My Girlfriend’s Sister

My Girlfriend’s Sister


Once upon a time I had a girlfriend who had a younger sister named Debbie. Debbie was a fox, although a tad on the heavy side, what is called a BBW I guess. Not real overweight, just enough extra weight to give her some nice boobs, a big butt and sexy legs, a sort of Mariah Carey-type. She was the kind of woman that you want to have sit on your face until you’re lost. I guess you can tell I’m into fleshy women.

I dated her older sister for a number of years so I knew Debbie a little but not real well. I will tell you I had more than one wet dream thinking of the voluptuous younger girl while pounding away at Kim, usually from the backside. Kim was good but her sister occupied most of my fantasies in a way that drove me mad whenever she was around.

Years after Kim and I broke up, I ran into Debbie at a bar. Somehow I managed to screw up the courage to approach her. Minutes later I was sitting next to her and reminiscing about the past.

Age had only turned Debbie into a more delicious beauty and I was soon just as enraptured with her as I had been long ago. After a number of drinks to fortify my nerve I began my confession.

“You know I had one of the most humbling yet exciting experiences with you that I ever had with a woman, although you were just a young woman then.”

“Oh?” Debbie had a way of looking at you with detached amusement as if she could read your mind and knew every depraved thought you ever had.

Back in the day I used to coach a woman’s softball team and Debbie and her sister were on it. We had traveled across state for a tournament and for some reason, Kim got Debbie angry and the younger sister threatened to quit the team. This would have ruined the whole trip as Debbie was our starting pitcher, hell our only pitcher, so we needed her—desperately.

I told her the story. “You probably don’t remember the time I had to talk you into staying on our team.” I filled her in on the distant memory. She claimed she sort of recalled the incident. It was obvious the episode carried a lot more weight in my mind than hers. “Yeah, and having to practically beg you to stay with us got me so turned on I could hardly talk.”

She arched an eyebrow. “I don’t remember it; maybe you better fill me in on the details.”

“Well, I went to your room and, like I said, almost begged you to stay on the team. You sat there on the end of the bed, so young, so imperial. At the time I recall thinking you were like a spoiled princess, one of my favorite fantasies by the way.” I stopped my tale to gauge her reaction. Her smile just curled in a very knowing way. I went on.

“You pouted, acting very spoiled, making me beg and beg.”

“That must have been very demeaning for you.” Her luscious lips circled her glass as she sipped her drink. Her eyes seemed to pierce the night and snare my soul.

“It was.”

“Is that why you remember the event so well?” Her dark orbs sparkled in a very wicked, yet delicious way.

“Partly,” I confessed. My throat sort of constricted and I took a big chug of beer, emptying the stein. Signaling to the waitress I ordered another round.

“Just partly? Is there another reason it sticks in your brain?”

“Oh yeah.” My little guy stirred in my trousers and felt very confined. Shifting in my seat I realized my next words could play a big role in the next stage of my life.

“What is the other reason?” The manner in which she studied me made me feel like I was some specimen in a lab. She played with me like a cat does a mouse.

“Actually, I was getting quite turned on.”

She chuckled lightly, taking another sip. “You like to beg?”

The stirring in my pants was making sitting very uncomfortable. The little guy was enjoying the situation to the point of ejaculation. At that moment I decided to travel down a path of depravity that had no way back. This conversation was either going to get very erotic very quickly or she would decide I was a pervert and throw her drink in my face. Either way, I was likely to have gist to jerk off to for months.

“Only if the situation is right.” My palms felt sweaty and my heart raced. I downed the beer and motioned for another.

“And the situation in my motel room was right?”

Moistening my suddenly dry mouth I answered. “Oh yes.”

“Why?” Debbie seemed amused by the direction of the conversation. I plunged ahead.

“It was the ideal situation. You were perfect, sitting in your casual clothes on the bed like a princess awaiting her serfs. Since my argument wasn’t working I thought you were going to make me kiss your feet.”

Her smile seemed very wicked. “Maybe it wasn’t my feet I would have made you kiss.”

“Oh?” The little guy began leaking, indicating he wasn’t going to be able to take much more. Realizing I was wearing tan pants I knew I was in trouble. The evidence of my arousal would soon be seen by everyone.

“Maybe Tipobet I would have made you kiss my ass.”

I’ve been with a few women in my life, most very vanilla in nature, never wanting to stray into the field of my particular perversions. At this moment I believed I had found one willing to not only wander down that road but actually lead me along. I knew I was out of her league but now I felt like I didn’t even belong in the same universe.

I struggled in my chair. “That’s one of my favorite perversions.”

If I had any doubts about her character she dispelled them with her next question.

“You’re an ass-kisser?”

Clearing my throat I downed another glass of beer. “In the right situation.”

She laughed and grabbed her purse. “I think you should take me home. I have some chores for you to do.”

As I wondered about my good fortune I thought one of the reasons she was willing to perform this little charade was because I had been the love of her sister’s life. It broke Kim’s heart when I dumped her and Kim spent many a night crying in her sister’s arms. Maybe Debbie saw this opportunity to turn me into her insignificant slave as a chance to redeem her sister’s heartbreak. I also considered that Debbie might want to show her sister that she could take her stud and turn him into an ass-licking slave.

When I first went home with Debbie she immediately took charge.


Embarrassed and a bit humiliated, conditions that only serve to excite some depraved part of my soul, I followed her instructions and pealed off my clothes. When she giggled at the sight of my little soldier at attention I cringed, yet felt a surge of excitement tear through my veins.

Naked, I was soon on my knees taking off her shoes. An odor struck my nostrils and I knew she had spent the day in them. Fifteen minutes later, the whole time spent kissing and licking her feet, I was allowed to pull her panties down with my teeth. As my cheeks brushed against the smooth skin of her leg I entered a zone of subspace.

Glancing up from my position I was confronted with her luscious and succulent pussy. My mouth watered and my tongue felt deprived. Tiny drops fell from the little soldier onto the floor.


That was an order that didn’t have to be told twice. Scurrying to the most desirable pussy in the world I licked her to a quick orgasm. As she drifted down I continued my services and my servile tongue worked its magic on her tasty pussy. Building to another climax she grabbed my hair and directed me where she wanted more pressure or licking. Her forceful behavior only drove me further into that blessed arena of servitude.

When she finished she pushed me away and glared at me.

“You won’t get to worship my pussy often, I have real men for that, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to lick and worship other parts of me, parts real men won’t touch, at least with their tongues. Agreed?”

I tried to be flip, a mistake I won’t make again. “That was might tasty.”

A quick and hard slap to the face taught me that when on my knees I was not to be kidding around.

“Get out.”

On the way home the little guy couldn’t wait any longer and as I relived the blessed event he shot his load and filled my pants with his creamy liquids.

Part of my conscience kicked in and I waited a couple of days before calling. On the phone my tone turned to pleading, almost begging to get with her again.

“You really are sick, aren’t you? You really enjoy being treated like dirt.”

Since she heard no reply she set up certain conditions to seeing her.

“If you clean my apartment I’ll spend a few minutes with you. But you have to do whatever I say.”

My perverted desires forced me to accept, rather eagerly.

The next Saturday I was at the door of her apartment at nine o’clock on the dot. She told me the key would be under the mat I was to enter and begin my duties. Since she wouldn’t be getting up until noon I had time to clean some before getting her lunch and coffee ready when she called.

Her place was a mess, a sort of fitting display of her spoiled princess persona but I jumped in like I was born to be her maid.

I started a load of laundry separating her dainties from her other clothes to do by hand. I got the dishwasher running and attacked the kitchen with a vengeance, polishing counters, mopping floors and getting to the pile of dishes in the sink.

In the front room I straightened, dusted, and vacuumed. The bathroom was next, which I took as a sort of personal act of devotion to her intimate acts.

The room was a disaster, as though it hadn’t been cleaned in months. Makeup goop covered the sink, the mirror barely showed a reflection, the shower walls needed hours of scouring, and the toilet looked like something found in a men’s gas station.

I Tipobet Giriş straightened the counter as best I could trying to sort out the various bottles of polish, tubes of lipstick, brushes, and other assorted tools of the modern woman. I admit I touched each object with a sense of jealousy coupled by pride.

When I finally got to the filthy toilet I felt the little guy stirring with the humble and servile task as if he enjoyed wiping the stuff that come from the most intimate parts of her royal body. The mirror and floor was next, and then I scrubbed the tub and shower walls.

The laundry was done so I folded her things and stacked them neatly in piles.

Then I took her undies and bras to the bathroom for special attention.

She caught me sniffing a pair of cotton panties, coming in to do her morning ablutions. Chuckling with a disgusted snort, she yanked her panties down and sat on the commode. My eyes, of course, were riveted to that tasty patch between her legs and she knew it.

The act was lewd as well as completely sexy. I watched the spray flow from her pussy and listened to the sound of the pee hitting the water.

“One good thing about having you around, and I can’t see many good things, is that I will save on toilet paper.” Her eyes sparkled with the knowledge I would soon be between her legs and licking the salty droplets of piss leftover on the hairs of her vagina.

If there was any doubt about my place in this peculiar relationship it ended at that moment. Hesitating only momentarily, I dropped to my knees and crawled to my Goddess. As I approached, she spread her thighs and I stuck my head between them. The acrid scent of her deposit hit my nostrils like a slap in the face, yet as repulsive as the odor was it couldn’t stop my progress toward my duty and this act of depravity.

My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own and worked its way toward my purpose in life. The taste was different with the urine mixed in with her sweet juices yet it served to drive my libido into high gear. The powerful symbolism of me on my knees showing my devotion to my princess by cleaning the discharge from her imperial pussy sent me into a state of bliss. I had found my purpose.

“Get used to the taste, slave, and the position. You’ll be licking and drinking a lot of that while on your knees.” Standing, she pushed me away like I was the lid of the stool. “Draw me a bath and bring my coffee in here.”

As she soaked in the warm water I finished my chore of hand-washing her delicates. Every once in a while she studied me as though trying to decide what to do with me. “Fetch me a towel, boy, and then go prepare me some lunch, a BLT will do just fine.”

I scurried to the kitchen but not before taking a peek at her naked body as I left the bathroom. Debbie was just a bit on the fleshy side, a big girl, with curves that could knock over most men. My last view was of her gorgeous ass as she bent to dry her feet. My poor little soldier almost blew his load at the sight.

As she ate I busied myself with cleaning the rest of the place.

“I think I need to go shopping today, slave. It would serve you well to contribute to my wardrobe, don’t you think? I need some reason to keep you around and bleeding every penny from you would be a good start. Besides, there’s a chance for a good pussy licking if you do.”

Many would question what I was doing—surrendering pride, money, and devotion to one who wanted little to do with me other than ridicule and debasement. Many might call me insane or extremely perverted to sacrifice everything to this uncaring and ungrateful Goddess. But they didn’t know her. They don’t know me. There is some inner need to follow this path. Maybe I’m a true masochist, searching for the ultimate humiliation. Maybe this is just what I know of love.

I escorted Debbie, my new Goddess, to the nearest mall only to watch her put a major dent in my charge card. Dresses, shoes, underwear, nylons, and cosmetics were all purchased seemingly at her whim.

Walking behind, like a good servant, I carried the bags and made few comments, delighting in the view from the back. The only real pleasure, besides knowing I was sacrificing for her, was during the underwear purchases. Imaging her ripe body in the sexy garments was a huge thrill and caused the little guy to stay at attention during the whole trip. Fortunately, I could hide him behind the sacks I was carrying. Somehow, even when at full mast, the poor fellow was seldom noticed.

When we returned to her apartment I was sent out for Chinese food. Hoping to impress her, I bought some champagne and dessert on the way back. Debbie had spent the time watching some of those reality shows on television.

As I prepared her meal I wondered if I would be granted more time at her beloved shrine. Setting the food and drink, hers only, on Tipobet Güncel Giriş the coffee table, I sat on the floor in front of the couch. Almost immediately she kicked off her heels and put her feet on my lap.

“Take your clothes off, lie on your stomach and lick my feet.” It wasn’t a command. She said it like she was asking me to pass the butter. My stomach felt that queasy sensation I get when I’m turned on by some humiliating belittlement.

Already in my slave mode, I jumped to obey and was soon licking and tasting her feet like they were the most delicious food on earth. The odors of walking all day were held in the soft nylon fabric but they only seemed to enhance my pleasure. Soon, she yanked off the nylons and allowed me the honor of licking her tasty toes.

“Suck them like they were dicks. Let me see what kind of cocksucker you’d be.” My little warrior was straining against the rug as the words scorched into my psyche. “You know my sister would be very interested in what a pathetic slave you are. She always thought you were such an upstanding guy, so smart, so strong.” She laughed. “She should see you now, humping the floor and sucking my toes like little cocks. Maybe I should send her some pictures.”

As if coming up with a new idea Debbie stood and sat on my face, her luscious derriere resting mainly on my mouth with my nose pressed into the crack of her ass. It was meant to be demeaning but it was like a dream come true. With a mind of its own, my tongue tried to work through the fabric of the underwear but her weight prevented me from being successful.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of a superior person taking control in such a symbolic way. The position was humiliating yet the debasement fueled my perverted desires, becoming to her nothing but a lowly, insignificant piece of furniture—a thing, not a person.

I never felt happier.

Eventually, she got off. If it was up to me, I would let her sit there until I passed out, but she had other ideas.

“Follow me, slave, but crawl.”

In her bedroom, she yanked down her panties and plopped against the pillows. Her legs spread and exposed a moistened pussy.

“Licky, lick, you pathetic pussy-licker. Come get your reward for buying me things.”

Reward, indeed, if I had the chance I would buy her the world just to get a taste of that delicious treat.

Taking pride in my task I started slowly, licking my way up her shin and teasing her upper thigh with soft kisses and long, juicy strokes of my tongue. As I approached the treasure I toyed with the hair surrounding her vagina, getting it nice and wet, flicking my worshipful tongue across the clitoris and playfully sticking the tip into her hot cavern, exploring as deeply as I could, wishing I could crawl up inside. Circling her clit, I licked, kissed, and bit it with tenderness and devotion. As she neared climax I would stop and move down to her thigh and start all over again.

Eventually my artful manipulations started getting to her and she began to moan. Her hands grabbed fistfuls of my hair and she guided me where she wanted my attentions. The teasing was working and I would lick the clitty, getting her closer and closer to orgasm, then pulling back to devote my oral pleasing elsewhere.

“Can I try something else that might please you, Goddess,” I asked from my supine position.

“What is it?”

“Can I play with your gorgeous breasts before I return to this paradise?”

She considered my request for a minute torn between the need for a climax and the thought of adding more pleasure. Finally, she snapped open her blouse and unclasped her bra.

I edged my way up and began to toy with her heaving breasts. My playful tongue circled, nipped, and licked around the nipple, covering every square inch of her delicious flesh. Soon, my bites pinched a little harder as I felt her nipple harden, just as my little guy was doing in response. Finally, unable to resist the onset of a powerful orgasm, Debbie grabbed my hair and shoved me to her pussy. My mouth and tongue knew immediately what to do and I licked feverishly, paying particular attention to the clit.

My manipulations proved successful and Debbie moaned in ecstasy, all the while yanking on my hair like she wanted to pull it from the roots.

As she floated down from the rapture, she changed. Suddenly, she pulled my head back and slapped me across the face. Instead of getting angry from the pain, I felt the little guy squirt in masochistic lust. He liked the humiliating act.

“We do this at my pace, not yours, bitch. That’s the last time you get to direct my cums. From now on you do as told, nothing more.”

She rolled to her stomach.

“You mentioned something about kissing my ass.”

At that instant I fell in love forever. As my tongue found its place of meaning, the little guy exploded like he never has before.

“You’ll be spending a lot of time there, slave, you seem born to kiss ass. I might even invite friends over to show them your skills. Between sucking my boyfriend’s cocks and licking my girlfriend’s asses, I think we may have found a place for you.”

Home at last.

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