My Neighbor Vickie’s Panties

My Neighbor Vickie’s Panties


My wife and I had bought a house in a very small town when we were around twenty years old. It was a older two bedroom home right on the corner of a quiet street. One of my wife’s friends lived acrossed the street with her husband and two girls. In the summer time we would go over there and swim with them and cook out. Then came the day they told us that they were selling there home and moving away to another small town about twelve miles from here. Shortly after they moved another couple bought there house and had two girls and two boys. After a few weeks of seeing each other out in the yard Bill and I started to visit and got to know each other and the rest of the family. There youngest daughter Jesse would come over and visit quite often and we would set out on the porch and visit.

One day as we set out on the porch and visited we heard something coming from her house that sounded like someone hollering. A few seconds later Bill comes out of the house and slams the door while hollering something back into the house then we see Vickie come out of the house and we realize they are fighting. They exchange a few words then Bill gets into his truck and burns out of the drive way and almost hits the phone pole. Vickie stood there or a few minutes then hangs her head down and walks back into the house. Jesse said she was going home to see what was the matter and she got up and walked back to her house.

Over the next few days there was no sign of Bill and when Vickie would come home she would go straight into the house and would not come back out all evening. Around four days later I seen her pull up into her drive way and she got out and went into the house. Around a hour later Bill pulled into the drive way and knocked on the door and Vickie came to the door and let him in. After around ten minutes Bill came back out and have a arm full of stuff and loaded it into his truck and then carried around three more loads out of the house. They talked for a few minute and then he got gaziantep escort into his truck and left. She went back into the house and I figured that they had split up.

The next morning when I got home from work Vickie was already gone and I sat on the porch and watched the kids get on the school bus. I sat out on the porch for about thirty more minutes then went inside to take a shower and lay down. I got up around two thirty that after noon and watched the kids get off of the bus and they walked up to the door and turned the knob but it was locked. The oldest girl walked out to the garage then back up to the house and unlocked the door. After she unlocked the door the other children went inside and I seen her walk back to the garage then headed for the house and went inside. I sat there wondering if there was a key hidden out there and my pulse rose and my heart pounded. I sat there trying to calm myself from the thought of there possible being a key there.

My wife pulls into the driveway and I walk out to greet her at the gate. We sat and exchange some small talk and she gets up and goes inside. I started to get up when a I see Jesse walking across the street and I sat back down. She comes to the gate and opens it and I ask her how her day went and she responded great until she got home. I asked her if everything was alright and she said her mom had left them a list of a bunch of stuff to do before she got home. I asked her if she had got everything done and she said she got her part done.

A little after five I see Vickie coming down the rode and she is driving faster than she usually does. She pulls up and gets out of her van and I can see she is wearing a black pair of slacks and a white and black blouse. She walks up to the house and inside she goes looking back as she walks inside. Jesse gets up and said she is heading home and I told her bye and she walked home. I continued to sit out there for a little while longer then I got up and walked inside babelan.net to get something to drink. I could hear the wife in there taking a shower as I walked by the bathroom door.

I walked back outside and sat down when I heard a lawn mower start up and I glanced over toward Vickie’s house and I seen her out there in a one piece swim suit mowing her yard. I watched for a little while and noticed that every time she turned and headed my way that I could clearly see some clevage. The site of her breast swaying as she walked caused my pulse to beat again as I caught myself staring. I seen her wipe the sweat off of her forehead and this caused me to wonder what the crouch of that swim suit smelled like. I could feel my cock starting to stir as the thought of having her hot sweaty swim suit held up to my nose as I inhaled the scent of her crouch entered my head. Then I started to wonder about the panties she had just taken off, was they cotton,silk,black,white,grannies,bikinis, or maybe even a thong.

As I was trying to snap those thoughts out of my head when I heard the lawn mower shut off and I looked over that way and she was walking toward the house. I figured she was going into the house to get something to drink and would be right back out and I sat there smoking a cigerette when the wife came out and sat down. We sat and chatted for a few minutes and she got up and walked back into the house. I sat there for a few minutes and seen Vickie come back out of the house and walk over and grab the mower and walked over and put it up. Then she walks around the yard for a few picking up sticks then heads inside. I got up and went into the house.

The next morning when i got home from work her van was gone and I waited for the kids to get on the bus. I watched as all four of them came out and got on and I knew the coast was clear. I waited a few minutes the headed over to Vickie’s yard. I walked around the garage and there was a storage shelf there on the side. I looked thru it and found the house key laying there in the corner and turned and headed to the house. I unlocked the door and pushed it open real slow then I peeked around the edge and seen the house was empty and I walked around the house looking things over and found myself standing in the door way of Vickie’s bedroom.

I looked around and noticed a pile of clothes laying on the foor I walked over to it and looked down and right there on top was her swimsuit. I bent over and picked it up and looked at the crotch I could not seen anything so I raised it to my nose and inhaled, I felt my knees weaken the smell was so intoxicating. I reached down to rub myself and I was already stiff as a board. I was so hard it was starting to cut off my blood from having jeans on so unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. This only added to my aroused state as I stood there stroking myself in her bedroom. I stroked myself for a few more minutes and just about came all over myself and decided to stop and look thru the rest of the clothes laying there on the floor in front of me. I layed the swimsuit on the counter and knelt down picked her blouse up and smelled it I could smell her perfume it smelled like a giant fruit basket.

I layed it to the side and found a white bra I picked it up and smelled it and it smelt of perfume I then looked at the tag and it said 38D. Wow I knew she had a good size set of breasts. I layed it down on the blouse and then moved a pair of knee high stockings and there they were a pair of pink cotton briefs. I picked them up and looked at them and right in the crouch on the gusset was a white streak of nector fromm her liitle rose bud. I held them up to my nose and inhaled hard as the scent of her juices flooded my entire body. I was panting and stroking so hard I lost my balance and just about feel to the floor but managed to catch myself on the end ot the bed. I layed down on her bed and finished myself off cumming into the gusset of her panties. I layed there for a few minutes then put the clothes back into a pile like I found them then zipped up my jeans and walked out. I went and put the key key back and walk home in a total daze.

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