Multiversal Maddie


Author’s Note: So this story is a bit of a chimera, categorically speaking. I settled on calling it Incest/Taboo because that does describe most of the sexual activity in this chapter and stories under that umbrella tend to get more views. But alongside the incest elements, this story contains a lot of Science Fiction, Exhibitionism throughout, elements of Masturbation, varying degrees of Nonconsent/Reluctance, a bit of Group Sex, a healthy side of Lesbian Sex with fries, and my best attempts at Humor. If any of that turns you off, this may not be the story for you.

For everyone who’s sticking around, bon appetit!


It all began with a cliche: Attractive sister takes a shower. Debauched brother takes a peak.

Young Maddie Flitt’s room was directly across from the upstairs bathroom. For this reason, she found it perfectly acceptable to sneak across the hall after her shower clad in nothing by one towel to contain her still drying hair. Especially this early in the morning on the first Tuesday this summer she hadn’t had work.

Maddie entered her room and set about collecting clothes for the coming day. Her mind was awash with thoughts about how she’d spend her day off, the friends she might visit, the activities she could perform. So consumed was she in her imagining, she almost didn’t hear the suspicious sound behind her.

She turned.

At her computer desk on the far side of her room was Nate, her younger brother. He sat at her computer chair, headphones engaged, evidently unaware of her presence. On the screen were two women, engaged in an act of mutual cunnilingus. Nate was performing an act of his own, which Maddie was spared seeing from her current perspective.

At this point, there were multiple avenues open to Maddie. One would be to pretend she had observed nothing and leave, wipe the incident from her memory. But instead…

“What the fuck?” she screamed.

Nate spun around in her chair. Maddie was no longer spared the sight of his penis, which was turning a shade of red in the tight grip of his knuckles. “Oh. Hi.”

Maddie’s eyes were drawn magnetically to his throbbing member. It was only the second penis she had seen in real life, the first being her ex-boyfriend’s. She had hoped the next time she saw a dick it would belong to a collegiate athlete, or the nice stock boy at work, or anyone except for her little brother.

But then, the owner of the penis was only the second most disturbing thing in this situation. The first most disturbing was that it had lost none of its erectness since she had arrived.

“Why are you doing that in my room?” she demanded.

“I uh, well, I didn’t expect you to be home, so…” Nate trailed off. Maddie suddenly realized his eyes were pointed somewhere further down than her face. In fact, he seemed to be staring at…

Maddie shrieked and used her arm to block his view of her tits. “You fucking pervert!” With her free hand, she removed the towel from her hair and held it in front of her body, concealing her breasts and her vagina. She wished that she had gotten a bigger towel. This one wouldn’t even wrap around her body.

“Why are you in here?”

Nate’s eyes dropped to the floor. “Maggie, I’ve had this… fixation on you for a while now. I’d never act on it. That would be wrong. But sometimes, when you’re out, I like to come in here to watch porn. I never go through your stuff or anything nasty like that, but the scent of your room, being near your bed… It enhances the experience in a way I can’t explain.”

His dick twitched as he talked. A solitary strand of precum began a slow descent to her hardwood floor. “I hope you understand.”

Maddie took a step back. Her hands gripped the towel so tightly they shook. She had so many questions. Questions she knew that she would not like the answers to. Her own brother? She could feel cold disgust and nausea working its way through her guts. She was going to be sick.

And in that moment of intense feeling, Maddie was overtaken by a feeling every human has experienced at some point. With every fiber of her being, she wished that she were somewhere else.

She took another step back.

The room went away.

The room went away, Nate went away, the house went away. The WORLD went away. Maddie wasn’t there anymore.

The first change she noticed was the temperature. It had been hot in her home. They were in the middle of summer. Suddenly, it was neither hot nor cold. Nor warm. It was a total average she had never encountered before. Like being in a dream, temperature had simply been removed as a factor.

The second thing she noticed was the black. The room wasn’t dark, in the conventional sense. Almost everything she could see was black, but she could still see her hands and body. There was no obvious lightsource and she couldn’t find her shadow. It appeared she was in a room with black walls, black floors, and an unknown lightsource.

And all of that meant she bursa otele gelen escort could not determine the chamber’s size.

“Hello?” she called. There was no echo. Maddie picked a direction and walked in it, but didn’t encounter a wall. She walked slowly, hands held out in front of her, but nothing appeared to impede her progress.

Tired and confused, she sat down. On her bare ass, the ground felt like concrete. Hard and firm, indisputably real. Normally being bare ass on concrete would be uncomfortable, but given present circumstances, any reminder of the physical world was to be cherished. Maddie hugged her damp towel to her chest and waited.

“You seem to be adjusting. Shall we begin?”

Maddie turned around to find there were two young women watching her. No, not just young women. The two of them were identical. Both had neck length brown hair, dyed to turn golden at the ends. Both were five and a half feet tall. Both were of average, perhaps slightly below average, chest size for a twenty year old woman. Both had amber colored eyes.

In other words, both of them looked exactly like Maddie.

Maddie looked between the two. Both of her duplicates looked like professionals, but from very different professions. The one on the right was dressed in a tuxedo, complete with a black tie and a white pocket square. She looked like Maddie was either attending a very bourgeois funeral or interviewing to be a secret service agent.

The one on the left was dressed in a pure white outfit. The outfit seemed to be all one piece, head-to-toe, and Maddie didn’t see any zippers or buttons to remove it. She would have thought it resembled pajamas if it weren’t so form fitting. The unknown fabric really hugged her dupilcate’s curve, making the bust she did have more prominent. Despite the odd situation, Maddie wondered if she shouldn’t find out where to buy one.

“Welcome, welcome!” said Jumpsuit! Maddie in a high-pitched voice. “So glad to have another you in our domain!”

“Where is this place?”

“Outside,” said Tuxedo! Maddie. Maddie hadn’t known her voice could be so gravely. Maybe this one was a smoker? “Outside the limits of your specific reality. You wanted gone. We helped you out.”

Maddie blinked a couple times, trying to fit that explanation into her worldview. “How?”

“Great question! The short answer is: you lucked out! A long time ago, a woman we now call Madison-Prime cracked the code to multiversal travel. As a result, Maddies from all across the multiverse came together to help their sisters in unideal worlds! At this moment, that would be you.”

Maddie stood up. Even though these women resembled her, they still felt like strangers. She did her best to conceal her naked body with her towel. “Am I supposed to accept that? It’s nuts. There’s one me.”

Tuxedo snorted. “One you, sure. But a whole lot of us. Reality doesn’t care what you accept.”

“And please don’t be so sensitive about the nudity, dear,” said Jumpsuit. “I see your girls there every morning. It doesn’t bother us a bit.”

“Well it bothers me,” said Maddie. “How do I get back?”

Jumpsuit cringed. “Back? Oh no, I’m afraid that’s not how it works.”

“When you arrived here, you became uncoupled from your original reality,” Tuxedo explained. “Finding the exact place you came from is like finding a specific piece of hay in a haystack. There is no going back.”

“But that isn’t a bad thing!” insisted Jumpsuit. “You wouldn’t be here if you liked that reality anyway. Now you can select a better one. You just have to find the doors.”

Maddie looked around. Other than the two women, everything was still black. “Not seeing much in the way of doors…”

“Of course you aren’t now, silly! Come here and I’ll show you.”

Reluctantly, Maddie stepped forward. With no hesitation, Jumpsuit grabbed her by the wrist, causing her towel to fall away from her body. Maddie tried to jerk away, but was surprised by Jumpsuit’s firm grip. Before she could complain, a metal cuff was clamped around her left wrist.

“Are you handcuffing me?”

“No, no, silly. It’s a bracelet! A location bracelet, very important if you want to find any world, much less your own. Take a look.”

The “bracelet” was solid black, and entirely weightless despite being quite bulky. The device was completely round and lacked angles. The only thing on it besides black metal was a glowing red display which showed black letters. At the moment, it read 60.5B Verses.

“What does that mean?”

“It’s the number of realities accessible to you,” said Tuxedo. “Sixty and a half billion.”

Maddie considered that for a second. “Okay. I have no idea what’s going on, but I’ve heard people talk about multiple realities before. Isn’t there an infinite number of them? Shouldn’t my number of realities be unlimited?”

“Sure there’s unlimited realities!” said Jumpsuit. “What the Cuff escort bayan does is select worlds that are compatible. For example, it wouldn’t steer you toward a world where the Cambrian Explosion never happened, or where hydrogen doesn’t exist. Most worlds have some element that makes them inhospitable to Maddie Flitts. Also, we are only connecting you to worlds that have been checked out by other members of our organization. We stick to worlds that are relatively close to what we know, but different enough that we can tell one world from another. We exist within a subset of a subset.”

Maddie wasn’t convinced that made sense, but she also wasn’t sure what would be accomplished by arguing. “Fine. So how do I find worlds?”

Tuxedo gestured to the expanse of darkness behind her. “You just go.”

The two women looked at her expectantly, waiting. Still uncertain but very uncomfortable about her exposed body and talking to two strangers with her own face, Maddie decided it was best to get out of this void as quickly as possible. So slowly she walked past the duo into the abyss, eyes flitting between the ground before her and her Cuff’s display.

She made a few yards before something happened. The quality of the air around her shifted, and she felt something other than the uncanny averages of this “outside” realm. The air was warm, and it carried the scent of cinnamon the air freshener in her room produced.

Looking up, Maddie found herself faced with a white, vertical rectangle slightly taller and wider than she was. A door. Maddie looked behind her, but the two alternates had disappeared.

Before approaching the door, Maddie looked back at the Cuff. The words that had been there before were gone. Now there was a circular glyph, and beside it Type A.

“This must be something about the world behind this door,” Maddie said to herself. “My blood type is AB, so maybe in this world it’s A. That doesn’t sound too bad. Just in case though, I should take a peak before I commit.”

With no other way forward, Maddie stuck her face through the interdimensional white box.


Type A:

Maddie’s view was framed from her closet. Specifically, she was seeing from the perspective of where her closet door ought to be. Since she had only inserted her face and not her neck, she couldn’t twist around to see how she might appear to onlookers, but that was hardly a priority.

The room she was looking at was identical to the original. There was her bed with the same pink bedspread, her two bookshelves full of her favorite novels and movies, her television and game console, and her desk with her chair and computer.

And seated at the desk was her brother, Nate.

Maddie scowled as she heard the over the top moaning of his porn video. Evidently, this version of her brother had never heard of headphones. Was Nate going to be a pervert in every reality she visited?

Still, perhaps she shouldn’t complain so much. Hadn’t she just asked to go back to her own world? This one seemed exactly the same thus far.

The door to Maddie’s room slammed open. Another girl identical to her stalked through. As with in the original world, she was entirely naked, this time without even a towel in her hair. Her entire body was dripping wet. Unlike in Maddie’s initial reality though, this version of her already seemed to be inhumanly, demonically pissed off.

“What the fucking fuck are you doing you goddam pervert!” she yelled at Nate.

The boy froze. He hadn’t turned, but even without seeing his face Maddie knew he was petrified. The hand on the computer mouse shook, but he didn’t have the wherewithal to even mute the video.

“I’m talking to you, super-creep. Turn around and face your sister!”

From her unique third-person perspective, Maddie had to admire this view of her body. Even when she was furious and glowering, her immaculate skin was still beautiful. Though her tits were on the tiny end, they were well proportioned and drew the eye to her petite, pink nipples. Her perfectly shaved pussy (something Maddie was especially glad to have now that she was stuck in the “outside” with no clothes) was also attractive. And maybe it was just her entire body clenching in fury, but the other Maddie looked more muscular than Maddie recalled herself being.

Slowly, Nate spun his chair around. He kept his eyes focused on the floor, not daring to look up at his sister or her body. His erection was still exposed, but was slowly deflating. “I’m so sorry, Maddie. I didn’t-”

“Didn’t what, twerp? You didn’t know it was wrong to watch smut on my computer! You didn’t think I’d catch you jacking off! You didn’t think I’d rip your fucking dick off!”

The boy braced his arms against the chair and looked like he was about to stand, but froze when his sister marched at him. “You aren’t going anywhere, pipsqueak!”

Despite being eighteen plus a few months, Nate mudanya escort was a relatively scrawny guy. He had little, if any, muscle mass over his sister. In between that and his utter terror at his present circumstances, the boy was unable to resist as Maddie grabbed him by the hair and yanked off the chair, toppling his body to the floor.

“And you’ll stay down there until I say otherwise, fucking asshole!”

She flipped her brother over and then, much to his horror, grabbed his pants and boxers, indelicately yanking them below his thighs. Nate’s testicles and rapidly shrinking cock were fully exposed.

“Oh-ho, I don’t think so. You think you can come and get off in my room without any consequences? You aren’t going soft on me now, Nathan!”

Maddie wrapped her fingers around the length of Nate’s dick and began performing a violent hand job. Nate watched with a stunned look. It was a highly unpleasant experience, but for the virginal brother it was also a novel one. He was helpless against the stimulation. Against his will, the boner returned.

The Maddie of that world grinned in sick satisfaction. “You get off in my room without my permission? That means I get off too, bastard.”

The young lady swung a leg over his hips, positioning her vagina directly over her brother’s erect penis. She made direct eye contact with him, her expression severe. “Fight me on this, please. I’ll get a kick out of it.”

Nate gulped.

With her knees on the ground, Maddie lowered herself down the length of his member. She let out a slow moan when she reached the halfway point. She went slowly at first, not reaching the bottom of his shaft. But as she continued and her vagina acquired the necessary lubrication, she picked up the pace. Soon, Nate was grimacing from the friction.

“Don’t be a baby. This is what you get, little brother. Fuck with me and I’ll fuck with you. Come on, no long faces. Admit it, this is exactly what you were hoping for.”

Maddie threw back her head, causing her beautiful brown hair to bounce. The smile on her face had softened from sadistic to genuinely joyful. The anger seemed to have melted away, but what remained didn’t give Nate any sense of comfort.

“Mmm, almost there. And if my read on you is right, you aren’t far behind. Be honest, I’m a pretty good lay, right? Just nod, little boy, if you know what’s good for you.

” So, here’s what’s gonna happen. First, I’ll cum. Then, I’ll let you cum. Finish before me and I’ll teach you a whole new lesson. After that, you’re gonna eat my pussy until-”


Maddie pulled her face out from the door. She clutched her towel to her stomach, trying to control her breathing. That had been horrible. What Nate had done before was wrong and creepy, but that was the most traumatic thing Maddie had witnessed in her life. And worse, it had been committed by a person who was evidently exactly the same as her.

The same face, same body, same room, same life. They’d even taken a shower at the same time of day.

This information begged the question: Could she do something like that? And to her own brother?

Maddie shook her head. “No. Apparently there are billions of versions of Maddie Flitt out here. I’ve only met three of them, but I have never worn a tuxedo and I don’t know where to buy a white jumpsuit. Just because they look like me and sound like me doesn’t mean they are like me.”

The wave of nausea slowly passed. At least one dilemma had been resolved, for the moment. But more than ever, Maddie wanted to make it out of this strange dimension, and more than ever she was afraid of what she might find behind one of these doors. She had no other option than to go looking and cautiously approach whatever world she stumbled across.

So Maddie went back to walking.

She hadn’t made it further than a yard when the display on her Cuff changed from its default (60.5B Verses) to a new description. There was that circular glyph again, followed by Empathetic.

“Okay, that sounds pretty non-violent.” She eyed the rectangle of light that had materialized to her left. “Still better be safe though.”

For the second time, Maddie stuck her face into the luminous doorway.



Once again Maddie was looking in on an identical copy of her room. And from roughly the same point of view at that. Also once again, Nate was sitting at her computer watching porn. She didn’t even have the energy to be surprised. At least he was wearing headphones this time.

It took a much longer time than before for anything else to happen. For almost three minutes, Maddie just sat there with little to look at and nothing to hear except the soft sounds of Nate playing with himself. She started to wonder if this was a world where she hadn’t walked in on him.

Right as Maddie was coming up with a new plan of attack, the door finally opened. In walked the next Maddie. Unlike the last two, she was completely dry after her shower, but still naked. She didn’t carry a towel or have one in her hair. And unlike the initial Maddie, she was immediately aware of Nate’s presence. She tilted her head, looking very surprised but not angry. Calmly, she approached the chair.

Author’s Note: So this story is a bit of a chimera, categorically speaking. I settled on calling it Incest/Taboo because that does describe most of the sexual activity in this chapter and stories under that umbrella tend to get more views. But alongside the incest elements, this story contains a lot of Science Fiction, Exhibitionism…

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