My Wife’s Snooty Sister


Stella, my wife’s sister, had always been the ultimate, snooty, arrogant, I’m better than you bitch!.

She was a year older than myself and from the first time we met an air of mutual dislike prevailed.

Stella married the year before us and divorced some seven years later on account of her husbands infidelity, retreating into her own little world absorbing herself with doing up her home and spending endless hours tending her garden.

Clare, my wife, always remained in contact with her sister and the two always got on reasonably enough at the odd family social gathering and the like over the years, it just seemed men were top of Stella’s hate list.

Stella was not really the type of woman who got you wondering about her sexual preferences, she was an attractive enough woman but her distinctly frosty demeanour tended to ward off any thoughts in that direction.

As the years passed Stella became tolerable almost to the point where she had re entered the realms of the normal human world.

I’d known Stella for close on thirty years as she rapidly approached her 50th birthday.

There was to be a party at her place in the Gloucestershire countryside to celebrate the event and Clare & myself were invited up a few days ahead of the celebrations to help with the organising and rearranging of furniture etc, as many would be staying over.

The girls had gone shopping one morning leaving me to hump some furniture from room to room. One of the items of furniture was a 5 draw chest and was too heavy to lift or drag from her bedroom into one of the spares so I decided to take the draws out to make the job easier.

The second draw down contained various items of underwear, all neatly placed in piles, knickers, bras, suspenders, stockings, tights and so on.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of exploring what my Sister In Law wore beneath her outer clothes and was soon engrossed browsing the mostly flimsy garments.

I was surprised at the sheerness, the flimsiness of the garments. Satin French knickers, a peep hole bra and even a crotch less pair of red panties, the dirty bitch I thought to my self rather amusedly.

Further to my amazement, at the bottom of the pile was a huge black vibrator, it must have been 12″ long and a good 2″ thick.

My natural male tendencies kicked in and I couldn’t resist bringing the tool up and running it under my nose. It smelt just the same as the underwear, sweet, honeysuckley, not of sex just a clean fragrant natural smell.

It did however appear well used and a little twiddle at the base confirmed that the batteries were all systems go.

My mind raced, wondering how often the device was used, how far it penetrated etc.

Further searching of the draws revealed Stella’s diary and although totally ungentle manly of me I couldn’t resist the urge to take a peek inside.

Once again I was astonished to read that her closing comments at the end of each day were of a somewhat sexual nature.

Thumbing through I noticed that since Clare & I’s arrival on Monday Stella’s written thoughts appeared to centre around me and more precisely what She envisaged me doing to her, no doubt these written thoughts were soon followed by a session with her plastic love stick.

Eventually the furniture got moved and I had just finished and was reading my paper when the girls returned, laughing and giggling as they entered the living room.

The girls were keen to show off their purchases before dinner, Stella I thought having undergone a complete personality change.

From then on every time I glanced at Stella I couldn’t help but picture her laying legs wide apart whilst she fed that 12″ monster into her gaping hairy bush, several times I had the need to adjust my rampant penis inside my trousers as my mind raced on.

The night of the party soon Porno arrived and the guests had a grand old time, singing, dancing drinking etc as you do. There were about 50 guests all enjoying a thoroughly pleasant evening.

I’d barely noticed the passing time and all to soon the party was over, people drifting off slowly as they do. Clare announced that she was retiring and urged me not to spend too much time clearing up as we could do it tomorrow.

I had just finished collecting the last of the glasses from outside and was taking them through to the kitchen when it dawned on me that Stella and I were the only two left up.

Stella was in the kitchen, humming softly one of the numbers that had been played several times during the evening.

She turned slightly and offered a whispered thank you over her shoulder as I brought in the last of the glasses.

Stella rinsed and dried her hands and turned to face me whilst resting her body against the sink. Her eyes appeared slightly glazed, she wasn’t pissed just very merry I’d say.

My mind seemed to blank at that point as I took the three steps that formed the gap between us, reaching my arms around her waist I drew her towards me. My mouth closed on hers, Stella’s mouth opened slightly, instinctively allowing our tongues to meet briefly.

Stella stiffened slightly in my arms, straightened and eased her head back. The kiss had been fairly brief was certainly highly charged.

“wow,” she uttered

“oh Steve”

“no, no Steve I can’t, we can’t” she continued.

With that she broke free from the light hold I had on her and retreated to the living room.

I followed, again closing the gap between us ignoring her strained pleas as my lips once again sought hers.

“please Steve no”

“oh Steve please don’t do this”

as once again her mouth parted from mine.

Stella struggled somewhat half heartedly in my arms, but didn’t appear to be trying too hard to break free.

I held her tight, crushing her to me, her ample breasts forced against my chest. My now throbbing erection snaked and strained within its confines and against her belly, Stella let out a low deep throated sob as she felt my weapon prodding at her soft lower belly.

Releasing her, she was now left breathing deeply, nostrils flared slightly, a deep crimson glow as the light from the flickering flames of the fire played across her face.

I took her hand and led her through the patio doors and down the garden.

“Where are we going?”

Stella asked in a whispered voice.

I said nothing but continued to lead her towards the day house at the bottom of her large garden, somewhat secluded from the house by a trellis fence covered in honeysuckle and roses.

Drawing Stella to me again the instant we entered the day house her mouth again opening instinctively as mine closed around it, tongues entwining, wrestling against each others.

Again I paused, Stella again taking the opportunity to whisper without any conviction;

“Steve no, my god no we cant”.

My hands slid down her sides and gently round to cup her buttocks as I thrust my crotch against hers, my hands clamping firmly to the cheeks of her arse as we ground together.

My lips moved to nuzzle her neck, plucking at the soft skin, lightly chewing on her ear lobes.

One last vainful attempt she uttered without any conviction at all, in fact it was just a statement, a line she might have been reading from a book.

My lips pursued hers, hands moving back up her flanks this time dipping beneath the flimsy material of her low cut black top.

Stella shivered slightly as my thumbs grazed across her bra encased breasts, her nipples becoming erect at the touch, stiffening visibly and straining to burst through her bra onto my waiting fingers. Altyazılı Porno Back and forth my thumbs moved across those thickening peaks.

I moved my hands behind her, fingers playing gently along her spine before deftly moving to release the clasp of her under wired garment, before returning to her front and like a baker kneading dough I began to mould her large tits. Fingers and thumbs clamping on to her erect nipples, teasing and tweaking and plucking them from her body.

Stella moaned deeply into my mouth as our tongues intermingled, her chest thrusting itself to me, forcing more of her breast into my hands.

I stopped.

Pushed her away from me gently and looked deep into her hazel coloured eyes.

Stella looked bemused.

“So you’d rather go to bed and fill your fanny full of that big black vibrator instead would you?” I asked

“or shall we give you diary something real to have written in it for a change?”

Stunned momentarily Stella then replied

“you bastard, you absolute bastard, what right have you to look through my things!”

She sobbed quietly, again her sentiments were more like statements rather than containing any particular meaning.

This time I moved in and nonchantly flipped up her black top exposing her breasts to the slightly chilled night air. I was in awe at the perfect shape and size of her breasts, they were large, maybe 40/42…a D…probably a DD cup, they were heavy but hung well for her age. The nipples stood out further than any I’d seen before, long hard round rubbery teats.

My mouth descended down to her breast feasting first on one and then the other teat, sucking them deeply into my mouth. My tongue swirling over the erect lumps causing her to moan deeply. Stella thrust each breast in turn into my mouth trying to force more and more of her mound inside.

I backed her against a pillar that supported the structure and my hands forced themselves away from her love mounds, replacing my hands with hers begging her to tease the nipples and feed me whilst I busied myself elsewhere.

My hands dropped to the hem of her knee length floral skirt and started to push it upwards, every two inches or so I’d allow it to fall back to her knees, raising the tension between us.

Stella took to the art of mothering me easily and was soon twisting at the nipple that wasn’t being chewed and sucked upon, our groins thrust harder against each others.

The silky feel of her stockings as my hands pushed her skirt up was increasing the passion within me, soon my fingers felt the metal clasp of her suspenders as they held up the stockings, my fingers toyed and played across them before pinging first one free and then another. The stocking began to fold down her leg, my hand splaying out to caress the bare flesh that it exposed. Gently caressing her inner thighs, softly coaxing her legs apart.

Stella’s legs parted willingly allowing me access to any part o0f her I wished.

Fingers passed gently over the front of her silk panties, applying soft pressure to her mound, the coiled springy pubic hair encased pushing my fingers back like a spring.

Soon enough my fingers started to trail down her slit, her knickers seemingly flooding with moistness as my fingers pressed the soft material into her slit before reaching inside the garment to feel directly that warm moistness.

Her legs parted further with each intrusion, my fingers deftly parting her now sodden labia, smearing the love juices over her mound, her pubic hairs saturated with her desires. Several times she thrust forward, her hips trying to impale my fingers inside that moistness. Her clit was very prominent, like a tiny cock standing proudly from under its hooded sheath, my thumb grazed over it causing a stifled cry deep within Stella’s throat.

I eased Brazzers her back to the chaise lounge that dominated the room, as we lowered I dipped and slipped her panties down her legs. Stella kicked them free along with her sandals and lay back with legs open awaiting my throbbing cock.

I had other ideas, I released her and slowly took off my trousers, Stella stared at my crotch as I slid down my boxers and allowed my giant erection to spring free. Her eyes were riveted to it, my hand slowly stroked my throbbing hardness, slowly pulling back the foreskin to expose the pre cum that glistened over my knob head.

I moved forward, hands moving to draw Stella’s head close to my organ, she looked up with lust laden eyes and I could tell she had never done this before.

Slowly and easily I rubbed my cock around the edges of her mouth, smearing my pre cum across her lips, gently coaxing her mouth too part and engulf my red hot hardness.

Stella’s tongue slipped out from her parted lips tentatively. At first just lightly flicking at the knob, tasting the pre cum, then slowly she began lapping at it like a cat with cream.

As she parted her lips further I eased my cock forward and began a slow rhythmic in and out motion. I had no intention of cumming in her mouth, well not this time anyhow, I let her feast on my organ for awhile before pushing her gently backwards and dropping to my knees.

Again Stella’s eyes were glued to what my mouth was about to do as my lips softly kissed the flesh exposed as my hands pushed up her skirt.

Gently I nibbled at the milky white flesh, before burying my nose deep into her crotch an inhaling the sweet aroma of her needy sex. Stella half sighed, half sobbed as my tongue sprung forward and traced a line from her anus up to her now throbbing clit, it swirled around it before my lips closed and drew the stiff little soldier into my mouth, I sucked deeply on her clit and as my tongue lashed across it one last time Stella’s body stiffened, she held my head hard against her cunt whilst she shuddered to a climax, my tongue witnessing the release of yet more love fluids from her inners. My tongue greedily lapping at these juices as her hold on my head subsided.

Still dazed somewhat, Stella looked almost frightened as I raised my body upwards, she knew what was going to happen next but the thought of a real hard, fleshy lump of man meat penetrating her body for the first time in over twenty years was a daunting prospect. Only the pure lust driving through her body prevented her from rejecting my advances.

I had my cock in my hand and tenderly ran the head up and down her slit, she was wet enough alright but mentally I wanted her to be driven almost mad with wanton desire before entering her.

I eased forward on each stroke allowing the cock head to part her lips and tentatively probe for her opening, Stella moaned as each intrusion went fractionally deeper. My hands went to her hips and finally I allowed my invading penis to enter her, spearing apart her inner lips. My cock was covered with copious amounts of our joint bodily fluids and glided into her body deeply.

Slowly we moved against each other, the pace and sexual tension rising as we did so, my cock going deep into her body until being met by her cervix, slowly it would withdraw until only the merest part of my knob remained between her labia and then it would plunge back in, Stella’s cunt lips wrapped around it like a glove, the inner lips being forced deeper inside her as they gripped my cock flesh and then they were drawn out of their love nest as the angry red meat of my cock withdrew.

It didn’t take long for Stella’s body to start to stiffen again and feeling her impending orgasm was enough for my cock to spew the copious amounts of spunk that had been brewing inside my balls, with one last thrust Stella came as my cock buried itself deep inside her, my sperm shooting forth and showering her womb with thick cream.

Stella’s eyes opened at this point and looked lovingly into mine, she cradled my head against her heaving breasts and whispered softly

“thank you Steve”

Stella, my wife’s sister, had always been the ultimate, snooty, arrogant, I’m better than you bitch!. She was a year older than myself and from the first time we met an air of mutual dislike prevailed. Stella married the year before us and divorced some seven years later on account of her husbands infidelity, retreating…

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