My Big-Titted MILFs Ch. 03

Big Tits

Please checkout “My Big-Titted MILFs Chapters 1&2,” to understand all the voluptuous players! The following is an amalgam of fact and fiction from my mischievous mind and chance encounters, so I hope that you enjoy!

The week passed uneventfully with little promising news from Aunt Janis. Ellie stopped by a couple of times after work for a quick fuck and suck, but couldn’t get her to stay. Ellie was working lots of hours at the hospital, and now contemplating graduate school. Aunt Janis would be passing through again in two weeks, and fortunately get my pipes cleaned.

I was really starting to doubt whether I was going to get to fuck my mother or not. Mom didn’t seem any different when we talked most evenings. At times, I felt as if I were subjugated to some cruel sexual limbo, where I didn’t know whether to masturbate or wait for the stars to align. Aunt Janis told me to keep the faith that she was confident things were still working in my favor.

Seems Aunt Janis was priming Mom by telling her all about this hot young stud that she started fucking, and how he could please a woman again and again with either his big cock or talented tongue. Aunt Janis said that she had never experienced so many fucking orgasms in all her life. Aunt Janis also said Mom seemed genuinely fascinated and was asking a lot of questions. Aunt Janis had described every filthy and graphic detail, and even offered to share her young stud with Mom.

Mom said that she was very tempted, but would have to give it more thought. Aunt Janis told her not to wait too long, and could withdraw the offer at anytime. Sadly, Mom hadn’t been touched by a man since Dad, and had become a little timid and frigid. Aunt Janis said, “I’ll give Susan (Mom) a few more days before pressing her again”.

A couple of days passed, and Aunt Janis conveyed some very promising news. Seems Aunt Janis told Mom that she had talked to her young stud about fucking her older MILF sister, and he was eager to please! Mom told Aunt Janis that she was willing to give it a try, but would like to meet him first. I impatiently asked Aunt Janis how she was going to bring my name into the equation, and confessed, “That will be the tricky part”?!?

Aunt Janis decided that direct was probably best, and would confront Susan (Mom) why she and her son should fuck. Aunt Janis knew that Susan (Mom) could be indecisive at times, but felt that she could be coached over time into fucking her well-hung son. Aunt Janis also knew that Susan (Mom) would sometimes become heated and squabble, to conceal the fact that she actually agreed, especially on controversial or embarrassing matters.

In case Mom didn’t come onboard, Aunt Janis vehemently promised to make it up to bursa yabancı escort me and more. I consider myself very fortunate to have Aunt Janis as my fucking backup plan!!!

I arrived home late Monday afternoon, to find that my mom had called several times but didn’t leave any messages. I became worried and was about to dial her number, when the phone suddenly rang. I picked up the receiver, and was not prepared for what I was about to hear.

Mom yelled loudly in my ear, “Whaaaat the fuuuuck do you think you’re doing fucking that slut of a sister of mine”? “Mom, is that you”? “You’re fucking right mister this is your mother, and what is this shit about us fucking too”!

Never in my life had I ever heard my mother say the word “fuck”, let alone 2 fucks in 2 back-to-back sentences!!!

I reluctantly responded, “Mom, I’m so sorry that I upset you, and we should probably talk later”. Mom didn’t utter another word and slammed the phone down.

I nervously called Aunt Janis for advice but she seemed both unsurprised and amused by my mom’s reaction, and told me to give her time to muddle things over. Aunt Janis laughed, “Funny how Susan (Mom) wanted to fuck you, till I told her that it was you”! Aunt Janis then said in a strict voice, “You wait till your mother calls you back, and whatever you do don’t call or text her before that”.

Tuesday and Wednesday passed with still no word from Mom. Thursday night before I was about to hit the sack, Mom called and her voice sounded hoarse like she’d been crying.

“I am so glad to hear your voice again, and love you very much”. Mom said, “I love you too Kevin, but have a couple of important questions to ask you”. I stammered. “Sure Mom, but please give me a chance to explain”.

“Kevin, I want you to be truthful with me”.

“Do you really want to fuck me”?

“Oh yes Mom, I not only want to fuck you I want to make mad, passionate love to you”.

“Why on earth do you want to fuck me Kevin”?

“Because I love you so much Mom, that I can’t bear the thought of another man touching you, especially because Dad had treated you like shit all those years”.

“I want make you feel special, like the beautiful and desirable woman you are to me”.

“Besides, I hear you have a really sexy and toned body that needs to be exercised in new and creative ways”!

Mom let out a brief chuckle, and then began to cry.

“Please don’t cry Mom”.

“If you like, we never have to discuss this matter again”.

“I’m not crying because I’m upset Kevin, but genuinely felt touched by your honesty and protectiveness of me”.

Mom asked if I liked fucking Janis, and I replied, “Yes, but I’d rather bursa sınırsız escort be fucking you”!

“Janis said that you have a big cock, and really know how to use it”.

I stammered, “Well, I guess I’ve had some practice lately but you know about that”.

“Janis also said that you can give a woman multiple orgasms, and leave her thoroughly fucking satisfied”.

“I would love to show you what I can do Mom, especially when I am horny and determined”.

“If you’re willing Mom, I have a few questions of my own”.

“What would you like to know Kevin”?

“Tell me about your big tits Mom”. “What about them”?

Aunt Janis said that your breasts have gotten bigger since you started exercising, which got me to wondering?

Mom said, “Yes, surprisingly they’ve increased a cup size over the past months, probably due to the extra hormones in my system from diet and exercise”.

I boldly asked, “So Mom, what cup size are you up to now”? Mom responded, “If you must know Kevin, I went from an E to an F cup”.

“That is so fucking awesome Mom; I can’t wait to see them”! “Kevin, I haven’t decided if you’re going to get to do that”?!

Mom’s statement gave me renewed hope that maybe she was mulling over the idea of us fucking.

“Aunt Janis also said that you nipples are much larger and longer than hers”.

“I’ve never measured them, but probably extend an inch or so when fully erect”

Mom then confided that she was way too embarrassed to go to work without first making sure that her nipples were well-padded. I playfully replied, “Mom, you’d never have to worry about padding them around me, especially my hungry mouth”!

Mom then asked, “So what else did good ole Aunt Janis tell you about me”? Aunt Janis said that you like your “rabbit” so much, that you even inquired if they made a corded version. Mom quickly responded, “I can’t believe she told you that”. I mischievously replied, “I find it so damn sexy that my horny mother loves to masturbate, and wonder who she thinks about when she cums”!!!

“Mom, does you pussy squirt when you cum”?

“Kevin, I can’t believe that you just asked your mother that question”.

“Please Mom; I’ve got to know so I can go to sleep tonight”.

“Unfortunately baby, I am a squirter”.

“In fact, I squirt quite a bit when I cum”. “You father used to chastise me when I squirted, and would immediately make me to change the sheets”.

“You wouldn’t have to change the sheets with me Mom, because I would swallow most every sweet drop”.

Mom said that she was tired and going to bed.

“Kevin, you’ve given me a lot to think about, and will probably have my answer görükle escort by tomorrow evening”.

“I love you so much Mom, and we’ll talk tomorrow”. “I love you too baby, Goodnight”.

All I could do was lie quietly in bed wondering what Mom’s decision was going to be. I had trouble concentrating at work the next day, and almost got a speeding ticket driving home. I arrived home a little after 1700, and the phone started to ring. It was my mom, with her much anticipated answer. Mom sounded in a very good mood, which immediately raised my hopes.

“Kevin, I’ve reached some hard decisions today, so please listen carefully”.

“After much deliberation, I’ve decided to let you to fuck me”.

“That is fucking awesome news Mom, I can hardly wait”!!!

“I’ve also decided to drive up next Saturday with Aunt Janis, so we can have a threesome”.

“Mom, your giving me fucking heart palpitations”!!!

“Please Kevin; take a few deep breaths, while I explain my last decision”.

“I have decided to drive up this Saturday to spend quality time fucking and sucking my baby boy”.

“I just want the two of us to get comfortable with each other, especially before Janis joins in”.

“You’ve made me so very, very happy today Mom; I can’t wait to give you multiple orgasms with my mouth and tongue”!!!

“I am so looking forward to that Kevin, and having you to suckle my big nipples”.

“You’ve made me so fucking horny Mom that I am jerking to all of the dirty things that I plan to do to you this weekend.”

“Oh Kevin, I’m lying on the bed with my “rabbit” firmly inserted, thinking about your hard cock and tongue thrashing in-and-out of my wet pussy”!

“That’s so fucking hot Mom, that I just came big globs of cum all over my kitchen floor”.

“Goodnight my sweet Kevin, and think about me when you stroke that big cock of yours”.

I was so thrilled that I was finally getting to fuck my beautiful MILF mom that I immediately had to call and thank Aunt Janis. Aunt Janis just happened to be wide-awake and eager to congratulate me on closing the deal. Aunt Janis had talked to Susan (Mom) earlier that afternoon, and things went very well. Mom apologized for the all the hurtful and nasty things she’d said to Aunt Janis. Mom then told Aunt Janis that she’d decided to let me fuck her, and even liked the idea of a threesome. Aunt Janis desperately wanted to call and break the good news, but ultimately decided not to spoil my surprise.

Aunt Janis jokingly asked, “How does it feel to almost be a Mother Fucker”!

I laughingly replied, “Almost as good as being an Aunt Fucker”!

Aunt Janis laughed loudly and feeling a bit frisky, conveyed the following point for me to ponder before bed.

“When you cum globs and globs in your mother’s juicy cunt next week, I am going to eat and suck it out of her”!

“Damn Aunt Janis, How am I going to be able to sleep after hearing that”!!!

So long my horny friends, and will keep you apprised of my continuing mischievous antics.

Please checkout “My Big-Titted MILFs Chapters 1&2,” to understand all the voluptuous players! The following is an amalgam of fact and fiction from my mischievous mind and chance encounters, so I hope that you enjoy! The week passed uneventfully with little promising news from Aunt Janis. Ellie stopped by a couple of times after work…

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