Naked Thirst Ch. 10

Naked Thirst Ch. 10


Sam was lying in bed, trying to decide between another chapter and going to sleep. She’d taken a shower after finishing her business and never made it back out of her room. She needed to sort through her feelings about Keiko and Arden. Could she really handle having two lovers? Was that even an option? Arden had kissed her, but he hadn’t tried to do more. Had he been respecting her boundaries or was he not interested in her that way? After the intensity of the day she was too tired to work it all out and had decided she needed some time alone.

She’d texted Beth to tell her that she’d spent the day at the beach with Keiko and Arden, carefully editing out any mention of nudism or what came after. Then she picked up the novel she’d been working on. Sam had always loved to read, ever since she was a little girl, and she’d quickly gotten lost in the narrative. So, when there was a soft knock on her door it startled her a little. Then she remembered, somewhat guiltily, that she’d told Keiko she would sleep with her again.

As expected the gorgeous, young, Asian woman was standing at her door when Sam opened it. Her nipples were still swollen from her before-bed pumping and the sight of her lush body woke desires that Sam had thought she’d satisfied, at least for the day.

“Did you still want to come to my room tonight?” She looked just a little unsure of herself and Sam’s heart melted.

She smiled reassuringly. “Sure, let me go brush my teeth and I’ll be there in a minute.”

Keiko smiled back, looking relieved. “Okay, meet you there.”

She turned to go, but Sam stopped her with a light touch on her elbow. The dark-haired beauty turned and Sam leaned down to give her a lingering kiss. When the taller woman straightened, Keiko licked her lips, looked up and said, “Don’t be long.”

A few minutes later Sam knocked on Keiko’s half open door. She noticed Arden’s room was dark and didn’t think anyone was inside.

“Come in,” called Keiko from the bed.

Sam entered and saw that the other woman was waiting for her much as she had been the night before, pillows propped up, covers pulled to her waist, reading on her tablet. She set the device aside though when Sam got into bed.

“Where’s Arden?” Sam asked as she got settled under the covers.

“Out. He said he had people to meet.”

Sam’s brows rose. “Dang, that boy has a lot of energy.”

Keiko laughed, “He does. I think he’s hyperactive. He never stays still for long.”

Sam thought of the way he’d used that energy earlier and felt a rush of desire. Then she looked at the luscious woman next to her and bit her lip. “I think I still have some energy too.”

“Do you?” Asked Keiko with a grin and then pulled the redhead in for a kiss.

Sam sought Keiko’s full lips eagerly. She’d thought that she was sated from earlier but found her passion quickly reigniting at the other woman’s touch. Their hands ran freely over each other’s bodies, and Sam soon found hers brushing over the small patch of hair on Keiko’s mound. She pulled back from the kiss.

The young Japanese woman’s lips were moist and plump, her cheeks flushed and her pupils wide beneath half-closed lids. It was all Sam could do not to crush their lips together again immediately, but she had questions she’d been too shy to ask and now seemed like the right time.

“I was wondering. . .”

Keiko smiled at the other woman’s hesitation. “Yes?”

“I’ve never used my fingers on another woman. I thought maybe I could try it with you.”

Keiko’s voice turned husky, “I’d like that.”

“Will you show me what you like?” Sam felt a little embarrassed for asking. “I mean I know what I like, but I don’t have much experience and I don’t know—”

Keiko held a finger over Sam’s lips. They were as pump and soft as her own. “I’m glad you asked,” she soothed. “A good lover asks questions. How else are you going to know?”

She took Sam’s hand with her own and guided it to her already moist core. “Rub your fingertips around the opening a little, like this.”

Keiko guided Sam’s fingers till they were moist and slick and then showed her how to stroke her inner lips and tease her clit in a way that soon had her panting. As Sam’s confidence grew she returned her mouth to Keiko’s waiting lips, and before long her lover was crying her orgasm into Sam’s hungry mouth. After a few minutes rest Keiko asked Sam to give her the same lesson. After her own climax, Sam managed to get a couple hours rest. When Keiko woke her to relieve the pressure in her breasts they each used their new skills to good effect.

“I’m going to have to watch my figure with all this midnight snacking,” Sam joked, her face comfortably pillowed on Keiko’s chest in her post orgasmic bliss.

“It’s good for you. Besides,” she added tipping Sam’s face up, “I’ll help you burn off the extra calories.” Sam’s lips were still sweet with milk as the two of them tenderly kissed goodnight.


Monday morning Sam had breakfast with Angela and Rich. Arden balıkesir escort had already left to go surfing.

“How was the beach?” Rich asked with a smile.

“An eye opener.” Sam replied. She assumed by his expression that he knew which beach they’d gone to.

He laughed. “I’ll bet it was.”

“We had a lot of fun. I just wish it was a little more accessible. My legs are still sore from all the hiking.”

“Yeah, Angela and I used to go there a lot before we had Arden. Once he came along it got to be too much hassle. We should get back there though. We haven’t been in years.”

Angela chimed in. “I’ll take you up on that. Let’s plan a day soon. I’d love to go again.”

Rich and Angela spent the rest of breakfast reminiscing about what the nudist lifestyle was like “back in the day.” Outwardly, it had all been about health and freedom and getting in touch with the natural world, but it sounded like things got pretty wild after the sun went down. Sam was happy to sit back and listen. It kept her from answering any awkward questions about what, exactly, they did at the beach, or what had gone on once they got home.

Sam carried dishes into the kitchen and started to load the dishwasher. Keiko was hand washing a frying pan and Sam decided to push the boundaries of what Keiko usually let her do in the kitchen. She grabbed a couple of paper towels, wet them in the sink and started to wipe down the counters. Keiko paused, dishcloth in hand and watched the redhead for a minute.

“Here,” she said, handing Sam the cloth, “use this.”

And just like that, Sam managed to become part of Keiko’s morning routine. They chatted while they finished cleaning up and Sam hung around, keeping Keiko company while she did her mid-morning pump. Afterward, Sam swam laps in the pool and Keiko joined her for a bit of sunning, helping her cover her back, and a few other places, with sunscreen. Later, the young chef even let Sam hang out with her in the kitchen when it was time to start prepping for lunch, if she promised to stay out of the way.

When it got close to lunch time, Sam went upstairs to shower. Unfortunately, that meant getting dressed as well, since she and Angela always went to the office right after lunch. Sam had been naked except for a flimsy sundress all weekend and felt strangely resentful laying out familiar articles of clothing—bra and panties, beige slacks and a silky, sapphire-blue top—but understood that Angela’s clients probably weren’t ready for a naked secretary.

When she arrived downstairs Angela was already seated, dressed in her conservative knee-length grey skirt and white, button-down blouse, her long hair tied back. Rich entered from the direction of his studio and Sam was somewhat shocked to see that he was still naked. Sam couldn’t resist a look between his legs as they both approached the table. She’d seen his equipment several times now, but his size was still impressive. He smiled as they both sat, and if he noticed the direction of her gaze he didn’t make it evident. Sam noted that someone, presumably Keiko, had already put a towel on his chair. She also noticed there wasn’t a place for Arden, so he evidently was still out, or out again.

Sam felt a little strange being fully clothed in front of a naked man. The intellectual part of her had an insight into the way unconscious social conformity influenced her level of comfort with being dressed or undressed. The more primal part of her thought it was kind of hot.

“Have you been enjoying spending time with Keiko?” Angela asked, with a knowing grin.

Sam blushed. She didn’t know how to respond. She couldn’t bring herself to say, “Yeah, I’ve had a great time sucking on her boobs every night,” so she settled for a shy nod.

Angela beamed. “I’m glad. We love spending time with her too. Don’t we hun?”

Rich grinned. “Always.”

Sam blushed harder. The conversation was too weird for her. She was afraid Angela would start asking more embarrassing questions, maybe about Arden, but she was spared by the arrival of the food.

Keiko had shed the apron she often wore while cooking. She set a small glass of milk in front of everyone and then returned a minute later with individual green salads. Lunch was exquisite, as usual, and thankfully conversation centered mostly on mundane topics like Angela’s schedule and Rich’s next photo shoot. A new model was flying in next week, this time from Vancouver. Sam started to relax, and the lunch felt almost normal. At least as normal as it could when eating with a naked man.

Keiko came out of the kitchen to collect dishes. As she leaned in to take Sam’s plate, Sam felt a warm drop on the back of her wrist. She looked up to find herself at eye level with an engorged, brown nipple, a droplet of milk quivering on its tip.

“Sorry,” said Keiko. “It’s almost time to pump again and I’m really filling up fast today.”

Suddenly feeling bold, Sam lifted her wrist to her mouth, looked Keiko in the eye, and licked balikesirmetroturizm.com up the drop of milk. Keiko gave her a smile that was full of heat, then moved on and finished clearing the table.

Sam caught Angela looking on approvingly and bushed again. She looked around to see if Rich had noticed, but he was either unaware of the little exchange or polite enough to make it look that way. Angela rose from the table. “Time to earn a dollar,” she said lightly to Sam. She kissed her husband briefly on the lips then headed for the office. Sam stood and followed, aroused, flustered, and again wondering how to navigate in uncharted territory.


The afternoon passed as it usually did. Clients came and went. Sam answered phones, took payments, made appointments, and updated files. But Sam found herself squirming through the day. Her clothes felt too tight, especially her bra. She was unusually aware of the way the straps pressed on her shoulders and the under-wires dug into her chest. Her pants bunched, even her shoes seemed to pinch. And she was horny. She kept picturing the curvy Japanese woman offering her a milky breast or sliding down to her pussy, or worse Arden’s hard cock plunging into the Keiko from behind. Her hand was unconsciously slipping towards her lap when Angela startled her by emerging from her office.

“I guess my three o’clock is a no-show,” she said looking at a wall clock. It was three twenty. “Make a note in the file and bill them.” She paused and studied the busty red-head for a moment. “You look tense. Looking forward to getting out of your work clothes?” Her grin was sly.

Sam nodded shyly. “I guess I never knew how . . .” she searched for the right word, “restrictive clothes could be.”

“Hmmm, exactly. There are times I love a beautiful outfit, or a comfy pair of pajamas, but I prefer my own skin most of the time.”

Sam thought for a minute about the relatively conservative clothing her boss was wearing at the moment. “Do you ever wish you could be naked all the time, even at work?”

Angela leaned a hip on the edge of the desk. “I’ve actually thought about that. Nude therapy I mean. I think it could be really beneficial. But I don’t think I’d attract enough of the right clients, who actually took it seriously. And even in California, I don’t think the licensing board is ready for something that unconventional.”

Sam smiled. “No, I don’t suppose it would go over too well.”

The older woman gave her an intense look. “You really do have a spectacular smile, you know. Maybe I should let Rich take some headshots.”

Sam looked down, thinking of the fantasy she’d had about Rich and his camera. “Um, maybe. It might be fun.”

Angela stood. “Come on, we have some time before the next client. Let’s see if Keiko will make us some coffee,” she smirked, “with lots of cream.”

Angela’s last client finally left and Sam went upstairs to “change” for dinner. She let out an audible sigh as she released her breasts from their confinement and quickly shed the rest of her clothes. She’d been a little afraid that once the surreal thrill of the weekend had faded she wouldn’t be able to take the plunge again. But while there were some excited flutters in her stomach, she was happy to get down to her skin.

Sam walked into the dining room to see a deliciously naked Arden sitting down with his parents. She was delighted to see that he was joining them for dinner. His brilliant smile, and his bare body, sent pleasant tremors though her belly.

“So where have you been all day?” she asked as she took her seat. Keiko was just bringing out bowls of gazpacho soup to get them started.

“Surfing this morning, then hooked up with some friends for volleyball down at Hermosa.”

“Sounds active.” Sam said, then tasted the chilled tomato soup, it was delicious.

“Got to get it in while I can. School starts next week.”

“Are you ready for the semester to start?” Angela asked Sam.

“Pretty much, I’ve already bought most of my books online, although there are a couple that are only available at the bookstore. I plan to get them on Friday, and figure out where all my classes are.” She had visited the campus for orientation, but wanted to make sure she knew how to get to her particular classrooms.

Angela raised an eyebrow at her son.

“I know, I know, I need to do the same thing. My first class isn’t until three on Monday, I can get what I need in the morning.”

Arden’s mother gave him an exasperated sigh and his father half-covered a chuckle. Sam came to his rescue. “What did you say your major was?” He had told her the first night they’d met, but so much had happened since then that it was all a blur.

“Film and television production.” he said, pausing before bringing a spoonful of soup to his mouth.

“Oh, that’s right. Sorry, I forgot. You planning to look for work in Hollywood?”

Arden exchanged a significant look with his father that Sam didn’t understand, then said, “Who knows? Maybe. But I’m more interested in independent production. I want to have my own studio someday.”

It was the kind of claim any of thousands of young film students might make, with little chance of becoming reality. But given his parent’s resources and his father’s success in a related field, Sam though he had a good chance of actually accomplishing his goal.

“How about you?” Rich asked, joining the conversation. “What do you want to do with your MBA?”

Sam usually dodged the question, especially when her parents asked. But in some ways she felt more comfortable with this family than her own, and decided to be honest. “I don’t really know. I guess I’m hoping that inspiration will hit me somewhere along the way.”

“Maybe you could go into business with me.” Arden suggested. “Mom will tell you that managing money is not my best trait. I could be the creative one and you could keep me from going through all of my parent’s cash.”

Sam laughed and said, “Sure, sounds good,” in a lighthearted tone. But inside she was secretly thrilled at the notion, even if he wasn’t really being serious.

After dinner, Sam was disappointed when Arden said he was going out again. Angela and Rich invited her to have some wine by the pool, but she declined, suddenly feeling like she needed some time alone. She knew that it was completely silly to feel hurt that Arden didn’t invite her to meet his friends. They were still getting to know each other, in spite of their day together and the intimate encounter that followed, and he had no obligation to provide her with a social life. But she still felt blue.

She went up to her room and texted with Beth for a while. She opened up to her friend about how she was feeling, even though she left out the details, and Beth immediately started teasing her about being crushed out on a nineteen year-old. She denied it, of course, but secretly Sam had to admit that she was right, at least a little. Sam finally scolded herself into forgetting about the lover she didn’t have and focused her thoughts on the one that she did. She silently promised that she would give the dark, young, beauty extra attention that night to show her how much she appreciated her and make up for her straying thoughts.


The rest of the week fell into something of a routine, even if it was the strangest routine of Sam’s life. She woke in Keiko’s bed in time for breakfast, with the other woman up at least an hour before her. After breakfast Sam either hung out with Keiko, or spent time in her room, reading, surfing the web, or catching up on social media. About midmorning she went down to do laps in the pool. Sam hadn’t drunk so much milk since she was a baby, and was determined to work off the extra calories. Afterward, Keiko would come out to sun with her for a while. Then it was shower, lunch, and work. Sam found herself only wearing clothes when she had to, eagerly shucking out of them at the end of each day.

Arden kept himself scarce—surfing, playing volleyball, clubbing with friends, and generally soaking up as much sun, surf and nightlife as L.A. had to offer. Sam still felt a little bad about it, but Keiko was there at the end of each day ready to offer milk, sex, and companionship. Sam appreciated all three, and quickly found herself growing attached to the other young woman. Her only concern was that school would start soon, putting an end to most of her leisure time.


“So, have you tried skinny dipping yet?”

It was Thursday evening, right after dinner, and Sam had finally decided to give Beth a call. She’d actually been bursting to tell someone about her new life, and Beth was the only one who might understand. “Yes.”

“Really? That’s awesome. I hope you’re using lots of sunscreen. I’d hate to think of those beautiful ta’tas of yours getting burned.” Beth had never been shy about admiring her friend’s chest, but somehow Sam didn’t mind. “What’s it like?”

“Exciting, freeing, exhilarating, comfortable,” Sam ran out of adjectives, but her voice conveyed her excitement.

“Wow, you’re not just skinny dipping are you?”

“No,” Sam said in a shy voice.

Her friend laughed. “They’ve got you hooked already. I knew there was a freak hiding in there.” She sounded proud. “Have you seen everybody’s everything?”

“Yeah,” she admitted.

“So, what are the popular hairstyles this season?”

“Uh, What?”

“Down below. I bet Angela goes bare floor.”

“Bare? Oh, yeah she shaves it all.”

“I knew it.” Beth said triumphantly. “And what about the cook, what’s her name?”


“She got the Barbie look down there too?”

“No.” Sam sighed. It figured Beth would be interested in pubic hairstyles. “She has kind of a patch up above.”

“A landing strip?”

“No, more of an inverted triangle.”

“Ah, pointin’ to the prize.”

Sam laughed. “You’re a dork.”

Beth ignored the jibe. “How ’bout the guys?”

“Uh, Arden is shaved bare, but Rich is just trimmed.”

“No, not that,” scoffed Beth, executing one of her famously abrupt changes of topic, “how are they hung?”

Sam rolled her eyes, even though her friend couldn’t see it. “Arden has some nice equipment.”

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