My New Neighbours

My New Neighbours

Double Penetration

The house next door had, for the past 15 years, been a rental property, mainly for members of the defence force. Neighbours stayed not more than 2 years and some seemed almost gone overnight. Tenants ranged from singles, to couples, to families with children. The place had been empty for a couple of months since the previous quiet couple, and their noisy dog, moved out. It was nice to not be woken up by a barking mutt every other night!

I arrived home from work one afternoon and noticed a 4wd in the drive way. By the looks of it, the owner was a keen motoring enthusiast as it seemed to have every conceivable accessory including a lift kit. It barely fitted in under the carport. As I checked the letterbox, I noticed a young woman come out of the front door and go around to the passenger side. She opened the rear door, with a great deal of difficulty given how tall the vehicle was and how short she appeared to be. She reached in and was trying to pull a large box out.

From behind, she looked fantastic. She may have been short, she couldn’t have been more than 5 foot tall, but she was shapely. She had long, straight, blonde hair that went down to her waist. She was wearing a light blue T-shirt and long black shorts over ¾ black lycra leggings. She had pink socks with white sandshoes. You could see she must have worked out regularly as her calves were firm and sculpted. She looked to have a nice ass but it was difficult to tell with the shorts she had on. She had developed arms and shoulders, not to the point she looked manly, but that you could tell she visited the gym on a regular basis. Her skin was a light brown colour. She was struggling with the box so I hurried over to help out.

‘Here, let me help you with that,’ I said as I entered the carport. She let go of the box and turned and smiled. She appeared to have some Asian background as her face was oval shaped and she had almond shape eyes that were almost black in colour. She had full lips and brilliantly white teeth, small nose and a small mole on left hand side of her lower chin. Her smile was radiant. I also noticed she had nice sized breasts, not too big or small – just right for her body size.

‘Thank you,’ she said as she stepped aside to give me access to the vehicle. ‘I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage it to tell you the truth.’

‘How did you get it in there in the first place?’ I asked as I hefted the box out. It was pretty heavy and I think she would have really struggled to get it out on her own.

‘My housemate put in in there. She was supposed to be here to help me out.’ My ears pricked up when she said ‘she’. Maybe I would get lucky and spend the next 2 years with hot young girls living next to me. I had recently turned 50 and was in a long-term relationship. My partner (Katie) and I had been together for 17 years and I loved her dearly but I was a bloke after all and loved to watch the ladies. I was also a massive flirt. Fortunately, Katie was secure in our relationship and never had a problem with me looking or flirting, even while out together – occasionally even pointing someone out that I may have missed. We had a great sex life as well and she indulged me in a number of my fetishes.

‘Good help is hard to find,’ I replied as I finally got the box out. She laughed lightly and led the way. Despite living next door for 15 years, my partner and I weren’t that sociable and had never gone out of our way to get to know any of the neighbours, so this was my first time being in the house.

‘If you could put it in the end bedroom, that would be great.’ The house was set up so you entered into the lounge room. Directly in front was the kitchen and, by the looks of it, a dining room beyond it. The main bedroom, judging by the size of it, came off the lounge room with a narrow hallway from the far corner. I headed down the hall way. The door to the second bedroom was closed and I passed the bathroom, toilet and laundry before ending at the third bedroom. It was already full of boxes so they must have spent most of the day moving. I left the box on the floor and made my way back to the lounge room.

‘Thanks for that,’ she said, extending her hand. ‘My name is Tilly.’

‘Hi Tilly, I’m James but most people call me Jim,’ I replied. ‘Nice to meet you.’ She smiled. She really did have a beautiful smile.

‘You too. I think I may have overestimated my ability to get that box out.’

‘By the looks of it you could have handled the weight, but I think you may have struggled height wise,’ I responded. ‘Don’t tell me that vehicle is yours?’ I am almost six foot two so was kind of towering over her.

‘Yep, she’s mine,’ she responded with pride.

‘It’s a little large for someone of your… stature,’ I said. Her face clouded and for a moment I thought that I had pissed her off but she burst out laughing.

‘I get that all the time – don’t worry about it,’ she said. ‘It’s always funny watching the reaction of guys when I get out of it.’

‘I can imagine,’ I Pendik Grup Escort said, ‘those kinds of vehicles tend to be driven by a specific group of blokes. Not too many women go for them.’

‘I’m not like most women’ she said with a slight smile on her lips. She really was beautiful. Like a lot of men, I had a thing for Asian women.

‘No, I figured that – given what you drive. Did you add all those accessories yourself or buy it like that?’ I asked.

‘Nope, added them all myself, most with my own two hands. I’m a mechanic by trade.’ I couldn’t keep the surprised expression off my face. ‘They have women mechanics you know,’ she said sarcastically.

‘I know that,’ I replied somewhat defensively. ‘I think it’s cool that a woman is happy to get her hands dirty working on a car. My partner loves cars but wouldn’t have the first clue on working on them. Are you with defence?’

‘Yes,’ Tilly replied. ‘I have been there for about 8 years. So, you have a partner?’ she asked.

‘Yes, her name is Katie’ I replied, ‘been together for 17 years and have lived next door for 15.’

‘Well she is lucky to have a gentleman as a partner,’ replied Tilly smiling. I blushed a little:

‘Um, it’s probably more to do with the person I was helping rather than any compulsive chivalry nature.’ I responded. Luckily, she smiled:

‘Nevertheless, I appreciate your help. Most guys these days just stand by and look while a girl struggles with something.’

‘Probably not entirely their fault,’ I replied. ‘Society is weird nowadays in that sometimes it causes more trouble to help a damsel in distress than it actually helps. I can understand why some are reluctant to offer a hand.’

‘So, what’s your excuse then?’ she asked. I laughed.

‘I’m old! I was brought up on old fashion values that taught me to hold doors open for women, help them carry heavy things, you know, stuff like that.’

‘You don’t look that old,’ said Tilly.

‘Mmm,’ I replied, ‘You may want to get your eyes checked. I won’t be seeing 49 again.’

‘Well you don’t look it.’

‘Thanks,’ I said, ‘I appreciate that.’

‘No problems,’ replied Tilly. ‘I had to say something nice – after all, you just helped me,’ and she burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but smile.

‘Ok, I will give you that one,’ I said smiling. ‘Anyway, I better let you get back to it but if you need a hand getting anything else out of your truck, just let me know – I have a step ladder you can use!’ I said with a smile making my way to the front door. She punched me on the arm on my way past.

‘Touché!’ she responded.

‘Ow, that hurt,’ I said mockingly.

‘Just because your bigger than me, don’t think I can’t make you scream if I want,’ she said with a mischievous look. She must have seen the odd expression on my face and continued:

‘I hold an orange belt in karate.’

I just smiled, shook my head and headed out the front door. I was thinking that I might just like these neighbours enough to want to get to know them a little better.


It wasn’t until the end of the week that I met Tilly’s housemate. She was the opposite of Tilly. She was about five foot nine, brown shoulder length curly hair, nice wide hips and beautiful round bum. She could really fill out a pair of jeans. She also had big breasts. She had blue eyes and was very attractive. She had the kind of body that I really lusted after. Someone who would be able to pin me down and not let me go until I had satisfied her. She must have also been a car girl as she drove a bright yellow Mustang. Between the two of them, I realised that I really wanted to get to know my neighbours better!

I found out from Katie that her name was Angie and she too was in the defence force. Angie had invited us over for drinks and Katie asked me if I wanted to go. I didn’t want to appear too eager:

‘Well, Tilly seems nice. They both like cars so we will have something in common. They seem a bit nicer than some of the previous neighbours. Maybe we should be sociable and expand out group of friends – even if it is only by two!’ My partner agreed, so after dinner we headed next door and met our new neighbours.

Tilly was dressed in baggy denim shorts and a black t-shirt, tied off just under her breasts. She had thick, tanned thighs and her blonde hair was in a ponytail. Angie wore a simple white blouse, showing off her huge breasts and a purple sarong that clung to her ass when she walked. Neither girl was wearing a bra. I stood there transfixed at my new neighbours until Katie punched me on the arm:

‘Tilly asked you a question,’ she said. I quickly snapped out of my daydream.

‘Sorry Tilly, I was miles away. What did you say?’

‘What can I get you to drink?’

‘Scotch thanks,’ I replied. She walked into the kitchen and I watched her go, wishing her denim shorts were more form fitting. I was certain that she had a nice firm ass given the shape of her legs. She came back Pendik Manken Escort with my drink and we went outside and sat down on their outdoor sofa which looked like it may double as a bed.

We spent the evening talking generally about our jobs, love for cars and my partner and I regaled them about the different neighbours we had had over the last 15 years. I was constantly stealing glances at Tilly and Angie’s legs, tits and ass whenever I could. I got caught by both of them more than once but they didn’t seem to mind. I was really attracted to Angie. Her eyes were mesmerising and I found it difficult to look away when talking to her. I think I may have even forgot to blink a couple of times. While my neighbours were complete physical opposites, I was drawn to them both – Tilly for her strong firm legs, arms and stomach and Angie, softer, rounder, curvier and voluptuous. Just sometimes, I did wish I was single again!


Over the next month, we got to know the girls a little better. We would have drinks at their place and they would come over to ours a couple of times. I used to see them sometimes from my ensuite when taking a piss, the chain link fencing affording me a view, despite the black plastic I had put up. I had considered taking it down but figured that would appear too obvious! A couple of times I saw either Tilly or Angie relaxing out the back and it made my heart skip a beat and my cock twitch.

Katie spent a bit of time over there on her own – talking girl stuff she would tell me.

‘So,’ I asked late one afternoon after she returned from seeing the girls, ‘are they in a relationship together?’

‘Why do you ask?’ Katie replied.

‘Curiosity mainly,’ I responded. ‘I haven’t seen any guys staying there and they seldom have visitors, except a few other girls that I have seen.’

‘I haven’t asked and they haven’t said anything. Why, do you think you have a shot with them?’ she asked with a smile on her lips.

‘Not unless they have daddy issues,’ I responded, ‘I’m 20 years older than the both of them. They are hot girls but I am sure that they are way out of my league.’

‘Why,’ she continued, ‘have you been thinking of trading me in for a newer model?’

‘No, my love,’ I replied as I took her in my arms. ‘I’m sure that the fetishes that I have would send them running in the opposite direction. Why would I want to give up the life we have for them?’

‘Just as well,’ she responded.

‘Although,’ I said with a smile on my lips, ‘I wouldn’t mind just one night with them!’ which got me a playful slap on my face.

‘You wouldn’t be able to keep up with them Jim,’ she responded, ‘they would break you within an hour!’

‘Yeah but what an hour!’ I said laughing. ‘Oh, and what’s with their second bedroom?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘We have been over there, what, half a dozen times and each time, the second bedroom door has been closed. The other bedroom doors have always been open. Do you think they’re growing drugs in their spare room?’

‘I have no idea. Why don’t you ask them next time you are speaking to them?’

‘I just might,’ I said. ‘It just curiosity getting the better of me, I guess. No real reason.’ And I let the matter drop.


The following weekend saw Katie head off interstate to visit her grandma for the week, leaving me alone to my own devices. I was scheming how I could perhaps get an invite from my neighbours, I had not been over there without my partner since they moved in, when an opportunity presented itself.

I was in my bathroom which looks out into next doors carport. I could see Tilly was working on her truck and, by the sounds of the swearing, having a difficult time of it. She was dressed in her black lycra leggings and once again she was wearing her baggy shorts. I stood there a moment staring at her ass wondering if I would ever see her in just her leggings when I heard her swear again and throw her tools down in disgust.

Having worked on my own vehicles, I understood her frustrations so thought I would go and offer my help – it was, after all, the gentlemanly thing to do! I threw on a pair of shorts (I just wear trunks around the home) and t-shirt and headed next door.

‘You sound like you need some help Tilly,’ I said as I approached. She had her blonde hair in a ponytail and her face had smudges of grease and dirt on it. Her black t-shirt was tied at the waist and she had similar marks on her toned stomach. She smiled and my cock immediately twitched.

‘James, I wondered how long it would take for you to rescue this damsel in distress.’ I had noticed that Tilly always called me James whereas Angie preferred Jim.

‘What, have you been waiting for me?’

‘You keep telling me how chivalrous you are so I expected your help long before now.’

‘I only told you that the once and, if you needed help, why didn’t you just ask me?’

‘I didn’t know what you were doing, given Katie is away. Pendik Masöz Escort Who knows, you might have been busy,’ she said laughing, using air quotes on the word ‘busy’. I blushed at what she was suggesting and decided I had better move the conversation away from that particular topic.

‘I’m here now, so do you need a hand or are you just going to spend the afternoon yelling and throwing tools around?’

‘I don’t like to admit it but, in this case, my lack of height is causing me an issue.’ I smiled and she told me what she needed to do. I spent the next hour with Tilly helping on her vehicle. We spoke about just general things and I really enjoyed my time with her. I managed to steal glimpses of her ass, tits and stomach when I could and was lucky I was under the car most of the time given the tenting in my shorts. We finished and, as we were cleaning up, she asked:

‘So, do you have anything planned for dinner? Perhaps, as repayment for helping me, you could come over for dinner.’

‘Sounds good,’ I replied. ‘How about I cook a barbie? You supply the food and I will provide the cooking skills.’

‘Deal,’ said Tilly with a smile. ‘Shall we say 6?’

‘No problems, see you then,’ and I wandered back home and showered and waited for 6 o’clock to come around.


I arrived at Tilly and Angie’s house promptly at 6 o’clock, a six pack of Corona under my arm. I was welcomed in by both girls who, for some reason, were dressed identically in long black sarongs and light pink t-shirts. Neither girl wore a bra (much to my delight) or shoes. I had on a pair of shorts and singlet. Under my shorts I wore a pair of women’s pink satin panties. This was my fetish – wearing women’s panties and lingerie although, normally, just at home and usually with Katie, although I did on occasions dress up for myself.

I had been wearing panties for years. It had started with my previous partner who had a nice collection and one day I just put a pair on – she was close to my size. The felt wonderful against my cock and I was soon taking any opportunity to wear them when she wasn’t home. Women’s panties just feel so sensual and sexy – much better than what is generally available for men. The inevitable happened and she caught me but, rather than being upset, was happy for me to wear them when we had sex. We even started buying pairs together. After we separated, I continued to wear them with Katie, who was also happy for me to wear them, but, without her knowledge, I started taking it further.

I started with a long camisole, made of black satin and it felt glorious against my skin. I had laid on the bed and rubbed my cock through the satin texture until I blew my load. I moved from that to garters and stockings and eventually a bra and high heels. I would enjoy dressing up and playing with myself, often with one of the three dildos I had buried deep in my ass, until I would cum. Sometimes I would lay on my back, legs over my head and cum into my mouth. Unfortunately, my cock wasn’t long enough (around 6 inches) and I wasn’t flexible enough to suck my own cock but I got close.

Once again, my partner found out and was surprised that I hadn’t felt that I could tell her I wanted to wear more sexy clothes. Once Katie found out, she embraced my fetish fully, choosing my outfits to wear each time and going out and buying me new items. I soon amassed a reasonable collection of teddies, camisoles and other lingerie. I had no desire to dress as a woman – I just enjoyed dressing in something sexy while fucking, or being fucked, by my partner. She loves to have me dressed in stockings, garter belt, bra and high heels and bend me over the bed and pound my asshole with her strap on. This normally leads me to exploding cum all over the bed sheets.

I wasn’t sure why, on this particular night, I decided to wear pink satin panties while visiting Angie and Tilly. I knew that I wouldn’t be taking my shorts off so it was a delightful dare more than anything. The thought of talking to two sexy girls while my cock was encased in satin panties was a lure I couldn’t ignore.

‘It appears I didn’t get the memo,’ I said as I entered their home. I noticed, once again, the second bedroom door was closed.

‘What?’ responded Angie.

‘The memo regarding the appropriate dress standards,’ I replied motioning to their matching outfits.

‘Ahh,’ laughed Tilly, ‘it just happened that way. Besides its comfortable, and we both figured you wouldn’t mind.’ I swear both of them stuck their chests out just a little more when she said it. I couldn’t help staring at their beautiful tits, Tilly’s perfect round mounds sitting high up on her chest, nipples already erect. Angie was no less captivating, her heavy tits drooping a little and her nipples, the size of pencil rubbers, were sticking out through the thin fabric of her top.

‘Nope. Don’t mind at all,’ I replied. ‘You both look fantastic and I am looking forward to a relaxing evening of food and drinks with good friends.’ Angie took the beers from me and put them in an esky after keeping one out. She removed the top and passed it to me. Both of them already had drinks in their hands.

‘Are you ready to cook?’ asked Tilly, ‘we’re hungry for meat.’ I choked on my beer causing them to laugh.

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