My Horniest Encounter

Amy came over for a few bottles of wine and a meal the other night. Amy is my best friend of about 12 years, but over the last few we have been known to indulge in a little bit of girl-on-girl action from time to time, especially when drunk. Never anything quite like this night though. After several glasses I decided to tell her about what I’d gotten up to the day before with a gut in a chat room and some ordered finger fucking. She kept asking me to tell her more until there reallly wasn’t much else to tell. She was obviously really turned on by the whole idea.

Then she said to me “So you like to be told what to do, then? Like to follow orders? Would you do that for me?” to which I replied something like “Stop asking me and tell me…” She told me to kiss her like I really loved her, to which I replied “I do really love you” and kissed her tenderly on her mouth. She’s really feminine and it was very sexy. I continued kissing her and our tongues interplayed…

I was so damn horny, still quite a lot from the previous day’s events, I think, and after a while I thought “Right… I am so having you tonight. This isn’t going to end with just a drunken kiss” and I ripped her shirt off of her, like, really made the buttons pop off and everything, and threw her down on the sofa, leaping on top. We kissed more and more passionately until she returned the compliment and started to undress me.

Soon we were both topless, me in a skirt and black thong with black stockings and her in a pair of jeans. I undid her top button and slid my hand inside her panties. She let out a loud moan as I felt how wet her shaven little cooch was. I tasted my finger. “Mmmm, your boyfriend is so fucking lucky,” I told her “you taste soooo good.”

“Taste some more, then” she said, and quickly disposed of her jeans. I wriggled down the sofa and began kissing her inner thighs, licking, nibbling, working my way up until i was licking the curve where her leg meets her body. I pulled her panties to one side and took a single, long hard lick of her pussy from below the opening up to her clit. I can’t describe the sounds Amy makes when she’s bursa escort enjoying herself, only that it is heavenly to hear. I knew she was a very sexual person from what’s gone on between us before, but it was fantastic to see and hear her so relaxed with the situation. I used this to my advantage…

Having eaten her pussy for a while, played with her clit on my tonguge and slid my tongue inside her to get the best of her taste, I flipped her over, getting her on her hands and knees in front of me, but still on the sofa. I slid my hand up between her legs and entered her with a finger. Man, the noises this girl make! I’m not kidding!

As she was enjoying herself so much and seemed so relaxed I figured I’d take the plunge. I kissed her butt cheeks, caressed her crack with my tongue, then pulled apart her cheeks and licked her butt-hole. “You dirty bitch, what the fuck are you doing?” she said loudly before, about 2 seconds later whispering “Oh my fucking God!” pressing her face down on the sofa and reaching behind with her weight on her face and pulling her cheeks apart hard. “More!” she shouted, followed by something like “lick my arse hole, you dirty slut.”

I tickled her hole some more, slow then quick, my fingers still working away in her now-dripping wet pussy. It was obvious she’d never been rimmed before but she fucking loved it, interspersing the moans with quick blasts of “…feels sooo good” and the like. I worked away at her asshole with my tongue, eventually applying more pressure.

“You ever been fucked in the ass?” i asked her.

“Yeah,” she moaned, “John likes it.” John’s her boyfriend of about three years now.

“Do YOU like it, though?”

“Yeah,” she said again, “maybe more than him, even.”

That was enough for me. I poked a finger straight in her ass. She yelped in surprise so I took it right out and put 2 in instead. “Oh, you DO like it, don’t you!” My index and middle finger worked in and out relentlessly and her gasps and moans never let up. She’s told me before what a massive cock John has, so if she likes being fucked with that, she must really get bursa ucuz escort off on her asshole being stretched wide, like I do, I figured. I worked in the same two fingers from the other hand.

I pulled my fingers apart, stretching her asshole a little at first, then fucking hard, making her scream. There was a gap between my left and right hands and I spat right down it. Then I continued pulling and licked the upper and lower parts of her opened anus. “Let’s get us some toys” I said, pulling my fingers out quickly. I disappeared off to my bedroom to get some of my favourite things from my top drawer. On my way up I secretly sucked the fingers of one hand that had been deep in her ass. I could feel myself getting wetter still at that moment. Mmmmmm, she tasted so good. Then I thought “what the hell!” and on my return made a point of sucking the other fingers in front of her.

“You are so bad” she told me and then asked if she got to abuse me in return now – I still had my skirt on at this point. I told her she could do anything she wanted to do to me, led her to the kitchen, took my remaining clothes off and let her loose with a small plastic vibrator, a small pink butt-plug, a rubber double-ended dildo, a large metal anal toy and a big bottle of lube. I told her I’d never used the double ender with someone else before, only on my own, and she said we had to get some of that action in tonight. But first she had her eye on the large metal toy.

This toy is my favourite. It’s about ten inches long and it has a handle on one end. From the other end are five steel balls, each bigger than the last. It’s a really classy sex toy and it cost a previous bf seventy quid. When we split, I had to keep it.

Amy got me to lie on my back. She lifted my legs in the air over my head and applied copious amounts of lube to my anus, sliding a single finger in and out. “Are you ready for this?” she asked me. I told her to stop fucking about and get that thing up my ass. She obviously saw this as a challenge and rammed the toy up my ass getting 3 balls straight up. It hurt like bursa elit escort hell but I loved it. She apologised so I told her to stop mincing about and get the next ball up. It was such a squeeze.

That 4th ball up your asshole is so fucking tight. I screamed out in pain as my anus eventually opened wide enough to allow it in, then closed again around the bar inbetween the balls. “Are you okay, sweetie?” Amy asked me. I told her I was sooooo good, but she told me that was enough and she wasn’t even going to try for the fifth one.

I informed her that not only did I want that fifth ball up my ass, but that once it was in, I wanted her to fuck my ass as hard as she could with the entire toy. “Now fucking hurt me!” I told her.

She pushed harder and harder until my asshole felt like it was on fire when it eventually popped in. “Oh fuck, yes!” I exclaimed. “Now fuck me hard!” Which is exacly what she did. As she forced that entire toy in and out of my ass, the balls popping in and out of my anus so quickly, I rubbed my clit hard until I came and came and came. It was fucking amazing.

Once I stopped orgasming, Amy returned the toy all the way up my ass and started eating my pussy.

Then the time came to use the double-ender. I informed Amy that I wanted to leave the large steel dildo in my ass while we fucked so she volunteered to take on the little butt-plug. I slid it into her ass in one swift movement and that sweet sound emerged from her lips again.

Now, my ass was on fire. It hurt so fucking good. But I wasn’t prepared for the amazing feeling of being double penetrated by two such huge toys. Amy slid one end inside herself, then climbed on top of me and penetrated me slowly with her faux-cock. I have never felt so filled in my life. The dildo forced its way into my cunt, fighting for space in my crowded body. She held onto the centre of the dildo and fucked my brains out. Neither of us wanted to ever stop, it seemed, and we just came and came again and again.

Eventually Amy reach round to her ass and yanked out her butt-plug with a single jerk. Then she leaned forward, kissed me once, then forced it into my mouth. “You like the way my arse tastes, don’t you, you kinky bitch!” I did.

Then she removed the dildo from our pussies and replaced the butt-plug in my mouth with both ends of it. “Taste us!”

This was my horniest encounter ever. Thank you, Amy.

Amy came over for a few bottles of wine and a meal the other night. Amy is my best friend of about 12 years, but over the last few we have been known to indulge in a little bit of girl-on-girl action from time to time, especially when drunk. Never anything quite like this night…

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