Multiple Melia Ch. 01

Multiple Melia Ch. 01


My anticipation was growing by the minute, especially after the jets wheels touched down. I wondered again if I knew what I was getting myself into. What if she gets cold feet and decides not to show? What if she looks nothing like her pictures and I don’t recognize her at the airport? What if she sees me and decides the I look different from my photos? What if…Oh, enough, I forced my mind to abandon all thoughts for a few moments and allowed myself to expect nothing.

One day before I had gotten a private message from Melia, a wonderful woman I had gotten to know (I hoped) in the past few months online and over the phone; she had taken her vacation and decided she wanted some company to help her relax. We had joked about it, but I guess she had been testing the waters, so to speak. Of course, after making sure of her wishes, I had dropped the few things I had going, searched for a quick flight, tossed some clothes in a bag (if things went well, I wouldn’t need them), and made a run for the airport. I messaged Melia from the airport, letting her know when my flight arrived in Phoenix and hoped she’d be there. I figured I’d sleep on the six hour flight-yeah, sure.

I’m not normally this impulsive, but Melia really had me worked up, sharing many of the same interests, normal and sexual. Though a secondary concern, I hoped she looked like her photos and description: a thin, athletic brunette standing about 5′ 3″ with a face of an angel. I hoped I was not misjudging the situation, but rationalized that a person can never have too many friends, so if it went no further, that was fine.

Another agonizing twenty minutes passed before the plane was at the gate and I was finally walking-half jogging, up the ramp. I forced myself to slow down and not appear so anxious. At last I felt the cold air conditioned air of the terminal wash over me and stepped into the light and to the side so as to not block the other travelers.

I saw her immediately, about twenty feet away; maybe it was because she was the exact person in the pictures, but more likely had to do with her waving anxiously, jumping up and down and calling my name. As I walked towards her, my IQ dropped at least one point for each step-how do beautiful women do that to men?

“Wow, you look great!” she said as she pulled me down in a hug, sliding one hand slowly down my back to the top of my ass and leaning close enough to my ear to give it a nibble “and I can’t wait to see the rest of you!”

“Can’t wait to see the sights in lovely, hot Phoenix!” I said as I returned her hug.

“Well, we’d better get moving; it’s gonna he hard enough-pun intended-keeping my hands off you for the long ride to my place-another hour, if we hurry.” she said coyly.

“To be continued…” I said as we began walking briskly.

The drive was faster that expected, and Melia kept occupied by driving and pointing out landmarks as we breezed by them, explaining that we had enough sites on our agenda to see on this trip. Soon we were outside the city, with me briefly having trouble deciding which scenery was more beautiful-inside or outside; I finally decided on inside-hell I can see all of Arizona online, but Melia…

“It’s tempting to pull over and have my way with you here and now…” she grinned at me as we pulled off of the main road onto a dirt lane “but I don’t have any of my toys here…and we’ll be there soon.” she gave a knowing wink.

“More anticipation will bring even hotter relief, and I always prided myself on self control.” I tried to sound like kayseri escort a meant it.

“We shall see about that!” she said as a house took form over the small rise. There were two empty parking places in front before we pulled in. She had explained that she had made arrangements with her roommate Megan so that Melia and I would have the house to ourselves for the first two days. After a brief tour and glance around, she asked me to sit at the small breakfast nook while we shared a bottle of water.

“I just wanted to test your resolve and control.” she flirted.

“I think it would be good to get to know one another better.” I countered.

“You’re right…so let’s do that. So, you never had a woman give you a prostate massage before?” she asked with nonchalance.

I could feel my face blush and knew she had noticed as I tried to keep my voice stable “Nope; could never find a willing partner, so I had to make do with my Aneros.”

Melia giggled “That may scratch the surface of the itch, but is not even close to real human contact, let alone MY real contact. I’ve had a few very experienced men tell me they had never been multi-orgasmic before meeting me…have you ever had a multiple?”

All the blood rushing to lower parts must have been starving my brain because I could only shake my head no.

She leaned her small frame to look under the table, smiling when she saw the telltale bulge “Ooh, well, you better remember to breath-its very important to your pleasure-and I picked up a lot of quick foods, but didn’t get any oxygen bottles and don’t want you to miss anything because you passed out!”

She stood and reached for my hand as she said she’d teased me enough for now. Leading me back the short hallway to her bedroom she said she had already set up. “You do feel tense, so we’ll start with a good massage to loosen you up.” she said softly.

She nudged me back to sit on the bed as she leaned down and began kissing me lightly, first on the lips, then across my cheek, working slowly until she was again nibbling my ear while unbuttoning my shirt. After the shirt was tossed, she kissed me deeper and had my pants unbuttoned, rubbing the bare sides of my hips and top of my ass while avoiding more sensitive parts.

She broke the kiss, standing slowly, pulling me up by the front of my pants. She grinned before leaning in to take a nipple in her mouth, flicking her tongue over it, pulling a groan from me. As she switched to the other nipple, she slid my pants and underwear over my hips. My nipple slid from her mouth as she dropped down on her knees. I saw a quick flash of excitement as her eyes worked past my hard cock before she began kissing the front of my thighs and rubbing the backs, creeping up to my ass, rubbing up the outside of my cheeks towards my hips before I felt her tickling fingertips tracing the top moving inward, then finally, slowly tracing each cheek down the crack.

I looked down to find Melia’s eyes meeting mine, both filled with lust, but hers more controlled. She gently pushed me towards the bed until I sat down; she removed my pants, underwear and socks while kissing and licking the inside of my thighs, leaving me nude.

I moved to stand, intent on returning her favors, but Melia stopped me, shoving me back down on the bed. “This is a treat for you, after traveling so far for my pleasure, I want to show you it was not a wasted trip.” as she nuzzled my neck. She read my mind-a finger covered my lips to keep me quiet. “No arguments, it’s not negotiable…” kayseridekifirmalar.com she nuzzled my ear and rubbed my nipples simultaneously “don’t worry, we’ll soon see just what YOU would do for a Klondike Bar!”

She had me lie on my back on her firm bed as she stood and slowly stripped. Wow, I thought I was worked up before-I could barely contain myself! She slowed when down to her bra and thong, turning around while gyrating her hips like a belly dancer and unhooking her bra to free her perky smallish breasts which fit her frame perfectly. She jumped onto the foot of the bed, standing, and did one more turn, teasing the top elastic band of her thong before pulling it down with one long graceful movement, ending up touching her toes facing away from me. My god, I used what I thought was the last of my restraint to keep from burying my face between those beautiful cheeks and hot bare pussy.

“Don’t worry,” she said as she turned to stand straddling me “you won’t be disappointed…but, for now, I need you to turn over and just enjoy what I’m going to do.”

I did as she told me to, with a slight adjustment of my hard-on and felt a cool splatter across my back and down to my ass, between the cheeks and on my legs as Melia poured the oil. She knelt down and rubbed me all over very lightly, spreading the oil. Then, putting one knee beside my hip, she straddled my lower back. I could feel her hot pussy and taut ass against my skin and groaned as she began massaging my neck back and arms. She then slid down, paying little attention to my ass, and worked down each leg ad foot before coming back up, becoming more sensuous then, working very high up the inside of my thighs, teasing the incredibly sensitive area between my balls and ass, then moving away.

When I thought I could take no more, she proved me wrong; pausing to spread oil on herself, she laid down flat, pressing her breasts into my back while grinding her mound into my ass and holding me tight by my shoulders.

“I am going to make you feel sooo good! You are going to beg me to make you cum!” Melia hissed into my ear.

The next infinite amount of time is just an erotic blur in my mind. I remember feeling her kisses and every part of her naked body rubbing on mine. The feeling was exquisite and I was torn between never wanting it to end and moving on to the next activity, though I was in heaven and did not understand how it could feel any better.

The choice was made for me when Melia trailed sultry kisses down my spine, kneading my butt cheeks as she straddled my thighs, hooked her feet on the inside of my legs and began to gently pull them apart. All the while, she focused her hands on my ass, rubbing the muscles and occasionally tickling down the center, brushing my asshole lightly.

“Your smooth ass feels so good, but I can’t wait to taste it…” she cooed, adding “among other things…”

I felt light kisses first on my tailbone, then lower, and as her feet pulled my legs apart further, her hands gently parted my cheeks and I felt her hot slippery tongue swirling around my puckered asshole. It felt fantastic and as I pushed back to meet her mouth and tongue, her hands roamed alternately between sliding up my sides and underneath my belly to sliding up my legs along my taint and brushing the back of my balls, putting slight pressure on my taint as a foreshadowing of events to come.

I was happily lost in this timeless heaven, getting more turned on by the second, enjoying the feel of Melia’s tongue sliding in and out of my ass. All good things must come to an end, even if it’s simply because something better is to take place. Melia slowly pulled back from my ass, helping me to roll over before sliding up my naked torso, giving my cock enough friction that for a moment I worried I would cum just from that.

Melia continued gyrating as she slid, my hard cock being teased mercilessly as the head was positioned on her hot slit, and I badly wanted to grab her hips and thrust into her, but wanted to play by her rules to please her and see what else she had in store for me. She kissed and licked her way up my neck and kissed me deeply, passionately before moving down to my ear again, nibbling and whispering naughty things (as if I could be more aroused). “Are you ready to cum harder and longer than ever before? ” she asked between nibbles.

I could barely respond “I’m yours in any way you wish-I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!”

“Easy now,” she breathed “we have allll week, this is only the first act, we still have a lot of play left…now, how long would you like to orgasm for?”

Before I could answer, she began sliding back down, making me gasp as she trailed her tongue from just under the overly sensitive head of my dick, down the shaft and across my balls before sitting up on her pretty bum between my legs, placing them over top of her own legs; she then pushed my knees up further and moved up to support them and access my hot zones.

She dripped some more oil on my belly and legs and rubbed it in before dipping her fingers in the oil and beginning to work her way to my ass, sliding the length of two fingers up and down over my hole while tracing around my genitals with the other hand. I was nearly ready to cum and she had barely touched my cock yet! She expertly held me right on the edge, giggling lightly with each chill up and down my spine.

Her fingers became more insistent at my anus, using more inward pressure, until I relaxed enough for the tip of her finger. She smiled at my ecstatic gasp-I felt so good right then. She took her time penetrating me, slowly working up to two fingers in to the knuckles, all the while teasing my cock and balls without touching them, and rubbing my taint.

Then Melia began her manipulations. I thought I felt good before, but this was incredible! I had wondered what she had meant by “how long do you want to orgasm for?” but that is exactly what she meant-I felt like I was in a constant full body orgasm that would never end! It was a “dry” orgasm- my cock oozed with each body wracking spasm, but I had yet to ejaculate.

Her lovely voice floated to my ears on cloud nine: “You’ve been peaking for a while, are you ready to come down? I can let you down lightly without ejaculating and you could keep all that sexual energy for a while-a short while…that would be helpful if your stamina was low…but, as you have been sporting a hard-on since you hugged me at the airport, I think it’s better to relieve that tension…”

With that, Melia leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth-all the way to the root, massaging the tip with the muscles in her throat, while hitting my prostate a little more intensely. I came immediately and so hard I think I may have passed out for a second or two. She kept up the pressure well after I was through squirting, milking my cock and setting of spasms that were stronger than any other orgasm I had previously.

I have no idea how long it took to get my breath, but when I finally did, Melia was snuggled next to me, kissed my exhausted lips, pulled back smiling and said “I can tell you enjoyed our time so far, but remember, we have much more to do…” and she kissed me hard on the lips and rolled on top of me…

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