My Sister, Kelly Ch. 07


Kelly arrived late for her appointment with Mary but as planned still looked for John in the lobby before searching for the woman in the classy hotel bar. She spied her brother walking toward her, and her heart took a turn. I love him so much, she thought and hoped her assignation with her mother that afternoon had not harmed how he felt about her.

“All’s well,” John said with an anxious smile as he gave her a quick kiss. “She wasn’t followed. She’s sitting alone nervous as a whore at a Jerry Falwell prayer meeting. You’re late.”

“Sorry. Mother and I got carried away.” Kelly had purposefully brought up the issue of the afternoon with her mother to judge John’s reaction face to face. En route to Maxim’s, she had started to worry John might now think of her as a slut. After all, yesterday he had caught her fucking her sister, and today she had fucked her mother. Maybe I am a slut, Kelly thought and blushed.

John smiled broadly. “And I can hardly wait to hear every detail, but we’d better join Mary before she bolts and runs.”

Kelly relaxed. All was well. They hurried to the bar and walked briskly to the booth John had reserved for Mary. John slid in on one side of the distraught woman; Kelly slipped into the booth on the other side.

“Kelly! I didn’t realize!” Mary exclaimed, and her jumpiness became even more pronounced.

“Yeah, that no-good, slime-swilling, blight on the human species soon to be known as my ex-husband put a video of me on the Internet, too.”

Mary wrung her hands. She had already shredded the paper napkin under her drink. Before she could speak, a waitress arrived, and John and Mary ordered their drinks. When the three of them were alone again, Kelly introduced Mary to John, and added, “John is helping me with our problem. He’s the one who noticed you appeared drugged and suggested I contact you.”

Mary’s bright blue eyes widened and turned to John. “Then you’ve seen the video. What…oh, gosh, what’s it…what happens in the video. Am I naked? Does Jim…?”

Kelly reached and took Mary’s hand. “Calm down, Mary. After we talk for a while, we’ll go to John’s apartment, and you can see the video for yourself.”

“What am I going to do? Chuck asked me to marry him last week. If he learns about the video, he’ll want his ring back.”

“Oh, Mary, surely Chuck…”

“His first wife slept around on him, Kelly, and he’s a nut about fidelity. I don’t know, maybe he’ll understand, but…”

“Regardless, you need to tell him, Mary,” John said. “The video exists. It’s on the Internet for the world to see. Even if we’re successful in our effort to have it removed, it will probably go underground. It’s been saved to too many hard drives in computers around the world. Eventually someone will make Chuck aware of it. In essence, you were raped. Jim and Peter raped you! Your fiancé will understand and support you. If he doesn’t, you need to know now, not after you’re married.”

“Peter? You mean Peter was involved, too? Oh, God! Oh, God! It’s worse than I thought!”

Tears cascaded from her eyes and she started to shake and sob. Kelly put an arm around her and held her.

“Let’s go to your apartment now, John. Help me get her to my car, and you follow us in yours. I’ll bring her back here later. Okay, Mary?”

She nodded between sobs. John pulled Mary from the booth, holding her up while she cried.

“Pay for the drinks, Kelly. Where is your car?”

Kelly dug into her purse. “I used valet parking,” she said and handed him the stub.

Mary continued to sob for half the trip to John’s apartment. During the last half of the drive, her tears dried up. By the time they arrived, Mary’s fear and sadness had turned into anger. Kelly understood the emotional roller coaster. She had experienced the same rapid changes in her emotions when she became aware of the video with her in the starring role.

Inside John’s apartment, Kelly made drinks for everyone while John booted up his computer and navigated to the adult web site offering both videos. At the same time, Mary went to the bathroom to make repairs.

“Show her the one with me in it, first,” Kelly said when Mary returned, and the three of them sat around the computer and watched. “Jim filmed this video nearly a year ago, Mary. It was to remain very private, for his and my viewing only.” At the end, the video showed Jim’s naked torso coming into view, and Kelly took his cock into her mouth. “I didn’t know this part existed. The skunk had edited out his involvement in the video he showed me. Notice, he’s very careful not to show his ugly face. He does the same in the video he took with you.”

“I want to see the one I’m in now,” Mary stated resolutely.

When the video with Mary ended, tears were rolling down her cheeks again, but her anger had increased. “I’ll kill the sons-a-bitches! Kill them!”

“We have something better in mind for Jim. You can help us and extract your revenge without spending time in prison afterwards. Tell her, John,” Kelly commented.

John described his sessions with his attorney first bursa escort and promised to introduce Mary to the man the next day. He then laid out his plan. As he spoke, Kelly noticed Mary’s expression became hard and determined, and toward the end a glimmer of malicious exhilaration returned to her eyes.

“Yeah,” Mary said. “I like it. Jim will suffer like he made you and I suffer, Kelly. What about Peter?”

“We have no plans for Peter,” John said.

“Do the same to him as you’ve planned for Jim. Do them both at the same time,” Mary demanded. “I want them both to suffer.”

“I don’t know, Mary. The plan will need to change, and it’s already complicated. Let me put it this way. If I can figure out a way to include Peter in the plan, I will. Okay?”

“No. Peter has to suffer, too. You were right earlier. I need to tell Chuck. When I tell him, I need to inform him both Jim and Peter will be taken care of, or he might go off half-cocked and do something crazy. He’s had training in the martial arts and claims to be better than average with guns. I love him to pieces, but this news will attack his ego. I won’t pretend to know what he’ll do if we can’t layout a plan that includes both of the men who raped me. I think he’ll go along with your plan if it includes both men. Otherwise…?”

“Mary’s correct, John. If Peter had been involved in my video, you would have included him in your plan.”

“When do you intend to inform your fiancé?” John asked.

“Tonight. We had planned to go out for dinner and go over some loose ends concerning our upcoming wedding. When I called him to cancel, I was so distraught I know he must be worried sick about me by now. I won’t be able to hide this from him for more than a minute after I see him.”

“Call him and have him join us,” John said. “He can see the video and help us alter the plan to include Peter.”

“No! I don’t want him to see the video! But, getting him involved in the planning will take some of the edge off,” Mary said. “May I use your phone?”

Chuck arrived in a panic fifteen minutes later. He breezed by Kelly, who opened the door to him, and rushed to Mary, taking her into his arms. “Mary, are you all right? You’ve been crying! What’s the matter? Have these people…?”

“No, I’m not all right, but you’re among friends, Chuck.” She introduced him to John. He had already met Kelly. “Sit down,” she continued. “I need to tell you something I found out today. Early this afternoon, a woman called me and informed…”

Mary proceeded to tell her fiancé everything she knew. He interrupted occasionally, especially when he learned about the video, but Mary had wisely prefaced its existence with the day she couldn’t remember, the day she was drugged and raped. Chuck’s anger flared when he heard about the rape, but when tears started to flow from Mary’s eyes, he took her in his arms and they cried together.

“We should call the police,” he said.

“There’s more, Honey,” Mary said and told Chuck the video staring his soon-to-be bride was available to anyone willing to put up the five dollar membership fee to join the adult site on the Internet where the video resided. He demanded to view it immediately. Mary didn’t want him to see it; she told him if he saw it, he might stop loving her, but he didn’t waver from his demand, so when Mary nodded, John pulled the video up on his monitor. Chuck watched and obviously became angrier with each passing second. “I’ll kill them,” he muttered from repeatedly. While he watched, Mary sat fearful and embarrassed, twisting her hands, looking like a frightened, cornered animal. When the video finished Chuck looked at Mary and held out his arms. She rushed into them, and the two of them had another crying jag, although this time Mary cried from happiness because it appeared her fiancé still loved her.

“We need to call the police,” Chuck repeated.

“That’s an option,” John said, “but let’s get even first. I have a plan…”

Once again John laid out his plan to make Jim suffer like the women had suffered. When he finished, he said, “We need your help, Chuck. We need to alter the plan to include Peter. Will you help us? By the way, after we get even, calling the police is still an option.”

“You’re damned right I’ll help,” the man stated emphatically. “How?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking. We can use the basics of the plan I developed for Jim, but alter it a bit. The new plan will require an additional lure for Jim and adjoining rooms in a hotel or motel for the setting. Unfortunately, timing becomes critical if both men are lured when timing wasn’t much of an issue with only Jim involved.”

“Perhaps Chuck knows of a photographer who will help us, too,” Kelly suggested. John and Kelly had not yet decided who should man the camcorder. Without a candidate, John had offered to perform the task, but Kelly didn’t want him involved at all. John had agreed it would be better if an anonymous photographer were used.

Chuck looked inward. “Maybe. I have a friend who is a professional photographer. bursa escort bayan When he finds out what these bastards did to Mary, I believe he’ll be more than happy to help.”

John ordered in Chinese food, and the four of them ate while they talked about every element in the plan, making adjustments to include Peter. Kelly decided she liked Mary and Chuck and hoped they could become friends. Just before the couple left, Kelly found herself alone with Mary for a few seconds.

“Thanks for including me in your effort to get even with Jim, Kelly. And thank John, too. You love him, don’t you?”

Kelly blushed. “Yeah, a lot. I guess I don’t hide it very well.”

Mary chuckled. “Nope. Incestuous or not, don’t let anyone keep you from him. I had a relationship with my half-brother when I was young, and when it was discovered, the parents sent him away and put a guilt trip on us neither of us have recovered from. Chuck knows. I told him. I couldn’t marry him with a secret like that.”

Kelly’s eyes watered. The fact that someone besides a family member knew about her love for her brother and accepted the situation, even encouraged it, pleased her to the point of tears. “You and I are going to be real friends, Mary.” Kelly hugged her. “And I need a friend.”

“Yeah, me, too.”

*** “How did your meeting with Elmer Hamlin go this afternoon?” Kelly asked as she cuddled next to John. She had just stepped from the shower and into bed. Lying on her back she pulled her brother’s hand over onto her breast and squirmed as close as possible to his warm body under the sheet. She turned her head and kissed his chest.

“He’s on board, though I’ll need to meet with him again to discuss the addition of Peter in the plan.”

“Will he still cooperate?”

John chuckled. “I think so. The guy is huge, Kelly. He must be six-six, or seven, and weighs over three hundred pounds. He laughed a lot, thinks our plan is a real hoot – his word. I was surprised when he told me what Jim did to you was wrong. That sounds contradictory, but Elmer has a unique set of rules that govern his life, and fortunately for us, one of Elmer’s rules dictates any man who abuses women or children deserves whatever punishment he receives. As I told you, my construction-foreman friend had to let Elmer go, so the big man needs the money. He thinks the situation is laughable because he’s being paid to do something he would enjoy doing without pay. Oh, he’ll take the money. He needs it, and he’ll ask for and get a bonus for Peter. I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the man. I didn’t think I would.”

John felt Kelly’s hand slide up his leg and wrap around his flaccid cock. “Tell me about your afternoon with Mom,” he said, changing the subject. “When I answered the phone, I nearly dropped it when you made your request. I was standing and found I needed to sit. For a minute Elmer thought I was having a heart attack, or something.”

Kelly chuckled. “Yeah, I thought my request would blow your mind.”

“What precipitated the request?”

“It has to do with the quid pro quo I knew Mother would extract from Dad to allow him to fuck Janice. Mother never gives without getting, and I suspected she had a motive beyond protecting her incestuous chicks from the old rooster. Frankly, I believed the quid pro quo she wanted was you, John. She surprised me. She wanted me, not you. Mother had an experience with another girl when she was young and has been curious about sex between two women ever since. She blew my mind, John, and the woman can certainly tell a story. By the time she finished describing her childhood incident with the girl, my pussy was dripping. God, I was hot! That’s when I called you.”

“Jesus! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall!” John groaned. His cock was as hard as it had ever been. Kelly stroked it, long, slow strokes, the way John preferred if they were talking.

Kelly chuckled. “I bet! Anyway…”

Kelly started to describe her afternoon with her mother.

“My God! She fucked you with her fist and arm and then climaxed without being touched!” John exclaimed and pushed Kelly’s hand from his erection before he exploded and made a mess in his sheets.

“Yeah, I think so, though at the end she frantically rubbed the palm of her hand over her cunt, so I can’t be sure, but it seemed to me she didn’t touch herself until her climax started.”

“Damn, that’s sexy. Let me inside you. I’ll lie on my side; you stay on your back, and I’ll slide my cock into you. We’ll fuck slowly and you can tell me everything that happened. Okay?”

“Anyway you want me, Lover, anytime, anywhere. I’m so in love with you I want you inside me all the time. Oh, this is nice. Hmm, I like this,” Kelly said as her brother’s long cock slipped inside her pussy, and his fingers began to dance around her clitoris. Her own fingers fondled her breasts.

“Then what happened?” John asked.


Harriet watched Mel, her husband of twenty-nine years, brush his teeth in preparation for bed. At fifty, he still looked bursa escort kız lean, but his thick muscles had softened and slipped a bit. Like mine, she thought and groaned inwardly. He jogged most mornings and watched what he ate. He still managed to get her motor running when she looked at him. I love the galoot, Harriet thought and giggled silently when she considered the variety of reactions he could go through when she gave him the green light to fuck Janice.

Mel had not been her first love. A sexy, wild lad with a shock of blond hair and a crooked grin had taken her virginity, but beyond his boyish good looks, he had little to offer. He was also incapable of fidelity. The last Harriet heard, his third marriage had dissolved, and he was hitting the booze beyond normal social limits. Harriet chuckled when she recalled his potbelly and balding pate the last time she saw him.

After the blond boy with the crooked grin, Harriet had tried on a few other boys and a couple of men for size to test the adage that size didn’t count and discovered if all other elements of the sexual foxtrot were reasonably present, size did matter. Size had certainly mattered when she checked if Mel fit, and decided he fit her beautifully in more ways than one.

She had tripped the young man so he fell between her legs on their second date. She adored Mel’s cock, above average both in size and endurance. She also fell deeply in love with him. His innate kindness, generosity and level headedness made him a perfect mate for her, and she still believed she had chosen her life’s mate wisely. Even now, she loved the man, and she knew he loved her just as much, maybe more. To top off an already good relationship, she had considered him her best friend for many years.

For the most part, Mel had been a good provider and father, and as her lover, Harriet had nothing to complain about except for a brief time when he had strayed. When she first discovered his infidelity, she had been devastated. What had surprised her was the fact that during his short-lived affair he became more attentive and loving with her. Harriet decided fidelity wasn’t at the top of the list of things that make a marriage work, and she didn’t want her marriage to crash and burn because of jealousy, so she remained silent and started a campaign to recapture Mel’s entire attention. Her efforts proved fruitful when he dropped the other woman without looking back, and Janice had been the result when Mel impregnated Harriet the night she decided to secretly celebrate her husband’s return to fidelity. Harriet had never told Mel she had known about his affair; likewise she never mentioned the quid pro quo she extracted. Harriet had three brief secret affairs with yummy young men. The first two were blond with crooked grins, but the last one looked a little like Mel when she first met him. She had a difficult time giving up the last one. He had a long, thick cock that sent her into spasms easily and often, and she began to fear her affair would be exposed, so she reluctantly sent the young man packing and had not been unfaithful since – except with Kelly this afternoon, she thought.

Then Harriet caught Mel fooling around with Janice. Even before that event, Harriet had known about his fetish for incest. All the trashy material in his not-so-secret stash of pornography related to the subject. She had queried him why incest was such a turn-on, and he had eventually admitted to a sexual relationship with an aunt close to his own age when he was young. The forbidden element and overall nastiness tied to the incest taboo titillated him. One of the boys Harriet had tried on for size in her youth was a cousin a year younger than her, so she shared this experience with her husband. Describing their youthful forays into incest to each other had led to some wild, sweaty and extremely satisfying nights for both husband and wife. It was during this time that they also started to share fantasies with each other. One night she described her incident with Hazel to him, and the event had really turned him on.

But the rooster diddling one of her chicks had been something else. Harriet had hit the roof and had so intimidated her husband with her threats, he confessed to every infraction he had ever made, from relatively innocent fantasies to finger fucking Janice and feeling up Kelly. As far she Harriet knew, he had never touched one of their daughters inappropriately since.

Well, that was about to change. Harriet grinned. She had extracted her quid pro quo beforehand – sort of. She felt deliciously naughty about the afternoon with Kelly, and reliving some of the events had excited her. She rubbed her pussy vigorously with her palm, watching the crisp sheet flutter with each movement of her hand.

As per plan, Janice had teased her father a few times that day. A half-hour ago, ready for bed and wearing only a rather short t-shirt and sheer panties, Janice had cuddled onto her father’s lap, squirmed around, and enticingly rubbed her braless tits over his chest as she bid him goodnight with a daughterly kiss, which included the briefest touch of her tongue on his lips, before she scampered away, twitching her teasing and inviting hips. Harriet had watched her husband gaze longingly at his daughter’s sexy receding form and shake his head in frustration. Harriet was pleased the incident had created a bulge in his trousers.

Kelly arrived late for her appointment with Mary but as planned still looked for John in the lobby before searching for the woman in the classy hotel bar. She spied her brother walking toward her, and her heart took a turn. I love him so much, she thought and hoped her assignation with her mother…

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