My Fascination With A Mature Man

My Fascination With A Mature Man

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Hello, here is another offering from my wild imagination. I wanted to try a story in first person point of view, so I gave it a shot; also, I wanted to try to write a story involving a young-old combination. So here is my latest attempt. Thanks to Jim for help with this tale. Please enjoy. IR2R

My Fascination With A Mature Man.

Never having been out with guys of my age I’ve always seem to want the more mature kind of man, someone in the age group of 35 to 50 years old. I’m just twenty, but my fascination with older men had become an obsession. There is something about men of this age group that makes me hot and horny. I would often read sexy stories and picture myself being pounded mercilessly by a much older gentleman as he takes command and control of my body. The thoughts and fantasies would be so intense that I’d often find myself aroused beyond belief. I want to share some of my adventures with you. Tell you of the naughty things I’ve done. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.

My name is Evelyn Dotes, and I’m a good girl. When I was younger, I went to Sunday school every Sunday and proudly said my Easter speeches, Christmas speeches, or any other speeches they gave me. But as I grew up and my fellow playmates started to notice boys, I skipped the boys and went straight to men. Not that anything happened with anyone, but a girl can dream. It all started two years ago when I turned eighteen.

I wanted to fuck. The first man I wanted to fuck was Mr. Ron Mavis, my Dad’s best friend. On my eighteenth birthday, I knew he wanted me because his eyes followed me all night. Every time he came around, I’d hug on him and rub my nubile body against him. To polite to shove me away, he endured my antics although a few times he seemed to breathe a little heavier. But now I’m tired of playing games, so I took the panties off. Ron was in our kitchen talking with my Dad. I walked in wearing my shortest miniskirt and tiniest top. Ron’s eyes were glued on me as I stood slightly hidden from the view of my Dad. Ron talked with him, nodding in agreement, acknowledging what he said, but his eyes never left me.

Holding my stuffed bear in front of me, I dropped it and had to bend to pick it up. Unfortunately for Ron, my skimpy top was too small and my perky 36C breast popped out as I bent over. He groaned. I stood and gently massaged my nipples causing his mouth to water before adjusting my top.

Then the phone rang. I quickly moved into an open door to hide from my Dad’s view. It was a business call, so he told Ron he’d be right back. As soon as he walked out Ron came to me. He grabbed my ass only to discover I was naked beneath the short skirt. So he took no time in grabbing my hot dripping pussy and sliding his long fingers deep inside me.

“Little girl,” he whispered hoarsely, “Is this what you want? You want to fuck an old man.” I was in heaven. Then he rubbed my nub and I wanted to scream, but he quickly covered my mouth and said. “You want your Daddy to know?” Shaking my head furiously from side to side I pleaded with him to make me cum. “Fuck he hissed and removed his fingers from my pussy. He then returned and sat down at the table to wait for daddy to come in. “Wait, watch.” He whispered as he licked my pussy juice from his fingers.

“Evelyn, come here.” Dad called. So I quickly snuck to my room donned my regular denim skirt and top, and walked back to the kitchen.

“Yes Daddy. Oh, hello Mr. Mavis,” I greeted his friend innocently enough, leaving Daddy completely unaware that this man had his fingers deep inside my young pussy just few minutes before.

He smiled, “Good morning Evelyn,” as he slowly sniffed his fingers. My pussy was still hungry and wanted much more from the older gentleman. Finally Dad spoke and asked if I wanted a job. Some of his friends worked and so did their spouses. They wanted someone to come to their home two to three times a week to clean.

“I’d really like for you to help Evelyn. I talked to the Mrs. Davis and she’s willing to pay the going rate. How about it?” he asked. I had been looking for work but not having much success. If I became a maid, it would give me income at least. So of course, I agreed, dad called Mrs. Davis to tell her, I’d take the job cleaning.

Mr. Mavis congratulated me and then gave me a strong hug. As he pulled me into his arms, I felt the ridge of his cock pressing out against his slacks and my pussy creamed once more. I asked, “Mr. Mavis, do you need me to clean for you? I’ll gladly come over at any time that is convenient for you.”

He was my first fantastic fuck. With me being like his own daughter, this fed my erotic imaginings and made me hornier than ever before. I wanted this man so bad, I had to struggle to keep my legs closed. I’d already lost my virginity years earlier to a few members of the football team, so I knew how to fuck. But this man Mr. Mavis, could teach me things only a novice could dream of. If I could get one time with him, I’d let him make me his fuck toy. He could use me in any way that he chose. I knew he balıkesir escort felt the same because even though my father was talking to me about working, I could feel his eyes on my round tight ass. I knew he was wondering was I still naked underneath the skirt.

My pussy was wet at the thought of him ravishing me like I knew he wanted to. I could see it in his eyes. My cunt throbbed, as heat pulsed throughout my clit. His eyes were so dark, pupils dilated, and the way he was looking at me I could read his mind like I was deep inside his head . I was getting wetter and wetter with all my very dirty thoughts of what it will be like to feel his cock pushing inside of me.

Daddy was talking to him, and he was listening but his eyes were only for me. I squirmed in my skirt, wishing he could slide his hands up between my thighs. I wanted him every bit as much as he wanted me.

Daddy finished telling us about the job offers, when his phone rang once more. With that my heart started to beat even faster as daddy told him and me once again that he had to take this call. Holding the phone to his ear, I heard him say “Yes, i have it.” Then he turned to turning to Mr. Mavis and me saying, “Evelyn would you be a good girl and take my friend into the kitchen make him a coffee while I deal with this very important call.”

“Yes daddy.” I told him and with that turned to Mr. Mavis saying “Please would you care to follow me?” With a big grin on my face, I walked in front of him swinging my hips to make sure he had his eyes on my ass.

Once daddy was out of sight, I felt his arms wrap around me as he grabbed my breast and massaged them through my sweater. Then he took my shoulders and turned me around to face him. Shoving my top up, he palmed both of my breast as his lips covered mine in a desperate kiss. We didn’t have much time. Dad might get off the phone soon.

He lifted me up and placed me on the counter top. I spread my legs immediately exposing my hot wet pussy to him. He groaned, and cupped my honey pot driving his fingers deep within, Then he stood between my thighs and pressed his cock against me. “Take it out” I pleaded. I wanted him in me more than anything. He moved to unbutton his slacks when my Dad called out for us. Mr. Mavis snatched me off the counter and moved to the other side if the kitchen, just as Dad walked in. The scent of my overheated sex organ perfumed the air and dad had a peculiar look on his face. “Evelyn, where’s the coffee?” he asked.

“Um I’m working on it .” I replied. And he then asked Mr. Mavis to join him in his study. I don’t know what was said, but it was a few weeks before I got a chance to be alone with him again. And when I did, it was because I set the rules.

After Mr. Mavis left, Daddy talked to me. He wanted to know if Mr. Mavis had bothered me before. Of course, I said no. He wanted to know exactly what happened in the kitchen, and made me promise to tell him if any man tried to take advantage of me again.

I started cleaning houses the next week, and the pay was pretty lucrative. The women were so grateful, and didn’t mind paying big bucks. I found quite a few secret drawers full of toys and what not, but I didn’t want a toy. I wanted a real cock.

One Thursday evening, Dad called to tell me he had to work later than usual and not to hold dinner. I looked out and saw Mr. Mavis watering his lawn. I decided to wait. It wouldn’t be good if someone saw me walking to his house, so I’d wait until dusk and sneak out through our back yards. Darkness fell and my pussy was soaked at the thought of him. I cut on the light in out sitting room, and headed out of my backdoor. I dashed across our adjourning yards to his house. He was in the backroom and answered when I knocked softly. I didn’t want to alert Mrs. Mavis, so I asked him to follow me home. Dad was late. He yelled out “Merleen, I’m going for a walk.” His wife grunted “Ok” and we snuck across our yards.

As soon as we entered the house, Mr. Mavis was pulling me into him and I could feel his huge cock press in between my thighs. Taking hold of my hand placing it on his big bulging cock, I could tell not only was it long, but very thick. He ordered me to take it out of his pants and kiss it. I’d seen cocks on boys before, but this was my first time ever seeing a man’s cock . I held it tightly and stroked it. Mr. Mavis hissed and his hands slid between my quivering thighs. He rubbed my pussy and I stroked his cock. Soon he placed his hand on top of mine and showed me how to rub it up and down. His foreskin pulling back exposing the huge bulbous red cock head with the sticky cum flowing from his pee hole onto my hands.

It was then he asked me to kiss it, pushing me down to my knees as he pushed it toward my lips. Tentatively, I licked the tip and tasted the saltiness of his thick cum on my lips. Mr. Mavis groaned even louder and began to push his cock deep onto my mouth, very deep. He went in so deep it choked me at first when it hit my throat. I adjusted and he began to fuck my mouth. I loved balikesirmetroturizm.com the fell of him and taste of him. he began to moan even louder, and my pussy was dripping onto the floor beneath me. And then it happened, he grunted once and shot copious amounts of cum down my throat into my belly. I gladly swallowed every drop. But he wasn’t done. He stood and had me to lie back on the floor and spread my thighs. He then took a long look at my young freshly trimmed pussy and licked his lips.

“Normally, he whispered, I’d do this on the table top, but someone might see. So we’ll stay on the floor.” And he kneeled and ran his long hot tongue deep into my dripping slit. He licked my pussy clean swallowing all of my cum as I wiggled and moaned beneath him. Then he teased my clit, flicking it with his tongue and nibbling with his lips. Then he made me scream, He positioned two fingers into my hot opening, and rammed me as he forcibly sucked my clit, causing me to cum instantly in his mouth. He finger-fucked me and sucked my clit through the most intensive orgasm of my entire life.

When I finally came down he held me close. He wanted to know what time my Dad would be back and I wasn’t sure. So he decided to go. “I want to fuck you Evelyn, but I don’t want your daddy to walk in on us.”

“Mr. Mavis, do it.” I pleaded. “We can be quick. Let’s go to my bedroom, that way we’ll hear his car. And you can hide.” So we gathered our clothes and snuck down the hall to my bedroom. I lay on my bed and spread my thighs as he mounted me. Slowly he slid his cock inside me and stretched me open. Mr. Mavis gave me the first real fucking of my life. I came on his cock multiple times. After my third nutt and his second, he decided to head home, because he’d been gone long enough. He didn’t want to upset his wife. He washed up in my bathroom and snuck back across the yard to his house. Soon after, Dad came home.

Dad came home later and had no clue that I’d been fucked by his best friend. A few days later, I got the itch again and wanted his mature cock. Mr. Mavis had come over and he and my dad were working on their motorbikes. I had plans to hang out with my girlfriends, but in the back of my mind I had to find a way to fuck him again. So I played it cool I ran out to my car passed Dad and Mr. Mavis and bid them farewell. I felt his eyes on my body and knew he wanted me again as much as I wanted him. But we had to be careful. I waved across the yard at his wife and drove off, all the time creaming at the memory of his fantastic fuck stick.

While we were at the mall, my friends and I met some guys from our school and the six of us hung out together. I was horny as fuck and right then I needed release so when Bobby asked if I would accompany him out back, I went. Bobby was nineteen and clumsy, but I let him finger and fondle my pussy in that alleyway because I was so needy. He thought I was hot for him, and that was fine. So I let him think that and stroked his cock as he fingered me. We had to be quick before the group missed us so within seconds we both had a nice cumming. He kissed me, held me close for a while. After the sensations subsided, he asked if I’d date him.

I didn’t say no, but I didn’t say yes either, Bobby is a nice guy but young. I like my men older. I told him, I wanted to think about it and I’d tell him an answer later. He kissed me. It was a sweet kiss, kind of awkward, but sweet. Soon we rejoined our friends. Bobby spent the rest of the day being a perfect gentleman, holding my seat out for me, opening doors, and the like. He just wasn’t older. Our outing ended and we headed home. Bobby at this point felt somewhat bolder and kissed me in front of all of our friends. They cheered. Bobby and I made a cute couple. I got in my car and drove home, hoping that somehow, I could scratch this itch I had for my much older neighbor.

As I drove into my yard, I saw Mrs. Mavis leaving. Then I went to my room. I wondered was he home. My Dad had gone out but that didn’t mean he was with him. So once again, I crept across the yard to his side door and raised my hand to knock. He opened the door and snatched me in before I even touched it. “Fuck Evelyn,” he hissed, “Girl I’ve been thinking about this pussy all day. Damn girl, I need to fuck you.”

Mr. Mavis made short work of removing my already drenched panties and had his cock out like a pro. “Ride me, Evelyn.” he demanded as he lay back and I straddled him. I took all of him inside in in one swift stroke and almost came instantly, He held me still, saying, “Baby, baby please, wait. Ride me slowly Evelyn.” So I took my time and rode his cock. He was so big and thick, that he stretched me open, I reached down to rub my clit as I rode him and he moved my hand aside. He played with my nub pushing me over the edge as I feel into the abyss.

I rode him as hard and as fast as I could. I wanted him to scream my name. Soon he growled and before I knew it he’d flipped me over and pinned me beneath him. Trapping both my legs up in the air where I could not free them, he pounded my little pussy mercilessly. Slamming in and out, in and out of my body leaving me in a mass of sensations, I was no longer coherent, no longer thinking. I was now his fuck toy to use for his pleasure.

“Evelyn, damn girl. You’ve got a good pussy.” he crooned. So lost in the pleasure he was giving me, his comments didn’t register at first. But when he repeated them, I came even harder. After my third Cummings, Mr. Mavis came inside me. I wrapped my arms around him for a moment and soon after he pushed me a way and told me to go back home. My Dad might return and he didn’t need his wife to catch me in their home.

Mr. Mavis and I fucked a few more times after that, until his wife caught on. She knew he was fucking somebody, just not who. So to save his marriage, Mr. Mavis moved away. I missed him because he was a damn good fuck.

I kept cleaning houses, and was making a pretty nice profit. It was in the home of my third client where I found the next older gentleman I wanted to fuck. This man was older than Mr. Mavis. Mr. Mavis was in his forties and Mr. Norse was in his fifties, fifty-four to be exact. I knew I had to fuck him the first time he showed me his cock. I was scheduled to clean Mrs. Norse’s house on Tuesday. But one Tuesday, Mr. Norse stayed home. Imagine my surprise when I went to change their bed linen and found him on the bed stroking his thick seven inch member. His huge cock was thick and long, surrounded by thick coarse black hair.

I watched him for a few minutes before clearing my throat to let him know I was in the room. Feigning embarrassment, I turned away giving him time to cover himself. But as I turned back around, I realized he hadn’t moved. He still lay in the bed stroking his cock, watching me. At this point, I had to go on and do my job so, getting down to clean the floor I bent low and soon heard him move. I felt him come behind me and press his body into mine. The thin short skirt I wore offered no protection from his eager hands. Mr. Norse lifted my skirt revealing the tiny red panties I wore underneath.

“So wet, Evelyn,” he whispered. “I think you liked my little show.” He said as he gently caressed my butt cheeks. I needed to feel his fingers on my pussy and I whimpered. Soon his curious digits found my honey pot and stroked it through my wet panties.

I needed more. I needed his hand on my cunt. “Mr. Norse, please.” I pleaded. I wanted him to do more than just touch. Next he had pulled my miniscule panties aside and slid his thick rough fingers over my protruding clit. Shoving his chubby fingers up in me, he had me cumming within seconds. I was still bent over and now supporting my weight on my arms. He had me move and bend over their bed. I lay the top half of my body on the bed as he continued his exploration of my pussy and ass. Gently, he kneeled behind me and I could feel his hot breath caressing my ever so wet cunt. He pulled them open exposing my gaping cunt hole. “God Evelyn, baby your hole is so big. Damn girl. So much cum is coming out. His fingers were saturated with my juices. My cunt was running, thighs sticky and wet. Then he covered my hole with his mouth and began to suck my juices out of me. I screamed and he stopped.

“Evelyn, we don’t want to alert the neighbors, be quiet.” He admonished. I nodded in agreement because I needed his mouth back on me right at that moment. Mr. Norse ate my pussy out completely. I came on his tongue multiple times, but now I wanted the real prize, I wanted that thick cock buried deep within me. He must have read my thoughts as I felt his thick seven inch cock entering me, with me pushing back as he started to push inside of me. I was so hot and horny, craving the second mature fucking I was now getting. I wanted to cry out, but he shoved my face into the mattress to hide my screams as he fucked me. This old mature cock drove me to a real big orgasm. It was then he started to pump even harder.

Going deeper with each fucking I could feel his somewhat big cum filled balls banging up against my clit, then he somehow reached between us to pinch the hard nub as he fucked me like a stallion. He was now grunting loudly each stroke and I knew he’d cum soon. Then suddenly he pulled out, and I whimpered. “Suck me off he demanded,” and I gladly did so. The heady taste of my juices on his cock was delicious and within seconds, he came down my throat, when she stiffened and groaned that last time. My pussy clinched sending loads of hot liquid down my thighs. I came harder than I’d ever cum before.

Mr. Norse took his cock out of my mouth and ordered me to freshen up and finish cleaning the house. He told me to tell no one about this morning. Then he went into their bathroom. I felt odd, because he just walked away, no hugs, cuddles, words of praise nothing. I got off the floor and went to the hall bathroom to clean myself up. When I returned to the bedroom he was back. He seemed embarrassed. I love my wife, I don’t want her hurt. She can’t know about this.” I nodded in agreement and he gave an envelope. Soon after that, he left. I opened it and there was five hundred dollars inside. I stuck the money in my purse and finished cleaning their home. I made sure to disinfect the bedroom. I liked Mrs. Norse, and I had no intention of her learning the truth.

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