My Mother-in-Law Ruth Ch. 3

My Mother-in-Law Ruth Ch. 3

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I hope that you have read chapters 1 & 2. If not I encourage you to.

“Tom, the telephone is for you. Carrie is on the line.”

“Yes Carrie, Tom and I are both fine. We just finished a nice chicken dinner that I fixed.”

“Tom, are you coming?”

“Ruth, I’ll be just a minute. Talk to Carrie for a second or two please.”

“Carrie, Tom will be here in just one minute. How are you dear?”

“You must stay in Denver for one more night? Not till Friday night. That’s too bad. I’ll see you Friday night then. Here’s Tom, I love you dear.”

“Hi Carrie, what’s this you will not be home until Friday? Well, I guess that business is important. I miss you and can’t wait till you get home. By love; good night and be safe.”

Ruth came into the study and smiled at me. I needed no road map to tell me what the smile meant.

“I miss Carrie very much Ruth. She’s my wife and I love her with all of my soul.”

“I love her to, but I also love what we can do when she isn’t here. If you want, I’ll leave you to your movies and your hand. Now what will it be big man, my fat ass and hungry mouth or your movies and your fist? I’ll make it better than you can ever imagine. Just remember, my cunt is off limits to that cock of yours until you can get Carrie to say different. “

I took one look at my mother-in-law and knew what the answer was. I was going to have her as a total slut tonight.

“Alright you fat, old cunt. I will take that ass and mouth of yours and use them until I am satisfied. Now, will you please get me a drink?”

Ruth returned with my scotch and sat down next to me.

“Get up Ruth. I want to look at that body of yours. Why don’t you strip for me?”

Getting up, she smiled at me and began to unbutton her blouse. After removing her blouse she slipped off the skirt and stood with her hands on her hips. I could see her big, dark nipples and hairy bush through her sheer undergarments. Boy, was this woman built for sex and I was going to have all I could ever want.

“Ruth, I want you to turn away from me and spread your legs wide.”

Having done as I requested, I told Ruth to bend over and grab her ankles. What a sight. Before me was her large ass with all her pubic hairs sticking out of the sides of her panties. I was starting to get really hard.

“Ruth, is that the big ass that I am going to fuck tonight?”

“Yes Tom, it is.”

“Then let’s see your ass.”

Ruth slowly removed her panties and resumed her spread leg position. Now her ass and hairy pussy was in clear view.

“Spread your cheeks. I want to see that asshole of yours.”

Ruth put her hands on her cheeks and spread as wide as she could.

“See my big and fat asshole erzurum escort Tom? My asshole wants your hard cock to fuck me deep. Let’s go out by the pool and see if you can fuck my ass until I’m sore.”

Now I’m thinking, why does she want it outside? It’s private and all but a bed would be so much more comfortable. What the hell though, I’d fuck this woman on 42nd street if she asked me to. Outside, Ruth got down to business; namely, down on her knees to inhale my cock. This 63-year-old woman could suck cock like no one I have ever been with before. Carrie was only ok. She never swallowed. She always spit it out. What a bummer. Ruth was taking me all the way down her throat. I thought that she would suck my cock and balls clean off of me.

“Hay Ruth, who the fuck taught you to give a blow job like this? You better slow down before I pop down you throat.”

“You better not shoot, I want that cock up my asshole and make it quick.”

Ruth lay down on a mat and stuck her large ass up into the air and said, “fuck my ass now Tom. Fuck your whore up her shut.”

I wasted no time. I spit on her asshole and put my cock head at the entrance to her anus. It slipped in without too much effort. Seeing that this would be easier that I expected, I pushed firmly and entered up to my balls. Ruth gave a small groan. It was a groan of pleasure. For the next several minutes I fucked this woman’s asshole with ever growing force. I repeatedly pulled out almost to the head and then slammed my cock hard up her ass. Ruth was asking me to call her dirty names while I fucked her.

“You fucking cunt, do you like my cock deep up your ass?”

“Oh God yes.”

“You know you have a big, fat fuckable ass. It feels so good around my hard dick. I bet that your cunt is nowhere as tight. It’s probable very well used because you are probable nothing but a well fucked whore.”

“Get Carrie’s permission and it’s all yours.”

“We’ll see. But now I want to shoot my load up you tight asshole.”

“Tom, not tonight. I want you to cum on my face and tits. You fucking better not dare cum in my ass tonight. Hose down my tits and face with your load.”

“I want to feel it shoot up your ass, Ruth.”

“Remember last night? I meant what I said.”

Oh fuck, she was serious.

“Are you sure about this you nasty woman?”

“Just do it Tom and I’ll show you how really fucking nasty this old bitch can be.”

This exchange was bringing me to the brink. After about another twelve strokes up Ruth’s ass I told her I was about to cum. With a slight pop, I pulled my slick cock out of her asshole.

Turning around she said, “cum on my big tits Tom, on my big fucking tits.”

I jerked my ghpops.com cock as Ruth licked around the head. After several more strokes I shot my first jet right on her tongue.

“Tits Tom, on my tits.”

I aimed my cock at her breasts and shot three more jets. Then two more were directed at her face. A very wicked smile came over her face and she proceeded to suck my cock clean. This was the cock that had been deep in her asshole. Now she was cleaning it. She not only cleaned it but she deep throated it. Fuck me I thought, Carrie’s mom was some uninhibited woman. No, she was an uninhibited old slut.

“You slut you. Does Carrie know how nasty her sweet mom really is? You suck the cock that just had up that tight ass of yours.”

Smiling at me she said “no, but she may find out some day. Now Tom, I want you to clean me off. You’ve made such a mess of me.”

I was not about to argue with her, besides it would be a new experience to me.

Ruth knelt down in front of me and looked into my eyes and said “do it, do it now.”

Ruth had a hand on her cunt and moaned while saying those words to me.

“Piss on your old whore. Piss on your old, fat whore’s tits Tom.”

I aimed my softened cock at her tits but nothing came out.

“Piss you bastard. Piss on me now.”

After relaxing my body, a small spurt shot out. Ruth yelped and then a grin came over her face. I thought she must have really been getting off on this. It was the signal I needed. I continued to piss in an ever-stronger stream that was washing her cum covered tits. Both of her hands were now rubbing the pee into her tits and stomach. This is hot I thought. She was looking down at my stream hitting her chest and the splash was occasionally hitting her neck and chin. She never flinched. All I saw was a lewd smile on her face; a face that had sperm on it. I thought should I do it. Let’s just try. I flicked my cock up and the stream splashed onto her smiling face. The smile remained. She didn’t object at all.

“I’ll wash your face. It has all of that sperm on it.”

She just closed her eyes and let me pee on her face. Piss, sperm and makeup was running down her face and body. My stream slowly ran to a trickle as she opened her eyes. All she did was look at me and smile. Just as my stream was coming to an end Ruth opened her mouth to say something. The slight stream hit her lips and tongue. Ruth went nuts with lust. I let go of my soft cock just as Ruth sucked it into her mouth.

“Are you going to blow me now after all that?”

Removing me cock she said, “I’m hungry for cum. You only gave me a small taste. I want to blow you and eat your sperm. Do you think you are up for that?’

Here was Ruth with my piss and cum all over her face and body telling me she wants to suck me off now.

“It may take awhile but I think you may get the cum you want.”

“I’ll love giving you a slow blow. OK?”

Back to work she went. For the next twenty some minutes Ruth made love to my cock and balls with her mouth. No one has ever sucked my balls the way Ruth can. She can get both in her mouth at one time and lick them with her tongue. She deep throated me for quit a long time occasionally licking my balls with my cock down her throat. Just as I felt the rumbling in my groin the phone rang. I had to leave Ruth to answer.

“Hello, Tom here.”
“Hi honey.”

“Hi Carrie. I’m glad to hear your voice.”

Why did she have to call and ruin the moment was my thought. I missed her but I loved Ruth’s mouth.

“Ruth and I are just sitting around chatting.”

Not really. Ruth crawled over to where I was talking and slipped my cock back into her mouth.

“Tom, I will not be home until Tuesday but I’ll have the rest of the week off.”

Ruth was now sucking my cock deeply again and making it very hard to talk normally to Carrie.

“Tom, I promise to make it up to you. We’ll have a nice romantic time.”

Here I was getting a great blowjob from Carrie’s mom and Carrie was telling me we could have a romantic time. I just wanted to fuck her.

“Carrie, romance is nice but I need what’s between your legs. I love you and want to fuck with you.”

Ruth started to snicker with my cock still in her mouth.

“Tom, I don’t like that word. We’ll see when I get home.”

“Carrie, I am a man and I need it. If you can’t than…”

Ruth started to laugh out loud. I was getting pissed.

“Why can I hear mom laughing? She can’t hear us, can she?”

As Ruth went back to my cock to finish her job I told her that her mom was laughing at TV. Just about that time Ruth stuck her finger up my ass and rubbed my prostate. With my cock down her throat, her finger up my asshole, I blasted five shots of cum down her throat and into her stomach. Ruth never flinched. She just kept my cock in her throat and fingered my ass. Having ingested all of my sperm, Ruth released my cock and stood up and whispered in my ear “keep talking to Carrie.” The woman knelt behind me and spread my ass cheeks and licked me.

“Tell Carrie she and I will do a little girl shopping next week.”

And back to licking she went. I talked to Carrie for ten or fifteen minutes and Ruth’s tongue never left my anal region. I was getting exhausted but she just went on until I hung up.

“Are you trying to kill me Ruth? You never get enough, do you?”

“I’m just making up for lost time. I hope you don’t mind.”

I know now that I’ll have to find some way to involve Carrie. I want Ruth’s cunt in the worst way.

To be continued in part 4.

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