My Descent into Anal Slavery Ch. 02

My Descent into Anal Slavery Ch. 02


I woke up this morning from the best sleep I ever had. I dreamed that my pussy was locked up permanently and it gave me a sense of calm relaxation. I made up my mind that since I had already gone over a month without touching my pussy, I wanted to see how long I could drag it out. I decided to leave my shield on as long as I could! I would challenge myself to another month without vaginal sex!

I mentioned this to Blake as we drank our coffee before rushing off to work.

“I love it!” He quickly replied, “Your ass is so much more fun to fuck than your pussy anyway. As long as you keep giving me those killer blowjobs and let me have that ass anytime, I want it, stay locked up as long as you like.”

Life progressed nicely as the weeks went by and in no time the whole month had passed. Blake took the shield off once a week so I could wash thoroughly and put it right back on after my showers. I didn’t even take my shield off for my period and just put the pad over it. The discharge drained to the bottom where the pad collected it and I rinsed my vag with a syringe.

When the month was over, I told Blake that I loved it and wanted to keep it on permanently and get off the pill. He just smiled and said as you wish. Our sex had been getting kinkier since I got my shield. Blake had slowly started becoming much more dominant. It seemed that he liked humiliating me during sex and I was getting off on it!

It started with him calling me his concubine! Just the thought of being some strong ruler’s sex slave to be locked up and used for his pleasure only, made me orgasm on the spot! I was now having orgasms about once every three- or four-times Blake fucked my ass, so I was getting off about twice a week. The thing was that these orgasms were so much stronger than the daily vaginal orgasms that I used to have! I loved them and the three or four days of sexual frustration between them was so worth it! It seemed like I was so much hornier all the time now.

By the fourth month since my piercing Blake was really degrading me. He would call me all sorts of filthy names while fucking my ass. He loved telling me how much looser my ass had become. He was now always making me clean his cock orally after he fucked me. Let me tell you about a recent session.

We had met up at a local bar after work with some friends. We stayed for a couple of hours and had a few drinks. The whole time Blake was continuously rubbing my ass and getting me worked up. It had been three days since I had one of my anal orgasms, so I was supper horny. We walked home hand in hand and Blake would slap my ass occasionally. I loved it when he did this and let him know. He said that maybe hatay escort I would enjoy getting spanked. I readily agreed and felt my shield getting sticky with my secretions.

When we unlocked the apartment door, I attacked Blake. I jumped up on him and French kissed him with all my pent-up horniness and passion. I wrapped my legs around his torso and ground my shield onto his groin. All I could feel was a slight pressure on my clit and some pulling on my labia lips from the piercings. It felt good but nothing close to something that could get me off.

Blake carried me to the stockade that he had received a few weeks ago and commanded me to remove my clothes. I undressed in a heartbeat, glad to get out of my power miniskirt suite and he locked me in. This stockade was awesome. It locked my neck, wrists and ankles into padded holds. It was comfortable and I could spend a lot of time in it without muscles cramping. I loved the idea of being locked up for Blake’s use! Its arms were adjustable so Blake could lock me up in many different positions. It also had two padded platforms so I could be locked up high off the floor.

Tonight, Blake locked me up with my head and hands at his crotch height. He adjusted one of the platforms under my chest and the second at the same level. My bent knees went on the second platform and he locked my ankles into place. This had the effect of raising my ass up higher than my shoulders.

“I got a gift for you Slut.” He told me in a condescending voice.

Yes, he has started calling me Slut and I get off on it. I love knowing that I am a piece of ass to him. He left and I could hear him running the water in the bathroom. Blake came back with a huge red enema bag and hosing.

Blake stated, “You have such a filthy whore ass that we need to clean it out before I stick my clean cock into it.”

I was juicing at the words that humiliated me and turned me on more than ever! Blake hung the enema bag on the top of stockade frame and grabbed some lube. I was so turned on! I had never had an enema before and was so turned on to be getting one! At the very least it might make orally cleaning his cock after he reamed me a little cleaner and less ass tasting. The ass taste, even though it was gross, turned me on and reminded me of my new submissive role and I got off on that!

Soon I felt the lubed nozzle being inserted and a warm flow of water entering my bowels. It was deliciously humiliating! Here I was locked up, chastised and naked, with my exposed ass in the air, having not had a vaginal orgasm in over four months with an enema flowing into my bowels. What had I become?

My stomach soon started harshatayota.com churning from the flow of warm water. After a few minutes it started cramping. Like that delicious but painful feeling right before you have diarrhea. It hurt so good! It did not take long for the contents of the enema bag to be completely transferred into my bowels. Blake removed the nozzle and inserted a nice sized butt plug that we had recently started using, into my asshole. I loved it when I felt the thick part enter and my rosebud clenched around the thinner neck.

“Now since you’re just a whore who likes having your ass smacked, I got another gift for you!” Blake exclaimed.

He opened the dresser drawer and took out what looked to be a mini leather fly swatter. Blake walked in front of me, holding the thing right in front of my face. so that I could see that it had triangular shaped leather teeth at the end of the striking surface. I shuddered and felt real fear. I also looked forward to having my ass whipped good!

Blake walked around me a few times letting the gravity of the situation sink in. He then just stood behind me a little to my left and did nothing. The suspense grew and suddenly I heard a swoosh and felt a crack of pain like I had never experienced before on the cleft of my left ass cheek. I took a sudden and deep inhale of air and screamed. The churning of the enema was totally forgotten with the arrival of this new searing pain and my pussy throbbed ten times more than it ever had before!

It was like the pain was all converted to a delicious titillating feeling that went right to my chastised pussy! I had never felt anything like it before and new that I was now hooked on being whipped!

It took a minute for my breathing to return to normal and that is when I felt the searing pain on the curve of my right ass cheek!

“Fuck!” I screamed in pain. Tears formed in my eyes and sparks went off in my pussy. I clenched every muscle in my body and embraced the searing pain as it started turning into an amazing itch under my shield.

“Can you take more?” Blake asked.

“Yes, please. I love it!” I managed to pant a reply.

Blake gave me a minute to recover and luxuriate in the amazingly intense feeling I was having in my cunt. I then felt the third searing streak of pain on the curve of left ass cheek right above where the first crack hit me on the cleft. By now I knew what to expect but it didn’t make the pain any easier to handle. My one solace was that I knew that it was quickly going to be converted the most exquisite feeling ever in my sopping wet twat!

Blake gave me another two swats with that whip, until I buckled under the most intense orgasm of my life. I went into convulsions it was so all-consuming. When it was done, I just hung there, soaked and sticky, with all my squirt that sprayed out from under the shield.

“Oh my god! I have never seen a whore cum from being whipped before!” Blake exclaimed. “That was the best orgasm I think you ever had. I will need to start whipping you more often and harder!”

Who was I to disagree as Blake took the mop bucket and held it under my ass. He removed the butt-plug. The water in my bowels immediately started dribbling out and then spraying, some of which hit Blake. The water flowed out some more and stopped.

I could still feel delicious cramping even though no more water was coming out of my ass. Blake then shoved his cock up my shit chute. It took me by surprise, and I luxuriated in the pain of my hole being stretched so suddenly. It was nothing compared to the whipping. I knew that I would not cum again, but it still felt great having Blake’s nice cock stabbing in and out of my shit-hole.

As Blake fucked me, he told me how much his friend Mike who had been in the bar with us earlier, loved my ass. He told me that when he told Mike that my ass is even better naked, he could see the hunger in his friend’s eyes. I don’t know what came over me when Blake suggested that he should let Mike have my ass while I was locked up in the stockade and couldn’t resist. I just agreed submissively.

“Holy shit! Are you serious?!” Blake exclaimed more than asking, as I nodded my consent, “You really are a whore! I bet you would even allow me to sell your ass!”

At those most degrading words, and at the thought of me, an Ivy league graduate, with an accounting degree, and a high flying career, having my ass whored out for money, shocked me to the core and I came again! The delicious shame of agreeing to whore my ass out was just too good and I squirted all down mine and Blake’s thighs. This must have triggered Blakes orgasm because I felt him swell and grunt and he deposited his seed in my asshole.

Once we had both regained our composure Blake withdrew from my ass and walked around to my face and told me, “You know what to do.”

I took his deflating cock into my mouth and sucked off all the semen and lube. Even though I had the enema, it still tasted like ass, but I loved it. Once his cock was cleaned, I licked up all my sticky squirt fluids from his balls and thighs.

I was content as Blake told me that he was going to sell my ass to Mike, while I finished licking him clean. When I was done with his mess Blake walked around to my red ass and scooped up all his cum that was leaking down my thigh into his fingers. He presented them to my mouth and I lovingly sucked the ass tasting cum off each one as I let the exquisite shame of knowing that Blake was going to whore me out sink in.

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