My Neighbor, the Sex Worker Ch. 03


Once my eyes opened, I felt my heart tighten when I saw the unfamiliar surroundings. Then, as I was mid-panic, last night’s events all came crashing down on me. The dinner date, coming back to Lia’s home to share drinks, sitting down to watch a movie.

And, of course… Yeah. We, uh, we did stuff, huh?

My head was pounding. I rolled out of the foreign bed and waddled out of the room. The smell of pancakes hit my nostrils. Maybe it was the hangover, but all of my thoughts were fairly primal. “This smells good. There’s a couch in front of me. What time is it?” Things like that.

All of them stopped when I found Lia. She was standing at the kitchen, in the middle of flipping a pancake. Don’t get me wrong, that alone was impressive (with me being the horrible cook that I am), but more than that it was like the world suddenly became blurry, save for just her body. She was in a white negligee that left very little to the imagination but didn’t fully show her butt from my angle. Instead, the fabric stopped just a tad bit above the start of her cute cheeks.

I rubbed my eyes and took a step forward. She saw me from her peripheral and smiled. I couldn’t tell if it was because of her smile or the headache, but my knees felt weak.

“Morning.” I shyly said, my voice sounding raspier and lower than usual.

“Morning.” She replied with a bit of warmth and a slight chuckle. “You know, if you wanted to go another round, you could have found subtler ways to tell me.”

“What?” I raised a brow. She giggled. With a grin, she pointed at my stomach.

Or at least, I thought she was pointing at my stomach. When I looked down, I understood what she meant.

“Fuck!” I quickly wrapped my arms around my bare chest. Yeah, I’d walked out of Lia’s room and hadn’t even bothered to put clothes on. I was fully naked.

“No no, don’t hide them. Please, I like the view.” I could tell she meant that as a tease though because she wasn’t even looking at me, mostly focused on what she was cooking.

Sprinting away, with a throbbing head on top of things, I went back into Lia’s room and picked my clothes up (though I did cringe a little putting my panties back on, they smelled like sex).

“Okay, take two?” I asked, re-emerging into the kitchen fully clothed.

“Morning!” Lia couldn’t stop smiling.

“Morning.” I let my head dip as I walked up to her. “What hour is it?”

“It’s still pretty early. Nine.”

“You think that’s early?”

“It’s early for me.” She shrugged. “Here,” leaving her station briefly, she skipped over to a counter behind her. There was a napkin with a pill on it and a cup of water. “Advil. I figure your head must be killing you. Next time, I’m sure as hell not letting you go so hard.”

“There’s going to be a “next time”?” I asked, gratefully picked up the pill, put it in my mouth, and let the river of cold water flood it into my stomach.

“Well, yeah, right?” Lia looked away, back at her cooking. “Did you enjoy the night?’

“… Honestly? I don’t know.”

That made her pause.


“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “Everything is, uh, a little fuzzy. I remember what we did.” I blushed because of course, I did. “But, I, well, I don’t remember how it all felt.” I looked away, feeling more embarrassed than I could remember recently. Well, besides last night I guess, but even then I was running on liquid courage.

A pair of soft, no, SUPER soft lips, pecked me on the cheek. I squeaked (because I just had to keep embarrassing myself) and when I looked back, I found Lia smiling softly, blushing a little in a way that was honestly adorable.

“I…” She hesitated. “It does suck that you don’t remember whether you liked it. So, would you like to do something again?”

“Whoa.” I held my hands up. “I… I don’t think I can handle…”

“No!” She interrupted me. “I don’t mean the drinks-related stuff. I mean the date. Would you, like, would you like to go out again? Do something?”

“Oh!” I laughed a little. “Oh.”

“I mean, I get it if you don’t.” She looked away. “I mean, after all… I did basically take advantage of you. I, believe me, I get it if you think I’m gross or if you’re disgusted with me, I… I’ll respect any decision you want to make.”


“You were drunk.” She told me. I could hear her voice turning sadder than I was used to. I think, in the short time I’d known this girl, she hadn’t sounded like that before. “I shouldn’t have touched you like that. I mean, some people are fine with that but you hadn’t told me anything or… Sorry. Sorry, I know I fucked up, but…”

She was full-on rambling at this point. I heard her, but I was shocked. This entire time, this was weighing on her mind? Well, I guess I hadn’t been clear enough. Because… Well, yeah.

I walked up to her and put my hands on her shoulders. She stopped talking.

“Um, sorry, but I had to stop you. Listen. You didn’t… You didn’t force yourself on me, or anything. I just want that to be clear.”

“Oh?” She softly replied. “You’re sure?”

I Gaziantep Gecelik Escort dropped my hands.

“Yeah, I’m… I’m pretty sure I’m attracted to you. Like, a lot. Or, very.”

“O-Oh.” I could hear her breathe a small sigh of relief.

“I just…” I breathed in. “I’m not used to this.” I walked around and placed my back on her counter, leaning on it as I kept talking. “I don’t do one-night-stands or… Whatever this is turning out to be. I’m…”


“I’m nervous,” I admitted, looking away.

“Why?” She asked. “If anything, I’m the one who should be wondering if you’ll ever want to talk to me again. I kinda fucked up, even if you say you don’t mind.”

“See, I don’t get that.” I shook my head. “Lia, I’m probably the most boring person you know. Even if I wasn’t okay with last night’s stuff you still wouldn’t lose anything if I were to walk out of here and like, never come back or something.”

“It’s a shame you see things that way,” Lia muttered.

“Why?” I asked, a little bit desperate. I just didn’t get it.

“Alice,” she smiled at me as she finally started setting plates and taking the pancakes out. “You’re cute. You’re really cute.”

“Uh, no.” I shook my head. “That’s a definite no.”

“I’m serious!” Lia drizzled some syrup onto the dishes and held one out to me. I hadn’t even noticed she had been making two. She pointed to the living room table and I started walking there automatically.

“I don’t believe you,” I stated.

“Fine, I’ll prove it.” Lia pointed at me with a fork. “You’re so honest, you’re clever, even if you don’t act like it, you’re open-minded but you’re super shy about things, Alice, every time I talk to you my heart warms up.”

I blushed. Fuck. What could I say to something like that?

“See!” She pointed with the fork again. “That’s what I’m talking about!” After a few laughs from her, she looked down at her (well, I assume) breakfast and kept talking. “Alice, I go out a lot. Whether it’s to clubs or parties or for work. And everyone around me is always trying to put on an act. Puff out their chests, walk with a little more swing in their steps, you know what I mean? Everyone always has something to prove.”

She pointed at me one more time.

“You don’t. That’s what I like about you if you absolutely must know. You’re just here. You’re real.”

I sighed, cutting the pancake with my fork and biting into a piece.


We ate in silence for a little bit, and then a question popped up in my mind.

“So… Do you want to do something tonight then?” I asked.

“Can’t.” She looked away. “I’m working.”

Right. Shit. With all this insecurity going on, I forgot what Lia actually did for a living. Not that I had a problem with it now or anything, but… Well, whatever.

“Oh, okay.”

“Maybe tomorrow, though?” She asked. Before I answered, she kept going. “For tonight though, you can just enjoy the view.” With a smirk, she kept eating.

My eyes bulged. What the hell did she mean by that? Did… Is she saying I can…

What the fuck?

Once breakfast was over, we went our separate ways. Well, as separate as being a few steps down the hall allowed for. Regardless, in one prolonged breath I released all the awkward energy I’d been holding in my chest for the past hour.

“I need a fucking shower,” I mumbled. On my way to the sanctum that was my bathroom though, I saw my phone’s screen lit up on my bed. “What the…?”

I figured it must have been one of my classmate’s sending me something college-related. I couldn’t have been more off the mark. instead, my eyes widened when I found that my ex-best friend had called.

*One Missed Call: Krystal*

I froze. I blinked multiple times, trying to see if I was imagining this or something.

Here’s the thing. Krystal and I had been extremely close once. She used to joke around about me being the “hometown genius”. I used to mess with her because she looked like exactly the kind of girl your parents didn’t want you to be friends with (pants too short, shirt too short, education too short, that sort of thing). But I loved her for that. She was… Raw.

But when I left home, we never talked again. Holy shit, that was three years ago. At this point, I really thought she’d forgotten about me. And, well, I couldn’t blame her. I’m one boring bitch. But… Did she call me?

I gulped.

“Maybe it was an accident or something. Pocket dialed me or whatever.” I muttered, tossing my phone back onto my bed.

Almost the instant the phone hit the soft fabric, it started ringing. I turned in a one-eighty and walked back over to it.

*Calling: Krystal*

“Oh, shit.” I gulped.

Well, it’s definitely not an accident.

With a certain amount of reluctance, I picked up the phone.

“Hello?” My voice, way too shy to speak properly, answered the call.

“Alice?” A much bolder voice answered. There was a moment where neither of us said anything. “OH MY GOD, how have you been?”

She asked.

“Uh, good. Good.”

“I haven’t seen you in forever, bitch!” My eyes widened, but I could hear that there wasn’t any malice in her tone. “God, how has everything been? What have you been doing, Allie?”

Allie. Haven’t heard that nickname in a long while.

“Uh, just studying, mostly.”

“Do you still draw?”

I glanced at my tablet.

“Um… A little.”

“What? Fuck that, you need to start selling pieces or something. Your art was solo good!”

“Nah, I’m just alright.”

“You actually think that? It must be so hard to draw without eyes.” I chuckled as I sat down on my bed. “For real, you have so much talent!”

“What’s been going on with you?” Okay, yeah. My dodging was obvious, but I didn’t want to talk about my hobby like this with anyone. Krystal sighed and I could basically hear her shaking her head.

“I got pregnant!” My eyes bulged out of their sockets.

“You what?”

“Yup, I met this total fucking hunk, he put a baby in me, and now I’m about two months away from seeing a weird mixture of me and him come out of my vag. It’s kind of sick.”

At that, I burst out laughing.

We talked for about an hour after that. Gradually, I felt my chest lightening up with every minute that passed. Krystal hadn’t changed at all. She was still the bubbly, spontaneous mess that I knew from back home. It was refreshing. I honestly hadn’t understood just how much I needed someone to talk to, well, someone to talk to that wasn’t a potential “something”.

“Yo, listen, after I have this kid and all, would you be okay with me flying out there?” Krystal asked.

I was taken by surprise. I hadn’t had any visitors since… Actually, I just hadn’t had any visitors. In general.

“Sure,” I replied with a small smile. “I’d like that.”

After a few extended goodbyes, I finally hung up. When I lied down on my bed, I found I was holding onto a timid little grin. I hadn’t realized how much I missed her. Well, not just her, but talking like that with someone.

As I replayed our conversation in my mind, I ended up glancing at my tablet.

I haven’t drawn anything in a while… May as well, I guess.

I turned it on and took out my pen.

It was virtually automatic when I started to glide my pen across my tablet’s screen. Time started to go by faster, the bustling streets of Lowlight outside sounded just a little quieter. I wasn’t making anything of too large a scale, but still, this was such an immersing experience that before I knew it, the radiance of the sun had receded, replaced by the glow of the dim Lowlight street lights.

I yawned.

“I guess I’ll keep going tomorrow… Not really doing much anyway.” With that thought, I turned my tablet off.

So, what I thought would happen for the rest of this night was that I’d lie down in my bed, close my eyes and wake up feeling a little less tired. Instead, the elevator in the hall beeped a few times, slid open and footsteps traced a path to Lia’s unit.

My eyes opened. I had forgotten just how thin these walls were. I could just barely make out two voices speaking warmly to each other. Short greetings, happiness tinging every syllable. I turned on my side. Suddenly, sleeping was a lot harder to do than it had been just a few minutes ago.

I heard something along the lines of “hold on” and Lia’s unit was in silence for a moment. Then, my phone’s screen lit up.

Lia: you’re welcome to watch <3 I gulped. The earlier conversation came back in my mind, barreling out of control as I pictured what was about to happen. Did I want to do this? Was she making fun of me? No, no. She made it very clear she’s being serious. Fuck. What do I do? I tried to ignore the message, but I could hear the soft pounding of shoes on the floor coming from her side of the hall. My breathing was getting faster. I was squeezing the edge of my bed with white-knuckled tightness. Gulping again, I stood up. Now, I was breathing so fast I put a hand to my chest, trying to will myself to calm down. The cold of the night was setting in, but my body felt like it was burning. I didn’t even notice that my knees were shaking. But… I was curious. Too curious. In my drunken haze from last night, I could just barely remember her face, her body, her eyes… She was just so beautiful. I couldn’t control myself. Before I even knew what I was doing I walked out into my balcony. When I peeked by her window, strangely, some of the nervousness was replaced by a burning desire. It was like all I wanted to do suddenly was open her balcony door and go in and do… What exactly? As much as I was… Yeah, I was willing to try these new things that I was getting myself into, this was a strange world to me. I’d never been a sexual person. I didn’t have an easy path to, well, wherever the final destination of all this was. So, I just stood there. Watching. Lia appeared in view quickly. She was all smiles as she tugged someone behind her. Another woman revealed herself, walking into Lia’s bedroom. I stepped to my right a little, Lia may have been fine with this but the other woman wasn’t. If she saw me, I couldn’t imagine what her reaction would be. She was older. Maybe in her late thirties. Her breasts were a lot bigger than either mine or Lia’s. Cascading brown hair, a gold watch. She looked very well off, and yeah, I would say she was attractive. They didn’t waste time. My breath hitched when Lia pulled her close and pressed their lips together. I don’t think I blinked once as the other woman’s hands settled on Lia’s lower back and she replied to the kiss with a grin. The mature lady scratched Lia’s back lightly as they made out in front of me. Lia’s head tilted back with a pleasured groan. I was taking deep breaths, trying to prevent myself from squirming as I saw Lia’s tongue poke out of her mouth. The other woman’s tongue did the same and then they were dancing. Her hands went behind Lia’s head, pulling her even closer. “Is this how she likes it?” I asked myself. “Is she faking her enjoyment? If she is, she’s a damn Oscar winner in the making.” Lia’s legs wrapped around the woman’s back, and the older lady took this as a sign to move things onto the bed properly. Pushing Lia down, I could see her laughing into their kiss, talking in a low voice while the woman mounted her. Her breasts showed further as her shirt dipped. This woman was clearly attractive. Gorgeous, even. And yet, I couldn’t take my eyes off Lia. The way she playfully nibbled on the woman’s bottom lip, how she reached back and lightly squeezed her butt, all the while grinning like a madwoman. I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter. My hand naturally drifted between my legs. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them if I tried. The woman started kissing her way down Lia’s body. Her neck, pulling on it a little, the center of her chest, above her bellybutton. Both Lia and I were waiting for her to eventually end up at Lia’s pussy. She took Lia’s jeans off and when she did, I could see Lia sigh and I started fingering myself properly. The woman went to work. Her tongue drove up and down Lia’s lips, her eyes steadily fixed on Lia’s own. It amazed me just how much of a sexual creature Lia was. She looked like she was right in her element, with a beautiful woman between her legs. Maybe that was the effect she had on people. Maybe it was because she carried that aura that people found themselves wanting to pay her for these services. I don’t know. The woman didn’t finish Lia off. maybe because it was too early. She did have to get her money’s worth after all. Instead, she wandered up for a brief kiss and disrobed. Her boobs looked even bigger when loose. Her nipples were hard, something Lia noticed with an appreciative smile. She said something, the other woman nodded. Lia started massaging her breasts. Softly, kneading them like dough. Then, she leaned in and took one of the woman’s nipples into her mouth. The woman closed her eyes, tilting her head back in the same way Lia had before. Her breast was so big, Lia took just the tit she was sucking with both hands. As she sucked on the nipple, she looked up at the woman with a cheeky smile. The woman ran her hand down Lia’s silvery hair. I squinted. I noticed Lia swallowing. Swallowing what though? It was only when a white drop escaped her lips that I realized the woman was lactating. My eyebrows furrowed. So, this woman was a mother? Divorced, maybe? It didn’t matter. The point was, Lia was drinking in her milk as the woman said things I couldn’t hear. At some point, her hand lowered and she started fingering Lia as she pulled on the nipple. On Lia’s side, I could see her toes curling every now and then, her eyes set firmly on the woman’s own. Then, her eyes closed. More drops escaped her lips, and Lia began to squirm a little. The woman’s hand sped up. They stayed like that for a long while. Several minutes of Lia, drinking in one boob only to later switch to the other. All the while, the woman’s fingers invaded Lia’s pussy. I wondered if she was getting tired, though it didn’t look like it. The entire time, she had a satisfied smile on her face, watching Lia tremble beneath her as she drank more of her fluids into her system. Of course, eventually, Lia broke. She wrapped her legs around the woman’s body, pulled her close, and mushed her face against her boob. I could see Lia shaking as she squeezed the woman’s body, who laughed in response. Lia came slowly, with the woman muttering things into her ear. I was close, but not there yet. Lia must have thought the same about the other woman, because as soon as she was ready to go again, she pushed her down onto the bed, on top this time. She kissed her neck, licking that spot tenderly before switching positions. She rotated, bringing her hips above the woman’s head. They were in a sixty-nine now. I don’t know when I started doing this, maybe it was as Lia reached somewhere and pulled out a purple dildo, but I closed my eyes and started to picture myself in the woman’s spot. I imagined that Lia had done the same for me, kissing me like an old lover before letting me taste her.

Once my eyes opened, I felt my heart tighten when I saw the unfamiliar surroundings. Then, as I was mid-panic, last night’s events all came crashing down on me. The dinner date, coming back to Lia’s home to share drinks, sitting down to watch a movie. And, of course… Yeah. We, uh, we did stuff,…

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