My Best Adventure

My Best Adventure

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In the beginning I was standing alone in a trendy bar on a Friday evening when I drop a coaster that had stuck to the bottom of my glass. Lackadaisically I bend over at the waist to pick it up. When I right myself I can see the most beautiful woman in the world looking at me from just a few feet away. She walks over to me and I can see she is sex on legs.

She speaks to me in a husky, lust filled voice “Let’s ditch this joint.”

We get out into the street and she leads me to her car and we both get in. she puts the pedal to the metal and in no time at all we are at her house. I follow her in and up the stairs to her bedroom.

“Take of all your clothes and have a shower.” I strip and walk into her en-suite, start up the shower and wash myself thoroughly. I shampoo and condition my hair which is shoulder length and a golden blonde colour.

I walk out squeaky clean into her bedroom to find a set of female underwear on the bed.

She tells me to stand still. She puts shaving foam all over my legs and crotch area and very carefully shaves all the hair off. Soon my lower half is completely bald.

“Now. Put on the underwear slowly.” She is so forceful that I just cannot refuse and walk over to the bed and pick up the panties. They are black and seem to be fairly solid. “That is to hide your wedding tackle bitch.”

“I am not your bitch.” I say meekly.

She slaps me hard and nearly screams “YES YOU ARE, bitch! And if you don’t do what I say I will tell all the men at that bar you tried to rape me.”

I figure that I will humour her, I mean if I get to shag her who cares right. I carefully tuck my cock and balls between my legs and carefully pull them up. You would never know I had a cock it concealed it so well.

Next I put on a pair of red laced knickers. As they went up my leg I felt myself get a hard on. I normally wore panties for comfort and nothing more so it felt so weird to get aroused by this. The black panties did a good job of concealing my cock. But i felt so embarrassed by it all my face went a bright crimson.

“Aww, does my bitch feel ashamed? Well. Tell your mistress yes or no”


“That is yes MISTRESS!”

“Yes mistress.” I answered quickly.

I reached for the bra. She stopped me and said “i think it needs a little something extra.” She went over to a chest of drawers and got out a red garter belt and matching fishnets.

“Put these on.”

“Yes mistress.”

I slowly pull up the garter belt and then one by one pull up the stockings and attached them to the belt. I stand up and look down. I am shocked to see I look like a woman from the waist down. I am so aroused by this it is unreal.

“Are we turned on yet bitch?”

I am like putty in her hands and all I can do is reply “Yes mistress.”

“Good. Now put on your bra bitch.”

I reach down and grab the bra and put it on. No sooner have I done this than she thrusts a Pair of fake breasts into my hands and looks into my eyes. I have learnt my lesson and clumsily put them in the bra.

“You’re no good at that bitch.” She corrects my clumsy work.

“I shouldn’t have had to do that bitch. Should i?”

“No mistress.”

“Bend over.”

I am hesitant but I do as I am told. Truth is I am getting really turned on by it all. I put my hands on my knees and brace myself, I know what is coming.

Suddenly I am in pain as a riding crop hits my arse. I gasp as another strike hits me.

“You are a good bitch. So I won’t punish you too hard.”

I sit down on the bed tenderly. She is rummaging about in a wardrobe looking for something.

She pulls out a red cocktail dress and throws it at me.

“Put that on bitch.”

I put my legs through it and pulled it up and over my fake breasts. She zips up the back and says “You look very pretty bitch. But you lack one thing.”

She turns me round and pushes me onto the bed.

“This one last touch will make you a proper woman.” She begins to cover my face in make up while she constantly tells me I am her bitch and her slut. Soon she is finished with me and pulls me up and over to her full length mirror. I cannot believe that what I am seeing Pendik Anal Escort is me. I am seeing is a beautiful woman not a man at all.

“You look very beautiful bitch.”

“I know mistress.”

“Come on. We’re off for a night on the town.”

“No. I can’t.”

“I have taken pictures of the whole thing. So if you don’t want the whole town to know your secret, I would go out with me.”


We were once again in her car driving to the clubbing part of town. I hated clubs at the best of times let alone while in heels and a dress.

I looked into her face while she drove. She had a perverse smile on her face, she was clearly enjoying her power over me. I looked at her face and I was suddenly struck by how beautiful she really was almost like a super model.

She pulled into a crowded car park and parked up. “get out and walk to the entrance.” I did as I was told fearing another slap or even being revealed for what I really was in such a busy area.

“you walk really well in heels for a first timer bitch.” I felt a swell of pride and then a flash of guilt. Was I really more female than male. Questions swirled in my brain and before I realised where I was I had stopped in front of a huge bouncer and the entrance to the club itself.

“sorry ladies…” I felt another flash of pride and guilt. He really thought I was a woman. “your gonna have to join the que.”

“Oh really.” she was walking towards him wiggling her hips like some lap dancer. She kissed him full on the lips and rubbed his groin with her long sensual fingers. “Well I could make an exception. But I wont let you both in unless…” he looked me up and down like I was something to be bought and sold. ” well” she said ” you want to get in don’t you.” she gave me a look and I knew the consequences of what would happen if I didn’t kiss him.

I walked up wiggling like she had and pulled his head towards mine and snogged him full on the lips like she had. I felt a hand gab my arse and pull me closer. I stopped and pulled away. “okay ladies. In you go.” and in we walked.

The club was loud, hot and sweaty. I hated it. I sat at a small table and she went to the bar to get us “something to take my mind off things. She came back from the bar with two drinks and two lads who were looking very eager for some reason. “This is Sarah.” she said. “she loves to give head.” she looked at me slyly and I felt a hand land on my thigh I followed it with my eyes to a knuckle dragging meat head with a idiotic grin smeared across his face. ” lets go to the back of the club. Its a bit more secluded and we won’t get disturbed.” they (the boys) led us too a small alcove at the back of the club. I pulled her aside and spat at her “what the hell are you doing. Kissing a bouncer is one thing but this is too much.”. She looked at me for a second and said “I could tell the lads about you being as lad. But they might get a bit violent.” I was beginning to feel ill. She took my hand and pulled me towards the alcove where one of the lads already had his trousers around his ankles. She pushed me down and walked away to I don’t know where.

“Come on love. I thought you loved it.” I took his cock in my hand and felt it stir. Slowly I began to run my hand up and down it’s shaft and even more slowly began to move my head towards it’s throbbing end. I licked the tip and began to close my lips around the shaft. I heard a low moan from above me and I suddenly felt empowered by the whole situation, a man was acting like putty in my hands. I began the suck and lick the head with my tongue as I slowly moved my head backwards and forwards rhythmically. I began to speed up and heard more moans from the guy, soon I was moaning myself as I felt a sharp pang of pleasure myself. I felt his cock twitch and writhe as he shot his load down my throat. I loved the flavour the texture of it. I swallowed the lot and found my self wanting more.

I got it as the second bloke pushed himself in front of me roughly grabbed my neck and forced his cock into my mouth. All I could do was kneel there as he put both hands on my head and began to face cock me hard. I could feel it going down my throat, deeper, deeper Pendik Yaşlı Escort and deeper still. HE WAS STILL GETTING HIS HARD ON. I was an average 6 inches this guy felt like 7 and was still going . I could feel myself getting hard but the panties keeping it down. Soon he was going to blow his load, I could feel it. He shot loads of cum down my throat, it was too much for me, I gagged and let his cock fall out of my mouth and I get my face covered in his hot liquid love. I licked it off my lips with pleasure and let out a low feminine moan.

She came back almost immediately after and shooed the 2 guys away. “come on.” I felt myself lifted and being led to the toilets. I could barely see due to my eyes being welded shut with cum. She splashed water on my face and cleaned me up using toilet roll. “You looked really hot giving head.” I looked down and saw a photo of me giving head to a the first guy. I was now her slave forever. It was most certainly me, no way to say it was not.

“come on.” we left the club getting a wave from the bouncer. I felt like a whore. Like a dirty slut. And I began to realize that I was. I had become this woman’s personal sex toy to use on men when she felt like it.


We got back to hers in short order and I was led upstairs and I was sat on the end off her bed. I was sat there for what felt like days but was only a few minutes. “Sarah.” instinctively I looked up and what I saw shocked me beyond belief.

I saw, hanging between her legs 6 inches of cock. It was bigger and thicker than mine and it was soft.

She spoke with an irresistible voice”suck my cock bitch.”

I found myself unable to resist getting to my knees and putting that beautiful member into my willing and waiting mouth. I felt it getting more engorged with blood and it lengthened and thickened in my wet mouth.

It was getting a bit to big as it forced it’s way down my throat I had to stop and breath, Now I could see it was near 10 inches long and 4 inches thick.

“I d-don’t think I can…” I stammered almost with disappointment in my voice.

“I will teach you my bitch.”

She slowly pushed my head forwards and I opened up willingly.

“Just relax and try to align you’re throat with your mouth.”

I did as my mistress told me and I found it a lot easier to get most of it in. Feeling it slide down my mouth and throat was so arousing, almost pleasurable for me. I began to moan and realised what I wanted next.

“Mistress, Please fuck my mouth like the slut I am.”

“Yes my bitch.”

She pulled me up and onto the bed and laid me on my back with my head hanging over the edge. I felt my throat and mouth align dead straight and said I was ready.

She knelt down and aimed her huge cock at my face and moved forward and with one movement all her cock went into me and I felt her balls gently hit my face, she pulled back slightly and began to gently but firmly fuck my face. I was in ecstasy as I felt her move in and out of me, I fondled her balls gently. Then she turned up the pace and began to pound my lips with her meat and I could only feel my pleasure and shame growing at equal pace. I stopped her so I could just get a taste of her pre-cum and suck on her bell-end, She let me have my fill but soon continued to fuck my face.

She pulled out fully to my immense disappointment. And pulled me up.

“You really do suck cock like a cheap hooker. I am impressed.”

“Yes mistress.”

“let’s see what other talents you have.”

She turned around and bent over. Spreading her cheeks slightly I knew what I being asked to do. I loved and loathed myself as I loved and loathed the act I was about to perform on her.

I licked up her anus with one broad stroke of my tongue and she moaned with pleasure, I continued to lick he rosebud and soon I was delving deep into her. She started to buck and writhe and I knew I was on the right track. She rubbed her tit’s and her long hard cock and soon she had spilled cum all over the floor in huge great spurts.

“WOW. That was good for a first try. I simply must return the favour.”

She pushed me forwards onto the bed and spread my virgin Pendik Zenci Escort cheeks and her tongue found my anus. The pleasure was so intense it was almost unbearable. I was nearly screaming with barely contained ecstasy and lust. But as soon as it had started it was over as she stopped licking, The pleasure subsided and with it came the guilt. No matter how good it felt it or how good “she” was still a man with a penis behind me.

“Slut I am going to offer you a deal. You can (if you want) leave at the end of the evening and you will never hear from me again I promise…”

She paused.

“…But you could stay. I would only demand you take some hormones to be more womanly and get a boob job so you seem more womanly, more sluttish. And you would be my live in sex slave fulfilling my every sexual wish whenever I command you too.”

“What! You cannot possibly expect me to agree to that.” I cried.

“You can go home after I am done with you this evening. You are not agreeing to anything.”

“I’ll think about it.” I was almost going to say yes but I realised I would have to give up my whole life, my family, my job and my friends.

“But I am not done with you yet.” She said producing a bottle of lube. “Don’t worry slave I am sure you will like it.”

I knew what was going to happen next. I didn’t even protest, I had long since given up on that.

I was convinced I was going to hate it, having your arse licked was one thing but that was a whole different kettle of fish. I got on all fours on the bed and soon I felt her finger gently rub the cold gel over my tight anus. Slowly she pushed her finger in and I gasped, It was a bit of a shock to feel something there at all let alone a lube covered finger.

She worked my sphincter for a while and added more lube. I had to admit this wasn’t too bad. She added another finger and it slid effortlessly into my boy pussy. Soon it was 3 fingers and then 4 and I was letting out soft moans like a purring kitten.

She took her fingers away and I felt empty. I looked behind and saw her huge cock and balls approach my soft virginal man cunt.

Even as gaping as I was after her fingers her cock head was barred entry to my anal cavity. She pushed and I felt it pop passed me ring, The pain was so intense but soon she had let me acclimatise to her (I thought) mammoth presence. I felt her push and I screamed with pain as she split me in half. I felt her stop and I looked behind me, She wasn’t even half in yet!

“No please I can’t…”

My pleading fell on deaf ears as with one final push she plunged her whole member into me and I almost passed out from the pain. Thankfully she waited, but it seemed like it took forever for the pain the leave me. gently she began to pull out and push in again a little at first, barely an inch at a time but soon she was making great thrusting movements and I began to see why people loved this so much.

I began to groan, quietly as first but soon I was panting as the beautiful sensations moved up my body into my brain and I began say things I never thought I would say.

“Yes mistress fuck my slut arse. I want you deep in me. PLEASE MISTRESS FUCK ME HARDER!”

My prayers were answered as she got into her rhythm, she was pulling me onto her and thrusting into me at the same time to create a wondrous sensation in me.


She flipped me over and got into position. She fucked me like a steam train and I was in heaven.

“SCREW MY FRIENDS, SCREW MY JOB, SCREW MY FAMILY, I WANT THIS FOREVER!!” I screamed and I meant it. I knew my life would always be better as my mistresses fuck slave.

Soon I felt her tense up and I knew what was coming. I pulled myself away from her grasp and opened my mouth as she blew her load into my face, All over my cheeks and chin and in my mouth. There was so much I felt like I would drown but soon she had run out of “juice”.

“You may swallow my beautiful cum slut.”

I gladly did as I was told and swallowed my fill of cum. It tasted like liquid gold and I knew this was all I wanted forever.

“Well bitch I guess you are my slave now and forever?”

I nodded gleefully and knew this was the start of a great adventure for me.


Thank you for reading my story. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it. If the response is generally positive I will return to this couple for some more adventures.

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