My Reluctant Lover Ch. 01

Big Tits

This is a three part story that actually happened a few years ago. The names have been changed to protected the perverted among us. It was written with a lot of help from pixie2001 who authors her own stories here on Literotica. There are some fictional embellishments but not many.

The bar was packed, just like it always is on Thursday nights “Girls Only Night” at the local gay bar. It was a warm night for early spring and the management had cranked up the AC. I should have brought a sweater but that would have defeated the purpose of my LBD. It was a black, front warped dress with a very short hem line. I was on the hunt for a “straight” girl looking to have her first bisexual fling so I wanted to look as feminine as possible which is sometimes kind of hard for me because I’m so tall. I compensate for that by wearing my shiny brown hair long, and I dress in very feminine clothes, usually with skirts or dresses that are short to show off my long legs.

“Girls Only Night” brings out a whole bunch of women who would otherwise not be caught dead in a gay bar. Some are definitely bisexual, others are on a continuum from slightly curious to desperately curious. I wanted to find someone who was desperately curious so that I could “turn her out.” That may make me seem a little callous, but it can be incredibly fun, especially with a newbie. And it can be wonderful for the newbie to discover that she has a whole new sexual side to her and that she can find extreme sexual gratification in the arms of another woman.

The usual suspects were there wandering around chatting with each other. Some were holding hands, some were touching, and some were even kissing. Some were moving from woman to woman. That was gratifying because it meant that I would almost assuredly find someone to take home tonight, even if it wasn’t the newbie of my dreams.

I spied Carol toward the back of the room sitting with a couple. She would be the one if I couldn’t find a newbie. I could always get Carol to come home with me. She was my “Go To” woman of choice. Carol is not beautiful but she is not a dog either, and she has an extremely tight body from being a personal trainer at one of the health clubs in town. She always swore up and down that she was bisexual, not gay, but I knew otherwise. Women, not men, were her thing, but she was not ready to admit that to herself yet. She was also really good in bed!

As my eyes scanned the room, they landed on someone I had never seen before. She was sitting at a small round table for two against one of the walls. She was as cute as could be: small, slender, really nice legs under a denim mini skirt, pert breasts under a white tank top, reddish brown auburn hair, pretty rosy cheeks, and an adorable mouth. Her brown eyes darted around the room, taking everything in and looking a little apprehensive. She had to be a newbie.

I grabbed my wine and headed over to her. My 6’3″ frame towered over her as she looked up at me. I smiled down at her.

“Hi, I’m Julie.”

Her face was parallel to the hem of my short black dress. She stared down at my legs and then looked up again and said “Sarah.” I asked if I could sit down and she nodded.

“You’re new,” I proclaimed with the warmest most inviting smile that I could muster. “I’ve not seem you here before.”

“I’m new,” she mumbled.

I didn’t know if that meant she was new to the city or simply new to the bar, it really didn’t matter which.

“Gay?” I asked in a gentle voice.

She shook her head “No.”

“Bi?” I pressed softly.

“Maybe,” she muttered.

“Curious?” I pushed further.

“Maybe,” she mumbled.

“Well if you’re curious, I hope you’ll consider me,” I offered. “I think you’re absolutely adorable.”

Sarah didn’t say anything, but she did return my smile. I thought that was at least a good start. I wasn’t quite sure the start of what.

“Sorry for being so forward, but if you don’t ask, you never get anywhere,” I remarked. “And please don’t take that as a demand. If you just want to be friends, that’s cool too.”

“Okay,” she responded, looking a little bit uncomfortable at first but then she became a little more relaxed.

Then looking a little nervous again she asked if I was into anything kinky.

“I can be if that’s what my partner wants,” I replied. “But no. I’m usually pretty vanilla.”

My eyes followed her gaze and I understood immediately why she asked the question. Gretchen, a great big bull dyke all dressed in black leather was leading a cute little baby dyke around by Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort a collar and chain. The baby dyke wore a tiny little silver slip dress that barely covered her little breasts, and her tight little ass.

“Were not all like that,” I said softly, trying to sound reassuring. I remembered my own feelings the first time I ventured into a place like this—so full of apprehension, but also pushed by this . . . this craving that I somehow hoped might be satisfied here.

“Most of us are really quite normal, and some of us are feminine like me even though I am awfully tall.”

“I like tall,” she said looking me in the eyes with a certain longing.

“Good I was afraid my height might turn you off.”

“Oh, no! It’s exactly the opposite.”

I think Sarah was afraid she’d revealed too much too soon, because her eyes started studying the tabletop and I could see that her cheeks were a bit flushed—apparently from embarrassment.

“Actually, I find your height incredibly sexy,” she whispered, leaning forward a bit as if she were concerned that someone else might hear. “It gives you this . . . this aura that sort of just draws me in.”

At that moment I sensed that I might have “hooked one” as people who fish say. I don’t fish, but I was definitely looking for a clam to enjoy that night and I thought that I might have found one, but I did not want to push it too hard. Clams do not move very fast but the one before looked like she could turn into a rabbit.

“Okay. Let’s play a game,” I said to change the subject. “Look around the room and point out someone you find attractive. If I know the person I will tell you what I know.”

“What about those two over there?” she asked.

I looked to where she was pointing to see two women with their tongues down each other’s throats and their hands inside of each other’s tops. It was easy to see how their hands were playing over each other’s breasts only a few feet away from us, and Sarah was clearly fascinated—and likely turned on–by what she was seeing.

“They are a couple, very exclusive, very exhibitionist. I’ve never seen any indication that they swing with anyone else,” I recounted.

“What about the pretty blonde sitting alone at the end of the bar?”

“The one with the page boy?” I asked.


“Well, the reason she’s alone is that she’s a real dud in the sack. She may be pretty but she is a worthless sex partner.”

“How do you know?” Sarah asked.

“I tried her once. All she wants to do is receive, not give in return; a waste of a lot of women’s time and all of the regulars know it. That’s why she is alone.”

“Maybe she’s just . . . inexperienced,” Sarah offered. “What if she just didn’t know, you know, what to do? Or maybe she was just sort of shy . . . inhibited.”

“Tell me something, Sarah. Are we talking about that cute blonde over there right now? Or are we talking about you?”

Even in the dim light of the club, I could see that Sarah was blushing again. But I could also see that her nipples were getting hard and trying to poke their way through the thin fabric of her white tank top. It was quite clear that Sarah was talking about herself.

I leaned closer to her, and before she knew quite what I had in mind, I draped my right arm over her shoulder and pulled her close to me. And just as she was about to protest, I kissed her squarely on those beautiful full lips of hers.

I could feel her try to pull away at my first touch, but she quickly relaxed and I felt her warm breath in my mouth as she let out a little sigh. I knew right then that I had definitely found my newbie for the night.

I finally broke the kiss, leaned back a bit and saw Sarah still sitting with her eyes closed and lips slightly parted—sort of as if she was frozen in time. I smiled to myself and thought that she’ll remember that kiss the rest of her life—her first real kiss from a woman.

The waitress came by and asked if we wanted another round. I said “Yes” and Sarah simply nodded her head.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked as the waitress slipped away and I put my hand on top of Sarah’s. She flinched a little, smiled at me, and did not move her hand away. That was a good sign.

As I stroked the top of her hand, I admired her beautifully manicured finger nails and was delighted to see that they were short. With a hand so small and short fingers nails I began to imagine her fisting me.

“Ever been with another woman before?” I asked gently.

“No not in real life,” she said, looking down at the table.

“Phone sex or cyber sex?” I inquired.

“Cyber,” she replied not looking me in the eyes.

I cupped my hand under her chin and lifted her head so that she was looking me in the eyes. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I cyber sometimes myself. It can be fun and it hurts no one, as long as your partner is an adult.”

She smiled back gratefully for my understanding.

“So. You’ve thought about making love to another woman before?”

“Yes.” Now she was looking down at the table again.

“And does it excite you? Did you get off having cyber sex with another woman?”


“Would you like to do it in real life?”

Sarah paused for quite some time before looking up longingly into my eyes, “Yesss . . . ” That single word seemed to take a lot of effort to get out, but her answer was genuine and heartfelt.

“Please, let me be your first.” And before she could answer, I leaned in again and placed my lips on hers. My tongue darted out and traced the outline of her lips, then her lips suddenly parted and her tongue met mine. I put my arm around her and pulled her to me in a gentle but firm hug.

She was tense at first but soon relaxed as my tongue probed her mouth. My hand cupped her firm little breast and she jumped like a bolt of lightening shot through her, but her lips never left mine. I smiled when I realized that she was not wearing a bra, wondering how much planning had gone into her first trip to a gay bar. Her little heart was beating like mad and she moaned ever so deeply as my thumb raked back and forth across her nipple.

I pulled away, not wanting to rush her. “Sarah, you’re absolutely beautiful,” I whispered softly as I rubbed her smooth cheek.

As I studied her pretty face, I noticed that she was staring at my breast, which was partially revealed as the front of the bodice of my dress gapped open. “See something you like?” I teased.

Sarah just moaned softly and closed her eyes. She pressed herself to me with her lips parted. As my lips met hers, I took her delicate little hand and slipped it inside my dress and onto my left breast.

For the briefest moment, she tried to pull away, but I held her hand to me and began to move it slightly with my own. As we continued to kiss, her fingers started to massage my breast so I let go of her wrist. Her hand stayed in the front of my dress.

Feeling a little bolder because of the way she was kissing me and rubbing my naked breast, I placed a hand on the top of her smooth bare leg. It felt very warm despite the fact that the AC was cranked too high. She trembled as I stroked her thigh just above the knee, but she offered no resistance.

I knew Sarah was mine when I rested my hand on her knee and she uncrossed her legs.

My hand worked its way slowly between her warm thighs. Interestingly enough they were kinda chubby–or at least there was a lot of flesh on them. Sarah could manage only a soft moan and barely token resistance, before allowing my fingers to continue their journey upward. I pulled my lips from hers and looked her in the eyes.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. If you let me, I can give you a lot of pleasure.”

That seemed to calm her down and the tension in her thighs disappeared. I felt her thighs part a little farther and she groaned into my mouth as my hand reached her sex. I traced the outline of her swollen labia through her wet cotton panties. She responded by scooting herself lower in her chair and pressing her mound harder against my probing fingers, as if she wanted them inside.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to discover the cotton panties. I was hoping for nylon, satin, or even lace, but the apparent intensity of Sarah’s arousal made me quickly forget about that particular preference of mine. Instead, I began to concentrate on getting my fingers underneath those panties.

“Oh god, no!” Sarah panted while trying to push me away. “Please, not here.”

“Your place or mine?” I asked with a wicked grin, tracing my fingers one more time along the length of her wet slit.

“Yours. Mine’s not safe,” she whispered with an intense look that seemed to be part fear and part desire.

I could understand. You simply don’t bring a newbie out in public. I fully appreciated her feelings.

I vividly remember when I was an 18-year-old college freshman, my girlfriend, Clare, took me for the first time to a cocktail party. It was held at the home of one of her friends, Hellen, and it started early enough that it was a prelude to bar hopping and clubbing. I was amazed at how many gay or bi women were there. The very fact that I was out in public with Clare was enough to “out” me. Fortunately she didn’t paw me in front of the other women nor did she try to feel me up or finger me, as frequently happens at these kinds of parties.

Clare simply held my hand or put her arm around my waist to signal to all of the interested women in the room, that I was her property and they better stay clear. Her consideration meant a lot to me then and made my budding relationship with Clare even more intense.

If you are wondering why Hellen spells her name with two “LLs” well there is a reason. Before Clare and I left, Hellen pulled me aside and invited me to “Hell Night” which occurred every Thursday at Hellen’s large home out in the country side. Hell Night was all about dominance and submission, but that’s another story.

I knew it was time to get Sarah out of the club. I dropped enough money on the table to cover both of our bills as well as a nice tip for the waitress. Outside, night had fallen and there was a warm drizzle. We walked down the covered alley way holding hands until we got to the parking lot. I asked her where her car was and she pointed to a white BMW parked on the street on the far side of the lot.

“Mine’s the red Civic in the middle over there,” I pointed.

“Should I follow you home?” she asked. “Is it far?”

“No it’s only a few blocks away,” I replied. “Why not ride with me? I’ll take you back here when we’re done.” There was no way I was going to let her out of my grasp or my sight.

All of a sudden there was a huge clap of thunder, the sky opened up, and a torrent of rain began to plummet down. The lights in the parking lot flickered and then went out. Golf ball sized hail began to bounce off the asphalt.

Sarah screamed, and I grabbed her and pulled her back into the covered alley way. We squeezed ourselves into a long doorway to an adjacent business, and I held her shivering body as the hail rained down onto the tin roof, making it impossible to hear anything. The temperature must have dropped 20 degrees in 2 minutes from the warm, balmy late spring evening that we had just walked out into.

I raised her chin and kissed her, as she pressed her body to mine. As the lightening kept striking, I opened the front of my wrap dress to expose my bare breasts, midriff, black panties, and off black thigh high hose. She melted into me. My hands went down to her denim covered ass, hiked up her skirt and began massaging her tight little butt.

Sarah’s mouth found mine and we kissed deeply as the thunder and lightening blasted over us. With one hand, I hiked up the front of her skirt and plunged my fingers inside her panties. She was soaking wet, as wet as the parking lot and the floor of the alley which was running with rain water.

My thumb found her clit, two of my fingers entered her and I began to rub. I felt her knees buckle a little as she lowered herself onto my fingers, drawing me in deeper. Then she began to move with me, as my fingers slid in and out of her wet tunnel and she nestled her face between my breasts.

She began screaming, not in fear, not it pain, but in ecstasy as I brought her to several incredibly intense orgasms. I held her tight to me and felt her body stiffen as wave after wave swept over her—the first time another woman had made her cum.

The storm stopped as suddenly as it began and Sarah went limp within seconds of the storms end.

I held her for a while, stroking her hair, kissing her cheek, and rubbing her back. She recovered slowly.

“Oh, god, Julie. I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Her voice was barely above a whisper, as if she didn’t have the strength to speak louder. I could sense that she wanted to say more, but couldn’t find the words.

As the lights in the parking lot came back on, I walked us out of the long entrance to the doorway and out to the parking lot. She stopped and broke from my grasp. Without even turning around she called back, “I’m sorry but I can’t go through with this.”

She ran across the lot and across the street, fumbled with the keys to her car, got in and drove away leaving me with an aching cunt.

“Well that’s what happens when you go after a newbie,” I said to myself as I walked back into the bar.

Carol was sitting at a small table looking lonely so I went over and sat down. The waitress came over and asked if I wanted a drink. Carol said “No. We’re outta here!” She followed me back to my place and gave me some satisfaction that evening, but not the satisfaction that I craved from Sarah.

This is a three part story that actually happened a few years ago. The names have been changed to protected the perverted among us. It was written with a lot of help from pixie2001 who authors her own stories here on Literotica. There are some fictional embellishments but not many. The bar was packed, just…

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