My First Time

My First Time


The cock head beckoned for me to take it in my mouth, to caress it gently with my tongue, to explore the pee hole. I complied. It felt good in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around it, covering it with the saliva that would lubricate it for what would come. When it was slick slick enough, I slowly took it deeper, bumping the back of my throat. There was a brief tickle as it slid farther down. I had had been working on suppressing my gag reflex. I now concentrated on relaxing my muscles. The last two inches slipped down. All eight inches were in my mouth and throat!

I was sure I could please a man. This dildo wasn’t complaining!

I’m not sure when. or why, I got the desire to suck a man. I just knew that I had it bad. For my previous 50 years I had had no desire for male contact. Well, with a couple of exceptions.

Once was back when my ex-wife was fucking a few different guys. One of the guys was bisexual and offered to let me suck him before he fucked her. I declined, but he pulled out and came all over her face. It was such a hot scene that I couldn’t resist kissing her and tasting a little of his semen. That did turn me on.

The other might have been when she dressed me as a woman for Halloween. She had her male friends feel me up and make lewd suggestions. By the end of the night I almost believed I was a girl. I had wondered (much later) what would have happened if I had taken them back to my room and then returned to the party with my face dripping with cum.

But both those events were a long time ago. This urge was recent.

I was now well known in my community so Craigslist and gay bars were not an option. I contacted a couple of my ex-wife’s çanakkale escort boyfriends, but they were out of the lifestyle and weren’t interested. I had all but given up. Still, I kept practicing with the dildo.

The break through fell into my lap, literally.

Due to a bad back, I had a lawn service to mow my lawn. It was a small yard so the company normally just sent one guy to do it. I was not attracted to any of them, that is until Tom joined the company. Tom was gorgeous. A college student cutting grass for a few bucks. He was over 6 foot about 180 or so. Light brown hair, muscular build. We hit it off. Soon he was the only one that did my yard. We talked, but he usually had to get to his next yard. After a while I would be the last job on his route. He told me how his dad had left him and his mom when he was younger. He talked about how he missed him.

He was practically drawing a roadmap for me but I didn’t see it. Then he made a move that even I, dense as I was, couldn’t miss!

One day after he finished mowing, he came to the door. He asked to come in. I said sure. He said he hated to ask, but he had to meet with a professor shortly and didn’t have time to go all the way home to shower. Could he trouble me to use mine. I said certainly, and I would launder his clothes to get the sweat off of them. He agreed and he handed them to me through the bathroom door. He was, of course, naked.

Holy shit! He had a great body, but that wasn’t what caught my eye. His flaccid cock was very nice, hanging down six Inches or so, bigger than I was hard. I stared a bit too long — he caught me looking. He moved his hip sharply causing it turkiyeninmasasi.com to swing a little. He gave me a lewd look. I quickly left to get the washer started.

I hoped he might come out wrapped in a towel instead of staying in the bathroom. I was in luck. He came into the living room wearing a towel and a smile.

“We need to talk.”

“Ok,” I said, expecting to be chastised for staring earlier, or worse he might report me. Oh what had I gotten into now.

‘When I first started working your yard, I could tell you had a hunger in your eyes. I volunteered to do your yard. I then arranged to do yours last. And today I made up an excuse for you to see me naked. And still nothing. Am I misreading you?”

“Well, I, um. No..” I couldn’t believe I finally got the word out.

“It’s just that I, um, I have never, um, been in a situation like this.”

“And what situation would that be?”

“Being this close to a man I am attracted to with him in just a towel. Thinking that his cock is, um, making a tent in that towel, oh my.”

Tom smiled again, and whipped the towel off with a flourish. His dick was rising.

“Then I won’t need that anymore, Daddy. Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, son, you have a beautiful cock. When I saw you naked in the bathroom I wanted to suck it right there.”

“What are we going to do about that urge now.”

I didn’t answer. I just dropped to my knees in front of Tom. By the time I got down, it was a hard, slender eight inches. With it in my face, it was the moment of truth. This was the opportunity I had been craving, but could I do it? I decided I could.

“This is my first time, so keep that in mind.”

“I’m sure you will do fine, Daddy. Show your boy what you can do.”

That was the encouragement I needed. I slowly enveloped the head, tasting the pre-cum from the slit on the tip. I worked on the head while jacking the shaft. I could tell he liked that. However, I wanted to try my new found deep throat ability. I shifted to a better angle and slid it back in my throat. Practicing with the dildo paid off. His cockhead slipped easily down until It was all the way in. I was happy that I could do it for him, but not as happy as Tom was.

The real thing felt so much better than the dildo. It went in almost an inch or so deeper which brought a new sensation. Feeling it passing my gag reflex was heavenly. He was really fucking my throat.

As good as that felt, I could not hold it there for long. I then switched to bobbing up and down rapidly.

“Oh God, Daddy, that’s great. I’m getting close”

That’s al I needed to hear. I started to slide him in and out of my mouth, taking him down my throat every few strokes.

“Oh, I’m going to cum. Here it comes. Oh Daddy, Daaaddddeee.”

With that, I could feel him tensing up. Then it happened. Spurt after spurt of hot, salty cum in my mouth. It was what I had been craving. It was surprisingly thick and didn’t have a distinctive taste. I savored. It for a moment before swallowing it down. A small dribble of Tom’s semen escaped the corner of my lips.

I was hooked. I knew that I would be sucking on Tom’s cock every chance I had. In fact he soon moved in my spare bedroom until he graduated. While Tom enjoyed my frequent blow jobs, that is as far as we went.

Before he left he introduced me to Sean, another handsome college boy to move in his old room. Sean proved to be better endowed than Tom. Sean turned out to be more versatile as well.

Life is good.

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