My Niece Turns the Tables


A few days passed after my latest “activity” with my 18 year old niece. She was more relaxed around me now and breezed around the house as if she had been living here for years. I really enjoyed this sense of comfort we were developing with each other. The conversations over dinner were when the most intimate topics were raised and discussed to the fullest. I found that I could get her to talk about pretty much anything as long as I directed the conversation towards a certain area. But, I’m jumping ahead of myself here. It all started when Amy came in from school earlier today.

I was sitting in the living room reading when she came in the front door. My God! She looked good today! Amanda has this thing where she likes to dress up in outfits that match and sometimes have a theme to them. The outfit today was her “schoolgirl” outfit and it was my favourite. She had on white and tan bucks (two toned Oxford type shoes for those who don’t know), white socks, a pleated skirt, a white blouse and her hair in pigtails. She looked way too young to be in university and she loved playing up the outfit by acting innocent and shy. We had laughed about that earlier this morning when she asked me in a whiney voice if I would pour the milk over her cereal because she sometimes spills when she tries.

I said to her at the time, “This schoolgirl business is one of my favourite fantasies, you know.”

My cute little innocent niece beamed and ate her cereal without saying a word.Now, getting back to when she came home from school, she first went into the kitchen and got herself a drink and then came in the living room and sat near me so we could have our customary debriefing of her day. When I asked her how her day had been, instead of launching into her usual long story about this course and that professor, she said she had been slightly uncomfortable all day and she wondered if she was getting a rash from our shaving evening the other day. I suggested she come and stand in front of me so I could take a look.

Amanda jumped up and stood right beside my chair. Her eyes were glistening with what I sensed was excitement. I suggested she pull down her panties and lift up her skirt for me, which she did in one fluid motion. My niece was standing before me with her white cotton granny panties around her ankles and her skirt held up around her waist. I leaned in and felt the skin all around her pussy, but from this angle, all I could really see was the pubic mound. Even so, I felt all over that area to check for any irritation or red bumps on her clean-shaven skin. That area looked and felt in good shape, so I asked her to turn around and bend over for me.

Amanda turned around and bent over, thrusting her white little ass towards my face. I reached forward with both hands and pried her cheeks apart and there it was…some redness and a few tiny bumps on her skin from the shaving. I felt all over the crack of her ass and around her anus for any other sensitive spots, but there seemed to be just one area on her left cheek near her asshole that was reddened and giving her some bother. I mentioned this to her and she asked if her pussy had any redness. I told her about my partial check of that area and instructed her to lie back on the couch with her legs up so I could have a better look at the rest of her private parts.

Amanda was breathing quickly now and her face was flushed as she laid back on the couch and lifted her legs up to her chest, holding them there by putting her hands behind her knees and pulling her legs apart.

I said, “That’s better, Sweety. Now I can see your asshole and pussy more fully. There’s better light this way, too.”

Amy smiled and looked at me between her legs. What an erotic sight this was. I wished I could have taken a picture, but I satisfied myself with making a mental note of the image. I simply stared at her in this pose while she watched me through half-closed eyes.

Amy whispered, “Uncle, I’ve been imagining this scene all day at school. Me spread open for you. You looking at my pussy and asshole.”

I leaned in and looked closely at my hot little niece’s vagina. With fingers from both hands, I gently pulled her outer lips apart and just held her like that for the longest time while I inspected the area. I moved my fingers up and down her slit as I checked her vaginal opening from top to bottom. Amy’s eyes were still half open. She seemed to be in a dream state almost. Then, I looked lower and inspected Amy’s asshole again from this position.

I knew she liked hearing me talk about her private parts, so I said, “Now, Amy Baby, I’m going to have a close look at your cute little asshole from this different angle. I hope you’re not too embarrassed to have your uncle inspecting your anus.”

She said, “No, Uncle. You can inspect my anus whenever you want.”

I leaned in again and looked at this most intimate and private bursa evi olan escort place. My fingers felt all around her hole and the surrounding skin surface. I told my baby that some cream for sensitive skin might be in order and for her to lie still while I went and got some from the bathroom. She didn’t say a word. As I stood up, I looked down at my niece and marveled at the sight of her lying before me so provocatively, yet so innocently. I shook myself and headed off to get the lotion.

When I returned to the couch, Amanda’s eyes were closed and her legs were still pulled up tightly to her chest. I kneeled on the rug in front of the couch and couldn’t resist leaning in and touching my niece’s bare pussy with my nose. I sniffed in her lovely aroma. I heard Amy’s breath quicken.

She said, “Are you sniffing my pussy again, Uncle? I love it when you smell my pussy and…”.

Her voice drifted off and I knew she was a bit reluctant to say the rest.

I whispered to her,” And your asshole? Is that what you were about to say, Sweetie?”

Amanda didn’t say anything. She kept her eyes closed and I noticed her chest rising and falling more noticeably. She was turned on and breathing hard. I put my hands on her haunches and pushed her up so I could lean in and sniff her asshole. My nose grazed her buttocks as I sniffed all around her butt cheeks and up and down her ass crack, finally settling between her cheeks at her anus and sniffing deeply. I looked up at Amy’s face and saw her mouthing the words, “Oh, My God!” No sound came out.

I decided it was time to get on with the business of soothing the irritated skin, so I took the lotion and squirted some cream onto my fingers and massaged it into the reddened spots on Amy’s ass. Once the cream was thoroughly massaged into the skin there, I spread more lotion around her entire ass cheeks and massaged that in. Next was some attention paid to her pussy, so I spread a healthy dollop of lotion onto her pubic mound and carefully rubbed it all around her pussy and between her vaginal lips. I kept massaging until the whiteness of the lotion had disappeared into her skin.

Then I took my slippery finger and ran it up and down her slit and slightly in her pussy hole. Amanda gasped and opened her eyes wide for a moment, staring up at the ceiling. I slid my finger in deeply and her eyes closed. After sliding my finger in and out a few times, I pulled out and slid it into her puckered, light brown anus up to the first knuckle.

My niece inhaled deeply and held her breath while I slid my finger all the way in her tight asshole.

I said, “Baby, your asshole is so tight. Its probably good for it that I get some lotion in there and lubricate you there from time to time.”

She replied with, “Yes, Uncle.”

I slid my index finger in and out of her asshole several times and then took some Kleenex and wiped her down to remove any lotion that hadn’t been absorbed. I pulled Amanda’s legs down and straightened her skirt and told her she should feel better now that I had treated the sore spot on her ass beside her anus. She smiled and thanked me. I handed Amanda her panties and she stood up and pulled them on.

I could tell she felt better because the first thing she said once dressed was, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

We talked about that for a bit and then Amy padded upstairs to her room to shower and change and do some studying before we ate. I busied myself with dinner preparations and tidying the house. When I called Amy for dinner, she came down the stairs in shorts and one of those t-shirts that exposes the midriff and hangs loosely over the tits. I could tell she had no bra on under the t-shirt and she looked fantastic. Bare feet, shorts and a small t-shirt…what a perfect combination! She smiled at me as I took a double take. She stood before me and lifted her arms over her head which raised the t-shirt up exposing the undersides of her breasts.

She said, “Do you like my outfit, Uncle?”

I told her I loved it and then asked her to sit down while I brought in the platters of food.

We ate a leisurely dinner and talked about her classes and the friends she was making and she seemed so happy at school. I was touched by how well she was settling in here. During dessert (which she insisted we have every single time we ate), the topic always drifted towards something erotic and stimulating. I usually led this discussion, as my niece was young and needed guidance to go where she probably hadn’t been before, namely openly discussing sexual matters with an older adult. This time, I started out by telling her that the schoolgirl outfit and attitude she had earlier today was a favourite fantasy of mine. I asked her to describe one of her fantasies to me.

She was shy at first and said she didn’t think she had any fantasies, so I told her she was altıparmak escort actually playing out one of her fantasies here with me by dressing up as an innocent, but naughty schoolgirl and letting me take advantage of her in different ways. I asked if she would fantasize about that tomorrow at school and she replied that she definitely would.

I explained that this is how we release tension…sexual tension, by having fantasies that give us pleasure. Some fantasies are fun to live out and some stay as fantasies that we simply keep in our imagination.

I asked her again what one of her main fantasies was. She thought for a moment and then quietly told me she imagined a guy lying naked in front of her and she is totally in control of him somehow. In the fantasy, he is powerless…he possesses all his senses, but has no muscle control so she can do what she pleases with him. I asked Amy what she does with this guy and she said it changes each time she has the fantasy. She said sometimes, she just looks at him and feels him all over…inspecting his body. She said she has never had the chance to do that with a guy, so it has become a fantasy that she enjoys thinking about at night as she goes to sleep.

I encouraged Amanda to go on. I said this was an excellent fantasy and it intrigued me to hear her describe it. I asked her what else she likes to do to the guy. She told me she plays with his penis, really studying it and feeling it all over and seeing how her different touches affect the guy lying in front of her. Then she likes to turn him over and play with his ass cheeks. She said she finds a guy’s ass to be a very erotic part of the male anatomy and in her fantasy, she spends quite a time squeezing and manipulating his butt cheeks. Then she pulls them apart and looks closely at the guy’s anus. And throughout all this, the guy never talks. Its as if he has no voice in the fantasy.

I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I blurted out, “Amy, Sweetie, we could try out that fantasy for real here with me being the guy if you’d like.”

Amanda’s face was already flushed from telling me her fantasy, but now, as she looked up at me her eyes sparkled and she replied with, “Uncle, do you really think we could do it and make it work? You would have to be under my control, you know. I wouldn’t want to gross you out by doing something to you that you might not like.”

I reassured her by telling her that anything I have done to her, she could feel free to do to me and she should feel free to do anything else that comes to mind, as I’m sure I would be turned on by anything, short of inflicting pain, that she could think of trying.

My niece looked me squarely in the eyes and said, “After the dinner dishes, then?”

Dear reader…I bet you can visualize me speeding through the dinner cleanup in record time. The dining room and kitchen were spotless in about 3 minutes. I don’t know how I did it! It’s like time sped up to the speed of light for a while.

With that chore done, I moved upstairs and took off all my clothes and stepped in the shower in my ensuite so I would be squeaky clean for my little niece’s attentions. After drying off, I wrapped a dry towel around my waist and walked down the hall to Amanda’s room. I asked her where she would like this fantasy to be played out and she suggested her queen-sized bed should be just fine for the exercise, as that is usually where she visualizes the scenario taking place.

As we arranged ourselves, I told her about the way a fantasy enactment works best. We stay in our roles and if one of us needs to step out of the role and say something, we have a “safe word” that stops the fantasy for a moment. I suggested she choose an innocuous word that would be unlikely to come up in our fantasy. Amanda chose “Salt and Pepper.” I smiled…her word was three words. She needed a little more practice at this fantasy game. Anyway…”salt and pepper” it was.

She pulled away my bath towel and laid me on the bed on my back and said the fantasy was started and I was not to utter a single word throughout. I nodded my head. My niece then sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over my face, looking in my eyes and stroking my hair. She had a serious look on her face. I closed my eyes as she caressed my face. I felt her face come close to mine as she brushed her lips across my cheek and across my mouth, not really kissing me…more like feeling my face with her lips. Her breath smelled like Coca Cola. I guessed she had been in the fridge while I was in the shower.

I felt her hands run down my chest to my groin and rest gently over my semi-soft penis. When I opened my eyes, she was looking at my cock and balls. In the fantasy, I couldn’t move unless instructed, so I was unable to lift my head and get a better look at what she was up to down there. I felt her lift my cock and hold it gently gemlik escort in one hand while she looked closely at it, tilting her head and looking all around my penis. She shifted it from one hand to the other as she inspected it. She felt the tip, the glans, the shaft. I was getting pretty hard by then, as you can imagine.

Then, my niece leaned down and sniffed my penis. She put her nose in the gap between my cock and my balls and sniffed there repeatedly. I was sure she could only smell soap, but she was sniffing all around, moving her face and more specifically, her nose all around my penis and my balls. She shifted her position so she was lying between my legs now. This way, she could press her face between my legs and bury her sweet 18 year old face in my groin. I could hear her breathing. She began kissing my cock and then my balls. She murmured she should shave me bald down there. I think she was talking to herself more than to me.

Then, without looking me in the eyes, Amanda said, “Turn over.”

I did. She went straight to my ass and began squeezing my cheeks, feeling them all over, running her fingers along my ass crack. She was still lying on her stomach between my legs and her face was right up to and above my ass. I felt her hands pry my cheeks apart and felt her kisses on my crack as she slid her face all around my ass, feeling me with her mouth and nose. My cheeks were held apart for the longest time as my niece simply seemed to be staring at me. I couldn’t see where she was looking, of course, but I felt her eyes burning into my anus. I just knew that was her focus. Then her hair tickled by butt as she lowered her face in and sniffed my asshole. She sniffed deeply and repeatedly. She was tentative at first, but as I didn’t object, she grew more bold and sniffed loudly, pressing her face into me. God, I was in heaven!

She said, “Turn over.”

I did. Amanda lifted my legs up and pushed them up against my chest, then took my hands and placed them behind my knees so I would hold my legs up and out of her way. In this position, she had me totally exposed to her. I felt the cool air on my balls and asshole as I lay there in front of her. Amanda sat up and just looked at me like that for a few minutes. I half-closed my eyes and relished being so exposed and vulnerable in front of her. I heard her get off the bed and walk away for a moment. When she returned, I heard her flip open the top of a lotion bottle and squeeze out some lotion. She must have squeezed it on her fingers because I felt slippery, cold fingers on my ass as she massaged lotion all over my butt and up and down my ass crack. Then, one finger stopped over my anus and pressed gently against the opening. I had the impression she might be nervous about playing with me there, but it was obviously an important part of her fantasy. She pushed her finger in to the first knuckle and leaned over my face to examine my expression. I opened my half-closed eyes and just stared at my niece. My mouth was partly open and I was breathing deeply. I couldn’t believe how erotic this was.

Amanda moved back down between my legs and looked closely at her finger in my asshole. She pushed in deeper and glanced up at my face. Then she looked back down again and pushed her finger all the way in. I could feel her finger inside me, moving around, exploring the inner walls, sliding out and back in again. Then the most amazing feeling happened. She pointed her finger up and felt around inside me behind my balls and touched on my prostate gland. I don’t know if she knew about the prostate gland, but she found it and seemed curious that there was a hard spot inside there. She wrinkled her brow and stroked her finger all over my prostate, examining me more thoroughly than a doctor.

Then, while feeling all over the hard surface of my prostate gland, she lowered her face down to my erect penis and sucked the head into her mouth. She didn’t really engulf my cock in her mouth…she simply pursed her lips and sucked the head halfway in as if she was enjoying the top of an ice cream cone. She kept her mouth on my swollen and ultra-sensitive cock while continuing to stroke my prostate gland. Her tongue swirled all over the head of my penis; I began hearing sucking and slurping noises as she manipulated the head between her lips. I was so turned on, I was about to burst and I groaned loudly to cue her non-verbally that I was going to cum any second.

Amy pulled her face away from my penis as I spewed hot ejaculate at her chin and neck and my stomach. Amy wrapped her left hand around my pulsing penis and held her right hand tight against my ass crack while I groaned and sighed in the final throes of orgasm. When I seemed to be done, she slowly pulled her finger from my asshole and let go of my softening penis.

With my eyes closed, I could feel her get off the bed and pad towards the bathroom. Water ran for a moment and then I felt a warm facecloth on my cock as she wiped up the mess I had made. I felt her hair brush over my crotch as she leaned down and kissed the shaft of my penis. Then a quilt was pulled up over my exhausted body and tucked in around my neck. Amy kissed me gently on the mouth and left the bedroom.

A few days passed after my latest “activity” with my 18 year old niece. She was more relaxed around me now and breezed around the house as if she had been living here for years. I really enjoyed this sense of comfort we were developing with each other. The conversations over dinner were when the…

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