My Tree Hugger

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Hello and welcome to my readers. This is my first submittal to Literotica. I hope you enjoy it. Your comments, feedback and votes are heartily encouraged. My sincere thanks go out to Alex the Cat for her advice, suggestions and encouragement to this novice writer.


“Meg’s, Meg’s, wake up, beautiful.”

“Nooo, Rache’, don’ wanna.”

“It’s almost the New Year, lazybones, where’s the champagne?”

Megan lifted her head from Rachel’s bare tummy, gazing sleepily at her lover. “How long ’till midnight, sweetie?”

“About twenty minutes, you better get a move on. Remember, you promised.”

Megan yawned, “Oh very well, champagne for two by the fire coming right up.”

Pushing back the blue and green crocheted blankets they had been cuddling under, she gave her pillow a long kiss. The crackling fire in the massive stone fireplace was the only source of illumination in the large room. Its flickering flames keeping the winter chill outside the building’s log walls. Arising from the couch, Megan strolled naked into the kitchen. Pale skin shining in the firelight, she swayed her firm buttocks suggestively, sending a thrill through Rachel. Oh God, how I adore that woman, she thought. “You’ve got a beautiful ass there, lady,” she called to Megan.

“Flattery will get you everywhere with me, babe,” came the reply. Rachel shifted about on the couch, immediately missing the warmth of her companion’s body, the silky flesh against her own. Better see what is going on in Times Square, she thought. She pressed a button on the remote and the plasma TV flared to life, showing the milling throngs awaiting the New Year. Staring idly at the glowing screen, Rachel’s mind began drifting back to when she and Megan had first seen each other, over a year ago. Rachel giggled at the memory. Wow, my sweetie was so angry that day…

Rachel Carson peered through the window of her vintage Ford pick up truck at the sign on the post. “Public Notice, Rezoning from Agricultural to Commercial,” she read aloud. Oh no, she thought, not the Williams farm property. This beautiful land should remain undisturbed, returned to nature. Taking pen and paper from the glove compartment, she wrote down the information about the meeting. “The City Council’s going to hear from me,” she muttered. Rachel’s heart was heavy at the prospect of the former farm used for a shopping center or some other ugly building. She recalled the happy times she had on the farm when she was younger. Rachel and the William’s children, Mary and Sarah, had attended the same school and the girls had become friends. They had so much fun playing in the meadows, sliding down the piles of hay, feeding the baby animals. Now it would be a sea of asphalt. I cannot let them do this, she thought.

She had hoped that when Mr. and Mrs. Williams retired to Florida the girls would continue to work the farm. However, they had pursued other interests and moved away. The fields lay fallow, the farm equipment sold, the house and barns demolished. Now nature was reclaiming the land. Forest animals moved freely through the collapsing fences, migrating waterfowl landed on its ponds, song birds nested in the groves of old growth trees that dotted the fields. Dad and Mom would have fought this rezoning if they were here, she was sure of that. When she was young, her parents had instilled in her a love for the land and its preservation. She remembered fondly their hikes, camping trips and canoe expeditions. Nature and her family was a large part of her life. Then, eight years ago, everything changed.

She had just turned twenty-five when her parents had died. They had been on a flight to explore the Amazon rainforest when their plane crashed during a thunderstorm. Afterwards, she and her cousin Jimmy assumed control of her parents’ camping equipment business. Five years later, the Forest Service in Washington State offered Jimmy a ranger’s job and he took it. Now she managed the business on her own. It was a challenge to be sure, but thanks to her loyal employees, she was succeeding quite well. Rachel was a cheerful person most of the time. Now, the thought of this lovely open space scarred with a shopping center had ruined her mellow mood. I am going to that meeting, she thought, I am not going to let this go on without my opposition.

Megan Lucas opened the door to her sparsely furnished motel room, wrinkling her nose at the faint musty smell. Not a lot of guests in this place, she thought, not what I am used to by a long shot. She stood her suitcase in the corner, put her purse and laptop on the rickety table, and sat heavily on the bed. This trip had been a misadventure from the beginning. Her flight delays, receiving the wrong rental car and her poorly prepared dinner in the local restaurant were all excessively maddening. Things that had once been minor irritations as she traveled across the country were becoming intolerably annoying lately. Why do I feel so tired? She wondered. Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort Am I starting to lose it? Am I finally burning out?

Megan was a senior store site locator and company representative for the Bargain Superstore chain. She had worked hard to get where she was today, joining the company after graduating from business school. Her positive attitude and willingness to work long hours impressed her superiors. Consequently, she had risen quickly in the male dominated ranks. During the last twelve years, she had made herself an asset to the company. Now, she was here to implement the company’s expansion program. Her division manager was counting on her to push this 300-acre property rezoning through quickly. The company wanted to finalize the purchase of the property ASAP. Time, as usual, was money. After resting for a moment, Megan walked to the table, seated herself on the equally rickety chair and turned on her laptop. Wearily, she began finalizing her presentation to the City Council for the Williams property rezoning. Focusing on her work came naturally to Megan, but for some reason she had difficulty concentrating.

She suddenly felt a pang of loneliness in the drab motel room and wanted to call her mother. No, she and father would be out on the boat this time of day and they turn off their phones. Besides, they were enjoying their retirement. There was no need to bother them just because she felt a little blue. Megan tried to cheer herself up. I have a great job, she thought, there was no question about that. The money and benefits were all she had ever wanted. The work was exciting; the travel stimulating and seeing every part of the country was interesting. However, something was missing in her life and she was not sure what. Megan could not keep her mind on her work, so she began to undress and unpacked her suitcase. The cable TV programming was limited and boring, so that was not much of a distraction. I’ll take a hot shower and get some sleep, she thought, I’ll finish in the morning when I’m up to speed again.

Rachel parked her pickup in the City Hall parking lot and went inside the red brick building. Walking through the lobby, she greeted everyone she knew and smiled at those few she did not. Rachel was a friendly woman, everyone liked her, yet sometimes she felt so alone. If only Dad and Mom were here with me, she thought, they always loved to challenge those in power who would harm the environment. Taking a seat in the meeting room, Rachel noticed an attractive woman across the aisle. Dressed in a fashionable business suit, she stood out in the casually dressed audience. As she looked at the stranger, Rachel felt comforting warmth spreading through her body.

The woman’s very presence captivated Rachel. Her short blonde hair, cut in a classic style, framed her softly rounded face. Rachel looked longingly at her trim figure, manicured fingernails and pinkish white skin. Her tailored suit accentuated the curves of her body and the hem of her skirt rode high on her long legs. Tasteful jewelry, grey stockings, a black purse and black high heel shoes completed her stylish outfit. Erotic thoughts rose without warning in Rachel’s mind. She began to fantasize about rolling those grey stockings down those long legs, moving upwards to nuzzle the blonde-haired woman’s crotch. Her panties were damp as she rubbed her thighs together in sudden frustration. When the woman’s blue eyes looked at her, Rachel gave her an encouraging smile, but the blonde beauty quickly looked away. Rachel shook her head to clear it. I need to concentrate on this meeting, not this beautiful stranger. Still intrigued, she could not help but look at the lovely woman once again.

Rachel was not the only one that was staring. Megan looked around and saw an enchanting woman with long black hair seated to her right. She appeared to be Megan’s age, in her early thirties, her deeply tanned skin suggesting a life outdoors. The woman’s faded blue jeans fit her snugly, accentuating her firm thighs and round buttocks. Her thin denim colored shirt clung tightly to her large breasts. Megan thought she could see her nipples, erect against the tight fabric. When the woman looked her way and smiled, her dark brown eyes, full lips and flashing white teeth were captivating.

Abruptly, Megan wanted those lips pressing on hers, her tongue gliding in that sweet mouth. Her hands itched to grasp those heavy breasts, rolling the nipples between her fingers. A sensuous thrill ran through her and her panties were wet. She quickly looked down at the laptop’s screen. I must concern myself with my presentation, she thought, not be daydreaming about captivating strangers. She felt the woman’s eyes upon her and looked up. When their eyes met for the second time, they stared at each other with such intensity had someone walked between them they could have been burned.

Neither woman was unfamiliar with the pleasures of her own sex. Megan’s first Sapphic lover was Betsy Perkins, her sorority ‘study buddy’ in college. After three semesters of tender intimacy, Betsy changed majors and transferred to another college, leaving Megan broken hearted and alone. Since then, she had been too busy in her career to seek long-term companionship. She simply settled for the occasional one-night stand on the road and solitary satisfaction. Now this woman’s intense stare brought out a depth of feeling in Megan she had not experienced in a long time. She longed to lick and suck every inch of this lovely stranger’s body, imagining her screams of pleasure. A shiver of excitement ran through Megan and she felt young again.

Across the aisle, Rachel felt the stirrings of desire as she stared at the blonde-haired woman. Her first experience in Sapphic love was with Mary Capps, an older woman she had met on a kayaking expedition after leaving high school. She was kind and considerate to her inexperienced sex partner, and their time together was sweet, but all too short. Rachel still thought of her fondly. Since then, her lovers were infrequent, most of them strangers she encountered while leading canoe and hiking trips.

Her last time with a woman was in the spring of the year. Cindy was on the canoeing expedition Rachel had led down the Arapaho River. The attraction was immediate and they made love after the others were asleep. The woman’s long, red hair enveloping Rachel like a cloud as they enjoyed each other. Then the trip was over and Cindy reluctantly returned to her husband. Since then, Rachel was alone with her memories and longings. Now she was suddenly aroused, looking eagerly at the blonde stranger. She imagined them making passionate love in her big bed, barely stifling a moan of desire.

The Mayor gaveled the meeting to order, startling both women from their sensual daydreaming. The City Clerk announced the meeting’s agenda, placing Megan’s item on first. Its show time thought Megan, one more presentation and I can go back and shop for Christmas. Then the clerk called her name. She arose and strode confidently to the podium. Oh my goodness, thought Rachel, she is the representative for the shopping center I am going to oppose. Why does it have to be her? I’m so attracted to her. She probably won’t want to speak to me when I’m finished voicing my objections. What lousy luck.

Megan gave a smooth and convincing presentation. Her fingers flew over the laptops keyboard, flashing charts and graphs in rapid succession on the drop screen. She explained in detail the economic benefits that a Bargain Superstore would bring to the town; increased tax revenue, steady jobs, and more choices of consumer products at a discount price. There was also the high probability of building a regional distribution center on the remaining property, providing an additional economic benefit. Her data seemed to be having quite an effect on the Council members, much to Megan’s satisfaction. They were all taking notes and asking detailed questions that she speedily answered. The decision to rezone seemed all but certain.

Watching the Council members talking excitedly to each other, Megan smiled inwardly. Lady, she thought, you still have it, even if you are tired. There was a lot of money riding on this one and a big bonus for her as well. Maybe I’ll get that yellow Porsche I test drove last week for Christmas, she thought. As Megan returned to her seat, she looked at the black haired woman again. A frown was on her pretty face and her hands twisted nervously in her lap. Is she not feeling well? Megan wondered. She turned to her computer, making notes to the project file.

Rachel arose quickly when the Mayor asked for comments from the public. She dashed to the podium, brown eyes flashing. “I strongly object to this proposed rezoning of the Williams property,” she began, “that land is a haven for animals and birds, those groves of trees are what remain of old growth forests, that property is a local landmark…” She continued to address the Council, becoming more impassioned as she spoke. Scattered applause from the audience punctuated her objections.

Megan stopped typing and looked up at the sound of the dark haired woman speaking to the council. Damn, thought Megan, it’s her. I was going to ask her out for coffee afterwards, now she is opposing this project. Fat chance she will want to talk to me, the way she’s going on. She’s so pretty too, damn, damn.

Then Megan realized the woman’s comments were having an effect on the Council. She could tell by the looks on their faces and their hurried conversations that the woman was convincing them not to approve her rezoning request. Well isn’t this just great, thought Megan. I had this one in the bag, now I bet they’ll postpone the vote.

Following an agitated discussion among the Council members, the Mayor spoke. “It is the opinion of this Council that the rezoning request for the Williams property be tabled for further study. The Council wishes to thank local citizen Ms. Rachel Carson for bringing these environmental matters to our attention. Thank you for your informative presentation, Ms. Lucas. The clerk will contact you when we schedule a meeting to discuss this matter further.”

As the Council moved on to other matters, Megan could feel her face reddening. Damn the woman, she thought, all my efforts down the drain. I had this one nailed until she opened her big mouth. Damn these tree huggers, they are always causing trouble. In her rising annoyance, she did not notice Rachel hurrying out the door. I was going to ask her to have dinner with me, thought Rachel, but now I can tell she is angry. I had to speak my mind and I guess that is that. Oh well, I guess I’ll head for home. As she walked to her truck, she felt sad. I did so want to meet that beautiful woman. Then she saw some friends waiting for her at her truck and her mood brightened.

Megan stalked toward her rental car, still fuming. “I can kiss that bonus goodbye,” she muttered to herself, “that Porsche, too. I guess its merry effin’ Christmas to me.” She saw the Carson woman leaning against an old pickup truck, laughing and talking to people from the meeting. As Megan stood glaring at the black-haired beauty, she was still intrigued despite her anger. That lovely smile, that cute laugh, those shining eyes; she felt warmth spreading through her body.

Rachel turned and saw the Lucas woman staring at her, a look of anger on her face. She still looks irritated, she thought, but she is beautiful. Feeling devilish, Rachel winked at Megan and stuck her tongue out. Saying goodbye to her friends, she climbed in her pickup and drove away. I wonder if my mystery woman will follow me, she thought, I hope she does.

Megan was furious. Who does that Carson woman think she is? First, that meddler blows my project out of the water and then she mocks me like that? I ought to give her a piece of my mind. She had seen the name of a business on the old pickups door, ‘Overland Outfitters’. I’ll find that place and I’ll convince her she’s wrong about opposing my project, Megan decided. After getting directions from a female police officer, Megan drove toward her confrontation with Ms. Carson. She wanted to see the dark haired woman in spite of her annoyance and hoped they could talk for a while, even if they were arguing.

Rachel parked her pickup alongside the rambling two-story log building that was both her business and her home. She always felt a little pang as she walked in the front door, remembering her Mom walking from behind the counter. She was always there to greet her when she got off the school bus and came running up the gravel driveway. Dad was always fixing a canoe or stitching a backpack in the workshop. He would put down his tools and hug her when she found him, asking her about school or how her day went. She would run upstairs where they lived to find cookies and milk waiting for her. It seemed so long ago.

Now it was Caroline, Rachel’s tour guide supervisor, standing behind the counter. Her tall, thin frame, long limbs and shock of brown hair created an image of a giraffe wearing bib overalls and a plaid shirt. She and Caroline had been friends since High School and today they shared an easygoing employer, employee relationship.

Caroline walked around the counter. “Hi’ya boss, how’d it go at the meeting today? Did’ja give ’em hell?” she asked expectantly.

Rachel grinned at her, Caroline always called her ‘boss’ since she had taken charge. “Hell yeah, Caroline, I burned ’em good.”

Caroline had worked for her parents since she and Rachel had graduated, and stayed on after Rachel assumed control of the business. Neither of the women had any interest in attending college, but they loved the outdoors, so working at the Outfitters suited the both of them. Rachel had focused on the William’s farm rezoning these last few weeks, leaving the day-to-day activities in Caroline’s capable hands. “Where is everyone today, Caroline?” She asked, “Seems pretty quiet around here.”

Caroline frowned, “Let’s see, John’s leadin’ that backpackin’ group up to the falls in the state park; Sally’s makin’ sure those birdwatchers don’t get lost on Sentinel Ridge lookin’ for those snowy owls; Alice has a dental appointment, that fillins’ botherin’ her again; Jerry took the kayaks over to Clear Lake City for repairs. I guess that’s everybody.”

Rachel laughed, “Well, I guess it’s just you and me, Caroline; I think we can handle it.” Rachel got along well with everyone in her employ. They interacted almost as a family. Caroline, Jerry and Alice had originally worked for her parents and Rachel had hired John and Sally. In time, they had become a smoothly working team. Everyone invited Rachel to their homes for dinners and parties, but they respected her and did not take advantage of their comfortable relationship. “The meeting, boss,” Caroline asked again, “what happened?”

Rachel smiled, “I think we bought the Williams farm some time. The council tabled the rezoning until they can look into the environmental issues I raised. I even made a friend today,” she said sarcastically.

Hello and welcome to my readers. This is my first submittal to Literotica. I hope you enjoy it. Your comments, feedback and votes are heartily encouraged. My sincere thanks go out to Alex the Cat for her advice, suggestions and encouragement to this novice writer. ————————————– “Meg’s, Meg’s, wake up, beautiful.” “Nooo, Rache’, don’ wanna.”…

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