My Girl Wanted to See Me with a Man Ch. 03

My Girl Wanted to See Me with a Man Ch. 03

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So, my girl, Char, had surprised me by showing up dressed like a dude and pegging me. We had talked about fantasies and she figured out a few things out about me. She knew that I was the type of guy who would try things and would probably have already been with a man. That night she played the male role while I let her take me. I enjoyed it very much, but I was also more than a little freaked out and I told her I needed some time to work through some emotions and suggested we take a few weeks off.

The next morning I went for a long bike ride, I was training for an event in another week and I needed to put in about 60 miles. I picked a trail built on an old railroad bed through a long swamp. No curves, no hills, just me and my pedals and about 3 and a half hours to work out a few things about where my life was headed. I hadn’t intended to get in a serious relationship so soon after becoming a widower, and I was not comfortable sharing my bisexuality with someone. At least not yet. Char had crossed some lines that I hadn’t really been ready for her to cross.

I’d been attracted to guys for probably 45 years, and, if you ranked me on that 1 to 10 straight to gay scale, I was probably still a 4 1/2, I am attracted to women more than men. Here, in my later years, liking men doesn’t carry the shame it once did, but there is still some hesitancy for a bi-guy like me to declare his orientation, at least on my part. I’d lived through a 32 year marriage without sharing how I felt, I wasn’t going to just start handing out business cards that said, “Likes to make love to men and women.”

The other thing was that I was newly single, I was still mourning, and I needed some time to gather my emotions and make some life decisions. I never did anything with guys more than once or twice a year, even if I did think about it everyday, I wondered how much of my bi-desire was nothing more than an attraction to forbidden fruit, now that I could go after what I wanted, would I?

So, as much as Char wanted to see me get fucked by a guy, I was nowhere near ready to do that for her. The fantasy sounded nice, and I wanted to please her, but, frankly, she took some of the joy out of it when she got so dominant and threatened me with revealing my secret.

Unlike diyarbakır escort many Literotica stories about people coming to terms with their sexuality, I didn’t have a magic gay friend (or sister) to act as my gay Sherpa guide. I was going to have to figure this out on my own. And I didn’t understand why most of the stories of men in my situation ended up with the man who was curious becoming degraded and dominated. I’ve been reading bi male stories since they first appeared on the internet and I just don’t see the attraction to being treated like someone who should be slut shamed for acting on his desires.

But, I knew, as I peddled on, I was attracted to men, I did want to explore that side of myself. I needed to be with a man who was kind, respectful and, oh yea, hot. As a cyclist, I have sculpted legs and my ass, even at 61, is hard as a rock, I am handsome and still blonde, I thought, “I might be able to find a lover.” And, now, for the first time in my life, I had time to explore that part of my sexuality without guilt, shame, or the need for a woman to bless it.

That was a nice place to be and I decided to see where that led me. I pulled my bike back into the garage and slipped into the shower where I took a nice long time getting my self squeaky clean before I went to my bed with a few toys…

I needed a man, but I needed one under the right circumstance.

The next Friday I went to my bike event and in a town in southwest Florida for the 100 mile event the next day. Some friends of mine, Steve and Gayle, were artists in the town and though we’d only met a few times, the magic of social media allowed us to become good on-line friends and they invited me to stay at their home and studio. Friday evening I took them out to dinner to pay them back and when we returned, I got a tour of their studio, I love both of their work and talked about buying a painting or even commissioning one. I wanted something to honor my wife. I got to bed early, tomorrow was a big day for me, 100 miles on a bike is a lot for me.

The ride went well and in about 5 1/2 hours I finished and headed back to my friends. They invited me to stay the night and head back in the morning and I jumped at their invitation, 4 hours in the car diyarbakiranalatik.com after a Century was a lot, I knew cramps would hit eventually.

I should tell you that Steve and Gayle are in their early fifties and are both attractive and in shape. They run together and he has salt and pepper hair, she is grey and they look healthy and happy. And hot. I always wondered if Steve was into guys too. Once, on Facebook, the two of them had taken a trip with another woman and I thought something might have been going on between all of them

We had wine and pasta on the back deck, and then jumped in the pool and hot tub, something my cycling muscles were happy to enjoy. We talked about my wife, our long history, and how they had gotten married just a year later than we did.

We talked about art and my work as a writer and they asked about my plans. After a while, we got out of the pool and Steve could have knocked me over with a feather when he said,

“I have to ask you a personal question, and if you are offended, I apologize. Gayle and I like to share a new partner every so often and we both think you are hot.” Well, I just started to laugh so hard I was almost unable to breathe, it took me a few minutes to explain my experience with Char and then, my secret desires.

“Well, one of the reasons that we have been able to stay together for so long is that Steve told me early on about his bi nature,” said Gayle, and “I thought it was so hot. He’s an artist, I’m an artist, we went to art school, of course we are open to fluid sexuality.” She smiled and held out her arms to me, “Come here, you’ve missed too many years of fulfillment.”

And I did, my weary cycling muscles suddenly feeling revived as I met her half way across the patio and kissed her while wrapping my arms around her. She is tall, with long silver hair and the face of a woman who looked much younger than her years. We kissed, gently at first, then with passion, her hard nipples protruding through her bathing suit against my chest.

Steve was behind me next, tall and solid, he had a swimmers build and he pressed himself against me, he’d lost his bathing suit on the way over and I felt a very pleasant sized cock between my legs. He bit my neck and reached around to stoke me through my suit, it was wonderful.

“Bed!” someone said and we unwrapped ourselves from one another, Gayle holding my hand as we headed to the master suite. We were all naked and she flopped onto the pillows, her two big men on either side of her, each pulling a nipple into our mouths. They were big and round, like silver dollars and Gayle sighed in a combination of lust and satisfaction. “We’ve been fantasizing about you for years,” she said and I told her I had no idea that they felt that way about me but I always thought that they were both hot.

“Lay down, please,” she told me and I did, my cock as hard and engorged as it had been in years. “Let us please you first,” and they did, both crawling down my body and kissing each other with my cock in the middle of their tongues. They alternated blowing me and nibbling on my balls, I told them, “I’m not going to last very long if you keep that up!”

Steve took charge swallowing me down to my root while Gayle cheered him on, “Suck him baby, make him cum for us!” And did I ever, Steve swallowed every drop down the back of his throat on my first shot, then he pulled me out of his mouth and directed my cock towards Gayle, I coated her beautiful tits and chest with more cum than I thought I had in me. She smiled and reached into the night stand where she pulled out a small vibrator and applied hit to her dripping pussy, she came all over it, shuddering and crying out softly when she did. She offered here drenched fingers to me to suck and she tasted like honey.

Steve, in the meantime, had coated his big cock with JO lotion and announced, “it’s my turn now,” and picked my legs up over his shoulders while I was licking Gayle’s fingers and rubbing my cum into her nipples. He penetrated me with no further foreplay, the lube allowing him to slide in to the hilt, I felt full and happy. Gayle shifted over so her breasts we over my face and I sucked her cum coated tits like a baby while Steve fucked me like a jackhammer. I was getting fucked like I usually fuck a woman, it was perfect.

“Come on baby, cum in me!” I urged him and he exploded like a man who was having his wildest fantasy brought to reality.

He was.

So was I, I was making love to two beautiful people who were as turned on by me as I was them and it was tender, athletic, exciting and beautiful. “Why,” I wondered, “couldn’t I have had this fulfillment all of my life?”

I’ll tell you about Round 2 next.

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