My Teacher, My Love Ch. 10

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Part 10 – Sex Education

We returned to our room after about 30 minutes of chatting with mom and dad, then we bid them both a goodnight so that we could return to or room and have a serious chat. Once we entered the room Amy put the computer on and sat down, inviting me to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Sophie, yesterday morning was just so wonderful, I never thought my first time with someone would be so special and amazing.”

“Me too Amy, it was so beautiful and amazing, the fact that we love each other really showed.”

“I agree, but then obviously things got a little more frantic, not that I am complaining, but it seemed as we were both out of control after our first time.”

“Yes, it was, sorry about that.”

“No, please don’t apologise, at first I thought we were just using each other, but our love for each other allowed us to lose ourselves, especially all the cursing we did. I have never ever used so many fucks in one night; actually I believe it was probably more than I have ever said in my whole life. It was quite exciting when you used them, so even though it was frantic, I think we were both trying to express our love, just with a little more, oomph.” That got us both laughing. It was nice to just relax and talk about stuff, especially sex.

“Well don’t forget we did enjoy a very slow and loving moment together before you left. Even though it took a while for us both to orgasm, I could feel the love we have for each other when we just explored each other gently and thoughtfully.”

“And with less curse words.” I nodded in agreement.

“So what next?”

“Part of me wants to rip your clothes off and fuck your brains out right now. But then another part wants to explore you very slowly and gently, making the experience last longer.”

“Can’t we do both, maybe we could start slowly then go faster or vice versa?” I asked.

“Excatly, what to do, I know that we should take each moment as it comes and just see what happens. But I thought we could just spend a moment and discuss a few things, as we both know we have limited experience, but I have read enough to know some of things we can do with each other.”

“Like?” Now I was intrigued.

“For instance 69. Do you know what that is?”

“Yes, when we lay opposite ends to each other so we can both pleasure each other with our mouths at the same time.”

“Yes and a very nice explanation, A+, so would that be something you would do with me?”

“Yes, but why ask, we can just see how it goes and then you or I could suggest it in the heat of the moment?”

“We could, but I would rather we talked about it beforehand. Whatever I suggest is not something we will do tonight or anything, but I would like to spend a bit of time discussing things, likes and dislikes, whatever thoughts you might have in terms of sex. I don’t expect you to agree to everything, but I would like to know what you think, and if you disagree we could always discuss it later or it just might happen anyway. I would just like Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort to talk about it, your limited experience seems to hold me back a little with trying new things.”

“Well even though I think we don’t need to discuss this, I trust you not to hurt me, but if it does make you feel better to talk about it then that is fine also. I may not understand everything, but at least it might be fun to find out what you know about lesbian sex.”

“Thank you Sophie, your trust in me fills my heart with love, and thank you for allowing me the chance to discuss this with you. I have to admit I am pretty nervous about this, especially some of the things I have read about, but I would like to think I am pretty open to anything so would like to try them with you, though some of the things we discuss, I would feel better waiting until you are more comfortable.”

“Ok, let me have it, ask anything you want. I read a few terms in the past when I read some stuff, even though I know very little about lesbian sex, I still wanted to discover some of it during my research on the internet, so I learnt a few terms.”

“Like what?”

“Well 69, water sports, anal, which would require some sort of penis shaped object I believe, which would also allow us to have sex in the normal straight way. I read some stories on that site you showed me and read terms like fisting and reaming. Some of it I understood, others I have an idea. But so far nothing I could not see us doing.”

“It seems you know just about the same as me, so you think you could do most of them.”

“Water sports, is something i coud not see us ever doing, it maybe a turn on to some people, but the idea and the mess is just something that does not appeal to me.”

“I agree, what about say fisting or getting a dildo and strap-on.”

“Well I must admit that I am a apprehensive to using a dildo or anything. I just want to share my love without the aid of tools or toys.”

“I never thought about that, toys do seem like an interference in some ways, but we could still try them at some point, experience something new and different.”

“I agree, if there is something we haven’t tried we can always try it, but I definitely think fisting should be something we try, but later. Our pussies are not quite big enough for that yet, but over time we could develop each other for it, so we should both build ourselves up for that one, esepcially as i have read it can be quite exciting and filling.”

“Ok, good point. Now what about me touching or licking you ass, I know it might sound disgusting but it supposed to be very pleasurable?”

“You know this is why we should leave it till were having sex. Talking about it sounds weird, during sex you lose inhibitions and it becomes something that you just do. But if you’re asking for my permission then Amy, you have it. If there is anything I don’t like, I can always say no and you will stop. But I trust you, so try anything you want, I will do the same to you, my body is totally available to you in everyway, and I can always say stop.”

“That is all I really needed to hear.”

“Amy, I have got to tell you, part of me finds this all really funny?”


“Like this morning when we were in class, I saw you sitting there, working, doing the teacher thing, and it made it easy to just see you as Miss Taylor. Then sometimes I would look at you and think of you naked. Now tomorrow I will think about having sex with you, and even though that should be something I should not be thinking about, it will be funny now, because I know you will be thinking the same thing.”

“Well I wasn’t going to, but I am now, thank you very much.” We both tried not to, but we ended up laughing really hard. “That mental image will not go away now.”

“Well not until we try some of them.”

“Let’s just check out the internet and see what we can find. Maybe we should buy a better lesbian sex book or something.”

“I don’t think we ever need to worry about that unless sex gets boring, but I very much doubt that, and like I said earlier if it was any better I would die.” She smiled at the statement and nodded her agreement. We spent an hour or so checking out stories and information about different sex positions two women could share. But by now it was after 9 and with it being a school night for both of us, we thought it better to get an early night especially if we wanted to have some fun. So we both got ready for bed, grabbing a quick shower. We decided to have one separately, while she had hers I got my books ready for tomorrow. She came out in just a towel while I headed for mine, she was just drying her hair when I got out, but still wrapped in a towel, as was I.

“Amy, what do you think we should do at night?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well sleeping arrangements, what time to go to bed or what time to wake up?”

“Oh right, yes maybe we should discuss that. I usually try and sleep around ten, but no later than eleven. I wake up around seven, it does not take me long to get ready, I usually have a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast and head to school about 7.30am. What about you?”

“The same, in the morning I get up about 7am and leave about 8am, but now that I will be meeting Melissa in the morning, I should be leaving about 7.45am.”

“Well that should make things a lot easier, we both get up at the same time. So what about sleeping at night. Is there a position or side you like to be in.”

“Yes, as long as it is with you I don’t mind. Plus,” and I slipped the towel off, leaving me completely naked in front of Amy. “I would like from now on to sleep naked. How about you?” She stood and dropped her towel and led me to our new bed. She got in first and pulled me on top of her.

“I like the naked part especially; it will make things a lot easier.” Then we started kissing passionately. Then I stopped her and got out of bed. I slipped my hand through the curtains so as not to show people outside the window my state of undress, and reached up to close the window. Amy just smiled as I got back in position on top of her. She pulled the covers over us as our kissing continued.

“I love being with you like this Amy, plus I’ve got to give you top marks for your kisses. You feel so good against me, feeling your soft naked skin next to mine, it is such an amazing, loving feeling to be with you like this.” I started to kiss her neck, nipping here and there. Hearing her moan like she was, was making me very wet and excited. Amy’s hands were rubbing my back and then cupping my ass. I started to rub my pussy on Amy’s thigh, I started to moan, then she trapped my leg against her pussy and we began to grind against each other. It took us several minutes to get the idea about what we were doing to each and then to find a rhythm and pace where we both made enough contact with each other to make a significant impact. We were breathing heavily, our bodies becoming slicker and slicker as we sweated. It wasn’t rough but it wasn’t gentle either. Kissing became too difficult as we moved faster and harder against each other.

“I’m so close Amy…..Oh fuck me baby……This feels so good.” I was really getting close, so was Amy.

“Oh Sophie……I feel so close too…….So very close to you.” As we ground harder against each, my pussy was getting more and more sensitive but I was still not there just yet, this was a fun position but the build up was tiring and hard. But we were getting inches closer to our mutual goal. I needed to cum soon so badly, I was losing the ability to keep the pressure and speed going. Then I had an idea, about something Amy mentioned earlier.

“Sophie……stick you finger in my ass.” God I was so turned on my inhibitions were switched off, and I really wanted to come, so suggesting Amy do something that I would probably never ask normally was just such a high. I felt Amy’s hand move to the crack of my ass as I tried to manoeuvre my hand to the same place on Amy’s ass. It probably took all of about 10 seconds, but with us both trying to keep the movements and getting our hands and fingers in the right place it seemed like ages as we continued to build to our orgasms. Luckily both of us had short nails, so when we both reached each others hole, we put a finger in, slowly at first, but once we both felt the effects, we began to move in and out harder. The orgasm that greeted us was just so fucking amazing.

“Oh fuck Amy” I screamed.

“Sophie aaaahhhhhh” Amy managed to say. We were only able to continue for a few seconds before we were both too tired and sore to continue so we just held each other tightly while we came down from our orgasm. After a few minutes I kissed Amy, and then slid off her, and onto my back. Amy rested her head on my shoulder.

“I love you Sophie, good night.” My eyes were closing, I was so tired, we both were. I looked at the clock to see we had been rubbing for about 45 minutes. God what a work out and I was doing most of the work. Thank god i had the energy of a an 18 year old. I set the alarm for 7 and kissed Amy on the top of her head.

“Love you too Amy, night.” And with that we were both asleep.

Part 10 – Sex Education We returned to our room after about 30 minutes of chatting with mom and dad, then we bid them both a goodnight so that we could return to or room and have a serious chat. Once we entered the room Amy put the computer on and sat down, inviting me…

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