, his laughs, his smile. Every part of his face and how my fingers felt when I touched him. I couldn’t concentrate until he called.

Twelve days. I counted every second until he called. It was the longest time in my life. I had given him my phone number. I didn’t have his. It’s pretty hard to find someone when all you know is their first name.

The phone call was devastating. I was sitting on my bed reading a trashy romance book. Every one of my friends had read it and they demanded I read it as well. I had agreed and instead of enjoying the book I was spending the whole time making mental notes about plot holes, historical inaccuracies, and overall repetitive phrases that any good editor would have axed. My cocky inner voice was saying that the author needed me as her editor.

“I failed the exam… I’m starting co-op tomorrow… I know I have feelings for you…. I understand…. Don’t cry…. Please…. Two more years… Don’t tell me you hate me…. you don’t mean that princess.”

The conversation was almost ten minutes long but I only remembered little snippets of words, phrases. When I hung up the phone it was plain as day. He had failed his exam because of me and couldn’t afford to be distracted. He would call me when he finished school.

I was devastated. My whole world crashed around me. My mind was foggy with so many different feelings. I was angry for him denying me what I wanted. I was sad that I had affected his education. I was mad at myself for getting caught up in this need for lust. Mostly I was disappointed that once again I couldn’t get what I wanted.


Two years is a long time to wait for someone. I spoke to him through email only. We knew that the moment we heard each other’s voices it would be too much. I never went back to that library. He didn’t either. The city was big enough that considering we lived only blocks apart from each other for almost ten years and never met we spent the next two years avoiding each other very effectively.

Then he called.

*** I wore a simple black dress. It was a thin velvet material and was tight around my waist. It flared out to just above my knees. I was in black lace and satin panties. The edge around my legs had a small strip of lace. There was a cute black bow in the middle just below my belly button. My black bra held in my large round breasts. It wasn’t a sexy bra, just satin. I was wearing stockings with a black garter. I knew Stephen wouldn’t believe me but I hadn’t found regular black nylons, only knee-highs. I had rushed around the store and thankfully found a black lace garter. I completed my all black outfit with four-inch heels. I felt like a diva and knew that Stephen was going to treat me like Bycasino giriş one, and more.

The drive to his apartment was a blur and thankfully the annoying voice of my G.P.S. reminded me where to turn. All I could think of was the phone call. I hadn’t forgotten about him. I had obsessed about him for the last two years and had put all my time and energy into my job, to try to stop the obsession. All that that had done was shown my boss that I was a hard worker and when she retired I was given her job. As managing editor of non-fiction for the medium sized publishing company I had risen to the occasion. My small circle of friends complimented me on my work habits. I couldn’t tell them that my sixty-hour work weeks were to fill the void that Stephen had left.

I wasn’t anxious until the elevators opened on his floor. I went from being calm and collected to full out nervous. My hands were sweaty and as I walked my knees shook. He had been clear on the phone that this was a date. He clearly said he was going to cook for me. There were going to be no surprises. I knew what I wanted and was willing to put everything on hold for him.

“You’re gorgeous,” he said quietly, letting me into his apartment. It was a tiny one-room condo with a queen-sized bed taking up most of the bedroom area. He had obviously moved out on his own, which made me relaxed to know we didn’t have to worry about roommates. My eyes scanned the room. He had pictures of his family along with a few framed landscape pictures. The kitchen was tiny but I could smell some spicy concoction being heated in the oven.

My eyes scanned over to him. My inner princess wanted to jump into his arms but I restrained myself.

“Thank you for calling,” I said nervously. My lower lip was raw from chewing on it and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He was wearing black jeans and a white dress shirt with a tie. The tie was grey and black and blue and purple, swirls of colour you could only see close up.

“This isn’t going to happen,” he blurted out suddenly. My heart sank and I grabbed the back of the kitchen chair for balance. What did he mean? Did he not want me here? Was he regretting calling me? Did he feel pressured to invite me over even though so much had probably changed in two years? My face was ashen, trying to piece together exactly what he was revealing to me.

He rushed over and turned off the oven. In three big steps he walked back over to me.

“We’re not having dinner yet,” he said matter-of-factly. Picking me up in his strong arms he threw me over his shoulder and walked over to his bed. He dumped me on the bed and then pressed against me.

I smiled. My whole face lit up because this was what I wanted. This was what I waited two fucking years for. I was reacting the same way as in the library.

“Sarah. I can’t be romantic. I can’t go slowly. Don’t ask. Just let me.”

I nodded as his raspy voice communicated the same needs I had. Already he was going too slowly. I sat up and kissed his nose. I barely had time to pull away when his large hands wrapped around my back and found my zipper. His mouth and tongue covered every inch of my exposed skin as he unzipped my dress and slid it around my waist.

My fingers were touching him all over. I couldn’t get enough. I was so caught up in feeling his warm skin that I gasped so loudly when he pulled down my bra straps and engulfed my left nipple into his mouth.

My brain went into overload and I fell backwards on the bed. Our feet were tangled together. He pressed against me fully clothed and smirked as he undid my bra easily.

“Do I get bonus points for this,” he whispered. I just nodded in agreement.

His soft touch as he pulled off my bra was a sharp contrast to his next move. He yanked down my dress, panties, garter and stockings, all in one motion.

As I lay naked on my back looking up at him his dark eyes changed. I blinked, trying to figure out what was going on. I couldn’t decide what was going on in his head so I asked.

“What Stephen?”

“I can’t make love to you.”

My world crashed. I pulled away so much that I almost fell off the edge of the bed. I curled up and stared at him. My eyes were brimming with tears and I couldn’t stop it. I knew this wasn’t going to happen. It was too perfect. Two years of saying no to guys who wanted to date me. Two years of emails, staying in touch with him. Two fucking years of daydreams and now this.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out. I stood up and started to frantically find my clothing. I couldn’t look at him. I was liable to say or do something drastic. I reached down to grab my bra and my hand touched his. I looked up and his eyes were full of hurt and pain.

“I need control. I’ve always needed to be in charge. I can’t let you have any power.” He whispered the last sentence, almost ashamed at his revelation.

What was I getting into? I wanted this man so badly. I just nodded in agreement.

“Good,” was his only response. He undid his Bycasino deneme bonusu tie slowly and I gasped at what he did next. He kissed me softly as he moved my hands behind my back and slowly tied my wrists together. My hard nipples rubbed against his shirt, giving me shivers.

He yanked the tie tight and then suddenly smacked my face. It stung a bit but it was the shock that made me gasp. He then smacked my other cheek and then held my face tight between his thumb and third finger.

“I can’t decide whether you should become my fuck toy for the night or whether I should see how many times I can bring you to orgasm.”

“Orgasms,” I blurted out quickly. My face was red from embarrassment as I realized I was begging him. My hands were tied behind my back and I was at his mercy.

“Good answer.”

I watched as he lay me back on the bed. He put two pillow under my shoulders so I was up on an angle. That put pressure off my wrists, as my body weight wasn’t solely on my tied up hands. I knew to spread my legs but it didn’t stop him from biting my inner thighs and pushing them wider.

“Don’t close your legs or I will spank you.”

I closed my eyes and tried to piece together how spanking and sex could go together. Of course I had heard about rough sex but none of my friends did it. I rarely read anything erotic so had no idea of what was in store for me. I stared at him and watched as he settled himself on his knees on the floor. He was eye level to the area between my legs and I was thankful that years of being a swimming instructor had meant my grooming down there was adequate.

Stephen began by pushing his two fingers into my mouth to get them wet. He then pushed them deep into my opening. I cried out, reacting to the feelings that were rushing through my body. I lifted up my hips.

His fingers continued their assault on my sensitive insides and I gasped as I felt him pushing me over the edge.

“No,” I screamed. He had pulled away just before I was there. “Stephen. Fuck.”

I glared at him. I was pissed off and he just lay there smirking.

“I’m in charge princess.”

I opened my mouth to respond to his statement but I couldn’t. He pushed three fingers in this time and twisted them back and forth. I’d fingered myself so I knew the sensations that were happening but knowing it was this sexy guy made me feels so much more turned on. I moved my hands to grab his face but felt the sharp tug of the silk material against my wrists. He had me tied up.

Again he brought me close and then backed off. I wasn’t even telling him I was close. He knew and it drove me crazy. My body was shaking and I knew there was a patch of moisture under me. I wanted him to make me orgasm but he wasn’t letting me.

“Stephen. Enough. Now. Stop teasing me,” I screamed. My feet slid together and I began the familiar movement of making myself orgasm with my thighs. It was a skill I had found out about when I was younger and although I would never pass up a chance at sex, this was a fulfilling way to reach my peak.

“You are a naughty little princess,” Stephen said. My body reacted to his statement and once again I was squirming around. Not for long though as he grabbed my left foot and tied it to the bed post. He did the same with my right foot. Now I had white silk ties wrapped around my ankles, to match the silk tie that was around my wrists.

“Do you need your hands tied to the headboard as well my sweet little princess?”

I shook my head. He was so sexy right now I couldn’t even think about anything else but him. This was not what I was expecting and at the same time this was all I wanted. I wanted him. I wanted my Stephen. The sexy student who had stolen my heart in the university library two years ago. This was everything that I wanted and I trusted him completely, something that supposedly I had issues with.

He dropped his head down between my legs and captured my clit between his teeth. I lost it completely and my throat hurt from my screams. As my body shook I felt complete release but at the same time I wanted more. As I recovered from what was probably my most intense orgasm ever I felt his teeth nibbling me. His teeth were on my inner thighs, my hip, and my stomach. Soft gentle nibbles as I opened my eyes and met his.

“How’s my princess feeling now?”, he whispered, his hands were groping my large breasts and I tried not to wince as he would massage them softly then tweak the nipples hard. Each time his hands moved to my nipples I’d gasp, knowing that the pain would shoot through me, arousing me even more. I tried to glare at him, telling him with my eyes that I was mad but I wasn’t.

“I said how are you feeling.” He gripped my hips tightly and I whimpered.

“Good. It was good.” I blurted out. I could not understand how one moment he was sweet and loving and the next he was gripping me so tight it hurt. My body was on fire and I couldn’t handle much more.

“Only good?” I watched as he undid the silk ties on my feet. Relief washed over me as I knew I would finally feel his cock inside me. That was what I had wanted and I was finally going to get it. He gently flipped me over so I was on my tummy. I instinctively tucked my knees into my chest as I wiggled my butt.

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