My Seduction of Steve Perilli


I guess I was around was eleven years old when I fell in love with Steve Perilli. Of course I didn’t know about the birds and the bees back then, all I knew was that my older brother John’s friend made me feel all funny inside whenever I saw him. I just wanted to sit on his lap and cuddle up to him. Steve was three years older than me, and usually fourteen year old boys don’t have much time for eleven year old girls. But Steve was different; he was always nice to me and would take time to talk to me when I was around. His tall dark good looks and ready smile made me blush easily, but he didn’t seem to notice or mind. My brother would usually dispatch me with a few unkind words if I outstayed my welcome, for entertaining scatty young sisters just wasn’t his scene.

My saving grace for Steve’s attention was my piano playing ability, classically trained from a young age I could pick up most songs by ear and do them justice after a bit of practice. I confess to not being the brightest girl on the block, but I was certainly smart enough to work out what music Steve liked. It wasn’t just coincidence that I would be playing Nivana, Tom Petty or Oasis songs when Steve arrived at our house. My heart would pound with glee whenever he wandered into our lounge and leaned on the piano to listen to me play. Most times he would stay until my brother dragged him away to do boys things, but his compliments would have me squirming with pride and adoration causing my love for him to prosper. Unfortunately, Steve’s visits weren’t as frequent as I might have liked. His father travelled a lot with his work, and Steve would often disappear with the rest of his family sometimes for months on end before returning. I can assure you those absences only made my heart grow fonder, and when Steve did reappear I was far more pleased to see him than my brother ever was.

My parents are good looking people, my father handsome tall and strong. My mother both beautiful and elegant with thick wavy sandy hair and a voluptuous figure, and I luckily inherited those genes. My body eventually began to develop; I grew taller first but then began to fill out rather nicely. My boobs were soon stretching my tight tops, and my thighs were quickly too tight for my jeans. A diet of competitive tennis resulted in a nice tan and curvaceous but taut figure. Like most girls, I was self conscious of the change in my body and the interest that men displayed in me. My mother was quick off the mark to educate me in the sordid ways of the male species and I was constantly reminded not to put myself at any risk. By this time I was well aware of the birds and the bees, but I had no interest in the opposite sex, well apart from one person as you can imagine.

I’m not sure whether it was good fortune or not that Steve and his family were away for the years when I under went this transformation. He was never far from the back of my mind, but I was content with the company of my close girlfriends. While boys were of some interest to us, we were nervous and never more than flirtatious in their presence. When I reached fifteen, my parents allowed me to date, but only under strict ground rules. My parents demanded that they met my dates, I also had strict curfews and they wanted to know exactly where I was going. My mother was of the suspicious type and would always check on parental supervision if I was on a sleepover at a girlfriend’s house. But my mum and dad had nothing really to worry about, kissing with boys was okay but wandering hands were not, and I stayed interested but innocent.

It wasn’t long after that eighteenth birthday that my innocence took a sudden slide. I came home unexpectedly and caught my brother John watching porn while my parents were out. He candidly confessed he found the DVD’s in our parent’s wardrobe, I of course pretended shock that he would even enter their bedroom. He shrugged his shoulders, smiled mischievously and continued to watch the TV while I hastily departed the room.

However, my shock eventually turned to curiosity and one day when I was home alone, ventured into their bedroom to have a look around. High on a shelf in their walk-in wardrobe did I find a bag of DVD’s. I watched two on the close by TV at the foot of the bed, and their contents aroused me. I searched the wardrobe a little more while returning the DVD’s to their hiding place, and another little bag held some unusual toys which I’d only heard of through friends gossip. Again my curiosity got the better of me, and removing what I knew to be a vibrator from the bag, turned it on and placed it between my thighs. The vibrations floated nicely through my body, and after checking driveway was still clear, I undid my jeans and slipped them down just enough to get the plastic head under my panties. It was the first orgasm that I ever experienced without the need of my skilful fingers. So intense was it that I completely removed my jeans and panties for a second attempt.

I confess that my guilt Gaziantep Escort Reklamları was strong over the next few days and I promised myself that I would never ever do it again. But the next time I was comfortably alone in the house, my mother’s plastic toy was back doing its evil work. It soon became a habit and who knows how long it might have gone on for when my very observant mother accosted me. She knew someone had been in her private place, and as my brother hadn’t been around for a day or two, my guilt was obvious. I received a well deserved telling off after my feeble confession. I was really down and embarrassed, for my mum and I are close as mothers and daughters often are. I think she lost a lot of respect for me that day, which still hurts whenever I think about it. But a few weeks later, my mum handed me a brown paper bag which contained a vibrator and a supply of batteries. She giggled at my embarrassment and gave me a big hug while suggesting that it was far safer than boys, and much more fun. It got a lot of use that vibrator, luckily it was nice and quiet and my bedroom was secluded at the far end of the hallway.

It was many months after that episode that Steve came back into the picture. I overheard by brother announce to my parents that he was back in town and on his way over. My heart fluttered with excitement at the thought of seeing him again, and I wanted him to take notice that I was now a woman. My cunning mind began to churn, and I slipped into my briefest bikini. With my hair brushed and a little pale lipstick I sauntered down to the swimming pool at the rear of the house and slipped into the cool water. Keeping my hair dry I paddled impatiently around the pool until I heard a car pull up into the driveway, then the front door open and close to the sound of excited voices. Waiting a few strategic minutes before slipping from the pool, I patted myself dry with a towel and walked inside.

My heart fluttered at the sight of the man of my dreams, he was taller and wider at the shoulders, and far more handsome than I remembered him to be. I smiled warmly as his eyes found me, a brief glimpse of lusty interest obvious before he managed to produce his nice boy image. The seed had sown I thought smugly to myself, I was going to have him, and sooner rather than later I hoped. I let him ogle at my bikini clad figure a bit more before going upstairs and changing into something more appropriate, a very tight top and a pair of shorts to be precise. I allowed myself to wander to the kitchen a few times to explore the fridge, and each time I felt Steve’s eyes upon me.

Later that night my mother remarked cynically on how well I’d managed to keep my hair dry in the pool, and my lipstick seemed intact too. When I tried to make light of it, she laughed and told me not to kid a kidder. Would I not be interested in Steve’s comments on how much I’d grown up and how attractive I was, she asked. I blushed as my mother knew full well what I’d been up to, and now my intentions were out in the open. Don’t worry she assured me, my little secret was safe with her, for the time being anyway.

Steve was soon a frequent visitor to our home over the next few weeks, and for some strange reason I hung around a lot too. My piano playing which had been ignored for some time came to the fore. I encouraged Steve with conversation and smiles and I could feel his interest grow. By this time my brother John had caught on to our little game. At first he was kind of annoyed, but then the amusement and teasing factors quickly set in. Steve was just leaving one Friday night when my evil brother spotted me in the kitchen.

“Hey sis. Steve wants to ask you out on a date, but he’s too scared you’ll say no. Can you put him out of his misery please, please please, please? I’m sick to death of him talking about you.”

Ignoring my pounding heart, I smiled mischievously over at a highly embarrassed Steve, “Well, go on then, ask me.”

“Hey Jen, would you like to go out some time?” he stuttered without a hint of confidence.

Shit, this is easy I thought to myself. Are guys stupid or what, if he’d waited much longer I would’ve asked him out. And if he’d said no, I would’ve dragged him down the path by the scruff of his neck.

“I might, where do you want to take me?” I teased.

Steve looked at the floor, “Dunno, anywhere you wanna go?”


“How about tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, okay, I guess I can squeeze you in tomorrow night.” I replied with big goo goo eyes.

My brother John laughed loudly at Steve and I before walking away, “Fuck you two are pathetic.”

It took me three hours the next evening to get ready for my first date with Steve, two showers, four changes of clothes and a lot of frustration with one of my bad hair days. I settled for the casual look, a green top, super tight jeans and sneakers. Steve seemed to like it, and I blushed as his lustful eyes gave me a quick once over on his arrival. It was all getting easier by the minute. We went to local but up market burger bar which was in with the young crowd. We spent hours talking over the loud music and having a good time, the electricity growing slowly with intensity, the eye contact and the touching of legs under the table. I happily agreed to go for a drive, and half an hour later found ourselves in a quiet little place just out of town.

Our first kiss started nervously, but grew with frightening intensity, our tongues wildly exploring each other. The kiss seemed to last forever, but we broke briefly to catch our breath. We leaned hard into each other arms and tongues intertwined as our passion mounted, then threw ourselves unceremoniously into the back seat. My hands explored his hard chest, then under his shirt so I could tweak his nipples. He rolled on top of me and our legs braced tightly as we writhed and kissed. I could feel his hardness in his jeans exciting me further and I instinctively pushed hard up against him. His hands slipped under my top and caressed my boobs causing me to moan loudly under his gentle touch. Then another hand slid up my open thighs to my special place, and it was then that I realised it was all happening too fast and I was losing control.

“No Steve, stop, please stop.” I whispered pushing him away.

He did stop and he looked down at me with concern, “Hey Jen, I’m sorry.”

I smiled up at him and stroked his cheek, “Don’t be sorry, it’s all a bit fast, that’s all. I’m kinda new at this.”

“What do you mean?”

“I haven’t gone all the way, well even part of the way.” I replied. “So just go slow, okay?”

“Do you want me to stop?”

I giggled, “Want you stop? Hell no, I want you to keep going but a little slower.”

Steve just looked at me and I realised that the moment of passion had been broken; I lifted my top and bra over my boobs and smiled cheekily.

“You can play with these if you want.”

His grin returned and his wandering hands began to explore my boobs, and my nipples quickly hardened under his touch. I playfully pulled his face into my cleavage and hugged him tightly as his hands began to explore. His warm lips quickly found my nipples and for the next hour or so I enjoyed the pleasure of my boobs being licked and caressed. It was all very nice, my top soon removed completely and my boobs free and easy. I could feel the rigid excitement in his jeans but I ignored it on the basis it was our first date and I wasn’t too sure how far I should go. When Steve dropped me off that night, he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. My responding kiss cemented the beginning of our relationship.

Our subsequent dates became more dangerous, for I was just as excited and curious about sex as Steve. My top was always quickly removed and I allowed his hands to wander more freely over my body. I had taken to wearing short skirts so that my panties were more accessible, at first I would only let him touch me on the outside but that only lasted a short time. I was soon enjoying his probing fingers under my panties deep in my wetness. Later dates I let him slip my panties down to my knees, but that was it. The problem was that even at the tender age of eighteen I was very sexual and could masturbate myself to easy orgasms with or without my plastic toy. My panties at knee height prevented any temptation of my legs from opening too far, and the truth was that I didn’t trust myself to not go all the way. I had no inclination of losing my virginity in the back seat of Steve’s car for my first time was surely more deserving than that. But to keep Steve happy, content and hungry for me, I became the skilled provider of many hand jobs enjoying the power I had over his throbbing manhood. Most nights I returned home with sticky fingers, but at least my man was satisfied. The problem was that both of us wanted to go all the way and our impatience and frustration was growing fast. It was a battle that I was struggling to control, and like most other young couples in love, we were together as much as possible.

It was around this time that my prudent mother accompanied me to our family doctor to inquire about the contraceptive pill. Any embarrassing pleas of innocence fell on deaf ears, my mother quite rightly suggesting that I was soon going to be in mortal danger, if I wasn’t already. I squirmed in my chair as our friendly but firm female doctor gave me a long lecture on STD’s accompanied by a few gruesome photos. I got the gist of that message quite quickly. The main thing was that I was soon going to be safe from pregnancy, not insignificant when you consider I had no intention of using a condom on my big day.

Not long after the doctors visit, my brother John was going out of town on a weekend tennis tournament and you can imagine my ears pricking up when my parents suggested that they might go too. It was also most fortunate that one of my girlfriends was having her seventeenth birthday party on that weekend. I asked if I could stay home so that I could attend the party, my dad said it was fine with him. My mum however, looked over at me with knowing eyes, for she could read my mind like a book. But at least she did say that I could stay home.

I now had a date that I could give myself to Steve and I began to plan how it might go. After telling Steve about my parents going away the following weekend, I put him on rations. Kissing was okay, but no fooling around which was hard for both of us. We both agreed no masturbating in private, which I confess to not quite managing in the lead up. My plan was for us to do the deed on Saturday night, but I guess I was still a little naive.

Less than thirty minutes after my parents and my brother John left on that Friday night, Steve’s car was hidden from our neighbours in our garage. I was foolishly clad only in a short skirt, a top and pair of panties when Steve arrived. The intention was to just slip into a pair of shoes and heading out to grab a burger. But the only thing I slipped into was Steve’s arms seconds after he walked into the door.

Such was our lust; I was easily led away from the door. Wrapped in each others arms and lips fully engaged we staggered into the lounge and gently fell onto the couch. His body slipped between my willing thighs and I trapped him with my legs just in case might want to escape my clutches. For some time we were content to kiss knowing full well what was about to happen, our kisses long and passionate as our excitement grew. I pushed up against his hardness and brazenly rubbed myself up and down. His hand slipped up my skirt to my damp panties and I sighed loudly as he slowly and lovingly caressed me just how I liked. Eventually I took my lover’s head in my hands and looked up at him.

“Shall we go up to my room?”

“What about a burger first.” he asked with a stupid smirk.

I laughed, for a burger was now the last thing on our minds. Seconds later I walked up the stairs towards my bedroom the last time as a virgin, my heart divided between my love for Steve and sexual excitement. I closed the door behind us and drew the curtains from prying eyes. I then stepped to my handsome Steve and kissed him briefly.

“Would you like to take my clothes off?” I asked.

I lifted my arms so that my top could be removed leaving my breasts bare for his appraisal. I smiled as his eyes feasted upon me, his lust obvious by the bulge in his jeans. I leaned into him and kissed him gently, his fingers soon finding the zip on the back of my skirt which quickly dropped to the floor.

“Let me look at you.” he asked easing back to arms length.

I shuddered in pride as his eyes ravaged me for many seconds; I loved the way my body held him spellbound.

“I love you.” he whispered.

I giggled. Reaching down to the bulge in his jeans I gave it a tickle with my forefinger, “I can see that.”

“No, I mean I really love you.” he reiterated.

I stepped forward and kissed him, “I know you love me, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. And I love you too.”

Steve knelt before me, his face level with my panties. I pulled his face into me and shuddered at the touch of his warm skin on mine. His wet tongue slipped between my thighs and gently caressed me for a few seconds. I impatiently slipped my thumb under the elastic of my panties and slowly eased the front down so he could see my pussy, then took a wider stance to allow him a better look. I then let the elastic go just to keep him eager. With little shuffles I moved backwards to my bed and lowered myself to the covers. Steve frantically ripped his tee shirt over his head while kicking his shoes off proving that males can multi task if they really want to.

Steve lay back on the bed as I undid his buckle and top button. We both giggled as I tried to undo his zip over his substantial erection and in the end he had to hold it flat against his navel before I could get it all the way down. He raised his bum from the bed as I pulled his jeans down and his erection sprung free as his briefs slid down with them. I discarded his jeans to the floor and then ran my hand slowly up his thighs to his hard cock. I felt proud that I could make it stand high in the air.

It was the first time I’d had seen Steve completely nude and his cock in all its splendour, hand jobs cramped up in the back seat of a car didn’t do it justice. It stood perfectly straight like a ruler, the circumcised head a little wider than the shaft, the glands below a little lighter in colour. He sighed deeply as my hand encompassed its girth which still left inches above and below, and I felt a little apprehension for the first time. While I had played with his erect manhood many times and had become well accustomed to it size in my hands, I was now going to let him slide it inside me.

Steve rolled me over onto my back and I opened my legs willingly to allow him on top of me. I felt the hardness of his cock against my pussy, only the thin material of my panties denying him success.

I guess I was around was eleven years old when I fell in love with Steve Perilli. Of course I didn’t know about the birds and the bees back then, all I knew was that my older brother John’s friend made me feel all funny inside whenever I saw him. I just wanted to sit…

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