My Fantasy My Bride

My Fantasy My Bride


When I first met Brenda I would never have thought of her as “dominant”, let alone myself as “submissive”. She came across as a strong, intelligent woman who knew what she liked, and that included sex. It was refreshing to be with a woman who let me know what she wanted, instead of expecting me to read her mind. And it was especially nice that her high libido had her initiating sex most of the time. What guy could complain about that? If that’s submissive, then I guess most guys are submissive.

We were such a perfect fit for each other that before I knew it we were engaged to be married. It was during the engagement that we really tried to get to know each other a lot better. The fun part was sharing sexual fantasies. Feeling comfortable enough that she wouldn’t think it an insult to her sexuality, I mentioned one of mine that I suppose is shared by a lot of guys; namely sex with two women, including the women having sex with each other. She wasn’t offended, she just smiled, it was almost a relief.

One thing changed during the engagement, she wanted me to agree to no masturbation and no orgasm without her permission, even though I would be bringing her to one (or more) every time we were together. And she was quick to point out that her permission wouldn’t be coming every time. This was a real shock to me. My first wife’s idea of birth control was to bring me off one way or another till I shot a dry loads then I would be allowed to penetrate her and orgasm. So I was used to cumming quite frequently, certainly in every sexual encounter. In fact I had thought of myself being quite restrained by settling for only one or two orgasms per sexual encounter with Brenda. I questioned her about why she got to cum all the time and I didn’t.

She just smiled and said, “Well for one thing, you always try to rush to the finish line.”

“But I always make sure you orgasm,” I countered. I thought I was a very considerate lover.

“Yes you do, dear,” she answered patiently. “But I want to help you learn to savor our sexual meal, to extend the pleasure and enhance it for both of us, not just rush through it in order to wolf down the dessert. If you don’t think you can keep your promise of no masturbating at all and no cumming without my permission, tell me now, and we’ll make other arrangements.”

“What ‘other arrangements’?” I asked.

“Well that would be a chastity device for you, and if you weren’t willing to go along with that, then I guess we’d have to call off the engagement,” she said matter-of-factly, then added, “But I really hope you’ll be agreeable, because I don’t want to lose you, and I know if you trust me I can make us both extremely happy.”

I agreed, and also promised to ask for the chastity device if I didn’t think I could hold out on my own self-discipline. The next few weeks went pretty well. We’d see each other two or three times during the week then again over the weekend. Typically I was being allowed to cum on Saturday, but by Sunday I was horny again from bringing her to more orgasms. I had been blowing huge loads and thought I could actually feel my balls lighten when I came. I had to admit that the orgasms were better than any I had ever experienced in my life. Then the next Saturday Brenda dropped a bombshell, “You won’t be cumming this weekend.”

“But, I thought…”

She diyarbakır escort cut me off with a smile and a finger pressed to my lips. “Now, dear, you remember I told you I was going to be in charge of your orgasm, and teach you to savor. So no questions, and no complaints, OK?”

I reluctantly agreed, but was feeling a little depressed, it was just that I had so been looking forward to one of those big load orgasms, and my balls actually ached. Perhaps sensing these thoughts, Brenda cupped my balls lovingly, and said “Just imagine how much bigger and better it will be when I do let you empty them.”

I tried to concentrate on that, but it was difficult. Eating her to a long, slow series of orgasms did distract me somewhat. Gradually the time between my orgasms was lengthened, and I actually began to focus more on the pleasure of the stimulation, which before had only been the lead up to orgasm. That allowed me to enjoy and prolong the pleasure. I even began to find myself getting some measure of sexual satisfaction from her orgasms.

All in all I was pretty happy with Brenda’s plan, and had to agree that she had been right all along about what needed to change. I needed to remember that, because Brenda had a few more changes in mind. I was down to one orgasm every two or three weeks, when she announced that just for a while I would only be allowed to cum by her hand or orally – no penetration would be allowed. She assured me that this was not going to be a permanent arrangement, but wanted me to be comfortable with this. To help it go down easier at first, on the day I was allowed to cum I would be allowed as many orgasms as I could manage during our lovemaking. I was handling this OK, but two months before our wedding she handed me the biggest shock.

“Would you agree that since I started controlling our sex life it has worked out for the better?” I did.

“David, I have something to tell you and I know this is going to be hard on you. I need you to trust me. Until our wedding night you will not be allowed any orgasms.”

“At all? In any way?” She just nodded. I couldn’t believe it. It was more than twice as long as I had ever gone between orgasms. Without any warning I was suddenly choking up and almost ready to cry.

“Do you need the chastity device?” she asked tenderly.

All I could do was just nod silently. I didn’t really want that, but I knew there was no way my will power alone would be enough to hold me through to the wedding night.

She had purchased one earlier and now it came out and I was locked into it. A clear plastic cage affair with a nice little brass pad lock. While I was still staring at my locked genitals, she let the other shoe drop.

“And from now until our wedding night, you will be pleasuring me every night, and part of each evening you will be simply massaging me non-sexually while I pleasure myself.”

I really couldn’t understand why she was making these changes to our routine, but I had to fall back on two things; up to now she had been absolutely right about what was best and now thanks to the chastity device I no longer had much choice in the matter.

Our daily meetings made it possible to make adjustments in the fit of the chastity device so I was pretty comfortable in it; well, as comfortable as one can be when they are horny diyarbakiranalatik.com as all get out and can’t even get hard. Helping with the wedding plans made the days go by pretty quickly and took my mind off what I was providing at night and what I wasn’t getting.

As the wedding approached I was concentrating on the wedding night. Brenda had picked a perfectly secluded little resort villa in the mountains. I thought it would be perfect. There were no famous sites to see, no nightlife, no crowds of people to pass through on the way to anywhere. The only thing to do other than have sex would be to enjoy the mountain vistas until we were rested enough to have sex again.

A week before the wedding Brenda’s friend Mary called. Mary was going to be Brenda’s Maid of Honor. They had a long conversation which I wasn’t privy to, but when it was all over Brenda had invited her to come along on our trip. I’d met Mary a few times. She was an attractive girl with long auburn hair, but I had never given her much thought before. I wasn’t particularly thrilled that Mary was going to be coming along on our honeymoon, but Brenda assured me it wouldn’t interfere with what I hoped to be doing on the honeymoon. Then there was that cryptic remark of hers, “Oh David, it’ll be fun, you’ll love it, trust me.”

Brenda wanted to travel in her wedding dress so everyone would know we were just married. Mary came along with us to dinner, and everything was pleasant enough. But when dinner was over Brenda made a point of inviting Mary up to our room for a drink after dinner, “to toast our married life, and start us off right”. I could hardly believe what I was hearing, but I just smiled, considering I didn’t want to do or say anything that could upset my chances of getting unlocked and cumming

When we got to our room I poured the champagne and we all sat on the sofa, me between the ladies, with Mary to my right and Brenda to my left. Brenda set up the timer on the camera to capture a picture of us all together. Then with first a look to Mary and then to me, she opened up.

“I know you’re a little curious as to why I invited Mary along. But I promised you that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Remember your fantasy that you shared with me when we were first dating?”

Oh my God. I couldn’t believe it. In that moment my love for Brenda leaped more than I could have imagined.

“There are a few simple rules. You may not penetrate Mary with your penis. You can orally please her. You must NOT under any circumstances cum on her. You can touch her anywhere as she can you. You understand? Are you OK with those restrictions?”

“Oh, yes, of course. No problem!”

“Didn’t I tell you that you would like it?” Brenda smiled, with an “I told you so” look.

Mary helped Brenda out of the dress and soon the two of them were on the bed passionately embracing and giving me the most astounding rear view of Mary’s pussy with its lips flared invitingly. In that instant I wanted desperately to put more than my tongue in there. I didn’t quite understand how Brenda’s rules made her feel less like I was having sex with another woman, but whatever made it possible for her to help fulfill this fantasy was OK with me.

Soon they were engaged in a 69 that filled the very air with the sights, sounds and scents of their sex, driving me wild and making me strain against my cock cage. I didn’t know if I could stand any more. Surely either the cage or my cock would have to break if this went on.

Just when I thought my cock would be shredded into strips as it tried to squeeze between the bars of my chastity cage, Brenda got off the bed and stood in front of me. “Ready to join the fun?” she asked coyly as she started undoing the buttons of my shirt.

“You know the answer to that question very well!” I said.

Still she took her time undressing me, tormenting me with long sensual looks, while Mary watched from the bed, giving me looks that said she was ready to play as well. The old impatient me wanted her to hurry up and get my clothes off, and most importantly the chastity cage. But another part of me was happy to go with the flow and let the experience unfold gradually. All of the months of training made sense to me at last, and I just wanted the experience to last forever.

Eventually I was on my back with Brenda impaling herself on my cock while Mary sat her sex on my face for a good licking while she in turn licked Brenda’s breasts. When I thought I was getting too close to cumming I concentrated on Mary’s fragrant pussy and on eliciting the cutest little squeals from her when I would get her especially excited.

Gradually it dawned on me that Mary’s enthusiasm for sucking on Brenda was more than just unbridled lust looking for any outlet. And that made the rules a little easier to understand. Mary was bi, but with a definite leaning to lesbian. Watching them kiss while Mary fondled my near bursting balls made me realize that this was not the first time Brenda and Mary had been together sexually.

But it didn’t matter, I was living a lot of guy’s fantasies and was building up to one of the biggest loads I think I’ve ever shot. Brenda’s pussy gripped my shaft as if it had longed for something stiff to cling to as much as my cock wanted to feel her pussy tunnel. I had to stop many times to avoid cumming without permission.

My balls ached as if I’d been kicked. I told the girls, and they just smiled. Brenda patted them none too gently and said “Just a little longer.” It was close to 3 hours of hard on sexual excitement before I was finally allowed to empty my swollen balls inside Brenda’s pussy. The ejaculations seemed to go on forever.

My relief at being able to cum was short lived, as Brenda straddled my face and told me that I would have to eat the massive creampie I had just created. Mary supervised my creampie cleanup, reminding me that she wanted it good and clean for her next turn at eating Brenda.

By the time the honeymoon was over my cock was red and raw, and my balls, although emptied frequently, felt swollen, full and tender. When we returned home from our honeymoon it was a full week before I even asked if I could cum, and routinely avoided any stimulation to the few erections I had, and all this without the chastity device. Brenda, on the other hand, had me eat her to orgasm every day. This, she pointed out to me, was only one of the ways women were superior to men. And I couldn’t argue with that. There had never before been a time in my life when I didn’t want to, felt I couldn’t stand to, try to experience an orgasm.

Mary comes over from time to time for a three-way, but we always make a point of having her with us for our anniversary celebration. And every anniversary I can count on a grueling, hours long session of lovemaking where my balls will feel like they will burst before they get emptied.

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