Nature Girl

Nature Girl


I love nature photography. Not just looking at it, although I certainly do, but I like getting that perfect shot. I love the variety in God’s creation. The summer after my sophomore year in college, I had a job lined up that didn’t start till mid-June. I went to Great Smokey Mountain National Park for a week right after Memorial Day so I could photograph as much variety as possible and not have a ton of tourists around. One morning I got pictures of a half-dozen different birds, a pair of squirrels engaged it what could best be described as interspecies mating and a waterfall. I’d really been feeling in touch with nature that morning, so I didn’t have shoes on. I regretted it when I stepped in some sort of animal dropping. I’m not a big enough geek to be able identify a species that way, but I knew it was one of the many hoofed mammals that live here. My campsite was close to an inlet of the Little River, so I gathered some soap and headed there. Since no one was around, I stripped naked and waded out until the water came up to my waist.

After about ten minutes, I dropped the soap. I turned around once looking for it, and then I decided that the sliver that remained wasn’t worth the effort. I had my back to the shore, and I heard a man ask, “How’s the water?” I turned around, and saw a guy in T-shirt and shorts. He looked just a few years older than me.

Not wanting to offend anyone, I buckled my knees until the water was up to my shoulders and turned around. I answered, “Fantastic. It’s so warm and sensual. Pretty clean, too.” This was true despite my having to wash my foot.

“Mind if I join you?”

I hadn’t felt another human’s loving touch in months. “Come on in!” He took his shirt off and then stood there. I figured out what he was doing and turned around. “Let me know when you’re done,” I said.

I heard clothes and change rustling, and then I heard water moving. “Clear!” he said. He didn’t stop walking until he was ten feet away from me.

“You can come closer,” I told him. “I won’t bite.” He waded further until he was only about a yard away. I introduced myself. “I’m Sonya.”

“Rick,” he said. “Have you been swimming here before?”

“Other places in the park, but not this particular location.”

“Same here,” Rick said. “How’s the water? I mean, as far as safety.”

“It’s very calm,” I told him. I turned around and headed underwater, swimming ten yards before I came back up. This time the water came up to my shoulders even when I stood up straight.

“Wait for me!” Rick yelled. He did the same, and he came up only a foot or two in front of me. He stood a few inches taller than me. “You’re a real nature girl, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I love nature, but what do you mean?”

“When you took off, you gave me a nice view of your butt, but you were just so calm about it, like no one ever perverted you by making you think there was anything wrong with it.”

“I’ve never heard anyone say it that way. Thank you!”

“And I mean what I said about the nice view.”

“Thanks for that, too!”

“Wow, Sonya. You didn’t blush at being naked, but you blushed at my compliment. You’re a rare girl.”

“Now I’m really blushing,” I said.

Rick put his hands on mine. He pulled me slowly toward him and kissed me. “Don’t be. You’re really special.” I barely noticed that my breasts were pressing into his chest, but I guess he did. He moved back and said, “Sorry!”

I pulled him back toward me. I put his hands on my hips and returned the kiss. “Don’t be,” I said. “It’s been too long since anyone touched me that way.”

Rick opened his mouth and kissed me again. I opened mine to greet him. He moved his hands back and caressed my buttocks. “It feels as good as it looks,” he told me.

“You didn’t give me a chance to find out about you,” I answered. I rubbed his buttocks. His penis wasn’t hard yet, but I felt it stir.

Rick moved his hands down to the top of my thighs. I lifted myself up. My goal was just to get his hands between my thighs, but now the water only covered the bottom third of my breasts. He bent his knees to keep me up, but he bent down and licked my right nipple. “Is this okay?” he asked.

“If it weren’t, I would’ve told you,” I assured him. “Move your hands.” He moved them up to my back. “I meant down.” I moved his left hand between my thighs. I could feel his index finger brush against my pubic hair.

He took his mouth off my nipple. “Um, you, uh, …”

I moved it to the other nipple and told him, “Like I said, it’s been too long.” He wiggled his finger, tickling my lips and opening them up a little. He lifted me up and sucked a little harder on my breasts. I enjoyed that feeling until I couldn’t wait to feel him down below any more. I moved my arms out to break his grip and slid down until I could feel his now-hard penis between my thighs.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I want something inside me. This is my first choice, but I’d be content with your tongue or even just your fingers.”

Rick eryaman escort looked into my eyes. “I was right about what I said. No one ever corrupted you, and I love that.” He put his hand between us and started playing with my pussy lips again. “You didn’t bring a towel, did you?”

“I hadn’t planned on this,” I admitted.

“Neither had I!” Rick assured me.

“I meant going for a swim in the first place,” I told him. I didn’t feel like going into the story. “I just saw the water, and I heard it calling me.”

“Luckily, I brought one,” he said. He put me down, walked in front of me and put his hands out, palms up. “Climb aboard.” He didn’t make any attempt to cover himself as he carried me to shore on his back, but no one saw us, so it didn’t matter.

When we got to his clothes, I spread his towel out and got on all fours. I figured he’d try to take me doggie-style, but instead he moved behind me and started licking my folds. “Oh, God, Rick, it’s been too long since anyone touched me there besides myself.” He reminded me of my roommate from this past year, when I let her indulge her curiosity right before Spring Break. You’d never know she hadn’t been with a woman before.

“You are such a beautiful creature,” he told me between licks. I looked back at him. “I mean creature in the nicest way, like all the plants and animals.”

“You don’t have to apologize,” I said. “I knew what you meant. I talk that way too.”

“Good, ’cause I mean that inside and outside. I mean, deep inside, not just the ‘inside’ that I’m looking at right now.” He reached the area just inside the highest point where my lips meet.

“Again, I know what you mean,” I said. I giggled, but I don’t know whether it was because of where his tongue was meeting my flesh or because he was so awkward about every phrase that could possibly have been sexualized. I felt his hands on my hips and I had an epiphany. “You know what you said about me not being corrupted? I can tell you have that same purity of heart.”

“Thanks,” Rick said, although it was hard to understand him with my labia in the way. He zigzagged up and down my vulva, tickling me each time he crossed from one side to the other. He put his tongue back in and probed me deeply.

I loved this, but I wanted more. “Oh, God, Rick, I want you so bad right now.”

“You have no idea how much I love hearing you say that,” he said. “How do you want it?”

“I don’t even care how; I just want it now. So, take me like this, I guess.”

“Damn it, Sonya, I don’t have a condom.”

“I don’t care. Just give it to me!”

“Wow, you really do stay with nature. I won’t argue with that!” He had made my lips so sensitive that I could feel them separating as his head penetrated me.

“Yes, Rick, right there,” I urged him. He pulled back but not out, and thrust in a little harder. I could feel the top of the shaft rubbing my pubic bone. “Faster. Please!” He went faster, and I could feel his crown moving along my inner walls.

“Oh, God, Sonya, I think I’m in love.”

“I feel it too,” I told him. I moved my hips opposite to him so we got twice as much movement in and out with each of his thrusts.

“I’m gonna come, Sonya. Do you want it inside you?”

“I always want it inside me,” I told him.

“Right. Nature girl. Well, here it comes!”

“Yesss!” I moaned. “Your essence is permeating my being!”

“I love your way with words,” he said as he continued filling me with his semen.

“Slang is for people who think it’s something to be ashamed of,” I explained.

When I could tell that he’d stopped ejaculating, I pulled away and turned around. Rick had sat on the towel with his legs crossed, and I sat the same way facing him. “You know when I called you Nature Girl, I meant it as a compliment, don’t you?”

“Of course I knew. I can tell, you don’t have a mean bone in your body.”

“Well, I’ve got this one,” he said, pointing to his now flaccid penis, “and I’d like to think it’s ‘mean’ in the sense of ‘sure plays a mean pinball.'”

“That’s not really a bone,” I corrected him. “And I’m impressed that you know that lyric.”

“Great music is timeless,” he said. “Like your beauty.”

“See, NOW I’m starting to doubt your honesty,” I said.

“That’s not just flattery. If I were trying to flatter you, I’d talk about your physical beauty. But it’s your inner beauty that’s timeless.”

“I sense that in you too, Rick,” I said. “To tell you the truth, though, you just whetted my appetite. Right now I want that large penis inside me again.”

“Now you’re making me want you even more,” he said. He pulled me toward him until the head was at my opening again. “Would you like to handle it this time?”

“How we unite is one of the many things where I like variety,” I told him. I separated my lips. Then I held the head down and scooted forward until I had him inside me again.

“Oh, Sonya,” he moaned. He lifted me up onto his legs so he could get it all the way inside etimesgut escort me. He caressed my back while I bounced up and down on his penis. “You’re amazing!” He leaned in and licked my breasts as I continued my motion.

“I can feel you getting wider inside me, Rick. You’re pleasuring spots I never felt before.”

“Does that mean you’re-?”

I squeezed him involuntarily. “Yes! Yes!”

“Me too!” he announced, and I felt his seed splashing inside me a second time. When I came down, Rick moved me onto my back and gave me a long kiss. “I’ve never met anyone like you. But I guess I’ve said that a few times.”

“And you seem to get me,” I said with a smile. “Not a lot of people do.”

He kissed my breasts again and asked, “You? You’re so up front. What’s there for people to get?”

I sighed. “Some people think I’m just-” I looked on both sides. “They think I’m a nymphomaniac or something.”

“No, I can tell. It’s like you said before, you like nature, and sex is part of nature.”

“Yes! Exactly. And just like God created more than one kind of flower and more than one kind of horse, He created lots of kinds of people.”

“So, you’ve been with …”

“I don’t like to talk about it, but I’d made love with black, white and Asian by the end of my freshman year.”

“No Native American?”

“I was with a guy who said he had a Native American grandfather, but I didn’t get to meet him, so I don’t claim it. Like I said, though, I don’t like to talk about it.”

“Where do you live when you’re not here?”


“Damn, I live in Houston. I thought maybe I’d met my soulmate.”

“Don’t rule it out,” I told him. “People who are meant to be together have a way of finding each other again.”

“So for now?”

I answered, “When sex is good, it’s a spiritual experience as well as a physical one. You’re a really sweet guy, and you’re one of the few who’ve made it feel spiritual.”

“I guess I’m better than I gave myself credit for,” Rick said with a smile.

“Your life partner will be lucky to find you,” I agreed.

We heard other people coming near. Rick tried to wrap me in his towel, but I just went back into the water. He got dressed under the towel, but the people turned in a different direction. When I came out, he asked, “I realize cell phones aren’t part of nature, but could I have your number? You know, in case we’re in the same place again one day.”

“Hand me your phone,” I said. He did, and I added my number to his contacts. “Have a peaceful journey.”

He was clothed now, even if I wasn’t. When we were hugging good-bye, he expressed his appreciation of my buttocks once more by rubbing them and then walked away. I could see his shoulders sag.

I got dressed and went back to my campsite. I meditated for a little while, and it dawned on me that Rick was the first person, male or female, who hadn’t used any slang while making love to me. He truly did have the purity of spirit that we talked about. Maybe I should have gotten his number too. Ah, well. I had to tell myself that I was right, and we’d find each other again if we really were soulmates.

Later that afternoon, I went out in a different direction, this time in my car. I wanted to get pictures of the trees from high enough that the clouds would appear below me. On the way up, I saw a young woman with short dark hair walking up the road. She was wearing a white tunic and very brief shorts, but she didn’t have any sort of equipment. I figured she was walking back to her campsite and continued driving. I got the pictures I was after, and, thanks to a telephoto lens, I was even able to get a close-up of a bear fishing out of the river. On my way back, I saw the same young woman still walking uphill. Now I could see that it was that unnatural shade of black that too many women have adopted. I knew she’d passed the last campsite for the next ten miles, so I figured that wasn’t where she was heading. I stopped and asked her, “Do you need a ride?”

“Thanks, but I’m not walking to any place; I’m walking away.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’d think if I’m old enough to vote, I’m old enough to decide for myself whether to go on another damn trip to No-internet-istan, but tell my parents that.”

“So what are you doing up here?”

“Trying to get a signal. I haven’t been on social media in a week. No news from friends. No secrets off Whisper. And Tinder would be funny if I weren’t in a forest on a day when the fire risk is at the highest level.”

“I know the feeling. I just met a guy who ended a three-month dry spell.”

“Well, part of the problem is, I’m not looking for a guy, but I can’t tell my parents THAT either.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to assume.”

“Hey, not your problem,” she said.

“My name’s Sonya,” I told her. “And I should have known better than to assume.”

“Marissa,” my new friend said. “What do you mean, you should have known better?”

“The dry spell ended with etlik escort a guy, but it started with my roommate.”

“Female roommate,” Marissa said, confirming the implication.

“It was her first time,” I explained. “Aileen was going to Catalina for Spring Break, and she said she thought if she had enough to drink, she might experiment with another girl. I told her she shouldn’t let it happen that way. If she wanted to experiment, she should do it sober so she’d know it was what she really wanted. Then I offered to be her first.”

“How was it?”

“You’d never know it was her first time with a woman,” I told her. “She might never have looked at anyone’s vagina but her own, but she knew what felt good for her, and she made mostly good guesses as to what felt good for me. I gave her a little guidance, but now she knows she should ask her female partners what they like, same as with a guy.”

“You’re so open about it, and so giving,” she said. “Okay, I’d like to head back. Where are you camped?”

“Elkmont,” I answered.

“I’m in the Tennessee Williams lot,” Marissa told me. “It’s closer.”

She got in the car, and we headed down. We talked about other things, and as we got closer, I asked, “Do you only date other lesbians?”

“Well, only lesbians date me, so it kinda limits the dating pool,” Marissa said.

“I meant, do you date bisexual women too?”

“If I think I’ll enjoy someone’s company, I date ’em. Actually, it took me a while to sort things out because there were lots of guys I thought I’d enjoy being with; I just didn’t. It wasn’t their fault, though. Why do you ask?”

“You’re in luck, if you’re interested. I met a guy this morning, and we made love by the river bend. I kinda rushed him, though, so I didn’t get as much oral attention as I would’ve liked. Totally my fault, but now I’ve got an appetite for it.”

“Sure!” Marissa exclaimed.

“Are your parents around?”

“They went on an all-day hike. They said if I really didn’t want to go, I could spend the day here.”

“Great!” I said.

Marissa pointed out where I needed to turn. Luckily the campsite had enough room for two cars and a tent. The tent was made for four people, so there was plenty of room to move around. As soon as we were inside, Marissa started unbuttoning my blouse. I’d never seen someone as eager to get my shirt undone as she was, although Aileen was probably about as excited to remove my T-shirt. I had put a bra on in the morning, but I didn’t put it back on after Rick and I were finished. Once Marissa had my shirt off, my breasts were ready for the taking. We were both sitting up, and she leaned down to kiss my nipples. While she did that, I found the hem of her tunic and lifted it. She was wearing the most tattered bra I’d ever seen on a lover, but it made sense since she wasn’t expecting to be with anyone that day. I unhooked one clasp, and the stitch that held the other one in place broke off. I eased the strap off her shoulders. Marissa sat up and joked, “Even my bra wants you.”

Marissa’s breasts aren’t as big as mine, but they were very firm. I licked hers the way she’d done mine, except that I traced a circle around each areola. They were the biggest I’d ever seen. “Oh, Sonya, that feels so good,” she said.

I looked down and noticed that her shorts had an elastic waist. I started tugging on them. Marissa helped me by rising up on her knees. I pulled them that far, and she pulled them off. Her underwear was in better condition than her bra, at least. It wasn’t quite transparent, but I could make out the contrast between her black hair and her light skin. (It was black, just not the same shade that she’d dyed her regular hair.) I put my fingers over that area and caressed it. “Does that feel good?” I asked.

“Does it ever!” She pulled the fabric to one side. I could see most of the left side of her labia. I stroked the hair and then the flesh, and then I ran my finger up and down the part of her lips that wasn’t covered. “Deeper, Sonya!” she pleaded. I started to put my finger inside her, but she stopped me momentarily. “Let me get this out of the way,” she said, and she took her underwear off. She took her shoes and socks off while she was at it. Once she was done, I slipped my index finger inside her. I moved it around as if I were masturbating, and Marissa writhed in pleasure. Seeing her react made me go faster. Soon she was covering my finger with her juices. She knocked me down and kissed me on the lips.

Having a pretty good idea of what was to come, I took the rest of my clothes off. I considered leaving my underwear on so Marissa could have the same fun I did, but I could tell by the look in her eye that she wanted no further delay. “Have at it,” I said.

Marissa rubbed a circle around my clitoris. She put two fingers over my labia and held them open. I put my hand over hers, and she slipped both fingers inside. She added a third, and I couldn’t help raising my hips. Finally, she pulled her fingers out and started licking my folds. I closed my eyes and put my hands behind my head, anticipating ten to twenty minutes of effortless bliss. I might have gotten five minutes when we heard a familiar voice say, “Marissa?”

Marissa bolted up, and I opened my eyes. “What are you doing here, Rick?”

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