My Sapphic Wedding Fantasy Pt. 02

My Sapphic Wedding Fantasy Pt. 02


Author’s Note: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so please do not leave hateful comments if everything is not perfect. I am only human after all.


Have you ever had one of those fantasies? You know, the ones that feel so real you begin to wonder if you are actually imagining them. Well, I do… because I have them all the time! Sometimes, they turn into a story, but mostly they remain trapped inside my brain. That is, until now…

Now that I had hired a stripper for my friends’ bachelorette parties, I was free to sit back and enjoy the show. And that was exactly what I did.

The first bachelorette party was for Lexxi. She was rather shy and definitely not the type to have a stripper at her party. Unfortunately, she would have to deal with it, because Candy Cane was on her way. The mere thought of her made me wet and it took everything I had to keep from fantasizing about her then and there. But I managed to keep my arousal contained and tried to get excited about the party. It was my first bachelorette party and I had no idea what to expect.

In the movies, bachelorette parties are portrayed as big, wild bashes where the bride gets everything out of system in anticipation of married life. This was nothing like that. Stories of the good old times were told and Lexxi received a multitude of presents. Most were gag gifts that got a good laugh out of every one of us. There were edible panties and a multitude of sex toys. My favorite had to be the large, bright-pink strapon. But once the present portion of the evening was over, things returned to being boring.

Fortunately, the doorbell soon rung, announcing the arrival of the stripper. Since I had hired her, I hurried to the door and escorted Candy in. She wore the same police uniform as the last time I had seen her and she looked just as hot. I barely managed to keep from ripping her clothes off and ravaging her and led her to the living room. I was expecting Lexxi to gasp in shock at the sight of the stripper, but the blindfold she now wore kept her from Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort knowing what was going on. In fact, that was exactly what she asked next.

“You’ll see soon enough,” I said as I nodded to Candy to tell her she could begin her show. I returned to my chair and got ready to enjoy the best performance of my life as the music started to play.

By the time Lexxi was given permission to remove her blindfold, Candy had started dancing. I took all the strength I had, but I managed to tear my gaze away from her flawless body. But it was well worth it for the shocked expression that appeared on Lexxi’s face when she spotted Candy.

Laughter filled the room for a few seconds before Lexxi’s face went from shock to what appeared to be fear. A split second later, she was up and running out of the room. Everyone froze. It was as if time had stopped. I was the first one to recover and hurried after Lexxi, telling the other guests to keep the party going.

I found Lexxi in her bedroom. She was sitting on the bed, tears running down her cheeks. The sight of her filled me with a sense of guilt. I was the one who picked the stripper. What if I had chosen someone she knew?

“I’m sorry,” I apologize as I join her on the bed. “It was just for fun.”

There was a short silence before she spoke.

“I know,” she said. “I’m just nervous,” she explained.

“About what?” I asked.

Lexxi did not answer, but the cause for her distraught state was obvious.

“The wedding?”

She nodded.

I was stunned. Lexxi and Nikki had always been the perfect couple. Though I did not believe in marriage, if two people were ever meant to be married, it was them. So as hard as it was for me, I convinced her that becoming Nikki’s wife was the right move. Fortunately, she just needed a little pep talk and quickly realized she was being silly. She and Nikki loved each other and they would spend the rest of their lives together.

“You’re right,” she eventually said as she dried her tears. “Let’s get back to the party.”

I started getting up, but she pulled me in for a tight hug before I could. At first I smiled, happy to have helped her through her crisis. But the arousal from seeing Candy was still present and the feel of her breasts pressing against mine brought it bubbling to the surface. I knew this was the worst possible time, but my body refused to obey. Arousal coursed through my veins and a powerful fantasy grew within me. I fought it for a few seconds before it got too much for me to handle.

“Fuck it!” I finally thought and let it take over. Moments later, I was dragged away from the real world and dropped into an identical fantasy one. Fully giving in to my arousal, I broke the hug and pulled Lexxi in for a long, passionate kiss.

“Mmmmm!” I moaned as I thrust my tongue past her lips. Not wasting a single second, I started exploring her oral cavity.

Though this was my fantasy, I had no idea what would happen next. Lexxi could just as easily freak out as she could give in to my oral dance of seduction. Fortunately for me, she picked the second option and soon started reciprocating my eager tongue strokes.

The kiss lingered on for quite some time before my arousal got too intense for me to handle. Breaking the kiss, I looked Lexxi up and down. She may not have been as hot as Candy, she was defiantly pretty. She had a cute, shy thing going on and it was driving me wild with desire.

“Stay here!” I ordered as I rushed out of the room. I has just gotten a brilliant idea and needed something that had remained in the living room. Fortunately, all eyes were on Candy, so I was able to retrieve the large strapon from the coffee table unnoticed.

By the time I returned to the bedroom, Lexxi was fully naked and waiting for me on the bed. The sight of her naked body should have sent my arousal level skyrocketing, but it instead filled me with guilt. I was getting ready to have sex with my friend’s wife-to-be a few days before their wedding. But then I remembered it was only a fantasy and all guilt faded, leaving only arousal behind.

I literally tore my clothes off and strapped the sex toy to my body. Before long, a large, silicone cock stood perfectly erect between my legs.

“Get over here!” I ordered as I pointed to the floor before me.

A smile appeared on Lexxi’s lips as she jumped up and hurried over to me.

“Kneel!” I said as soon as she had reached me. I then watched her get into position with a wide smile of anticipation.

“Suck. It!” I commanded.

Moments later, Lexxi’s lips were wrapped around the shaft and her head was bobbing back and forth. I watched her slowly, sensually suck my “cock” as she peered up at me with lust-filled eyes. But as enticing as the sight was, it was not meant to last.

“Stop!” I ordered. Lexxi looked up at me with confusion. That is, until I gave my next command.

“Go to the bed and get ready for the pounding of a lifetime,” I instructed.

A wide smile curled her lips as she obeyed. By the time I joined her, she was standing next to the bed. Her body was bent forward with her hands on the matrass and her ass in the air, ready to receive me. Moments later, I was standing behind her, her waist in my hands and the tip of my “cock” pressing up against her engorged labia.

“Fuck me,” she begged in a soft voice as she glanced back at me over her shoulder. That sight alone made it impossible for me to even consider disobeying her sensual command.

“Fuck!” she moaned as I jerked forward, forcing the strapon deep into her. Moments later, I was pounding her as fast and hard as I could. Moans flowed past her lips and grunts left mine.

The sounds of sex filled the air for the short time it took Lexxi to climax.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!” she moaned at the top of her lungs as her body started to convulse.

I continued pounding the shit out of her with a wide smile on my lips and arousal in my heart. It was not long before I felt her hot love juice splash onto my thighs and drip down my legs as I thrust the toy in and out of her squirting pussy. But it was not meant to last.

I experienced a moment of confusion when I was snapped back to reality. But then I figured out Lexxi had ended the hug and I was back in the real world. With no strapon or cum in sight, I sighed in disappointment. That is, until I remembered the stripper that awaited us in the living room.

“Ready to return to the party?” I asked. Lexxi nodded and we headed out.

What happened next was something I had never before seen. Lexxi actually started to have fun. Not only did she cheer Candy on alongside the other guests, but she even let her give her a lap dance. It was a night none of us would forget. Ever.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Have a horny day,

Barbie Lez

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