Naked Earnings Ch. 01

Naked Earnings Ch. 01


I’m Dan, a 45 year old white guy, one of those guys who have been married to their job, mine is in silicon valley, I damn good programmer still employed, though now a freelancer. I’ve been separated from my wife and son for the last five years, though she tragically died in a car accident a short while ago and so I will be returning to my old home where my son, Tim, lives by himself now.

Work is all consuming for me; I enjoy the feel of control and mastery. I am vain, so I generally work out at the gym, swim and job to keep fit. For an old guy I’m in good shape, 5′ 6″ around 140 pounds. I’m a pretty solid body, firm muscular legs and firm strong arms.

Tim, who I haven’t seen for many years, must be 20 or 21 years old by now. I wonder if I will recognize me?

I pull up after work at the once familiar winding driveway in my Benz convertible to my old home. It’s roomy, secluded from the neighbors by tall bamboo all around the house, a Japanese gardening in the front, a heated pool, Jacuzzi, and a tennis court, off to the side.

I forgot how hot and sunny it is out here in Los Gatos, even this late in the day, almost 6 pm. I spot a tall, tan and slender young man striding toward me as I get my things out of the Benz convertible. My son is taller than me, probably by 2 or 3 inches, has his mother’s blonde silky hair, he has leather sandals on and what looks like a skimpy yellow speedo swim suit. He looks good, his body is swimmer trim and muscular and he’s completely hairless. He is definitely comfortable and cocky even dressed in as little as he is. I can’t help notice my now adult man has inherited my manhood. Curled and held tightly çankaya escort in that almost nothing of a yellow fabric is a massive package. I’m certain he’s… what’s that term? Oh yeah, my wife would always tell me I was hung like a horse. Yup, that’s me and as my son gets even closer, I’m certain that is true with him as well. He must spend a fair amount of time out in the sun, his body is richly tanned, and he looks model good. He also has his Dad’s swaggering confidence as well.

I do the expected hug with him and that’s when I realize that the speedo is barely covering his ass. Well actually some of his ass checks show a bit. I wanted my wife to wear something like this, but she never would. I’m surprised at myself as I stare at his ass when he walks ahead of me carrying both my bags, I carry my computer. Damn, he does look like one of those fashion models in that outfit. It is a shame that ass is not some hot babe’s.

I wonder if he really strutted around like this when she was around to see him? She was always a shy modest type, at least as far as I knew her.

We talk like strangers getting to know each other. He insists on fixing me dinner. I watch him move with a dancers grace throughout the kitchen as he prepares some kind of fancy salad with strips of sautéed chicken and vegetables. I can’t believe he’s actually comfortable in that thing he is wearing. The fabric stretching and pressing into his ass crack must feel weird. But he acts like it’s no big deal strutting around like this, so I gather he’s ass is use to it. I can’t get over this, kids are different today that’s for sure. My parents would freak demetevler escort out if my sister wore that, as for me! They would lock me up on some therapist couch for years till I got over it. But, I confess on him it looks good. He is also a good cook. The meal is filling and tasty.

After thanking him for the meal I set up on the dining room table my lap top and papers and settle into my usual after dinner work while my son goes off to his room.

I finish my project and head off to sleep.

The next morning I wake to the smell of fresh coffee and cooking bacon. It’s warm in the house and I just put on tee shirt and my boxers as I step out of the bedroom toward the kitchen.

My son greets me from the kitchen offering me a fresh cup. He’s wearing another low slung speedo, this one is cherry red. Damn he looks good.

He kept fit. Smooth flat stomach, firm arms and legs. All without any hair showing, even in his arm pits. Does he shave? That cherry red speedo sits really low on his hips, just barely covering the top of his crotch, I imagine. That suit looks good; it shows off his great package.

I almost burst out and choke on my coffee when he turns around to reveal his bare ass. It’s a tiny thong bikini! Its I guess one of those dental floss thongs and hell his butt looks hot.

I would love to fuck that babe if I saw her with that nice a piece of ass strutting on a beach. Damn that ass is wasted on a guy. I thank him for the coffee and he tells me to make some toast as he finished our omelets.

Seeing my son almost naked with such a fine ass is stirring my loins. I keep my stiff prick emek escort hidden by staying put and just enjoying the breakfast as if nothing is happening. But something is I’m turned on at the sight of my nearly naked son.

He asks me when I have to be at the office and I explain I can telecommute, and I often do. When I need to make presentations I go into the office, otherwise I work from home. At first he sort of frowns, then he perks up and mutters as if to hide his frown that it must be cool to be able to work naked and no one would know it. I say true. But, I generally wear sweat pants, or in this heat, boxers. We laugh. As I get to watch my almost naked son’s ass while he washes the breakfast dishes.

When he finishes with the dishes Tim gets his lap top and then he starts to head out back with towels and sun tan lotion to lie out in the sun.

I gather they must do this often, since Tim sports a nice tan, I have a suspicion that he sun bathes naked, since I can’t see any tan lines. I ask him if he wants me to put some lotion on his back and he sees sure. I work the lotion into his neck, and back. His skin is both soft and firm. I work my way down his back and I can’t help staring at his ass.

My fingers get close to the edge of the thong fabric and he says if I’m going to keep going I need to get the lotion under the fabric. I slide my hand under the top portion of the thong’s fabric and then I can’t stop and I just have to feel his ass. I apply the lotion all over his firm, smooth skin and I wonder if my wife used to do the same thing? Did she fondle his bare ass as well? My son is enjoying it and I can see by my own tented boxers that I am too. I work the lotion into his ass checks and cover them well.

They feel so very nice, just like I imaging a cute young college girl’s ass would feel. I get a hold of myself and finally stop. My son thanks me and trots off out to the back yard.

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