My Sister Started It Pt. 08


I stroked my fingertips gently across the swell of Carolyn’s breasts, letting them encircle her nipples, as I lay next to her in her bed, slowly recovering from the morning’s ‘activities.’

I felt as though I should pinch myself. A couple of weeks ago I could barely imagine what a naked woman looked like and now, here I was, days later, not only knowing what one looked like but knowing what one felt like, smelt like and even tasted like.

The sun was shining through a small gap in the curtains, as the temperature in the room began to rise. Another cloudless sky no doubt. Another perfect day in more ways than one.

“What are we going to do today?” asked Carolyn, rolling over onto her side, propping herself up with her elbow.

“What else is on your list?” I asked. “We could stay in bed all day and work our way through it.”

“Oh no we can’t. Mum will be home soon, imagine if she catches us in bed together! She’ll blow a gasket!”

We both laughed. However, getting caught would be far from funny and we both knew it.

“And besides, what makes you think everything else on the list involves being in my bed?” she said with a smile.

“We could just lay outside and sunbathe for a while?” I suggested, knowing that if we stayed at home, away from prying eyes, I could kiss, caress and fondle my sister all day.

“OK, we can do that for a bit. Let’s get some breakfast first?”

“Go and put your trunks on then.” She said, jumping out of bed.

I just stayed in her bed, admiring her naked body as she bent over in front of her dresser and opening the bottom drawer.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked as she rummaged around looking for something to wear.

“I’d enjoy it even more if you just turned to the left a bit.”

She looked at me from between her right arm and leg.

“Do you mean like this?” she said as she shifted her position and placed her feet slightly further apart. She straitened her legs and bent over a bit more. This gave me a perfect view of her ass and pussy. I could see what I now knew to be the loose skin of her inner lips protruding from her pussy.

“Jeeez, I’m still soaking.” She said as she reached back with her right hand and, placing her middle finger between her legs, she curled it slightly so the tip of her finger touched her asshole, pushing against it for a second before sliding the finger along her slit, her inner lips engulfing it as it disappeared from sight as she stroked it all the way up to her clit.

“I’ve never been this wet before.” She said, looking back at me again and slipping the wet digit in her mouth, giving it an exaggerated suck. “Mmmmm.” She moaned sexily, smiling at me.

I was rock hard again!

“Come back here and I’ll make you even wetter.” I suggested.

“I’d love to. But we are going to get caught if we don’t get a move on.”

“What are you going to wear?” I asked.

“This!” she declared pulling the tiny white bikini with string ties out of the drawer.

“Ah, my favourite.” I responded.

She turned towards me as she separated the neatly folded top and bottom. She placed the top on top of her drawers and slowly bent over as she unravelled the tiny bottoms.

I was suddenly overcome with the desire to put them on for her. I jumped out of bed and knelt at her feet, taking hold of the bikini bottoms.

“Let me help.” I said, holding them out so she could step into them.

“Mmmm, thank you.” Purred Carolyn as, holding the side strings, I slowly slid the tiny pieces of material up her smooth legs.

My eyes followed the small triangle of white material which was supposed to cover her pussy. When the strings reached her hips, I was looking directly at her pussy. I couldn’t resist giving it a quick kiss before covering it with the small patch of material.

I arranged the strings low on her hips like I had seen her wearing it before. I pushed my two index fingers down into the little gaps that were created by the way the waistband was pushed out slightly by her hip bones. This tickled her and she wriggled around trying to escape my probing fingers.

“Stand still!” I said, looking up at her.

I removed my fingers from her waistband and gently pushed the insides of her knees to get her to widen her stance. Once she had done this, I slipped the tip of my right index finger under the seam of her left leg. Keeping the tip of my finger inside, I brushed the back of it up and down the smooth skin next to her pussy lip, looking up at her after a couple of strokes I said, “Just checking for spider’s legs.”

I then repeated this with my left index finger inside her right leg.

I noticed Carolyn breathing heavier as I did.

“Everything OK?” she asked.

“I think so.” I replied looking her in the eye.

Just before removing my finger, I twisted my hand, allowing me to slip my fingertip in between her pussy lips. She gasped and raised up on her tip toes as I slipped my finger in up to the first knuckle. She was right, she was incredibly wet.

She gripped my wrist and pushed my hand out of her pussy orhangazi escort and bikini.

“Don’t get me started again, we don’t have time.”

It’s a good job she was able to keep her head and an eye on the time, because I was in another world.

“OK,” I said getting to my feet, “time for the top then. Turn round.”

I took the top and, holding it in one hand, reached round her and cupped her breasts, gently squeezing them.

Carolyn leaned back until her head rested on my shoulder. She then turned her head to the side searching for my mouth with hers. We kissed one another and I felt my cock throbbing and pushing into her ass. She thrust and ground her hips against the hard flesh pressing against her from behind.

I reached for her nipples with my fingers and thumbs, squeezing them and pulling them away from her body as I did. She moaned into my mouth and then suddenly broke the kiss.

“Distracting me again!” she said with a smile. “Put that on, we need to be downstairs.”

I helped her into her bikini top, tying the strings together behind her neck and back.

Finally ‘dressed,’ she turned to face me. Looking down between us she giggled. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Mmm, yes, I want to dress you every day.” A thought suddenly popped into my head. Can I dress you the next time you’re going to wear your nice lingerie?”

“I’ll think about it.” She said, giving me a peck on the lips. “In the meantime, how are you going to hide that?”

My cock was fully erect and pointing straight at her abdomen, twitching and bobbing up and down.

“Go and get dressed, I’ll see you downstairs.”

I went to my room and, before I slid on my speedo’s, I couldn’t resist giving my aching cock a few strokes. I struggled to tuck my still hard into the waistband and I noticed it was leaking pre-cum again. I pushed it against my left hip attempted to cover it with the waistband. As before though, the width of the material was insufficient to completely cover my cock when it was fully erect.

I descended the stairs giving my cock a quick squeeze as I reached the bottom.

Carolyn had her back to me as I approached her. I stared at her perfect, gorgeous ass, barely covered by the bikini. It sat low enough to expose about an inch of the crack of her ass.

She sensed my presence and glanced over her shoulder.

“What do fancy for…..Fuck Marc, you’d better get that to go down before mum gets here!” she said, bursting out laughing.

“Well stop looking so goddamn sexy and I’ll try.” I quipped back.

We stood side by side preparing cereal and toast, all the while ‘bumping’ into each other and stealing the occasional stroke or squeeze of something. Things started off pretty tame, just a squeeze of the bum or a quick kiss on the back of the neck. Gradually things escalated to Carolyn brushing my erection with the back of her hand and me squeezing her nipples through her top.

We ate our breakfasts standing in the kitchen, fondling and kissing one another between feeding each other mouthfuls of food and slurps of orange juice.

It was during a passionate kiss, where our tongues were dancing together and I had my hands on her ass squeezing and fondling it, when Carolyn suddenly pulled back and pushed me away, holding me at arm’s length.

“We need to talk.” She said, with a serious look on her face.

“About what?” I asked, puzzled.

“This.” She replied, gesturing back and forth between us with her hand.

“I don’t get it.”

“I’m your sister. It’s wrong. It’s illegal!”

“What are you on about. How is kissing your sister illegal?” I asked, knowing in the back of my mind where this was heading.

“But if we have sex. That’s incest. That would be illegal!”

OK….. IF we have sex, I repeated to myself, in my head, but remained silent.

“You know I’m still a virgin, right?” she stated.

“No……I didn’t, but I do now.”

“I’ve had chances to do it.”

I didn’t say anything, I just waited for her to continue.

“I wanted to, and I nearly did. On more than one occasion you know!”

“OK. But if you weren’t ready….” I commented.

“I was ready. But I just…….. didn’t trust them…… Any of them.”

“And now……” She looked at the ground.

“And now, what?” I asked.

She looked as if she was going to cry.

“Hey, what’s up?” I whispered, stroking her cheek.

“And now….I want to again… and I trust you…. and what you do and the way you make me feel is amazing.’

“Are you saying you’ve thought about having sex with me?” I asked

“Sooo much.”

My cock was throbbing.

“But we can’t.” she said as she began to cry a little more.

“Hey, hey, it’s OK. Don’t be upset. Look at what we’ve got. We can carry on kissing and stuff, can’t we? We don’t have to have sex if you don’t want to.”

We had a very different set of morals I discovered. I knew I would have had sex right there and then had she asked me.

I hugged her, and she squeezed me tight. I felt my erection nilüfer escort pushing into her stomach. She seemed to recover pretty quickly and, pushing me away a little, she looked down between us and said smiling, “And every time I see or touch that, it makes me want to even more.”

“So, there’s hope for me yet?” I said jokingly to her.

She shoved me in the chest. “Men! You’re not that different then! But seriously, what are we going to do?”

“Can’t we just keep on doing what we’re doing now? We don’t have sex if you don’t want to, we’re not doing anything illegal right?” I asked naively.

“But we can’t go out together anywhere. We can’t kiss each other whenever we want. Doesn’t that bother you?”

“But we can here, can’t we?” I pointed out, ever the optimist.

“Arrrrgh. This is all so wrong. It should feel wrong. Why doesn’t it?”

“What does Sharon say?” I asked. She always went to Sharon with her ‘boy problems.’

“She’s absolutely no help at all!”

“Why’s that?”

“She just said I should have sex with you! In fact, she’s completely obsessed with the idea.”

“Is she?” I asked.

“Totally! Says it turns her on thinking about how naughty it would be.”

“D’ya know she even…..” she stopped herself.

“What? What did she say?”

“She said, she said she’d love to SEE it!”


“Yeah, I know. Remember the other day when you were on top of me on the lounger kissing me and you came?”


“Well, she said she thought it was so hot watching us and when she ran off inside, she went to the toilet and had to give herself an orgasm.”

“Fuck.” I exclaimed.

“But guess what? She told me she was thinking about watching us have sex when she was masturbating.”

My cock was screaming for attention and I had to reach down and give it a squeeze.

Carolyn noticed.

“Does that turn you on?” she asked.

“What? Making love to you, or being watched by Sharon?” I asked.

“Or Sharon getting off thinking about us?” added Carolyn.

“Is that what turns you on?” I said, teasing.

“Marc, it ALL does.” She said, turning a little red. “I’m going to hell, aren’t I?”

“Well, if you are, I’m definitely coming with you.” I laughed.

“Oh, I definitely want you there!” she laughed.

“So, wait, are you saying you do want to have sex with me then?”

“Ohhh, god, I don’t know….And that’s another thing she said. She said if I didn’t want to have sex with you, could she!!”

“What the fuck?”

“I know. I told her in your dreams bitch! And she said, it’s OK I’ll let you watch!”

Carolyn looked down and I was subconsciously stroking my cock.

“Oh, you like that idea, do you?” she said stepping closer and wrapping her hand over mine and stroking with me.

I removed my hand and she continued to slowly stroke my cock on her own.

“My mind is exploding.” I confessed. “I’ve gone from nothing, to all this, in like a few days. Just talking about it like this is so fucking hot.”

“Mmmm Hmmm?” she said looking into my eyes as she stroked.

“But it’s not like I prefer Sharon, please don’t think that.”

“It’s OK, It’s OK. Don’t panic. I trust you. I trust you both. You know we wouldn’t be doing this,” She looked down at her fingers wrapped around my cock, “if it wasn’t for Sharon. She’s the one who suggested I should see where all this would go after I told her I let you look up my dress and how it made me feel.”

“And what exactly did she suggest that led to this?”

“She said I should seduce you and then use you to explore everything I could about sex, and discover what I liked and what turned me on.”

“Did she? Anything else.” I said, my breathing becoming more ragged. We were both now looking down between our bodies watching her right hand.

“She said I was sooo lucky having a brother who was interested in me.”

“Oh, I’m really, really interested.” I said, kissing her hard and squeezing her ass as I did. “You can use me for absolutely anything you want. I’ll be your slave. Your wish is my command.”

We kissed again.

“There is one thing.” She said.

“Name it.”

“I want to try giving you a blow job.”

“Oh my god. What now?”

“I just want to feel what it’s like., you know, in my mouth.”

“Yeah, OK. That’s fine.”

She kissed me again before slowly lowered herself to her knees, kissing my body on her way, until she was on her knees holding the waistband of my speedo’s in each hand. She kissed my abdomen just above and to the side of my cock.

She tugged at my speedo’s, pulling them down to the tops of my thighs. She then took hold of my shaft in her right hand and planted small kisses up and down the side and underneath it.

The whole time our eyes were locked.

I was so turned on. I could feel an orgasm building already, and wasn’t sure I would be able to last until she put it in her mouth.

But I didn’t get a chance to find out because we suddenly heard keys turning in the back door.

Carolyn türbanlı escort quickly jumped up and I managed to pull up my speedo’s and I stuffed my erection (partly) out of sight.

I turned my back to the door and squashed my groin against the kitchen cupboards just as mum emerged through the door, talking to someone, it appeared.

“Look who I bumped into getting off the bus!” said mum.

“Hiya!” exclaimed Sharon.

As soon as we had heard the door opening, we’d tried to create a scene of perfect innocence, spinning away from one another and resuming eating our breakfasts as if that was all we had been doing before the door opened.

We had managed to sort ourselves out before either of them had seen anything. Sharon though seemed to sense something was going on. I looked over my shoulder at her and said, “Hi Sharon!” way more enthusiastically than I would normally do. She was looking at my crotch shoved abnormally hard against a cupboard door.

She was wearing short cut-off denim shorts and a white linen shirt that was tied around her waist, exposing her midriff. The white lacy bra was clearly visible through the flimsy material of her shirt, her nipples forming tell-tale bumps.

Mum was oblivious. The only thing that seemed odd to her was the fact that it was after 12:00 and we were only just getting breakfast.

“Are you two just having breakfast? what time did you get up?”

“Oh about 10 minutes ago.” Said Carolyn trying to sound casual.

“What the hell have you been doing in bed ’till this time?” she asked as she passed by us to go upstairs get cleaned up.

“Haha, sleeping!” I said tried to sound witty and sarcastic.

Sharon however had been far more observant when she had entered the house.

She stepped between us, putting her arms around our bare waists, pulling us both towards her and my cock away from its hiding place.

“Yes, tell me, what ‘have’ you two been doing in bed ’till this time?” she said loud enough for mum to hear.

Smiling, she looked first at Carolyn and then at me. After a split second though, her eyes immediately dropped to look at my hard cock escaping from the confines of my speedo’s.

With her still staring at my cock, she whispered, “And were you in bed together when you were doing it?”

Her head raised and turned to look at Carolyn who had turned crimson.

Sharon instantly knew.

“You were, weren’t you? Tell me, what did you do?” she demanded, slightly louder.

“Shhh.” Said Carolyn.

“Did you fuck? Did you let him fuck you?” lowering her voice again. Her eyes darted back and forth between Carolyn and me.

“No, no, of course not.” whispered Carolyn.

“So, what have you been up to? I know you’ve done something!” she whispered, her gaze flitting between us. I suddenly felt her hand on my ass, and she gave it a squeeze as she looked at Carolyn.

“Just kissing and stuff.”

“Yeah, right. Pull the other one.”

Just then, we heard mum coming back downstairs and Sharon let go of my bum. I glued my crotch to the cupboard door again.

“So, what are you going to do with the rest of the day?” asked mum as she switched on the kettle.

“Oh, we’re just going to sunbathe and stuff.” Answered Carolyn.

“I don’t have a swimsuit with me.” Said Sharon.

“Come on, you can borrow one of mine.” Said Carolyn, grabbing Sharon by the hand and abandoning me.

Mum made herself a mug of tea and chatted to me while I slowly finished my cereal and waited for my erection to subside.

After about five minutes it deflated sufficiently for me to tuck it back in to place more appropriately when her back was turned for a few seconds.

I seized the opportunity to get out of her way and told her I was heading outside to grab the lounger before Carolyn and Sharon came back down.

I ran upstairs to grab a towel from the cupboard in the bathroom. As I passed Carolyn’s bedroom door, I could hear them chatting and giggling. Although I couldn’t make out what exactly they were saying, I could tell they were talking about Carolyn and me.

I went back downstairs and made my way outside. Mum had already taken one of the chairs and was sat reading the newspaper and finishing her tea.

I arranged my towel on the lounger and lay back, soaking up the sun and making small talk with mum for a while. Eventually the conversation dried up and I just laid on my back with my eyes closed and mum went back to her paper.

My mind started replaying all the things Carolyn and I had done in the past 24 hours, Carolyn making me cum in the bath this morning, me making Carolyn cum with my mouth and finally culminating in almost getting oral sex from Carolyn. It didn’t take long for these thoughts to give me another erection. I quickly rolled over onto my stomach so mum wouldn’t see it.

Eventually I heard Carolyn and Sharon appear, but I didn’t open my eyes, just listened to what was going on.

“I’ll lie here next to Marc.” Said Carolyn.

“Maybe I want to be next to Marc.” Said Sharon.

“Wow, what have you done to be so popular?” chipped in mum innocently.

Then, all of a sudden. “Good god Sharon! Could you get something a bit bigger?” exclaimed mum.

“Sorry Mrs T. This is the biggest one Carolyn had. But, it’s OK, nobody is going to see anything. It’s only us back here.”

I stroked my fingertips gently across the swell of Carolyn’s breasts, letting them encircle her nipples, as I lay next to her in her bed, slowly recovering from the morning’s ‘activities.’ I felt as though I should pinch myself. A couple of weeks ago I could barely imagine what a naked woman looked like and…

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