My Sister’s Keeper Ch. 09


Note: All characters are over 18.


It had been almost a week since Kaitlyn and Sasha had their last session, which ended with Sasha climaxing and the two had hardly spoken since then. It wasn’t that either were afraid of the other’s reaction to the events, it was more that they just didn’t know what to do.

They spoke on the way to the movies, Kaitlyn having done some light hidden bondage consisting of a rope harness around Sasha’s body without binding her hands, but afterwards they were back to a bit of silence. It wasn’t just that either had fear; they just didn’t know what to say and wanted to process events for themselves.

Kaitlyn was still the slightest bit worried that she had forced Sasha too much and had made herself do something she’d promised to never do again. In the back of her mind, she thought that and still was upset with herself for it. However, she was mostly concerned with how she was going to follow it up. She wasn’t quite ready for sexual aspects in every lesson, but she was glad she could finally muster the strength to bring her to orgasm this one time.

Sasha was worried that despite Kaitlyn’s kind words she had failed her by making her afraid to truly bring her to climax. She was glad Kaitlyn had able to do it, but she wasn’t glad that it had taken this long. She gave a small sigh.

Both knew, however, that the silence wasn’t one of negativity, but one of contemplation. Once the week had gone by, however, Kaitlyn broke the silence.

The two had sat down to breakfast, Sasha in a loose shirt and baggy pants and Kaitlyn in a tank top and jeans. Sasha had never cared for tighter clothes to sleep in because they felt too restrictive as she tossed and turned. But, she was considering taking lessons from Kaitlyn in terms of sleeping because she wanted to be more like the dominant. However, the words form Kaitlyn were quite a surprise to her.

“I believe that you are ready to take this relationship a step further,” She said with a smile.

“I-I thought you were engaged to Rebecca, Mistress?” Sasha asked, her confusion evident on her face. Kaitlyn simply looked at her, also confused, before she burst into a giggle fit.

“I didn’t mean like that,” She said once she’d gained her composure. “I was talking about our mistress and submissive relationship.”

“Further?” Sasha couldn’t have been more confused.

“Yes, further,” Kaitlyn said. “There is one more step in taking this in a true relationship. I want you to know, however, that if you take this step, there is no return. You will essentially be my permanent partner, whether you take a submissive or dominant role in any particular activities we do.”

“Like… marriage?” Sasha asked.

“Yes, but without the commitment.” Kaitlyn said. “If you find another partner, you can make a contract with them and such, but you will always be, in part, mine.”

“Yes, mistress.” Sasha took Kaitlyn’s hands. “I would love to join myself to you.”

“Just don’t let Rebecca hear you say that,” Kaitlyn laughed. “I’m sure she’d have no hesitation in “putting you in your place” as she’d say.”

Sasha blushed at the thought, knowing in part what Rebecca was like.

“I did enjoy our intimate moment, Sasha,” Kaitlyn smiled, looking into Sasha’s eyes. “I didn’t say anything because I was processing and trying to understand if you’d truly enjoyed it.”

“It’s okay,” Sasha said. “I was wondering if I’d made you more afraid to do it again.”

“I’ll have to work up to that,” Kaitlyn said. “But, I did enjoy myself once I managed to get over the worry. Perhaps we should have started with simple sex first. That would have been easier.”

“But, not as kinky.” Sasha said with a blush.

“True,” Kaitlyn said, a mischievous smirk crossing her lips. “I hope I haven’t turned you into a bondage slut, my sweet.”

“I-I wouldn’t mind being one,” Sasha said as Kaitlyn gently cupped her face.

“I don’t think you do,” She said. “Bondage is fun and nice, but so is freedom. You shouldn’t want to be restrained for long. In my contracts I’ve made with clients, I say that the longest consecutive time I will leave them restrained is forty eight hours and that’s only with heavily experienced clients. For someone like you, the longest I’d leave you is twelve hours.”

“Then, I guess… bursa escort you’ll have to make it worth my time,” Sasha said softly, half joking, half inviting. Kaitlyn raised an eyebrow and laughed at the statement.

“Well, when you put it that way, I think I will.” She said. “But, there is one more thing I got to commemorate this event of you becoming closer with me,”

“Wh-What is that?” Sasha asked, feeling herself becoming wet at the thought of something kinky Kaitlyn must have planned for her in order to make the relationship more special.

“I got you this,” Kaitlyn walked into the next room, producing a box that was as big as her torso, held in her arms. It seemed light from the way she was holding it, but the way she held it, it almost seemed like a treasure. The wrapping was simple, almost like a birthday present, though Sasha figured it was to hide any labels from spoiling the surprise of the gift.

Sasha simply looked at it, a little shocked. She was now more curious, and more aroused, as she wondered what her mistress had gotten for her to further emphasize their relationship. Kaitlyn placed the box down and beckoned her submissive to come over. Sasha obeyed without hesitation, sitting down cross legged in front of Kaitlyn and beginning to carefully open the gift. One of her pet peeves had always been scraps of wrapping paper. She certainly wasn’t one of those people that saved it, but she hated the cleanup that always had to ensue with just tearing open presents.

She finished opening the gift looking down into her gift, her eyes widening a bit as she looked at it. Inside the box were several coils of rope of varying thickness and length. Accompanying it were a red ball gag, a dildo gag with a pump, two pairs of handcuffs, an armbinder, a collar and leash, a posture collar, and a blindfold. There were also several pairs of adjustable leather cuffs of varying sizes that had places for chains or rope to attach so as to restrain one without giving them a rope burn. Lastly, there were several chains of varying lengths, though they were all rather thin compared to most chains.

“I have some other things as well,” Kaitlyn smiled as she walked back into her room and retrieved several metal bars, each a different length. “We haven’t gone over these yet, but they’re known as spreader bars. They, well, spread your body. They’re most effective on the legs, but you can use them on the arms to some good effect. The leather cuffs can attach to them. I also have some small chains for you as you can see. They’re effective for certain types of bondage we’ll go over.”

“I… I don’t know what to say, mistress,” Sasha said, looking at them.

“Well, I figured since you would be learning more, you needed your own equipment,” Kaitlyn said. “I also have a couple of other things. But, these are a little trickier to use, so be more careful.”

Kaitlyn then produced another small box that held several variations of vibrators, from bullet vibrators to egg vibrators to cordless vibrators to dildo vibrators. Sasha was staring at them with amazement and curiosity.

“Now, you can use them on yourself, but I’m going to teach you proper disinfecting techniques,” Kaitlyn said. “Because these are something you can also use on another sub should you have one.”

Sasha nodded.

“But, I saved the best for last,” Kaitlyn smiled, walking into the other room and returning with a different box. Sasha opened this box, gasping in surprise at the contents.

Inside the box was a black latex catsuit. Sasha pulled it out, looking at it, reaching out and touching it. The tingly feeling she got when she touched it signified to her that it was real. She looked up at Kaitlyn, who smiled at her.

“I ordered this the day I got your measurements,” She said. “But, I didn’t want to give it to you until I knew it was the right time.”

Sasha practically leapt onto Kaitlyn, wrapping her arms around her as she began to sniffle and cry like a child.

“Th-thank you, Mistress,” She said in between her sobs, stuttering to get them out. “This is… the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me. Thank you… for everything. For teaching me how to express myself. For teaching me how to be myself. For showing me that I didn’t have to worry about my insecurities or feel unloved. For… for…”

Kaitlyn bursa escort bayan silenced her with a kiss, running her fingers through her submissive’s hair and feeling the collar she refused to take off. Kaitlyn had only been partially serious when she gave the collar to her, but didn’t have the heart to say that after Sasha had worn it with pride and had never said anything about it.

“It’s alright, sweet,” She said after she broke the kiss. “Now, hush and let me show you some accessories that come with it.”

Gingerly pulling the catsuit out of its box, Kaitlyn drew Sasha’s attention to the corset under it. She set said corset down on top of the catsuit and showed her the gloves that came with it. They were long, reaching almost to the elbows when held out. Kaitlyn also showed Sasha two sets of boots that came with the catsuit. One seemed like a normal pair, having slight heels and the other had tall heels that would have the wearer standing on the very tips of their toes. There was even a set of bondage mitts.

There were also a set of several hoods, all black, but each a different style. One had a blindfold attached, one was also padded in the ears to prevent hearing. One only left a small window around her eyes and nose. One had a mouth opening. One even had a gag inside and a small tube for what Sasha assumed was breathing.

“I got you some very nice things to go with them,” Kaitlyn smiled, holding up a bottle of oil. “Now, let’s put these on you. Strip down.”

Sasha blushed as she did what she was told to do. Kaitlyn watched her undress, purposefully and obviously letting her eyes trail to Sasha’s breasts and pussy. Sasha blushed harder at the stares as Kaitlyn gave her a teasing smile. The dominant squirted the oil into her hand, beginning to rub it onto her other hand.

“This may feel a bit cold, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all the better once this catsuit is on,” She said seductively, beginning to rub the oil on Sasha’s body. “I’m sure you already know this is to help it move over your skin without much friction.”

Sasha shuddered, both from arousal and from the cold as the oil glided over her skin. Kaitlyn didn’t make it very seductive, but she did make it enjoyable. She oiled Sasha’s skin and had her stand as she opened the catsuit, allowing the submissive entrance into it.

Sasha stepped her left leg into the suit, trying her best to contain her excitement as she felt the latex material glide up her leg and stop at her waist as Kaitlyn slid the catsuit up her other leg as well. Sliding the suit slowly and methodically up Sasha’s rear, Kaitlyn smoothed the suit out and made sure it was wrinkle free. Sasha sucked in a breath as Kaitlyn brought the catsuit over her breasts. She slipped her arms into the respective sleeves and waited in anticipation as Kaitlyn slowly zipped it shut.

“How does it feel, sweet?” Kaitlyn asked, walking Sasha over to the mirror in her room.

“It feels very snug, mistress,” Sasha said, flexing her fingers. “I didn’t think it would be this snug.”

“It’s supposed to be like a second skin,” Kaitlyn said. “But, I will admit I did request it the tiniest bit smaller than your measurements so it would hug your body more.”

“I-I like it,” Sasha said. “It’s very good.”

Sasha took a look at herself in the mirror and at first thought she was looking at a different person. Surely this couldn’t be her. The person in the mirror was sexy looking, more confident looking even. She could then see all the design of the catsuit. It had holes in the crotch area, most likely for bodily functions and also for penetration purposes. It had foot coverings that were like socks and didn’t move in between her toes. Unlike a tight shirt, the sleeves didn’t slide up her arm; they moved with her arms and stayed at the same place. It truly was like a second skin.

“I quite like it myself,” Kaitlyn gave Sasha’s rear a good smack. Sasha jumped and gave a yelp at the sudden strike, turning to her mistress with a beet red face.

“Wh-What was that for?” She asked.

“I’m sorry,” Kaitlyn laughed. “I just like the sound and also I don’t think I’ve ever smacked you before. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I-I wasn’t hurt.” Sasha said as her blush refused to fade. “I was just surprised. I… I actually kinda liked escort bursa it.”

“Well, I’ll keep it in check,” Kaitlyn said. “But, I do like your ass quite a bit. Your breasts are quite amazing as well.”

Sasha looked down and grabbed her breasts. The feeling of the latex moving with her was incredible, unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

“How about we try out your latex attire with a little bit of bondage?” Kaitlyn asked. “I’m sure you’ve already considered it seeing as how your nipples are hard.”

Sasha looked at her nipples and saw that they were indeed hard. She blushed as she looked up at Kaitlyn, who had a mischievous look on her. She was quickly guided to her bed, where Kaitlyn proceeded to take one of the hoods she’d given her and slip it over her head, making sure that all of her hair was moved so the hood could be tight over her face. This particular hood was the kind that had the window over her eyes and nose as well as a slit for her mouth.

Sasha loved the feel of the hood, which added to her arousal. She felt the pressure of Kaitlyn’s lips against hers, the hood preventing her from feeling Kaitlyn’s lips. That being said, she felt no less good about it than if they weren’t separated by that thin layer of latex.

“How about we try some armbinder action?” Kaitlyn suggested as Sasha smiled with her desire.

“I’m game for that,” Sasha said. Kaitlyn smirked as she grabbed Sasha’s armbinder from its box and began to slip it up Sasha’s arms. Sasha moaned softly at the feeling of the armbinder gliding over the smooth latex and being fixed over her hands. She felt her arms being moved closer as Kaitlyn tightened the straps on the armbinder, buckling it over her arms. Sasha squirmed playfully because she knew that it made Kaitlyn enjoy the play more.

Kaitlyn smirked as she took a strap and buckled it to the armbinder. She pulled the strap between Sasha’s legs and fastened it to one of the straps at the front of the armbinder. Sasha moaned slightly as Kaitlyn then pushed Sasha’s new ball gag into her mouth, buckling it.

“After this, how about you take a turn?” She whispered softly, seductively into Sasha’s ear. Sasha nodded, feeling her arousal increase as Kaitlyn began to run her bare hands over her body.

“It’s always such a nice feeling to rub your hands over latex,” She said. “I surely do enjoy it. Don’t you?”

Sasha nodded, moaning into her gag as Kaitlyn groped her breasts and rear. Kaitlyn then buckled two of the leather cuffs onto Sasha’s ankles and attached a small chain to them. The chain only consisted of five small links and provided almost no movement. Sasha made no resistance, though it wasn’t like she wanted to anyway. Kaitlyn then pulled her into a hug, simply holding her; something they hadn’t done since their last session in which Sasha had been brought to orgasm.

“I missed holding you, my sweet,” Kaitlyn whispered softly into Sasha’s ear, kissing her submissive’s cheek. “I must say I do love the feeling of you in my arms.”

“I love being in your arms, mistress,” Sasha mumbled into her gag, knowing Kaitlyn understood her. Kaitlyn smiled, kissing Sasha’s nose.

“Well, I’m glad you do,” She said. “And, hey, if you do well enough at being a dominant in our little trial session later, I think I’ll arrange a little playdate with you and Meredith. Would you like that, sweet?”

Sasha nodded as she smiled behind the ball gag. She was practically in heaven right now, though not from the orgasm sense. Being held by her mistress, wearing a catsuit made just for her, even wearing some nice bondage accessories, just filled her heart with joy she couldn’t explain. She absolutely loved the feelings going through her mind right now.

Kaitlyn held her submissive close and the two just laid there, not moving, simply being in each other’s company. While it had happened often, the two treasured each moment they did this. Despite her engagement, Kaitlyn still had her soft spot for her sister, a soft spot that had persisted even in the most painful of times. Sasha’s love for her sister had blossomed from hatred, a hatred that had caused her to do something she still regretted. But, it had blossomed and she had gained a new friend, a sister. Neither wanted this to end.

Was there such a thing as a happy ending?


Author’s Note: I hope that you enjoy and I would like to know if you want to read more chapters. This isn’t the epilogue I’ve planned, but I do want to know if you’re still interested in this story. Thanks for reading and enjoying the story so far.

Note: All characters are over 18. ***** It had been almost a week since Kaitlyn and Sasha had their last session, which ended with Sasha climaxing and the two had hardly spoken since then. It wasn’t that either were afraid of the other’s reaction to the events, it was more that they just didn’t know…

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