My Mature Neighbor


Few years ago I moved to small nice city. When we moved there with my girlfriend, We meet with our neighbors and get to know them. What I had noticed my neighbor who lived on second floor (above us) they were couples, he was white male in early 30’s tall and sporty body. She was 41 years, looked like late 20’s blond hair very very sexy body. I meet her so many times with her sexy short (suppose to be in room)!!

One day we heard noises and we called complex manager to minutes later our door knocked by our neighbor and they were trying to excuse about what happened we let them in to explain everything and they excused about what happened I had noticed the wife was staring at me. Days later I was in the patio and she was walking her dog and stopped by to say hi and she said to me you are so sexy and gorgeous you could have any woman you want your girlfriend is so lucky you have sex body I would love to join you in my bed!!

I was shocked in the beginning and she said this is not the right place to talk so please call me bye the way hubby is out of the town with sexy smile and she said I think you got my point!! In half-hour I called her to say hi!! And we talked but I asked her one straight question what do you want. She answered me I want you to FUCK ME. Next day I called again to say hi!! And she invited me to her apartment I said how about to take you for a quick drive by my car.

She went out the complex with her dog for walking and she got in my car she greeted me with kiss and touched and we were gaziantep ateşli escort bayan talking about everything and she was interested on me. I asked her about her fantasy and I found out she was BI!! I told her I love to have 2 women at same time (it is one of my fantasies) she said ok find a woman for us and we will do it. She was very open for everything related for sex. She asked me for a kiss I gave her hot one then she asked me to see my tool!! I refused at first because I wanna show her in right time!!

She insists on it she said I wanna how is it, is it right size or no. When I showed her she screamed OH MY GOD what is that. God how I’m going to handle it, so big she taste it and her dos was watching us I tried to stop her (I was almost to explode) but can’t I was almost cumming until I pulled her from her hair I went so wild and she was too I asked her to show me her sweet things. In right place and time she said, she asked me to come to her apartment I refused because everyone will hear us and see us (that was in morning time).

IN EVENING I took my friend’s apartment and I called her come over in few minutes she knocked the door with her sexy one piece dress (imagine that was in summer) she got in and started to talk about her husband and complaining about her sex life with him and he was not satisfying her suddenly she said it is hot here she took off her top part I had heart attack, minutes later she asked me where is the bakımlı escort gaziantep bed room.

We stood up to show her the way to bedroom I took her by the wall and started to kissing her and she answered me back when I touched her pussy was so wet that meant she was horny before she got here we felt down before we got the bed room from kissing she went wild and ran to my dick sucking it crazy and I went to her little sweet pussy to lick it (I noticed her juicy was different from any other woman she was sweet juicy) and 69 was so great with her then she came in my mouth twice with big moan and screaming after that I got back of her and fucked her doggy style she was screaming she ride on it then she lied down on her back and her legs on my shoulders and start to fuck her with my big dick she started to scream more and more and talking dirty like ( FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME SON OF BITCH, SOOO BIG, YES BABY AND MORE…)

I can’t hold my self anymore and I came in my condoms ( I practice safe sex) after I finished she said, honey why you didn’t in my face next please do. She went to the kitchen and had something to drink with her naked body I sneaked to watch her when she opened the refrigerator she bend over to get drink It was an awesome view (natural look) she sat on table and start to talk with me and with naked bodies.

I noticed her pussy was telling me I want more and more start to kiss her again but this time while I kiss her I was fingering gaziantep bayan escort her hard she started to screamed again and when she got to herpick point she was screaming FINGERING ME BABY I’M CUMMING YESSSSSSSSSSS FINGRRRRRR and she was shacking wildly ways I never seen a woman like this before when she came she pulled my hand and licked her cum in my fingers and sucked it. I lied on my back and she was on doggy style sucking me off and I was imagining that some one is fucking her doggy style while she was sucking me then I was imagining a woman fucking her with a dildo while she sucking me I went so crazy shaking off I screamed a lotttttt I’M COMING I’M COMING SUCK ME FASTER FASTER SHE TURN OVER ME WITH HER SLEEPY SEXY EYES and asked her why did you swallowed my cum, that’s turn me on I love it and make me happy she answered me.

Then we had our clothed on and left half hour later I called her to thank her for great time we had she answered my call and hold on I’m still horny and I answered her me too let get my toy she answered me and we had a phone sex she had it 2 times and I’m one. I was thinking of her all time and I masturbate at least 3 times a day 8 days I called her around 5 p.m. and told her I’m hard for you and I need you now she me too but hubby is coming I told please to come before her husband comes from work she said ok we had covered garage I went there and she got there and we start to kiss each other with little of fear (nice experience) she blow me it was one of the best I ever had I moaned and I told her I’m gonna cum baby she start to suck me faster and faster until I through in her mouth all my load and she kept sucking me until last drip from my dick she got up and swallowed all my cum god that was great , ok I have to go now I finished my duty so you later baby bye and she left go she was damn hot. This story happened in 1994 and I’m still horny about her and crazy about her.

Few years ago I moved to small nice city. When we moved there with my girlfriend, We meet with our neighbors and get to know them. What I had noticed my neighbor who lived on second floor (above us) they were couples, he was white male in early 30’s tall and sporty body. She was…

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