Mrs. Dylan’s New Tenant Pt. 05

Big Dicks

Mrs. Dylan watched from her kitchen window as the three young people walked down her driveway towards Jeremy’s apartment in the mid-morning sun. Two girls and a boy all wearing the university student uniform — jeans with ragged tears on the knees and upper leg (who the hell buys ripped jeans she thought), t-shirts, sneakers and backpacks. They were laughing in an easy, familiar manner like they had no worries at all. The boy had the beginnings of a beard, brown curly hair and carried a bit of a paunch. He needs to look after himself better she thought. But the young women were both quite striking. The taller, slimmer one wore her blond hair long and straight. From what Mrs. Dylan could see she was the most animated of the three. She had a nice smile which highlighted her athletic body. The other young woman wore her hair short and dyed bright red. She was shorter and stockier than her friend and had a lovely round face which just shone with youth and energy. Mrs. Dylan watched as the three started to climb the stairs to Jeremy’s apartment above her garage at the far end of the driveway. She could see Jeremy standing at the top of the stairs waiting for them. They were all laughing as they disappeared into his apartment. She saw her own face reflected in the window — a large round face dominated by dark, piercing eyes framed by short cropped white hair. She preferred the youthful, vibrant faces of the two young women.

Almost two hours later, Mrs. Dylan could hear the laughing again. She peered out the window and saw the three young people accompanied by Jeremy coming down the stairs. They all walked down the driveway towards the street. They were paired up with Jeremy talking with the taller young woman. She could see they looked really comfortable together. Feeling a pang of what she realized was jealousy, Mrs. Dylan was going to get to the bottom of this girl and Jeremy when they met later that evening.

Jeremy kicked off his flip flops beside the back door and then knocked on the door. Wearing his requisite shorts and t-shirt, he waited expectantly for Mrs. Dylan. It wasn’t long before she opened the door. She stood, filling the doorway, wearing those tight cargo shorts and long white t-shirt, with her arms crossed across her considerable chest, staring at Jeremy with a cold expression on her almost angry face. He wasn’t expecting this and his mind raced to try and figure out why she was obviously upset with him.

“Hello, Ma’am,” he said uncertainly. “You look upset. Is something wrong?”

Mrs. Dylan didn’t answer. She continued staring hard at him. She saw her boy was showing signs of discomfort and unease. She let out a loud sigh.

“Come in, boy.”

She turned and walked down the hallway and into the dining room. Jeremy followed uncertainly. Mrs. Dylan sat down at the head of the table and saw Jeremy standing nervously in the doorway.

“Sit down,” she said, gesturing to the chair nearest to her at the corner of the table. He stepped into the dining room and sat down in the indicated chair.

“Ma’am,” he began nervously, “have I…”

“Quiet, boy,” she said sternly. “I ask the questions and you answer. Got it?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Who were those people at your apartment this morning?”

“My friends,” he replied. “We’ve formed a study group.”

“A study group?”

Jeremy nodded. “For statistics.”

“Statistics? You were meeting for statistics?”

“Yes. We are all in the same statistics class. Stats is a prerequisite for the programs escort gaziantep bayan we’re all in. It’s not easy so we decided to form a statistics study group.”

“Who are your friends?”

Jeremy felt a wave of relief. He wasn’t in trouble. He pulled his chair closer to the table and leaned into the table.

“Well,” he began, ‘there’s Josie. She wants to study commerce like I do. She’s on the rowing team too. That’s where I first met her. Then there’s Max. She wants to study psychology. Max is with Charlie, the guy who was there. I know Charlie from back home. We went to high school together.”

“Josie the one with the red hair?” Mrs. Dylan asked.

“That’s Max with the hair. She’s always changing her hair color. Next time you see her it won’t be red.”

“You seemed to be pretty animated with Josie on your way out this morning.”

“Oh yeah,” Jeremy replied with a laugh. “Josie and I have a lot in common. We laugh a lot when we’re together. She’s fun to be with.”

“Oh,” said Mrs. Dylan, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms over her chest. “Tell me more about this Josie.”

“Well,” he began, “she’s pretty athletic. Smart too. As well as my stats course, she’s also in my Econ 101 course. Has a boy friend attending another university. We tend to hang out on the days were on campus.”

Jeremy looked expectantly at Mrs. Dylan.

“Is Josie serious about her boyfriend?” she asked.

Jeremy shrugged his shoulders. “I guess she is. To tell you the truth we don’t talk about him that much. He and Josie get together a couple weekends a month. I think Josie said he’s planning on transferring here next year.”

“You interested in her?” Mrs. Dylan asked pointedly. “It seemed to me you both seem attracted to each other.”

Jeremy stared at Mrs. Dylan for a moment and then a light went on for him.

“Oh…oh, Ma’am. You think I want to get together with Josie?”

She just stared at her boy.

“Look, Ma’am. I like her as a friend. She’s great company. But no, I’m not interested in hooking up with her that way.”

Mrs. Dylan let out a disbelieving grunt.

“Ma’am. I’m with you now. And I want to keep it that way. I’m not sure how to call myself in relation to you. We certainly aren’t boyfriend/girlfriend. I know you call the shots for us. But I don’t have a term for myself. Or for you for that matter. Except for Ma’am.”

He paused. “To be honest, if I wasn’t with you, if I wasn’t attracted to you and bound to you like I am, I would make a move on Josie but that’s not the way it is. I’m with you.”

“You watch yourself boy. You’re walking a fine line with that girl. I won’t say you stop seeing her but you watch yourself.”

With that, Mrs. Dylan got up from the table. She walked past Jeremy and out the door.

“Come with me,” she said with an edge to her voice.

Jeremy got up and followed her out the door, through the kitchen and down the hallway and into the second bedroom. This wasn’t her usual slow walk but a walk of purpose. Still the view of her from behind was spectacular he thought. Those shoulders, that ass. He smiled as he drank her in.

Mrs. Dylan placed herself at the foot of the bed with her back to him. Without looking at Jeremy, she pulled her t-shirt off and threw it in the direction of the chair by the bed. She then undid her cargo shorts and peeled those off unceremoniously as well. Jeremy stopped breathing as he saw her enormous, escort gaziantep bayan ilanları muscled butt as she stepped out of her shorts and flicked them with her foot in the general direction of the chair. His cock was soon pressing hard against his shorts. Mrs. Dylan moved around the bed and climbed on it near the head of the bed. She placed herself in an upright sitting position, propping herself with her back against the headboard. Again, crossing her arms across her large, sagging breasts, she spread her legs so her feet touched the edges of the bed. She looked straight at her boy.

“Take your clothes off and come here,” she said in a hard voice.

Jeremy immediately complied to reveal his erect cock. He walked to the foot of the bed.

“Get on the bed. I want you sitting between my legs with your back resting against me.”

Jeremy got on the bed on his knees. He walked on his knees the short distance between her legs, flipped himself around to sit between her legs and nestled himself against her belly. Mrs. Dylan then locked her legs around him, immobilizing him. She then reached around him with her arms and wrapped her solid, strong arms around him. Pulling Jeremy against herself she began to increase the power of her hold on his upper body. He felt like the air was being squeezed out of him. At the same time, Mrs. Dylan began to apply pressure around his waist from her powerful, huge legs. Jeremy felt the air being crushed out of him.

“Ma’am?” he managed to wheeze.

Mrs. Dylan continued to apply more and more pressure. She could see the veins standing out on his neck. Jeremy’s head began to spin as he struggled to breath.

“Ma’am? What?” His words were barely audible.

Mrs. Dylan lessened the pressure slightly, enough for him to breath. She could hear him gulping air. Moving her head next to his left ear, she spoke quietly to him.

“My boy. I’m deadly serious. You watch yourself around that friend of yours.”

She quickly tightened her grip around his body, squeezing hard for five seconds. Then she eased off again.

“Do you understand me, boy?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he whispered.

Mrs. Dylan stopped squeezing. She unlocked her legs from his waist and let her legs fall on either side of Jeremy. She maintained her grip with her arms around him but was now holding him gently against her big body. She could hear him trying to catch his breath while struggling to breath normally.

“Rest your head on my shoulder, boy” she said quietly. Jeremy did so.

“Good. Now breath slowly, in…out…in…out. That’s it.”

Jeremy felt himself relax into her. He just lay against her, feeling safe in her strong arms.

Mrs. Dylan kissed him lightly on the side of his head.

“Know this, boy. You belong to me. I won’t give up easily what is mine. Just be careful around your friend.”

“Please don’t worry about Josie and me, Ma’am. She’s just my friend. I know I’m yours and I’m glad I am.”

“Good,” she replied. She let go of Jeremy. “Now move off to the end of the bed. I have a task for you.”

As Jeremy got off the bed, Mrs. Dylan moved her bulk down the bed until she could lay down. Lying on her back, she drew her feet up and opened her legs to expose her vagina.

“I want you to stimulate me with your tongue,” she said. “Now get between my legs.”

Jeremy hesitated for a moment. “Ma’am, I’ve never had oral sex before. I’m not sure what gaziantep bayan escort reklamları to do.”

“Don’t worry about it, boy. I’ll tell you what to do. By the time we’re finished, you’re going to be the best cunt licker. Now get on the bed and between my legs.”

Jeremy crawled on the bed and lay down between her legs. With his face near her vagina, he tried to look at Mrs. Dylan but the view of her face was completely blocked by her mountainous belly and the high walls of huge legs. He pushed his hands forward until he had a hold of her butt cheeks. Slowly he began to kiss her inner thigh near her vagina, first one side then the other. His tongue flicked out and he began running his tongue over her inner thighs, occasionally stopping to nibble the skin gently near her vagina.

“MMM…that’s good, boy. Now kiss and lick my pussy lips.”

Jeremy did as he was told. As he ran his tongue up and down her outer pussy lips, he could feel Mrs. Dylan begin to slowly move her pelvis slightly up and down.

“Oh!” Her movements became slightly quicker. “Oh, that’s good. MMM…” Jeremy could hear her breathing become rougher. “MMMM…. Now put your tongue inside my vagina.” Jeremy did so. His tongue ran up and down the inner walls of her vulva. He liked the musky smell and the salty taste of her vagina. Now her movements became more pronounced as she rocked back forth and closed and open her legs trapping his head against vagina and then letting him free. It became more difficult to breath as his head was forced against her. He just concentrated on moving his tongue around inside of her.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “That’s it, boy. Keep licking like that. MMM…OHH.”

Jeremy was enjoying the effect he was having on Mrs. Dylan. He pushed his mouth harder against her vagina and continued to run his tongue along the inner walls of her vulva.

“Now push your tongue in as deep as you can,” she gasped. Jeremy did so, moving his tongue into her vigorously.

“Oh god…OHHH…OHHH”…Mrs. Dylan was now moving her pelvis up and down with Jeremy riding her motions as best he could without his tongue slipping out. He grabbed on to her butt cheeks and pulled himself as far forward as he could go to anchor himself against the now gyrating pelvis.

“Move your tongue to the top of my vulva, boy” she said struggling to get the words out. “Feel for a small bump there.” Jeremy found the bump and put his tongue on it. “AHHHH. Massage it, boy, massage it,” she gasped. He began moving his tongue slowly around the bump as Mrs. Dylan’s movements became more and more intense. “Oh fuck, oh fuck. More. More,” she wailed. Jeremy’s tongue began to run itself directly over her clit. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH.” He felt her body convulse and buck upwards. Her legs slammed closed around his head, forcing his nose and mouth hard against her vagina and blocking all sound. Another spasm rocked her as her legs crushed his head and he could no longer breath. A third time her body convulsed and her legs remained locked, squeezing his head so tight against her he began to panic. And then her body relaxed, her legs fell open and Jeremy gulped in air as fast as he could.

He could hear Mrs. Dylan moaning. He pulled himself up and lay on her belly so he could see her. He felt another shudder from deep within her. “OHHH. OHHH,” came out as a groan from her slightly rolling head. She looked at him with cloudy, semi focused eyes.

“Oh fuck, that was good.” Another slight shudder tightened her body and then she relaxed. She looked at Jeremy lying on her belly watching her with an amazed look on his face.

“Come here, boy,” she said softly. She reached under his armpits and pulled him fully on top of her. She wrapped her arms around Jeremy, holding him in place.

“That was wonderful. You were good, boy. You were good.”

Jeremy nestled into her embrace, feeling elated and satisfied. He was where he wanted to be.

Mrs. Dylan watched from her kitchen window as the three young people walked down her driveway towards Jeremy’s apartment in the mid-morning sun. Two girls and a boy all wearing the university student uniform — jeans with ragged tears on the knees and upper leg (who the hell buys ripped jeans she thought), t-shirts, sneakers…

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