My Indian Mother

My Indian Mother


This is a story of what happened when I was 20 years old, I’m Karan, I’d just finished my graduation and landed a job in bangalore during the dot com boom. I was born and brought up in Bombay, a single child of a single mom(Priya), who separated from her husband while she was expecting me. She was only 20 when she had me. Initially it was tough on her but she managed getting into the hospitality industry and did pretty well for herself. As she was working all the time I was sent to a boarding school near Lonavla at age 8 and here I completed my schooling.

Now because my mother was a PR consultant in the hospitality industry, she really took great care of herself, gymming, walking , yoga the works. She had a beautiful face and fair complexion as she was a descendant of a punjabi dad and an Assamese mom. She was slim fit with nice size firm tits, flat tummy and a perfectly sculptured ass. Even at 40 she could be passed of as being in her mid 20s. I was quite used to my boarding school friends comments on how hot she was, which I grew up with practically.

Now coming back to bangalore, I had just shifted and gotten myself a two bedroom apartment, as I was financially independent, my mom decided to give her self a break from work , she had ample savings and decided she’d like to spend some time with me in bangalore.

In a couple of weeks my mom managed to send me a live in cook from Bombay, thank god for small mercies, I was having a terrible time with the part time cooks in bangalore with the language barrier. Anyway Suresh (who was probably a couple of years older than me)the cook was Glad to come to bangalore as he had a cousin here working close to my apartment.

A couple of weeks later my mom decided to come and spend some time in bangalore, I was more than happy to have her over, as I’d hardly met her in over a year, as I got placement here just after my exams.

With the small age difference between us and my mom’s attitude which is closer to what she looks than her actual age, she always treated me more as a friend than a son. The first week was super fun, I took her to various restaurants and pubs in town, went shopping and life was going on as normal.

Now i first started suspecting something was wrong, was the way she was dressing up at home, which i’d never seen before especially with Suresh Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort around, for example, in hot tight short shorts or micro mini skirts and tight tops with a lacy bra and thong, which were both quite visible. The other thing which I started noticing was that every evening when I would be coming back from work Suresh’s cousin Raju would be leaving the building, that was strange because in the first whole month while Suresh was here he came only 1 Sunday to meet him, therefore I recognised him.

Also every time I entered the flat she was in the shower, it didn’t matter weather I came home early late or my usual time. Also a couple of time’s when I entered the kitchen and they both were there I noticed her shorts were riding up her ass, like someone had given her a wedgie and was playing with that perfect ass or the shorts had become too tight. I suspected there was something definitely fishy.

Anyway when I’d gotten to know that mom was coming to meet me I’d applied far a couple of days leave so that I could at least get a long weekend, otherwise it was only the evenings and Sundays.

I still remember it was a Wednesday when I got to know that I’d gotten the next 3 days of, I was super excited when I reached home that evening, as I entered my mom was in the shower as usual and Raju was just about to leave, so I asked Suresh why was his cousin coming here every day, to which they answered that they were learning some recipes from my mom, which seemed legit, but there was definitely something amiss.

I immediately decided not to mention the holiday and go by my business as usual.

So the next morning I left my home as always went to the cafe opposite my apartment block and waited. It was an extremely long wait, but as I suspected saw Raju entering the apartment at 3in the afternoon. I waited for 20 minutes and decided to go home.

I entered the apartment with my own set of keys, walked in, and saw clothes lying all over the drawing room sofa, so between that abd the fact that was feeling guilty about spying on my own mom, my heart was pounding I thought it would jump out of my chest.

Then I heard some noises coming from my moms room, they were grunting noises, it was quite clear as her room door wasn’t shut now my heart was ready to explode, Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort I quietly peeped through the corner and what I saw was my sweet innocent hot mom was on all fours, with Raju doggie styling her, with his right hand holding her white thong to one side and his left hand was spanking both her ass cheeks simultaneously while he humped her like a jackhammer. On the other side for Suresh holding her head with both hands and face fucking her as vigorously as Raju was humping her.

I almost choked, felt something heavy at the pit of my stomach and my heart beat was sky rocketing. had they forced themselves on her, but they obviously whad’nt because she was thrusting back as vigorously, seemed she was really enjoying being used.

I just froze for some time then I heard Raju saying saali randi Kay deti hai bhai(this slut takes it well brother), with a hard spank to her ass, to which Suresh replied yeh kutti Sirf deti nahi hai leti bhi hai(this Bitch doesn’t only takes it gives it well to)at which point he took out his cock completely from her mouth and cock slapped her a couple of times.

I couldn’t believe my eyes my ears, I wanted to run away but couldn’t stop watching, now the sinking feeling was going, my heart beat was getting normal and it was all being replaced by this insane hornyness, I had never felt before and I was hooked. Just seeing these 2 dark servants using this fair hot sexy lady , it was impossible for me not to watch.

By this time Suresh was nearing his end he took his 6 inch Cock out and sprayed her face with it, to my surprise whatever fell in and around her beautiful mouth she licked and swallowed and there was a lot of cum.

Then Raju stopped humping her from the back and laid down on the bed, in the mean time my mom took of her thong and wiped a blob of cum which had landed on her left eye with it. That’s when I realised that Raju was hung like a horse, thick black and long, as he laid back with the monster standing straight and hard.

Just seeing my mom straddle that cock in reverse cowgirl style slowly with her petite body almost made me cum in my pants. As her bed was facing the door and in this position she was facing the door too, i for the first time could see her in all her glory.

She had her hair in high Beylikdüzü Genç Escort ponytail, her almond shaped brown eyes, to her high cheek bones and her thin sharp nose and that small mouth with perfectly shaped pouty lips. Her tits were more than a handful but firm and soft at the same time with pink nipples erect bouncing softly as she rode him. Her thin waist flat stomach giving her an amazing hour glass figure and then there was clean shaven pussy with her clit on display. Her thighs and legs were firm and sculptured just like her ass, it was quite a sight.

In the mean time Suresh had started sucking on breasts, she held his head with a hand full of his hair with her right hand and her left hand was on Rajus chest with her back arched. She was no longer just riding him slowly but had started grinding on his cock faster and faster like a Bitch in heat, while pushing Suresh’s head down towards her pussy. Suddenly I heard her say( geeb sey achi tara chaat) she wanted him to lick her clit while she was grinding on Rajus monster.

Now the room was full of her moaning sounds the aaaahhhhas got louder the grinding got faster and Suresh’s head was moving with her movement as he licked away at her clit, her head was tilted back eyes shut, Raju was holding on to her ass for dear life. Then she orgasmed like I’ve never seen anyone do before she started moving like she’s had an epileptic fit, the moaning was so loud I thought the whole building would hear her. It took her a good couple of minutes to subside down, I had seriously never seen anything like that.

Then Raju got up stood on the bed while she sat on Suresh’s face, she was still moving her hips slowly rubbing her pussy on his face and giving Raju a blowjob, more like trying to wrap her small mouth around that monster, I’d still give her full marks for effort. After a good 5 minutes of this Raju came he held her head tight dumping all his cum into her mouth. The room was now full of Raju grunting loud like seriously loud and glug glug glug of my mom trying to swallow all the cum.

She was now getting of Suresh’s face, my eyes for a second left her face to see Suresh’s face full of her juices, when I looked back up she had a trail of cum leaking from the side of her mouth, then I looked into her eyes and she was staring directly at me, she took her finger scraped the leaking cum and put it i her mouth sucking all the cum of her finger while staring at me, I almost died, and left immediately when Raju while wiping his remaining cum of his cock on her cheek decided to cock slap her and she lost eye contact, at that moment I had no idea how fuck am I going to go home and face her again…

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