My Girls Mom

My Girls Mom


My love for panties goes back as long as I can remember. When I met my girlfriends mother I knew I had to have her panties. She wore a tight fitting skirt with an iridescent white blouse. The blouse showed her lace bra underneath and just a hint of her dark nipples trying to break free. Her panty lines were evident , full granny panties it appeared, yet there was a slender look to them. My anxiety to see what lay beneath was soon quenched as she stepped over her daughter and I. I snuck a peek that seemed to take hours for nothing more than a glimpse. She had a white slip under the skirt that may be why her panty lines had been subdued.

I hinted to my girl that I needed to wash my work clothes if I were to stay. After changing she told me to follow her down the hall to her mothers room. She had just finished her laundry so she had nothing to add. Without a thought she threw open the hamper next to the laundry and started adding to the load. Playing dumb I commented that I thought she had already done her laundry. It’s not mine it’s my mothers she stated and continued to load clothes in the washer with mine. The scent of perfume, çanakkale escort sweat, smoke, and musky gussets were filling my nostrils.

My first glimpse at her panties was that they were a nylon and cotton combination. All were white and all were a full bikini size as far as I could tell. My girl slammed the lid of the washer and started it on its way, while also closing the lid on the hamper. We went back to the living room where we laid on the floor and watched tv. Every now and then I would get a glimpse up her mothers skirt while pretending to be in idle chit-chat. During one such view the washer buzzed loudly at its completion waking me from her crotch. I can get it I told them both and headed down the hall. I could here them talking about me in the background as I opened the washer then the dryer. Her mom and her seemed impressed that I was willing to help out, not knowing that I was already in the hamper looking for anymore goodies.

There in my hand I held for the first time a pair of her panties. The gusset had a perfect white stain in the middle. While loading the clothes from the washer to the turkiyeninmasasi.com dryer in one hand I lifted the crotch of her panties to my nose with the other. Old and musky were the first observations I could make from them. With a twist of the wrist e newer section of them came in contact with my nose. Heaven was the only way to describe the smell from the front portion of her gusset. A hint of perfume could be realized just at the edge of the white stain. My cock was instantly hard and I knew I had to finish and return to the living room. One last whiff and back into the hamper they went.

It would be a few weeks before the first of many exciting days were to take place. I got off work earlier than my girl and her mom so one day her mom offered the key to the house. I was dumbfounded at the opportunity that had presented itself. Well if you don’t mind that would be great. She rose from her desk in tight dark slacks, much like the ones she wore the day before. They were wedging into her pussy and creating a cameltoe I will never forget. I raced to the house and straight to the hamper. Right on top were her clothes from the day before. Her panties were still bunched up in her slacks. I slowly unwound them from her pants trying to remember exactly how they looked so I could put them back unnoticed. The excitement was overwhelming and I could fell my balls swelling in anticipation of being released from my pants. I barely had to touch my cock as I sucked in her scent. The thought of these smelly panties being wedged between her pussylips the day before was all I could take. With only a handful of strokes I blasted my load all over the floor. Cum kept pouring from my cock. With each surge of my balls I would take another sniff from her gusset.

As I calmed and looked at my mess I was hit with the urge to lick the creamy stain. The taste was sweet in comparison to the smell. As I sucked and licked at the crotch I could smell the scent of her panties had also changed. Without more than a few minutes rest I blasted load number two. Guilt was flooding my emotions as I gazed upon her now wet panty crotch and my cum all over the floor. I quickly cleaned my mess and returned the panties in her pants. As I sat in the living room waiting for my girl or her mom I had a thought. What if I get a second pair of hers or my girl to use also. I glanced at the clock and realized only 20 minutes had passed so back down the hall I went…….. To be continued

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