Mum’s New Job

Anna Bell

This is a repost of an old story, there have been no changes to it. All comments are welcome, be warned negative anonymous comments will be deleted. I hope you enjoy the story

I was having the time of my life being single and earning an outrageous amount of money at the age of twenty-five, I had my own place and went out most weekends to some of the best places in town. Unknown to me my parents were having money problems due to my Dad’s love of gambling, they were seriously in debt and Mum took a job to help them out. I went mad when I found out and I asked Mum why she didn’t come to me for help.

“Because it isn’t your problem Gary. We got ourselves into this mess and we will get ourselves out of it,” she explained too casually.

“That’s bollocks Mum. Dad got you two into this mess and you are working to bail his arse out of trouble.”

“Gary please just let it go, we will sort it out and that’s final.” Mum said, staring at me, almost daring me to speak.

“Okay Mum, have it your way. You know where I am if you change your mind.”

My mother Julie Birchall, was a very attractive woman but this was starting to make her look old. Her blue eyes still shone but nowhere near as brightly as before, she looked a good five years younger than she actually was. With me out of the house they should have been out enjoying themselves, not working all hours to clear his stupid debt. I had already spoken with my Dad and that nearly came to blows before Mum calmed us down, I left blaming him for it all and threatening him with serious injury if Mum suffered because of his stupidity.

I didn’t see Mum for a few weeks but we did talk on the phone regularly, I never mentioned their money problem and neither did she. One Saturday night I was out with the guys from work, we went to a club in town. The place was great but it never seemed to get really busy, one of the guys said it was due to the place next door. Apparently it was a private club for gentlemen, but the rumour going around was that the place operated like a brothel.

The police had raided it several times but there was never any evidence of illegal goings on so after a while they left it alone as they had better things to do.

We left the nightclub at 2am and stood outside waiting for taxis, I needed a piss so I ducked around the back of the building hoping I wouldn’t get caught. I was standing in the darkness pissing against the wall when a door opened on the building next door throwing some light about, it must have been the staff entrance for the gentleman’s club. I stood there looking and figured that when whoever it was walked away I would zip up and go back out front, imagine the shock I got when I saw my Mum walk out.

I stood there stunned and zipped up my fly and went after Mum, I tripped in the dark and by the time I got out front she was in a cab and on her way home. The others must have got cabs as there was nobody else in the street, I chose to walk the mile or so to get home as I needed to think. In my mind I just couldn’t imagine Mum in a place like that, given its seedy reputation. If she was working there, then her and Dad’s money worries must have been bad.

Despite having a fair bit to drink I didn’t sleep well that night thinking of Mum in that place, when we spoke the following day I should have said something but I chickened out. Part of the problem I had was I needed to know what went on in there before I said anything to my Mum.

On Monday the chat at work was about our night out and where did I disappear to, I explained that I went for a piss and when I came back everyone had gone so I went home.

“We thought you had gone to the club next door.” Someone called out.

“Not unless he wants to catch something!” Greg replied to us all.

“So is it really that bad there then?” I asked innocently.

“Nobody knows for sure,” said Brian. “What we do know is the girls in there earn well over three hundred quid a night and nowhere on god’s good earth pays that for serving drinks.”

“Yeah well at fifty quid for a blowjob and a hundred for a fuck it’s easy to see why,” someone piped up.

“How do you know what they charge?” Greg asked as we all roared out laughing.

The guy stood up and walked towards us. “I have a mate who took some clients there once, there were four of them in a booth and one hostess serving the drinks. The booths all have curtains and if they get pulled then someone gets lucky. He told me that they all got a blowjob and the hostess was two hundred quid richer a short while later.”

After some more idle chat the conversation died down and we all got back to work. I was working out how I could get all the rumours confirmed before I confronted my Mum. I knew she didn’t work on a Thursday so I made up my mind to go along and see for myself this coming Thursday.

I parked a few streets away and walked to the club, the doorman informed me it was fifty pounds to get in and all drinks were to be paid for at the bar. I handed over my money kahramanmaraş escort and filled out the registration card with a false name and address just in case Mum did get to see it, I didn’t want her knowing I had been there.

I walked upstairs to the bar area where a young girl showed me to a booth.

“I’m Lucy. What would you like to drink sir?”

I looked her over and asked for a whisky and soda. I stared at her arse as she walked away.

“If there is anything else you need just let me know,” she said as she returned with my rather expensive drink.

I shook my head and she went off to serve someone else, looking around I couldn’t see anything wrong with the club, apart from the over-priced drinks.

Sitting there nursing my drink a couple of guys walked through the door and that’s when I almost shit myself as they were greeted by my Mum. “Fuck she isn’t supposed to be here!” I thought as she showed them to the booth next door. I shifted around in the hope she wouldn’t see me.

I heard Mum return with their drinks and then there was some hushed talking before she left the guys alone, just as I started to think about what I had seen Lucy re-appeared.

“Is there anything else you would like Sir?”

“Another drink please Lucy.”

Lucy returned with my drink and asked if there was anything else I needed?

“Such as?” I asked.

“Well sir I can keep you company for a while if you like, we can close the curtains so we are alone.”

“And what happens when the curtains get closed Lucy?”

She leaned over and whispered to me. “I can perform oral sex on you for fifty pounds or we can go the whole way for one hundred pounds.”

“Close the curtains!” I whispered back.

Lucy closed the curtains then came and sat close to me, I slid fifty pounds towards her which she picked up and then smiled at me.

“Lucy before we go any further I don’t want you to do anything except answer a few questions…..and I am not a cop or anything like that,” I assured her.

I asked how the girls made their money and whether they got to keep it all, Lucy assured me that the money for anything sexual was all theirs. She explained that the girls took it in turns to greet any new customers, sometimes it could be someone on his own or a small group of up to six people. I asked how they went about the sex and Lucy said it was easy as none of the women wore any panties so they could sit on a man’s lap and fuck him. As we talked quietly I heard the curtains on the next booth being pulled.

I listened as Lucy answered any questions I asked her but it was difficult to concentrate with the hushed noise from next door. I heard a couple of comments from the men in the booth.

“Jesus can this one suck cock!”

“Fuck her cunt is tight as well!” another voice muttered.

I passed another fifty pounds to Lucy and thanked her for the information and her time. I got up and left while Mum was “busy” in the booth. Staring out of the windscreen I couldn’t believe I had just heard two strangers referring to my Mum as she sucked and fucked them. I sat slumped with my head on the steering wheel as tears streamed from my eyes. I wanted to go back inside and beat the shit out of whoever Mum was with but knew I wouldn’t get a chance with the bouncer on the door, so I dried my eyes, started the car and headed for home.

I knew Mum always worked on Friday’s so I left work, went home and got changed then set off for the club, well not the club itself but the car-park out the back. I sat and waited until Mum got out of a cab and walked towards the staff entrance. Mum was almost level with my car when I opened the door startling her.

“Hi Mum.”

“Gary, you scared me. What are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you Mum, please get in the car.”

“Gary I need to get to work, this will have to wait.”

“Mum, just get in the bloody car, you are not going to work. You quit!”

“Since when?”

“About thirty seconds ago. Now get in the bloody car as I won’t ask again.”

“I don’t understand?” Mum said as she settled in my car.

“You will,” I replied I screeched away and headed for my house

We never spoke on the short journey to my house and as I parked the car I heard Mum sigh, ushering her inside I took her coat and indicated she should go through to the lounge. I had to admit Mum looked bloody good in her hostess outfit but I needed to ignore that right now, I offered her a drink, tea, coffee or something stronger?

“Something stronger please,” Mum replied quietly.

“What the hell is this all about Gary? I could get the sack for not going in tonight,” Mum said as she sipped her drink.

“Like I said Mum, you quit earlier so don’t worry about it. Now I know enough to be able to say that a sleazy joint doesn’t pay you much to serve drinks, so how about you tell me how you earn the money…..DAWN!”

“What did you call me?” Mum asked but I knew I had got kahramanmaraş escort bayan her by the look on her face.

“Dawn! That’s what I called you, after all that’s what they know you as at the club, isn’t it?”

“Gary what is the point of all of this?” Mum sighed.

“The point of all this is Mum I want you to tell me how much debt you and Dad are in and to see if I can help you, I would rather do that than have you whoring yourself out in that shithole of a club!”

“I told you I only serve drinks,” Mum replied sternly.

“Okay Mum have it your way, stand up please?”

Mum looked at me then stood up, I lifted the back of her skirt to reveal her bare arse.

“Yep, as I thought no panties, then again it’s a policy isn’t it? You are not allowed to wear panties to work are you Mum?” I continued before she had a chance to answer me.

“I know what you do in there Mum, I heard two guys talking about you last night. One complimented your skills as a cocksucker and the other said your cunt was tight.”

Mum just looked at me in shock.

“Yeah I was in the booth next door with Lucy. Didn’t you know that? And before you ask no , I didn’t let her do anything to me. She answered any questions I asked as I knew you wouldn’t tell me.”

Mum sat down and started to cry, I passed her the tissues.

What do you want to know Gary?” Mum asked when she stopped crying.

“Everything Mum, I want to know everything and you are not leaving here until I know it all.”

Mum proceeded to tell me how Dad got them into debt through gambling and they owed a casino fifteen thousand pounds, I gasped when she said how much. My Dad took out a loan from the bank to pay off the casino and Mum took on a job to help pay off the loan.

“Why the club Mum, you could have done something else?” I asked.

“I couldn’t get a job Gary. I haven’t worked since just before you were born and even then I only had one job since leaving school. I am forty-three years old with no skills, nobody would give me a job. We have got to pay that loan off or we will lose the house. I saw the club as a way out and took it.”

“Does Dad know what you do?” I asked.

Mum nodded her head. “Yes, it was through someone he knew that I got the chance at the club. Your Dad knew what I would be doing, he said we have to do what we have to do.”

“That was fucking chivalrous of him,” I added as Mum glared at me.

“So let me get this straight, Dad got you the job at the club to help pay off a debt he landed you with in the first place?” Mum nodded her head again.

“How much do you owe the bank Mum?” I asked, thinking that my annual bonus was due next month and that would cover the debt.

“I’m not sure Gary, well not exactly anyway.”

“I’ll give you the money to pay off the bank Mum.”

“No Gary, I can’t let you do that.”

“You don’t have a choice Mum, I am going to do it anyway.”

“You don’t understand.” Mum said quietly.

“What don’t I understand Mum? I don’t understand why you want to keep working at that shithole, that’s what I don’t understand.”

“I do it because I get noticed as well. Gary your Dad hasn’t shown any interest in me for years, in fact at one time I thought he was having an affair. I know it’s not right me being in there but at least someone notices me even if it is only to make a crude comment or get a blowjob.”

“I understand you have needs Mum, but sucking and fucking guys in a seedy club. For fuck sake even you don’t have to stoop that low.”

“Oh god.” Mum groaned and lowered her head.

Suddenly Mum stood up. “Take me home Gary, I can’t deal with this right now.”

“No can do Mum. We have both had too much to drink to drive safely, you can stay here for tonight.” I suggested.

“And what will I tell your father?”

“Tell him whatever you like I don’t give a fuck about him anymore. Tell him you got picked up by a punter and offered a lot of money to go back to his hotel or something.”

“Thanks Gary!”

“I’m sorry Mum. Look tell Dad whatever you like but I will take you home in the morning, I’ll go and make up the spare bed while you call him.”

Mum was crying when I went back downstairs so I comforted her until she calmed down.

“Your Dad wasn’t at home and I can’t get an answer from his mobile phone either,” Mum muttered.

“Not much more you can do then, come on upstairs the spare bed is made up,” I said as I walked Mum to the stairs.

I had to look down as I followed Mum upstairs, she obviously forgot she wasn’t wearing panties. Thinking of my Mum and sex right now was not doing me any good at all. Mum said goodnight and I heard her crying for a while until she fell asleep. Worryingly every time I closed my eyes all I could see was a vision of Mum’s cute arse. Breakfast was quiet the following morning until Mum asked to take her home.

“Okay Mum I’ll take you home. But on Monday we, that is you and me, not escort kahramanmaraş Dad, are going to the bank to sort this mess out.” Mum just nodded as she put her coat on.

Dad wasn’t there when we pulled up at Mum’s house, I followed her indoors, closing the door behind me.

“I’m sorry Gary, sorry for turning down your help, sorry for working at the club. Fuck I am sorry for everything.” Mum said as she hugged me and burst into tears.

Mum let me go and went upstairs to get changed, I made us both a coffee and was in the kitchen when Dad finally rolled in.

“Where’s your mother?” he asked gruffly. I just nodded upstairs to avoid talking to him.

A minute later I heard someone coming downstairs then the front door slam, Mum walked downstairs in tears again.

“What’s up Mum?”

“Him, that’s what. He just moaned at me about last night and now he has been called into work, he will get paid extra for going in but he’s not happy.”

I told Mum it served him right and we sat drinking our coffee, when I finished my coffee I got up to go home. We arranged to meet at ten am on Monday, Mum promised me she would stay home tonight, just then the phone rang. I waited while Mum answered the call and I could tell by her face that whoever or whatever it wasn’t good news.

When the call finished Mum slammed the phone down and screamed. “That bastard! That fucking lying bastard!” She then dropped to her knees and burst into tears.

“Mum, what’s wrong? Tell me Mum, what’s wrong?” I pleaded.

“All that money. All that fucking money I have earned in the club I gave to your father to pay off the loan. Do you know how much he has paid off? Absolutely fuck all!” Mum said before I could even ask.


“I don’t know what he’s done with the money Gary, but that was the bank they wanted to know when we are going to start making payments to clear the loan.” Mum said, crying her eyes out.

I took Mum by the hand and led her upstairs. I found a holdall and told her to put all of her clothes from the dresser in it.

I carried all the hanging clothes from her wardrobe and put them on the back seat of my car, Mum handed me the holdall and I asked her to gather anything else she wanted and I returned with a holdall from my car.

We packed all that Mum wanted into my car and set off for my house. I carried Mum’s clothes upstairs and re-hung them in the wardrobe for her, as Mum sorted out her clothes into the dresser I went back out to get the last of her stuff from my car.

Once everything was indoors and put away we sat down with a large scotch each.

“Mum was the house in joint names?”

“No. Just your fathers. As I wasn’t working when we got the mortgage he never put me on the paperwork, same as the loan is in his name as well. Why do you ask?”

“Have you got everything you want and need from the house, you are sure you didn’t leave anything behind?” I asked.

Mum thought for a while then exclaimed “Oh Shit! My mother’s antique watch, I forgot all about it.”

We raced back to the house and grabbed the watch and I waited as Mum did a final check for anything else. I laughed when she came out of the kitchen with the toaster.

“I paid for this and it cost me a fair bit so stop laughing Gary.”

That evening at home we had showered and were watching TV, Mum had on a massive t-shirt and small pair of panties. I had on shorts and a t- shirt. I deliberately avoided looking at Mum as I felt my cock twitch each time I looked at her legs, she could have passed for someone ten years younger just sitting there like that. Mum asked what I normally watched on a Saturday night, I laughed telling her I was usually out and didn’t bother with the TV much. She found something to watch and I struggled to maintain an interest in it. When the show had finished Mum yawned and said she was going to bed, I agreed and locked up the house and went to bed soon after.

I was just at the point where I could have fallen asleep and I heard my bedroom door open, Mum crept in and got into bed with me. “Mum!” I blurted out.

“Please Gary I don’t want to be alone tonight,” Mum said as she snuggled up to me and kissed my cheek. I cuddled Mum close to me as I promptly fell asleep.

I woke the next morning and thought I’d had a wet dream as my cock was all warm and wet, when I looked down Mum was under the covers sucking my cock.

“Mum. What the hell?”

She stopped, smiled at me and then I asked her why?

“Because Gary I want to do this for someone who loves me, someone who is not going to have to pay me afterwards.”

“Mum, you don’t have to do this.”

Mum knelt up but still kept her hand on my cock. “Yes I do Gary, so please let me do this for you.” She straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock, god it felt great even though I knew it was wrong.

“Mum, we can’t do this.” I pleaded as she rocked gently on my cock.

“Too late we already are,” Mum said, smiling down at me.

If I was going to be damned then I was going to enjoy it as well, I cupped Mum’s tits in my hands and stroked the nipples with my thumbs. Mum started rocking faster and I knew she was about to cum, I lifted my hips and thrust into her.

“Oh! Oh cumming! I’m cumming! Cum with me Gary!” Mum gasped.

Mum squealed out loud as she came and I yelled out as my cock filled her with cum.

This is a repost of an old story, there have been no changes to it. All comments are welcome, be warned negative anonymous comments will be deleted. I hope you enjoy the story I was having the time of my life being single and earning an outrageous amount of money at the age of twenty-five,…

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