Mr. Asshole, My Submissive Super

Mr. Asshole, My Submissive Super

Female Ejaculation

Let Me tell you about me. I mean, what I want you to know. I really do enjoy the life I live, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It wasn’t always good though. All my experiences have brought me to where I am today. I like to think I’m a great judge when it comes to people. I can spot a weak man a mile away and once i have them in my grasp I do what I want with them. I have so many stories but I’ll tell you the most recent. It still makes me chuckle to this day, how weak the average man is for a woman who knows her power.

So I moved into a new apartment in a local suburb. When I went to see it, I was dressed down from my normal, all black ultra-domme attire. I didn’t want to identify myself, shit I didn’t have to, my normal job as an editor did well enough to cover my rent and living expenses. I decided on Workout attire with Adidas shell-toes to finish the look. I mean, I didn’t think I would attract a sub in what I had on. When I got there, I was told to ring the bell and the super would let me in. I rang 2G and out came a tall guy who seemed angry already, muttering into a phone while he let me into the building. We didn’t speak at all, and that was fine with me because I was fascinated with what I knew was going to be my new apartment. I checked fixtures and door locks, windows and all the amenities, all while he continued to argue on the phone, all while keeping his eyes on me. I was okay with him ignoring me while I looked around, but his unpleasant muttering and eyerolling while I stood there waiting for more information, burned my wick very fast.

“okay!!” I stomped my foot and yelled.

He hung his phone up, eyes on me.

“Tell me who to speak to about my deposit.” My eyes were piercing thru him and I saw in his eyes what I knew oh so well. He remained quiet and lowered his eyes to his shirt pocket, and pulled out a card and handed it to me. My eyes still lazering him to pieces, I snatched the card and walked past him, who I now dubbed, Mr.Asshole, and went on about my day.

Flash forward to two weeks later, a few days after I moved in. I still had a few boxes left to unpack, and the place was coming across nicely. I was done with my editing work, but I had a video chat session with one of my overseas slaves, Michael from denmark. Michael is my closeted cock loving submissive. He enjoys times where I humiliate him and make fun of his tiny penis. I know its average and quite formidable, but he’d rather I call it small and make him worship my 12 inch strapon cock. Its big and black, and he loves it. So I’m deep in the middle of a session, all dressed in black lace bodynet, blazing red lipstick, and my strapon, when there’s a knock on the door.

“knock, knock, knock”

I rush to the peephole and who is it, but the super, Mr. Asshole. I’m still worked up and quite horny from watching Michael toy himself with a lotion bottle. My strapon is leaning against the door while I try and get Tipobet this asshole away from my door. Shit, at least until I’m finished and properly dressed. I try and make up a lie.

“Hi there, What’s up? I’m on a business call, can you come back in an hour?”

It seemed like this asshole could smell the latex. He wouldn’t go the fuck away.

“Uhhh, the boss sent me over to put those fuses into the box back there in the master closet.”

I just wanted him to fucking leave.

“This is a very important call, can you come back?”

My nipples were pressed against the heavy cold steel door. The sweat i had started to wear like a shiny highlight was beginning to dry up and I started to feel cool again, but Mr. Asshole was super persistent, and needed to enter and do whatever he was saying. It totally slipped my mind that he was supposed to be stopping by. That was the only reason I answered the door. I ran to get my robe, and when I got back to my computer, Michael had already finished and excused himself. I picked my thick black robe, the only one heavy enough to cover my cock and for it to not make a dick teepee. I slid open the locks and let him inside. I cannot lie, Mr. Asshole was kinda sexy now that I got a good look at him. Very tall and very sexy but still very much an asshole. He stepped in and looked down at me, his eyes looking and saying something they totally shouldn’t right now. I made sure my strapon couldn’t be seen and moved to the side, pointing to the bedroom. While I walked behind him, I remembered everything I left out in plain sight. My paddle, other dildos, and my 6 inch stiletto heels were on the floor. When he stepped into the room he walked to the middle and turned around to me. I never heard his voice so calm and nice.

“I knew you were a Goddess. I knew it.” his eyes went back to the floor. He went into his back pocket and took out his wallet. His eyes met mine and before I could speak and say, “not your Goddess”, he threw it to the floor and dropped to his knees. His eyes dropped back to the floor, and his hands rested calmly folded behind his back. For some reason, I picked up and opened the wallet. A thick layer of hundred dollars was inside.

“For you…for a bit of your time, Goddess. Please.”

I could see that thick banana of a cock through his blue dickeys workpants. I knew that thing there was the source of a lot of the shit in his life; his dick, and the ladies who allowed it to rule them. I am not like regular ladies, though. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you in future stories. I had other plans for Mr. Asshole and his anger problem. I stepped into my heels and sat in my leather office chair, robe still on.

“You knew I was a Goddess?…elaborate” my eyes burned into his soul. He answered,

“Yes, I knew from the way you talked, I knew from the way you made me pay attention, I knew from the way-“

I cut him off.

“This Tipobet Giriş Is all for me?” I said while fanning myself with what seemed like close to 35 hundred dollars.

“Yes Goddess, it is.” He continued, “I only feel good when I can give my money to women who don’t want me. So many women do want me, and let me do what I want. I get tired, Goddess.” His eyes were still facing the floor. I was getting slightly aroused by how submissive he was. I threw his money into my closet, and stood from my chair. I dropped my robe. his eyes surveyed my whole body, starting at my high heels, drinking in my long brown legs and thick thighs, eyeing my garter belt and small belly, panning up to my large DDD titties, and back down focused on my strapon. A small wet spot appeared next to his pant pocket. Precum. Flashes inside my mind were of all the sordid, filthy shit I enjoyed doing to entitled, good looking submissive men I came across. I stepped a bit closer. Close enough for him to smell the fresh latex of my cock, who was now face level to him, but too far for him to reach out and touch. I began to command him and start what ended up to be the beginning of something much better than I thought.

“Take off your shirt…”



He did as he was told and in the end was left with that huge cock of his just poking through his boxer hole. I ordered him back to his knees.

“You tried your hardest to get here, slave. You know I’m a Goddess, but you had no idea I am a Pegger, a taker of men.” I was now in full form, talking in my most dominant tone, standing with arms crossed, proud shiny cock ready, thirsty and anticipating the worship that was to follow.

“On your knees, Asshole! come service my big black cock.”

He dropped down, and stopped. Then he shook his head as if in a trance and continued to crawl to me on all fours. Eyes never meeting mine, he sat back and opened his mouth.

“Look Up at me, bitch. Look a Goddess in the eye.”

He did. I slid my cock onto his lips, his tongue met my shaft and proceeded to lick the bottom and around the head of my cock, looking at me. I stepped back and made him crawl to me again. I wanted him to beg.

“Beg me to show you how to be my bitch.”

Bigtime Mr. Asshole bigdick was on his hands and knees, in my apartment naked, begging me to fuck his mouth like a silly white college girl with her very first black cock. I know that was a change from what he was used to. His raging, veiny boner was proof he was enjoying this scenario.

“Please Goddess…Make me your bitch. Please fuck me with your big black cock. Please.”

This time when he crawled over, it wasn’t going to be nice. He opened his mouth wide and I met his throat with the head of my strapon. His tight mouth could barely fit around it, but that didn’t seem to present a problem. His throat was very deep and I was able to stroke his Tipobet Güncel Giriş mouth in and out, out and in, deep to make him gag, and just the tip at times, to watch the spittle drip on the sides of my shaft and his mouth too. He was a true cock hungry slutboy, letting me grab his hair, slap his cheeks and using no hands, just heavy deepthroat. It was after I told him he was a pathetic cock slut and spit down into his face, that he squirt his load all over my patent leather heels. I came too from fucking his mouth like that, but he’d never know. I laughed inside when He had his orgasm, because like any pathetic man who is used to only trying to please regular women, he thought this encounter was over, once he came. Boy was this asshole wrong. I hated when I got cum on my shoes. It happened often, and when it did, there was always cleaning in order. Here was this huge, creamy, gooey weeks’ worth of baby batter on my shoe, and Mr. Asshole looking up at me again, those fucking eyes, that big dripping dick…and all I wanted to do was make him a worse sissy than he already was.

“You’ve ruined my shoe, you nasty cocksucking bitch. I want you to clean them off with your tongue.”

His eyebrows raised, but he didn’t make a sound. I continued,

“When you suck cock like that you need to know what cum tastes like. Clean my shoe properly you cock craving sissy.”

I sat back down in my chair, crossing my legs, making the soiled high heel eye level to him. No eye contact, he proceeded to lick his cum off my shoe, first wincing at the salty taste, then slurping up the rest, and looked up at me with fire in his eyes. I stood in front of him then thrust his upper body forward, and onto the swivel chair. Now his ass was bent over and arms in the armrest loops of my office chair. Just where I wanted him. I could tell he never had this, but it was very needed. I reached into my bureau and retrieved my lube, Magnum condom, and latex gloves. Mr.Asshole didn’t move. I greased up and got on my knees behind him. I poured a bit into and onto his asshole. I rested the head of my strapon right at his tight little manpussy and he wiggled a bit and I stood up. I squat down and pushed myself inside and put my hands spread on his waist.

Mr. Asshole wasn’t a professional assfuck by any means, he cried and yelped and wiggled and bit the chair cushion. I had to pull him back, relube, and hatefuck Mr. Assholes’ asshole until I thought he would cry, and he kinda did after some intense long strokes where my thighs met his ass with a loud slap. Who knew an anal virgin would take all of me, over and over, until his cock spit cum again, no hands. He ruined my floor, but I was okay with that. I used his workshirt to wipe the floor, and threw it to him as he used his underwear as a dick and ass wipe. He threw his underwear in the garbage and stuck that big dick back in his workpants. Like a good slave he knew he couldn’t use my bathroom. After stepping back into his boots and smoothing out his cum stained shirt, he led the way to the door and I followed, robe-less, heels clicking behind him. Never speaking a word to one another, just listened to his boots hit the steps, and the clicking of my locks.

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