Mr. Dangerous

Mr. Dangerous


The party was going full blast when I arrived at the Hilton. It was a reunion of sorts, for a large group of friends from another time, a wilder time. It had been 15 years since I had seen most of these people, and as I walked into the lounge area I could hear laughter and the squeals of delight from some of my oldest and dearest friends. “LYNN! You made it!”

My friend Sandy, Sam as we’d always called her, was the first to greet me, we hugged and laughed and other people crowded around to say hello. I wasn’t in the room 5 minutes before someone thrust a drink into my hand and I sipped it as I looked around at the large group. It was so fun to see these people again, we had all been such good friends back in high school and had some pretty crazy times together, the theme being drugs, sex and alcohol for the last years of our “education”.

I was glad to hear that some of us had made it through that era, went on to college had careers and marriages and children. I had become a nurse, married, had kids, divorced. Pretty typical scenario for our group, I wondered why there were so many divorces among us, why couldn’t we settle down and conform like the rest of the civilized world? Maybe it was growing up in the 70’s, or maybe it was just that we were a lusty group, there was never enough of anything to please us. We chatted away, laughing and joking about old times, and I kept noticing people leaving in groups to go in the restrooms or upstairs to their suites, probably doing lines I thought to myself, feeling glad I had kicked that habit a few years back.

I was talking with my old friend Doug who had become a Doctor, had married and had children and seemed very happy. He was exactly like he was as a teenager, just a bit more rotund, but he still had that marvelous smile and twinkle in his eyes. I felt a light touch on my shoulder, someone was tracing the tattoo on my left scapula very softly with their finger. I knew who it was before I even turned around. “Hello Lynn”, I heard his deep voice whisper in my ear.

My heart took off, but I was trying very hard to maintain my calm as I turned to him and asked, “Richard, what are you doing here?’ I turned away from Doug as he started a conversation with someone else, and my eyes looked directly into the eyes of the man who had broke my heart. I could feel my hand tremble as I struggled to calm my nerves and not let him know how disconcerted I really was. He was still gorgeous, with his sandy dark hair, deep blue eyes, dark mustache and goatee, a little older, but still gorgeous. He ignored my question and said, “I always liked that wild mustang on your shoulder”. I remembered laying in bed with my back to him while he traced the little blue horse tattoo around and around lightly with his finger, the memory sent chills up my spine.

“You remember,” was all he said, it wasn’t a question, it was just a simple stating of fact, he could see it in my eyes. “Yes, I remember,” was all I could manage. “Your eyes are still as green,” he said. I wanted to scream at him, to pound my fists into his chest as I remember the pain he had caused me. He had lied and cheated after I let my guard down with him and gave him my heart. Never again had I given my heart to that extent. I had managed to turn the pain into an anger that was sharp edged and kept me protected from further injury, and I used it without thought. No one would ever get that close to me again and live to tell the story.

I repeated my question, “What are you doing here?” He answered in his usual evasive manner, “Why? Aren’t you glad to see me?”

“No, I’m not,” I replied, as I turned away to resume my conversation with Doug and the others. I had never in a million years expected to see Richard, Mr. Dangerous as we’d jokingly called him in our younger years, at this party. The last I had heard he was out of the country and I had felt the USA was well rid of him. He was wild and known for his heart breaking ways and lack of respect for women. He was a charmer of the first order, but it wasn’t real, he wasn’t capable of honest love, only raw sex. And, I admitted to myself, the sex had been incredible, too bad he was such an asshole.

I wandered around the room, drinking way too much gin and tonic, trying very hard to forget that he was there, in the same room. It felt as if my internal radar was on auto pilot as I sensed his location at almost every moment of the evening, and whenever I glanced his way I saw that his eyes were on me. I was determined to have a good time in spite of that, as I danced and drank the night away, but by 1am I was pretty looped like everyone else, and I decided it was time for me to go upstairs to my suite. I didn’t want to feel sick the next day and I knew I was reaching my limits for alcohol consumption with no hangover.

I glanced around the room as I said good night to everyone, making plans to meet at the park the next day for a picnic. I was glad to see that Richard was no where in sight, had probably left, and I felt safe Tipobet to wander alone to the elevator and up to my room.

Just as the elevator door was sliding shut, I saw a hand reach out and push it back open, and there he was, Mr. Dangerous. “What do you think you’re doing??” I asked him as he stepped into the elevator alone with me. He let the door slide shut and said, “I’m going to my room, what about you darlin?” It made me angry that he used that old familiar endearment with me, and I wanted to rake my fingernails across his face. “I am NOT your darlin, and I am going to my room as well!” Then he said, “Oh come on Lynn, I’m sorry about what happened, but that was a long time ago. Can’t we let bygones be bygones, and forget about it, start over maybe?”

“HA! I would hardly think so, considering your little indiscretions cost me a marriage, a lot of money and lot of pain. Let’s not even go there Richard.”

“Come on,” he said again, “I have some really good pot, why don’t you come to my room and we’ll smoke a joint for old times sake?”

“You must be joking!” was all I could think to say at the moment, but I knew I was getting very angry at him again, I hated that I let him make me feel anything at all.

The elevator slid to a stop, the doors opened and out I walked, briskly! He followed close behind, watching me. I could feel his eyes on my ass and my bare back, as my dress was extremely low cut in the back to my waist. I felt his hand on my back again, covering the tattoo he had always liked. “Please Lynn, I am really sorry I hurt you, I made a bad mistake and I am very, very sorry for that.” He had said the magic words, and my heart melted a tiny bit. I stopped in the hall in front of my room and said, “Well, I could use a joint to help me sleep.”

“Come on,” he said with his sexy little grin, “Lets go to my room, it’s just down the hall here.” We went into his suite, I sat on the chair and he sat on the bed rolling a joint. He lit it up, passed it to me and asked questions about the past few years, telling me about his life as well. I was beginning to relax, feeling a little safer with him, and also realizing I was pretty sleepy. I told him I had to go, as I stood up and headed for the door. He stood, staggering a bit, and I thought he must be pretty drunk. He had always held his liquor well, and I never knew just how drunk he was until he would just pass out. Just as I reached for the door knob and pulled the door open, I saw his hand go over my shoulder, hit the door, slamming it shut. I froze. “I need to go Richard, I’m very tired and you are drunk!” He put his hands on my shoulders, turning me towards him, “I have missed you so much Lynn, I still want you so bad.”

He had taken off his jacket and was in his white shirt and black dress slacks, no tie. “No! This will NOT happen, not again,” I said firmly to him. He reached up and put his hand on my breast, pinching the nipple with his thumb and finger, hard! I saw red, the anger that had simmered in my heart for all those years came to a full boil as I drew back my left hand and struck him across the face as hard as I could, leaving red finger prints on his cheek. I was shocked at what I had done, I’d never struck another person in my life, but it felt wonderful!!!!!

“Why you little bitch!” I heard him swear at me. He grabbed my dress at the shoulder and ripped it down the front of me, I felt the seams at the side give, and he tore my dress completely off me with one hard jerk. I was standing there in my skimpy, black lace bra and black sheer thongs, with thigh high black nylons on. I saw his eyes widen when as he glanced down my body and his cock went hard. “Richard…I..” I didn’t know what to say, I could see that he was very, very angry, but so was I. He grabbed me by my upper arm and dragged me to the bed, pushing me back onto it on my back, and came crashing down on top of me, crushing my mouth with his. I was struggling, he was much stronger than I was, and the weight of his body on mine had me pinned to the bed.

I turned my head away and screamed, “YOU FUCKER, GET THE FUCK OFF ME RIGHT NOWWWWWW!” I heaved on his chest with all my strength, but it wasn’t enough, he continued to keep me pinned, but he had stopped moving. I tried pushing his body off mine, but he was too heavy, I was still pretty drunk and high and I couldn’t manage to throw him off me. I realized he was being still, and I looked up to his face to see that he had passed out, drunk, as usual. I managed to roll him off me and wiggle out from underneath him, I stood at the side of the bed looking down at him.

“Ha!” I thought to myself, “Mr. Dangerous indeed! More like Mr. Can’t Keep It Up!” and a little giggle escaped my lips. “Hmmmmm,” I thought to myself, “What to do? I really should take advantage of this situation and teach him a lesson he won’t forget!”

I quickly formulated a plan in my mind as I reached for his dress jacket, put it on and headed for the door. His key card was in the pocket Tipobet Giriş just as I had expected it to be, I grabbed my purse, his ice bucket, and headed for my room. The jacket was just long enough to cover my ass, and I was glad I still had my nylons and shoes on. I went into my room gathered together the items I needed, and headed out the door for the ice machine. I filled the ice bucket half way and headed back for his room. I firmly shut and locked the door behind me, glad to see that he was still asleep, face down on the bed. I worked quickly as I was afraid he would awaken before I was ready, and that would be a disaster. I removed several items from my bag, one of which was the belt to my robe. I thought it was best if I worked on his wrists first, then his legs.

I got on the bed, kneeling beside him and gently raised his arms above his head and pulling his wrists together. I used my soft terry cloth belt to bind his wrists firmly together and attached it to the frame at the head of the bed using a secure knot with a quick release. I was pleased with my handiwork, and glad the experience of owning a horse had taught me the quick release knot. I bent down near his face, and saw that he was still sound asleep, respirations even and nonlabored, years of nursing had ingrained in me the habit of checking for such things. I lifted his eyelids and saw his pupils quickly respond to the light and thought to myself, “just drunk and asleep, so typical of him.” I let my hand linger on his cheek for just a second staring at the face I had adored for so long, and hated as well. I shook my head and quickly pulled my hand away as if I’d touched fire, I couldn’t let my heart get involved, not again.

I moved lower on the bed toward his midsection, pushing him over a bit with great effort on his side, unsnapped and unzipped his slacks and managed to drag them down his hips, legs and off over his feet. I couldn’t manage to get his briefs off as he was such a dead weight in his sleep, so I left them on, for now. I couldn’t resist the temptation as I let my hands run from his broad shoulders and down his back. The feeling of his skin was so familiar, I had spent hours with my hands on him, and I remembered ever mole, every ticklish spot, every single place on his body that he loved to be touched. I let my hands slide down over his ass, his thighs, his calves, down over his Achilles tendons and the souls of his feet. I was mesmerized as I bent my head towards his feet and rubbed my lips over the skin on his souls. I abruptly pulled away and thought to myself, “Stop it Lynn! This is NOT what you are here to do!”

I shook my head and reached for his ankle, sliding his leg to the corner of the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed, slid my shoes off and peeled my thigh high hose down my leg and taking the other one off too. I tied one end of the sturdy nylon around his ankle, and secured it to the bed frame at the bottom of the bed, repeating the procedure for his other leg. He was now on his belly, arms tied above his head, head turned to the side, legs widely spread and securely tied as well. He laid there like a little boy, softly snoring, having no idea what was going on. He was about to find out.

I stood up, tearing my gaze away from his perfect body and headed for the bathroom where I had left the ice bucket. It was half full with ice, and I filled it to the brim with cold water. I glanced at myself in the mirror and was actually surprised to see how calm I looked. My red hair was a bit disheveled, and I looked a bit wild in my black lacey bra and thongs, but my eyes were calm and I grinned a little with anticipation as I turned away and walked back toward the bed and the man.

I decided to find his pot and roll another joint before I woke him up. I spotted his suitcase on a chair near the window and opened the lid looking in the pocket where I knew he had stashed his pot. I reached in and my fingers closed over his wallet as I pulled it out and held it in my hands. Black leather, I brought it to my nose inhaling the scent of the leather, something about it had always turned me on. I loved the smell of leather, it reminded me of the horse tack and men and all sorts of images ran through my mind. Of course I opened it up, thumbed through his cash, seeing five one hundred dollar bills and miscellaneous change.

I flipped up the pictures and was extremely surprised to see he still carried the picture of us on the boat off the coast of Key West, in bathing suits, arms around each other, smiling for the camera. I let my mind wander to that trip, that day, that time when he was everything I’d ever wanted, everything I’d cared about. I had arranged my life for him, I had hurt people I loved for him, I would’ve died for him…

Then, abruptly my mind turned to the memories of his betrayal. The other women, the drugs, the alcohol, the lies, it all came flooding back into my head. And then I made the mistake of thinking about her, about Anne. I hated Tipobet Güncel Giriş her when I first learned of her, she was a kid, a beautiful kid, but in the end I had cared about her very much. It all seemed very twisted now, which it probably was, but it was reality, and I had accepted that a long time ago. She had almost lost her life, and somehow through the whole terrible drama we had become friends, amazingly enough.

She was 22, too young to be involved with Mr. Dangerous and had almost paid with her life. Hopefully, the scars on her wrists would always be a reminder for her to be cautious, and not ever let that happen again. I tore my thoughts away from the past as I felt the anger rise to the surface and come to a full boil. I threw the wallet back in the suitcase like it was burning my fingers, found the bag of pot, the papers and sat down to roll a joint. I watched him as I smoked, planning to keep my head at all times and not let his words caress me into forgiving him. I thought of the pain he had caused so many people, the lies he had told with no remorse, as I stubbed out the joint in the ashtray and rose to stand beside the bed.

I heard him moan softly in his sleep, and turn his head to the other side. I felt the anger, remembered the pain as I took the plastic bucket and dumped the icey water over his bare back. His eyes flew opened, he bucked against his restraints and screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK?????” I involuntarily stepped back from the bed, wondering to myself if I could really handle this as I asked softly, “What’s wrong Richard, are you having problems?” His eyes flew to my face and I could feel the rage rolling off him in waves.

“LYNN??? What the fuck do you think you’re doing?????” he yelled to me.

“Well, darlin! I thought it was high time someone taught you a little lesson on manners!” I replied sarcastically to him. “Now I am in charge, and you will do exactly as I say, or you will be made to feel the consequences. And first I think we need to have a little chat about the past.” He was pissed, I had never seen him so angry as I watched him struggle against the restraints until he finally realized I was a very capable woman and he would never get free, unless I chose to set him free.

“Are you calm now? Shall we begin our chat?” I asked with syrupy sick sweetness. He glared at me. “You little bitch, I am going to make you pay for this Lynn!” he threatened. “Now now darlin, I don’t think you are in ANY position to be making threats. Don’t you agree????” I could see my tone of voice was infuriating him, making that little vein on his forehead stand out, just like I had seen it hundreds of times in orgasm. I had loved to watch that vein dilate and the look in his eyes when he poured his hot cum into me. The pleasure was almost as great as I watched it protrude in his anger…

“Now Richard,” I said in a condescending tone, “lets go back in time, to that very special time when you begged me to leave my husband and were fucking 5 other women at the same time! Shall we do that? Doesn’t that sound like fun????” He groaned as he closed his eyes and buried his face for a moment in the sheet. “I said I was sorry Lynn, I loved only you, I don’t know why I did that. I have always been sorry for that.” I responded quickly, “I was sorry too Richard, I was sorry when I lost my home, all that money, and hurt people I had loved, and I was very, very sorry when Anne almost died.” He looked directly at me, and I saw his eyes go from light blue to navy like they always did when he was upset.

“You know I never meant for that to happen,” he said softly. “Yes,” I answered back, “I know you never MEANT for any of it to happen, but it did, and people paid huge prices for YOUR mistakes…and NOW, I think it’s time YOU were punished for it!” I reached for the bag I had brought from my room, pulled out my bandage scissors waving them in front of his face. “Oh my god Lynn! What are you going to do with THOSE????” I could hear the fear in his words, he knew he was in a bad situation, had lost all control and he also knew I was capable of great emotion. He had experienced my rage on more than one occasion, and I believed the depth of my feelings had intimidated the both of us. I smiled with my mouth, the smile never reaching my eyes, as I stepped closer to the bed.

I put one knee up on the bed, intentionally exposing my barely covered pussy to his face. I reached for the back of his shirt and cut all the way up the back. I cut the rest of his expensive white dress shirt off his body and tossed it to the floor, giving him glimpses of my cunt as I worked. I realized the power and the control I had was making me very wet, and very horny. I had never been in a situation of complete control over another person and the discovery of it’s release in me was intense. I glanced down to see him staring at my pussy, his eye lids heavy with lust as they tore away up to my face. I spread my legs apart seemingly unintentional, feeling his gaze return to my heat as if he had stroked me. We didn’t say a word to each other as I continued to use my scissors on his briefs, I cut them away and threw them to floor beside the scraps of his shirt. He laid before me naked, his tanned body perfection in the dim room, restrained and helpless.

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