My Sister’s Birthday Present


Perfect. That’s how I describe my sister. Her body, her tits, her legs and, of course, her ass every part of her was perfect. I’ve been lusting after that ass of hers for years. Ever since I was 16, when I saw her just after taking a shower I wanted to fuck her. The water glistened off her butt, not even a second later she turned around, showing me her perfect tits, her navel, the “V” where her abdomen meets her legs. Unfortunately that’s all that happened. As soon as she heard me the covered up and kicked me out. Ever since that day I’ve wanted more and I finally got it one day.

It was the day of her 18th birthday; she went out with some friends and came back at nearly 1:00A.M. As tired as she was I’m surprised she made it to her room. Her shoes and sock lay in the hall and her door closed. She caused a few loud crashed on her way which woke me. I lazily got up to check it out. I made my way to the hallway, seeing her stuff, I figured she was home, but I decided to check.

What I say will forever stay burned into my memory. My sister had managed to get her shirt off and only her shirt, but she was wearing a short skirt which was hiked up enough to show all of her sweet ass. She had on the sexiest thong on, showing her ass cheeks. I was mesmerized by her tanned ass. After five or so minutes my eyes wandered up to her Porno back, her bra was unclasped. Knowing I would never have this opportunity again I made a decision I would never have done otherwise. I wanted to feel her tight pussy around my cock and I decided to risk it.

My hand was trembling for fear she would wake up as it reached for her ass cheeks. I hesitated just inches above her right cheek. I shrugged off my conscience and lowered my hand. It was as soft as it looked. I shook her gently checking if she might wake up. No reaction at all. I moved my hands to her sides and gripped her thong. I slowly tugged at it. Inch by inch the cloth slid from between her cheeks. It was, at the time, the single hottest thing I’ve ever seen. After what seemed like hours I finally got her thong off. Dropping the thong on the floor I brought my finger to her pussy and rubbed it. Still no reaction! I pushed her legs apart and lower my head. I had to taste her slit. I ran my tongue along her lips, and then slightly slipped it inside her pussy. I had just tasted my sisters’ pussy. At that moment all my inhibitions flew out the window.

I flipped my sister over and pulled her to the edge of the bed. In seconds my clothes were on the floor and my cock was ready for some pussy. I placed my cock head at her entrance. Altyazılı porno I slowly pushed forward until my head was inside her. It felt so good. I didn’t care if she woke up anymore. I plunged in as deep as I could. She was surprisingly wet, but who cares why, it only made it easier to fuck her. I pounded her so hard her bra came flying off her chest. It felt so damn good I came in record time, only four minutes. I pushed as deep as I could and unloaded everything I had inside her pussy. I pulled my cock out of her, but it just wasn’t enough.

I rolled her over once again. The ass I’ve lusted over for year was going to be fucked. My cock was still soaking wet from her pussy so I had no problem sliding between her cheeks and through her tight asshole. Mine had to be the first cock in her ass because she was so tight. My sisters ass was squeezing my cock so hard it felt as though she might tear it off some times. Again, in record time, I came deep in her bowels. I withdrew my cock from the depths of her sweet ass. My cum slowly dribbled out for a few seconds until her hole had time to close.

Even after cumming two times I still needed more and it was clear she wasn’t going to wake up and I had to have more. The only hole I hadn’t had was her mouth. Hell, why not? I turned her head to Brazzers the side and lightly pulled her jaw. My dick was coated in a mix of her pussy juice, my cum and her ass, she must’ve liked it because as soon as my dick was in her mouth she started sucking on it. I started to move in and out. Between her sucking, the knowledge that my dick was in my sister mouth and seeing her face with such pleasure in her expression I couldn’t help but to cum yet again. The first spurt was in her mouth, and then I decide to pull my dick out. The second show landed on her lips and nose. I aimed the third on her cheek. And the fourth on her eyes and forehead.

It would have loved to titty fuck my sister too, but it was about 2:30 by now, and after cumming three times I was too tired to continue. I grabbed her thong and wiped the cum away, grabbed my clothes and left. I collapsed on my bed, stark naked and drifted off to sleep.

It was well past noon before I woke up. I heard the shower running, my mom and dad would be at work by now. It had to be my sister. Her being in the shower meant that she woke up not even ten minutes ago. I got dressed and went to the kitchen. Halfway through a bowl of cereal my sis came into the kitchen. She wears a robe that only went down to her thigh with nothing under it after showering. I could tell her ass hurt by the way she walked, but she tried not to show it. She opened the fridge and bent down. I couldn’t help but to turn and look at her ass again. There was something white sliding down her leg. I smiled, wondering to myself, did that come from her ass of pussy?

Perfect. That’s how I describe my sister. Her body, her tits, her legs and, of course, her ass every part of her was perfect. I’ve been lusting after that ass of hers for years. Ever since I was 16, when I saw her just after taking a shower I wanted to fuck her. The water…

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