My Reputation Precedes Me Ch. 01


To understand this story, the reader should visit a prior submission, “Ivy’s Back Gets Washed” This is an addendum to that story, with another of my female neighbors.


I had been looking forward to an opportunity to get together again with Ivy Morris, this time to sink more than my fingers in her nice, warm pussy, but instead, she had been transferred out of the area so that opportunity never came about.

It was about a week after Ivy left that I had a phone call from her friend, Judy Watson, inviting me to her house for a drink. Since I had already had my quota for the day, I, as politely as I could, declined. She seemed disappointed, but ended our conversation with the, odd to me, expression, “Oh well, better luck next time.”

The next time came two days later as I sat on my front porch with my evening cocktail. Judy, came flouncing around the corner, a drink in her hand, and up onto the porch to plunk herself down in one of the chairs, facing me.

Judy is a tall, thin woman with reddish blond hair, which I’m sure is from a bottle. I guessed her to be about fifty or fifty-five. She is very ‘top heavy’ with enormous breasts that she always draws attention to with the way she dresses, usually rather tight sweaters. Her long legs are emphasized with tight legged pants, usually jeans, which also draws attention to her tight, round bottom.

After exchanging pleasantries we both lit cigarettes and just chatted about the weather, the traffic and other odd things. Neither of us had heard from Ivy since her move and Judy said, “Speaking of Ivy, she and I had a long conversation just before she left. She said, that among other things, you have a very talented right hand.” I know my cheeks slowly turned red as the inference sank into my brain. Ivy had told her about my having washed her back and what progressed from that. I almost gagged on the sip of JD I was taking.

Judy laughed at my obvious discomfort, and as I fought to control my embarrassment, said, “You don’t have to be shy with me, Carl. I’ve been around the block more than once. But that was quite a few years ago and I miss some of that old excitement. So how’s about it. Want to make an old lady happy one more time?”

I had finally regained some of my composure, but, I’d never before been faced with such a blatant request for sex. “Well, if Ivy told you all the details of our encounter and that’s what you want, well, I can’t refuse a lady, now, can I. You want to come inside now and see what happens?”

She had that broad grin on her face as she considered my invitation. Then, “I don’t think it would be wise for us to disappear inside your place right now, there’s people walking around and some of your cocktail party people might get curious. Let’s wait until after dark and you can come over to my place and… uh…wash my back. Besides, it’ll give me some time to…uh…draw my bath.”

I agreed readily, saying it would give me time to eat supper and grab a shower. I was already thinking that it would be more than my right escort bayan adıyaman hand that would get some exercise with Judy. “Good,” she replied, make it about eight. Just knock on the door.” With that, she got up and, leaning forward, planted a kiss on my cheek. “You might want to shave, Carl. I can’t stand a man with stubble on his face.” With that she left, seemingly with more bounce in her step.

A short while later, Able Swenson, a neighbor from down the street, stopped by after walking his dog. I refreshed my drink and made a scotch and soda for him. I had to listen about all his ailments and family problems for the better part of a half hour before he finally finished his drink and left. I quickly ducked inside, giving no one else a chance to drop by.

I made a quick supper and after dropping the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, shaved and showered. Judy wouldn’t feel any stubble on my face. By the time I was dressed, the clock indicated ten before eight. After leaving the light on in the kitchen so I wouldn’t come back to a dark house, I left to stroll over to Judy’s house.

I had only rapped once on her door when it opened. She must have been standing right inside, waiting for me. Some light coming from the rear of her house was the only illumination, but, I could see that she was wearing a house coat, probably more like a negligee, for, it was almost translucent. She reached out and grabbed my arm and quickly drew me inside. .

“Jeezus, Carl, I’ve gotten so horny waiting for eight o’clock,” she said softly. “I feel like a high school girl who’s about to have her cherry popped. Did you ever pop a girls cherry?” I allowed that I’d never had that privilege, always being with girls with more experience than me. “That’s okay. It can get kinda messy and it hurts like hell…well…for a few minutes.”

In the dim light I could see that her negligee was open and I could make out the cleavage of her breasts. She pulled me close to her, guiding my right hand to her pubic area. Shockingly, there was no hair, only smooth bare skin and plump lips divided by her pussy slit. In almost a whisper, she said, “Do me a little now, Carl, I need to feel your fingers in me, just for a minute.”

I had no trouble penetrating her, she was so wet with her slippery juice and I quickly had two fingers stroking her, the heel of my hand bumping against her clit “Oh god, man, that feels so good, so much better than doing me myself.” Her hips were moving back and forth as I played with her pussy. My cock, which had been slowly rising, jumped to a full erection when she grabbed my crotch.

Judy was breathing heavily now, almost panting, her hips humping against my hand.. “Oh god, Carl, that feels so damned good. Make me cum, jeezus, make me cum.” I had my other hand at the small of her back, supporting her, while she now had both hands on my shoulders, as she feverishly strove to reach her nirvana.

I suddenly became afraid of losing my balance as she became more aggressive with her hip escort baya nakkent thrusts and I pushed her backwards till she was leaning against the wall. The change in position didn’t deter her one bit, instead, seemed to speed her towards her ecstasy. It came only seconds later as she let out a screeching howl, “YES, OH GOD, YEESSSS!” Her legs clamped together, holding my hand prisoner, my fingers still embedded in her, now, flowing cunt. Thinking to increase her pleasure, I wriggled them as best I could, brushing the tips against her ‘G’ spot.

Judy held herself ridged as her orgasmed washed through her body, trying to make the moment last. Sadly though, for her, it didn’t last long and when she began to slump against me, I was glad we were leaning against the wall. She buried her head in my neck, still breathing hard, but finally able to gasp out, “God, Carl, I just wanted a quick feel but then I couldn’t help myself, it felt so damned good. Ivy was right, you do have a very talented right hand. Do you have a talented prick, too?”

“My prick,” I replied, “only knows how to cum, to make me happy. That’s its only talent. You gonna make it cum?”

She raised her head and smilingly said, “Man, I’m gonna make that cock the happiest cock in the world. Let’s get you out of those clothes and go get real comfortable on my bed.”

It was from her bedroom the light had been coming and I got a good view of her now as I quickly divested myself of everything. My prick was very proud of itself, standing straight out from below my belly. Judy had removed her negligee and sat on the edge of the bed watching me. Now I got a good look at her tits, they were large had quite a bit of sag to them, her nipples pointing almost straight down. “Come over here and let me get a good look at that nice cock,” she said, with a husky voice.

I moved to stand in front of her so she could get her ‘good look’. She reached out to cradle my balls in one hand and to grip my circumcised prick in the other. Before I realized what had happened, she had bent forward and engulfed the purple head in her mouth. She sucked on it, working her tongue all around it, concentrating on the sensitive underside. Jeezus, but it felt good!

That lasted less than a minute before she released it and, looking up at me, said, “Get on the bed on your back so I can do a proper job of this.” Doing as she said, I climbed onto the bed and lay down on my back, my prick pointing at the ceiling, the purple head glistening now, with her saliva. Judy knelt on the bed beside me and lowered her head to again take my prick in her mouth. The damned thing twitched in anticipation, then disappeared between her lips.

As she bobbed up and down on my prick, her tits, now within reach, swayed back and forth. I reached out with my left hand and captured the nearest one,

squeezing and pinching the nipple. Her reaction was to start a gentle humming noise, deep in her throat, causing her mouth to vibrate on my prick.

It was too much, I couldn’t escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan hold back. “I’m gonna cum,” I called out, “oh god you’re making me cum.” Her response was a “Uuuuummm!” With that, I grabbed her head to hold her while my prick spewed out my gooey cum.

Judy kept right on sucking until she had completely emptied my balls, then swallowed. Releasing my now shrinking prick, she looked up at me and opening her mouth, showed the results, closed her mouth and swallowed. She smiled, licking her lips, “That was guuuud, Carl. You have nice sweet cum.” I grinned back at her. “It sure was guuuud,” I said, mocking her. “I haven’t cum like that for a long time, I just hope it doesn’t take too long for me to get it up again.”

She laughed, “Don’t worry, my boy, we’ll get that baby up again, fast. But, in the meantime, don’t you think it would be nice to give my kitty a nice treatment as a reward?” I knew exactly what Judy was asking for, she wanted me to ‘go down’ on her and I had no problem with that, I had always enjoyed the taste of a woman’s cunt.

She rolled onto her back, knees drawn up and spread. Her naked pussy was smeared with frothy white cum from my having brought her off earlier. I licked my lips as I bowed my head to take a quick lick and her body jerked. “Yeah, that’s it, baby, make it feel good.” I pushed forward again, to engulf her cunt with my open mouth, letting my tongue go from the bottom, up to her fully engorged clit. Immediately I could hear moans of pleasure coming from her open mouth.

With some difficulty I managed to reach both hands up to capture her large, now flattened tits, finding the turgid nipples to pinch and pull. Judy clapped her hands over mine encouraging me to pinch harder as her moans became cries of happiness. “God, yes, oh jeezus, man, oh fuck, yesss!”, over and over.

Her hips were now surging as she fucked my face. Her legs alternately clasped and unclasped around my head, squeezing, so that at times I found it difficult to breathe. To make matters worse, Judy’s cunt began flowing like a fountain and it was all I could do to keep swallowing her juices.

It was only minutes till she orgasmed, screaming her joy, “YES, YESS, OH GOD, YEEESSSSS!!!” Her legs straightened, thrust straight upwards around my head, shaking uncontrollably. I had never seen anyone in the throes of orgasm like Judy’s reaction.

Slowly, the shaking stopped and I could hear her heavy breathing as she came down from her high. Her feet fell back down onto the bed and her legs splayed again, releasing her hold on me. I raised up to look at her face; she had a broad grin as she looked down at me. “God, Carl,” she panted, “That was… absolutely… the best… ever. I just…died…and…went…to….heaven.”

I grinned back at her. “Now you know how I felt when you sucked my balls dry. I won’t be able to get my prick up again for a month, I swear.” Judy’s grinned turned to a look of disappointment. “Shit, Carl, I had plans of fucking the night away.” Then she grinned again. “I guess I shouldn’t complain, we’ll just have to wait on that for now. It’ll be something to look forward too.”

Half an hour later, I left Judy’s place and slowly wandered home. It was almost midnight and I was glad I didn’t have to get up early the next day. I think I’ll look into this business with raw eggs. They say that raw eggs really build up your endurance. We’ll see.

To understand this story, the reader should visit a prior submission, “Ivy’s Back Gets Washed” This is an addendum to that story, with another of my female neighbors. —————————– I had been looking forward to an opportunity to get together again with Ivy Morris, this time to sink more than my fingers in her nice,…

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