My Best Friend


My father and I never saw eye to eye when he was married to mom. We’d always butt heads or fight about ridiculous things. It also didn’t help that he over indulged himself in a bottle of whiskey or a nice cold one every night.

After my parents divorced though, things changed. I stayed with my mother for the longest time. My father, Roger, left to Houston Texas and was dating numerous amount of women. It seemed every time I spoke to him on the phone, he had a new flavor. I started college when I turned 23, and decided to visit my dad when I had a summer off.

So there I was. In Houston Texas. The skyscrapers surrounding the airport were massive. Nothing I had ever seen in the south. The only other time I had seen buildings this tall was when I was a kid back in California, but those memories were vague.

I hopped into a cab and we spun off to the address my father had given me.

“It’s the third house on the left, sweetie. It has the red minivan.” He had explained to me.

Apparently though, the taxi driver knew exactly where to go. I paid him, and got my bags out of the trunk, standing for what seemed an eternity in front of my father’s house.

I hadn’t seen him for 10 yrs. The last thing I remembered of him was his back as he turned around to walk out on my mom. It was a bittersweet time for me. But, now that I’m a woman. I do wish I had a closer relationship with my father. That’s why I had decided on this trip.

I knocked on the red stained door, and waited. I heard the clicking of the lock, and standing in front of me was my father. His dark blue eyes twinkled through the thin rimmed glasses that sat snug on the bridge of his nose. My heart sank suddenly. My dad was almost in his fifties, but he looked amazing. He wore a white buttoned down shirt, that was tucked nicely into some light blue jeans, they were tight on him, because when I glanced down, I could see a slight bulge. I blushed a little, bringing my gaze back up to my father’s masculine face.

“Daddy!” I said as a greeting, dropping my bags and wrapping my arms around his neck. He was always taller than me. I was a mere five foot four, so I literally had to jump to grab at his neck. He stood at six-two.

He chuckled at me and wrapped his perfectly tanned arms around me, picking me up a bit off the ground and squeezing me tightly. My breasts pressed against his chest.

“I’m so happy to see bursa escort bayan you, Danielle, it’s been forever.”

“10 yrs, but who’s counting?” my voice was sarcastic and playful as I spoke, I moved some of my shoulder length blonde hair out of my face as I watched him grab my bags.

“Right, well let’s get you settled in then. I’ve got pizza on it’s way over.” He looked over his shoulder at me, “You still like pepperoni, right?”

I giggled a bit as I followed him into the spare scantily clad room. The white walls were bare, not one poster or picture. The only thing that adorned the area was an air mattress and a cedar dresser that sat in front of a window. It was alright for me though. I was only staying a week, and I never believed myself to be a materialistic woman.

“You’re alone here, Daddy?” I had asked. I remembered him talking to me a month ago about a woman he had met at a what he liked to call “adult bar” I wasn’t stupid though, I found out later on that he was a swinger, this also explained why he never stuck to one woman at a time.

“Yeah, Vanessa didn’t want to stay in Texas. Her home is in Connecticut and lord knows you won’t catch me dead up there where it snows.”

I laughed. Dad never enjoyed cold weather. I always thought of him as a bear, he was active every single season except winter. That’s when he slept the most.

The rest of the night went smoothly. We had eaten pizza, updated one another on our lives, reminisced about the good times. This was probably the only time my father and I could have a one on one conversation without the fussing and arguing we use to have.

“Daddy? Why do you think we fought so much.”

He sipped on his beer before sitting the half empty can down on the table, He didn’t look at me as he spoke.

“Your mother and I were dealing with a lot of problems. Unfortunately, I think the only person I could vent to was you. It was my fault. You were just a child, I shouldn’t have taken things out on you. You didn’t understand any of it.”

I chugged the rest of my beer down, grabbing another, cracking open the top and placing it next to my empty plate, slouching in the sofa as I looked to him. For the first time in years, I could tell my father was wanting to cry. I knew him as an emotional man, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen him actually cry.

I leaned into him, giving görükle escort him a kiss on the cheek, and laying my head on his shoulders, I closed my eyes as I spoke.

“Daddy. I don’t know what kind of things you and Mom went through, but I’m your daughter. It doesn’t matter how many problems we might have had, I’m now old enough to understand forgiveness, and that’s what I want to do daddy.” I opened my eyes to look at him, he had his arm draped around me, and I cuddled close to him on the sectional couch, We were both feeling a little emotional. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was all the alcohol we were drinking, but I knew that my feelings for my father were coming out strong to him.

“I love you Danielle.” He wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. Looking into those beautiful blue eyes, made me want to kiss him so passionately, but I didn’t want to ruin this moment with my father if he didn’t want it.

He kissed my forehead, then my nose. And suddenly, without any warning and with a bit reluctance from him. He kissed my lips. His sweet thin lips tasted wonderful. He tried to pull back. I believe he wanted to make it a small peck, but I turned it into something deeper, feeling a tad guilty, but not able to stop, I cupped his cheek into my hands, my body shifted around where my legs straddled his lap.

He pushed me away, and I let him. He shook his head rather vigorously.

“Danielle, we….we can’t….you’re my daughter.”

I smiled a bit, leaning into him, speaking in a whisper, “Dad. You’re lonely…I can see the sadness in your eyes, I can tell how much heartache you go through. Every single time I talk to you, you have a new girl, and I know it’s your way of you coping with being alone.” I leaned in more, whispering in his ear, “I’m here now, Daddy. Let me show you the love your missing.”

I kissed his neck, his cheek, and then his lips again, and this time he didn’t pull back. In fact, he wrapped his arms more so around me and pressed me harder against his chest. My nipples stiffened as I felt my daddy’s bulge between my thighs, letting out a small moan against the kiss, opening my mouth to let my tongue slither past my lips and dance along with his.

He growled playfully, as he pushed me off his lap, pinning me down to the couch and pulling up the laced light pink night gown I had slipped on earlier that evening. But bursa escort bayan he suddenly stopped, a look of concern blanketing his features.

“This stays between you and I?”

I nodded, it was no ones business about who or what I do sexually anyways. He smiled as he pulled my white cotton panties to the side, and with the same hand, began to rub lightly on my pussy lips.

I gasped in pleasure, feeling his sexual petting around me, he chuckled lightly as he pushed one finger at first inside my dampness, rubbing the sides of my sensitive walls, my moans turned into slight gasps. I couldn’t take anymore of his foreplay.

“Daddy….please.” my eyes were only half opened as I pleaded.

He pulled his finger from my pussy, watching him as he fiddled around with his belt, pulling it off and then unzipping his pants.

My body trembled as I watched him pull his cock out. The thoughts in my head raced, my father was bigger and thicker than any man I had ever come across, He proudly held the base of his shaft in his hand as his body moved over me. Rubbing the head against my dripping wet pussy, feeling him teasing me, I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him down which in turn, pushed his member deep inside of me.

I screamed in sheer ecstasy. My hips thrusted up into him, as he unmercifully pounded into me. Pinning my hands over my head, as I felt his large balls smacking close to my asshole.

“Oh God Daddy….You’re fucking amazing!” My voice was airy. I have never in my life been fucked like my father had fucked me that night.

He turned me over, grabbing onto my waist and thrusted his cock back into my wetness. I didn’t know how much longer I could last, but I tried not to let my orgasm go yet. I was enjoying my father too much. I loved him now…His cock, His body. And most of all, Him.

“Danielle! Baby, I’m gonna cum!” He screamed, his head snapped back, giving me one last big thrust, and feeling his cock twitch inside of me. My body throbbed and stiffened as I came with him.

Our orgasm lasted almost 2 minutes, before he fell backwards, gesturing me to crawl on top of him, his semi hard cock jumped a bit, Our juices meshed together on his shaft. I smiled as I slithered over to him. Before laying in his arms, I started licking at his cock, cleaning him up, loving the taste of us together.

“I love you, Danielle. My sweet baby girl.”

“I love you too Daddy.” I said as I kissed his cock head and slithered into his arms.

I came to Texas to visit my father. To try to grow a relationship with him. I was successful more so than I could ever ask for. My father is my lover, my rock, and moreover my best friend.

The end

My father and I never saw eye to eye when he was married to mom. We’d always butt heads or fight about ridiculous things. It also didn’t help that he over indulged himself in a bottle of whiskey or a nice cold one every night. After my parents divorced though, things changed. I stayed with…

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