My New Masters Ch. 3

My New Masters Ch. 3


My life had recently taken an unexpected turn. I had secretly dressed in women’s lingerie for years. The soft and silky undergarments had provided a tremendous turn on for me. I would occasionally venture out in public wearing lingerie under my clothes. What had changed my life were two large black men that had noticed my bra straps while I was perusing the local porno shop.

These men had stopped me in the parking lot, and forced me to go with them to a house, where they had stripped me and made me give them my virginity. When they left me back at my car, they had threatened me with exposure to all my loved ones, unless I returned for more abuse the next night. When I had returned the next night, the men had given me to two other men, then filmed me, as I became their twisted porno queen. They then let me go, telling me they had plans for me…

I spent several days with the phone unhooked, and received several voicemail messages from Malik and Al, my captors. I also received several messages from my girlfriend, who wanted to know why I had disappeared so suddenly. I tried to go on with my work and my life as I struggled with what I was going to do. My life as I knew it had changed. I called to reassure my girlfriend, but she was convinced that I was seeing someone else, and was quite angry. I didn’t dare tell her that I had become the whore for two men!

I didn’t dare tell my girlfriend that I had found this very sexually exciting. So I agreed to meet with my girlfriend after work to try and explain somehow. When I returned from work I got the shock of my life… My girlfriend was sitting on my couch with Malik and Al! I just stood by the door stunned by the scene. My girlfriend was sitting between my masters with a very angry look on her face. She explained that she had come over early to watch TV when the answering machine had picked up. She was wondering why the phone had not rung, and plugged in the phone to see who was calling. Malik and Wendy (my girlfriend) had talked for a short time, and Malik told her he would come over and show her why I was ignoring her.

Malik stood up and came over to me. “I think it is time to show Wendy what you have been up to,” he said. I was in tears; these men were about to ruin the last good thing in my life. “Please no”, I whispered. Quick as a whip Maliks hand was around my neck, “you will never say no to me” he whispered in my ear. “You will go get dressed now, and come to us when you are properly attired”.

Malik pushed me towards the bedroom, and I went as I felt my will slipping away in the face of my angry master. “You had better look really pretty, when you return” he said as he pushed me into my room. I closed the door, and sat on my bed in despair, I decided the only way to get out of this was to let the men use me, and try to explain to my girlfriend later.

I gathered myself as best I could, and began taking off my male clothes, then donning my female clothes. I decided to skip the outerwear, and put on a black velvet bustier and stockings. Then pulled up my satin g-string trying to pull my cock and balls back istanbulescortbayanlar.com towards my ass. I donned my black wig and realized there was still cum in the hair from before. I put on my slut makeup with shaking hands, having to redo some things several times. I could hear noises from the living room, but didn’t know what was going on out there.

Finally Malik called out with impatience, and I screwed up my courage and stepped out the door. What I saw shocked me, Wendy was sitting on the couch with tears in her eyes, as she watched TV. TV? SHIT! The men were showing her the tape of my previous activities. Malik and Al were laughing as they discussed my onscreen behavior. Malik motioned me over to him; he looked up and said, “knees bitch”. I fell to my knees in front of the sofa, Wendy staring at me like I was a dog that peed on the carpet. “See”, Malik said “this bitch is completely submissive to black cock, How could you ever be satisfied with this tiny-cocked bitch.

Wendy said, “you’re right, he is tiny, but I loved him”. She then stood up and slapped me hard across the face. “You fucking bitch”, she said, “I thought you were cheating, but I never imagined you were the cheap whore. I would have never believed it if these guys hadn’t shown me that horrible video”. I knelt there with tears in my eyes, unable to form a single coherent thought. Wendy stomped off and sat down once again on the couch.

Al looked from me to Wendy and then spoke, “We advertised for a whore on the Internet, and this slut begged us to put her in a porn video. She told us to fuck her hard, and turn her out as a whore. You should see some of the other videos!” I was aghast as Al lied to my girlfriend, but the evidence was on the tape behind me; as I smiled and told the guys to fuck me hard on tape. She could not know that my masters had threatened me with violence if I had not said these things. “Lets show you personally what a whore she is”, Malik said as he unzipped his pants.

Malik stood up and walked towards me, “you know what is expected of you,” he said as he waved his thickening cock in my face. By this time my will was completely broken and I opened my mouth to let his monster inside. “See, this slut will do anything, she loves the cock”, Malik said. I girlfriend was crying and I noticed that Al had his arm around her as if he was comforting her. I saw him whisper something in her ear and she nodded at him. I realized at that time that these men had complete control over my world and that I was helpless to stop them. Malik stopped and pushed me back onto my back saying, “look Wendy, the whore is getting off on this.” I looked down in horror and realized that my little cock was hard, and poking from my panties.

Wendy stared at me and then got up slowly and walked towards me. She had a growing look of hatred on her face, and as she reached me, she went into a frenzy. Wendy kicked me in the balls and went for my face scratching and clawing, screaming obscenities calling me a liar and cocksucker. Finally Malik pulled her from me and held her saying, there was a better way to get back at me.

Malik turned her around and held her tightly whispering in her ear. After several minutes she seemed to relax, and Malik let her go. She stared right in his face, and said, “you’re right, there is only one way to deal with this betrayal.” Wendy then sank to her knees, and grabbed Maliks now softened cock. She looked right at me and said, “tell me how this makes you feel.” I looked on in horror as she took Maliks rapidly growing organ in her mouth and started to suck on it. I could only moan and hold my tender balls, moving or speaking was too painful.

By this time Al was undressing, guessing at how this was going to go. Wendy kicked me with her toe saying, “get up slut and get him ready for me”. Al was waving his cock at me from the couch, and I crawled over to him and started to suck it. Malik meanwhile was holding on to Wendy’s ponytail and shoving his cock in and out of her mouth saying, “I wish your boyfriend could suck like this”. She said, “I wish he had a cock instead of that little pathetic stump”. “Tell me how you love my black cock,” he said. She looked up and said, I love it, I love your huge cock, use me however you want.” Malik just smiled looking directly at me.

Wendy then got up and pulled her clothes off; she looked at Al and said, “ready for a real woman?” Al just put his foot on my chest and shoved me away. Wendy got on top of Al facing away, looking right at me she slid down onto Al’s thick black cock. He started moaning as she slid up and down, saying, “now this is a real cock”. I was completely humiliated; first these men had used me, now they were slowly destroying my life. I just watched as these men took turns pounding my girlfriend, sometimes one at a time, sometimes one at each end.

At one point, Wendy told me to get up; she was on her knees on the couch. I came over to her and she told me to lick her ass, and get it ready for Malik. Wendy had never even let me touch her ass, I was astounded. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to her ass. She said, “Start licking bitch, clean my hole good.” I started in and licked all around her little hole, I couldn’t believe that my beautiful girlfriend was letting these men use her this way.

Wendy pushed me away, and said she wanted a big cock in her ass. Malik started to work the head into her, and she let him just go for it. She was on her knees and Al got into position on the couch in front of her. The men kept making comments about what a pathetic slut that I was as they abused my girlfriend in front of me. Wendy started saying she wanted Malik to come in her ass. Malik started pushing harder and pulling on her ponytail. At last he came with a might spasm and rolled off of her. Wendy got up and pushed me onto my back. She then descended onto my chest and said, “I want you to suck the cum from my ass.” She then slid back onto my face and started to grind her ass onto my nose. I could hear her speaking to Al, and suddenly felt my legs being lifted. Wendy grabbed my legs, and I felt Al as he began to push his cock up my ass. Wendy meanwhile was pushing on her ass muscles, I could feel Maliks load, as it started to slide out of her. I was totally humiliated as my girlfriend held my legs so another man could fuck me, and at the same time smeared another mans semen all over my face.

I could feel Al tensing up as Wendy began spanking my ass. Al pulled out and shot his come all over my sore red ass. Wendy rolled off of me and slapped my face once again saying, “I hope you enjoyed that because you are never touching me again.” The three of then left me in a ball on the floor as they all headed for the shower together. After a short time the three of them came back to the living room and told me to shower and come back to them

I took a long hot shower trying to scrub the shame from my body, afterwards I threw on some sweats and returned to the living room. Wendy was again sitting on the couch between the men, who were taking turns making out with her. Wendy got up, and for a moment I thought she was coming to hug me. But she just stood in front of me, “you aren’t dressed properly whore, get your clothes on,” she said. I thought the night was over, but I was evidently wrong.

I returned to the bedroom and looked for some clothing that was not already full of cum. I was putting on a new bra and panties when Wendy appeared. She wanted to see what clothes I had, and threw several items on the bed. I put on the stockings and garter belt she selected and noticed she had pulled out a red leather mini skirt and black silk see-thru top. I put these on and reapplied my makeup. Wendy decided I did a terrible job and showed me how to do better. She told me to get my black high heeled pumps on and left the room.

When I returned to the living room, everyone was standing by the door. Wendy had an evil grin on her face, and said, “come on, we are going out”. The guys just laughed as I started to sputter. Malik then grabbed my arm, and hissed, “do what the lady says whore”. I got in the car with Malik, while Wendy and Al got in the back seat. We then proceeded to drive to a very bad part of town, where we parked in the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse.

As I sat there Wendy spoke, “since you want to be a whore so much, this is where you get out. You might be able to earn enough to get home tonight, either way, I don’t care.” I wouldn’t get out, so Malik got out and pulled my door open dragging me to the side of the car. He grabbed my neck and said, “bitch I own you, you will bring me at least two hundred dollars tomorrow, or I will find your parents and give them the video as well. You are gonna work for me as a whore from now on. The life you had is over now. I took your manhood, and your woman away, don’t make me fuck you over any more…”

As I walked towards the corner I heard the three of them laughing in the distance. I pondered the desires that had led me from being a normal somewhat perverted man, to being a transvestite whore, owned by two black men. A man stopped his car and rolled down the window and said, “hey baby are you working?” I leaned into his car and asked what he was looking for. He told me he would give me thirty dollars for a blow-job. I could still hear the ridicule as we drove away towards my first appointment as a whore…

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